Snake Oil Salsa

by Amanda

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Magic, Lesbian, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sara teaches her dinner date the joys of dancing, all she has to do is let Sara lead so that she can follow

Sara stood in line with people trying to gain entrance to Crystal Nights; a place which was generally regarded as the hottest club in town. Sara of course didn't need to queue as the club was hers, or at least it belonged to a company that was owned via several trusts and off shore corporations that were ultimately controlled by the sisterhood who honoured Sara as their Mother.

It had been Jenny's idea, formulated as she lay at Sara's side on Her altar after paying homage to her goddess and Mother. "It will be like owning a cattle market, but one where the cattle not only deliver themselves to you, Mother, but pay for the privilege." She had said with a smile.

Sara had issued orders there and then and within a couple of months The Birdcage had closed and been completely refurbished, and Crystal Nights had opened its doors.

The public areas only occupied half the area of the previous club, giving a feeling of warmth and intimacy that was missing in the former, it also had the advantage of providing living space for the sisters who ran the club, and a temple to, and for, Sara.

The inner rooms were normally entered from a door to the side of the dance floor, although several slightly inebriated young women had found themselves a little disorientated as they walked down the dark corridor to the rest room and stumbled in to Her temple.

They found themselves not in the pink tiled bathroom but in a room heady with the smell of incense and where silk drapes hung from floor to ceiling shrouding a figure lying on a silk covered bed. Then, like a moth to a flame, they were drawn towards Her, as She waited, as patient and voracious as a spider at the centre of Her web.

Such unlooked for treats would sustain Her for short periods, the girl usually waking in her own bed, completely unaware of how she had gotten there and the only lasting effect finding that her dreams were more vivid and arousing. A few were drawn back to Her, their dreams encroaching in to their real world, and these she would greet with a Kiss and admit them to the sisterhood.

But once a month, as the moon rose full, the hunger would come upon Her and She would need to feed on fresh meat. For this She would not leave the selection to chance and so She would walk among the revellers, Her very presence a walking aphrodisiac, raising the sexual heat in the already hedonistic club.

Tonight was such a night, so She queued. This gave Her the chance to view the potential prey as they arrived. She dressed for the hunt in a tight fitting leather blouse and skirt, Her silk stockings shimmering in the harsh neon light above the door.

Time and again Sara sampled the passing trade as they headed towards the rear of the line and each time she dismissed them as she moved nearer to the door that was guarded by two hulky guys and one very small slender oriental girl.

All three guardians were dressed in tuxedos with black bow ties and they had the power to admit or turn away the would be clubbers, but in truth the two men gave way to the silent nod or shake of Ami's head.

The warm night air was suddenly rent by a raucous female laugh as a group of women piled out of a couple of taxis. Their 'size too small' dresses, short skirts and bare legs were definitely not the sort of clothes that would get a girl into Crystal Nights and Sara didn't even bother to taste them, knowing they were out 'on the pull' and of no interest to Her.

But then She sensed someone looking at Her. She turned and saw that the last to leave the taxi was a blonde wearing a blue silk dress, the slit up the side so obviously not her.

In the moment it took for the blonde to realise that Sara was looking at her, no, the girl realised not at her, into her, Sara had read her. There was something about this young woman that piqued Sara's taste buds, she had that air of the victim about her. Like a doe before the hunter, the rabbit frozen in the headlight of an approaching car. 'No' Sara thought to herself dismissing the inaccurate similes and smiled as She knew exactly how She would feast that night.

Sara let the girl know that She liked her interest and savoured the blush as it rose to tint the blonde's cheek even as the girl missed her footing slightly in her too high heels before following her friends to join the back of the line.

As She approached the door, Ami's pretty face lit up in a way that only happened when she was in the presence of her goddess and Mother, she nodded silently as Sara told her to admit the group of women. Sara had considered only letting in 'Miss Blue Silk' but had quickly dismissed the idea for fear that Her prey would escape.

Once inside the club Sara made straight for Her private rooms where She was greeted by three of her daughters who removed what She now knew were inappropriate clothes. "Leave me." Sara said as She entered Her temple and listened to the music. Not the music beating out in the club, for the walls were sound proofed, no the music She sought was the song of Her Mothers, that echo of the song the angels sang at the dawn of time, giving life to everything, and in that song was the essence of all.

She hummed softly to Herself, finding the harmonic that she needed, the tune of the Naga, half Woman half snake, a snake to entrance the bluebird. The tune was soft, but compelling, and it would be to this hymn that Her meal would be prepared, seduced and devoured.

With the harmony flowing through Her veins Sara dressed in a strapless red sequined sheath dress that hugged her curves sensuously.

By the time the women had, to their own amazement, entered the club Sara was already on the dance floor, the sisters were apprised of her plan, and they were ready and very willing to play their part as required.

Sara watched as the girls bought drinks and looked around for a table, and, right on cue, four of her daughters stood and left the table Sara had picked for her dinner. As the crowd swarmed around the table Kelly returned to pick up her 'forgotten' drink and managed to disrupt the group dynamics sufficiently so as to let her Mothers choice sit in the chair facing the dance floor.

Sara adjusted the feelings of those around Her, effectively clearing a space between Her and Her tasty morsel, and She danced. Her body swayed to Her inner tune, the silk of Her dress clinging like a second skin, the light glinting off the sequins, enhancing her frame beneath. As She moved She reached out and touched the blonde's emotions, drawing her eyes to Her display.

Sara knew Her meal's normal predilections did not encompass the female form, but She could feel the suppressed desire that burned just below her shy, almost innocent exterior, and such heat could easily be fanned to full flame; and fire once started knows no restraint or preference.

As Sara danced She emanated lust, sin and wanton desire in waves that flooded the dark interior of the club and soon singletons were pairing off, hands that normally obeyed societies mores now wandered eagerly over welcoming bodies. Sara saw Her little bird dipped her head to sip her drink and Sara slithered from the dance floor, mingling with the clientele and oozing sexuality in Her wake.

For the next hour, Sara circulated as one by one her sustenance's friends were invited to dance by guys who under normal circumstances would not have dreamed of asking them, but tonight was no ordinary night and all a man had to do was look at one of the girls sitting at the table and he was smitten, well any girl other than Sara's desire.

When Sara saw the last friend depart, leaving Her little bluebird all alone, She nodded at Callie who was DJing and the music changed. The beat was softer than before but in a strange way more primal, and the melody was the same as the one that vibrated through Sara's very soul. This was the song of the Naga, the embodiment of sexual danger; a form Her mother Ama had worn at times to instil both desire and fear into those she considered were trespassing in her domain.

It was to this music that Sara returned to the dance floor and She let Her body speak. Her sinuous movements were enticing and enchanting, even her long red hair that fell in soft corkscrew curls seemed to have a life of its own, a nest of vipers slithering and beckoning. The call was so strong Her young victim almost heard a voice echo in her mind, but even without words she soon rose to her feet and slowly, willingly, walked towards her fate.

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