Last Straw
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, First,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Opposites attract. Love conquers all. Nobody's perfect. People change. Forgive and forget. You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. Pride goes before a fall. Which cliche will be your salvation, and which will ruin your life? Two families stumble over, crash into, or cling desperately to most of them.

He hated to leave her like this. She certainly was not in any shape to go home, but there really was not any choice. It was early Saturday evening, and the swimming coach from his top choice school was coming for supper. It would not have been right for Julie to be there, and they both knew it. This was something special for his family. In her present state, it would only have made her feel worse, anyway.

Glen Voss and his girlfriend, Julie Menconi, were seniors and the swimming season had just ended. He had had a terrific year, finishing tops in the state in three events, and it looked like he could choose his college. The scholarship was critical for Glen because his parents could not afford to send him, otherwise. Oh, they would have hocked everything they had and would have taken on extra jobs so he could go, but he could never have lived with that. He had a younger sister and brother who needed their chance, too.

Glen's family was reserved, and might mistakenly have been described as phlegmatic. That impression was strictly from external appearances, however. In reality, there was no lack of emotion, most of it positive. There was a lot of love between all the family members, expressed mostly as simple courtesy and consideration, and unquestioning support. There was a strong achievement orientation, but little parental pressure. Glen's mother, Betty, had been a competitive swimmer, and he inherited his physique and his burning desire to win from her. No one seeing his family cheering for him or his younger sister at a meet would ever think them phlegmatic.

Glen's father, Alan, had a good job as a production superintendent. However, a few long layoffs and some health emergencies had thrown the family into a debt situation with almost no savings. It was not something they agonized over, but they all knew that the children would have to pay most of their own way through college. From his father, Glen inherited steadfastness and absolute devotion to his family above everything else. His father had been the first ever in his family to attend college, and passed on his view of education as the ultimate prize to be sought by a young person.

Besides the need for a scholarship to gain his education, Glen lived for the chance to compete at the next level. Swimming was his passion, his dream. World Championships, Pan Am Games, and Olympics were the stuff of his dreams - in addition to Julie, that is. The coach coming for supper was from his absolute top choice, a school that produced more international competitors than any other.

Glen's career objective was to teach, with an ultimate goal of coaching at the college level. Julie was not happy with his career aspirations, but she kept very quiet on that point. She was used to a lot more than a teacher's salary could provide. She knew Glen was capable of much more, and it was her loving duty to steer him in more lucrative directions. That was was a challenge for the future, however. For the present, she was consumed by the awful prospect of being separated from him for four years of college.

To describe Julie and Glen as boyfriend and girlfriend seemed a woeful understatement. They became a couple early in their Junior year. Julie was the cheerleading goddess, with the brains and the personality to match. She had classic dark Mediterranean beauty with a figure that promised to emerge as voluptuous as she matured further. Glen was the hunk swimming star. He had the long, smooth, tapered musculature of top swimmers and a handsome face. He was smart, well-spoken, courteous to a fault, and very attentive to his dates. In the informal rating system among the girls, Glen was the top-rated date, even ahead of the football stars. Julie had wanted him, and had all the right stuff to get him.

Besides her beauty, Julie radiated a genuine sexuality - genuine in that she did not use it for teasing, but really enjoyed and wanted everything to do with sex. She was by no means a slut, and she and Glen were each other's first on Prom night of their Junior year. After that, every chance they had to make love was intense and satisfying. Julie did not use sex as a device to trap him, either. By the time they consummated, she was deeply in love with him. Despite some areas of discomfort, Glen loved her, too. Wherever they were, he could not keep his eyes off of her. It was not just her body and face, either. Her poise, her gestures, her presence - everything about her had him feeling fortunate to hold her affection. She was open in expressing her adoration of him, and that kind of ego stroking was hard for any young man to resist.

Stories of Prom night deflorations are plentiful. Many of them focus on the machinations and chicanery involved in enabling the couples to get together. Not so with Glen and Julie. Glen had insisted on both sets of parents being fully aware of their intentions. In the case of Julie's parents, approval was too much to ask for, but she had informed them in February that she was giving him her virginity on Prom night. She gave them the choice of getting her on birth control or becoming grandparents. What ensued was an epic among numerous unbelievable family battles. She got the pills.

When Glen picked Julie up in the limo, she met him at the door, with no sign of her parents. His heart was already nearly ruptured at the sight of her beauty. When he saw the tears of frustration in her eyes, it was almost more than he could take. The limo ride was solemn, but they did not go straight to the Prom. Glen had anticipated her parents' reaction, and a traditional pre-Prom photo session was already set up at his house.

After all the pictures and the adoration of Glen's younger siblings, Betty pulled Julie aside and told her "I'm sure my son is going to make you a very happy woman tonight. He loves you very much."

"He has already made me very happy, Betty. And so have you and the rest of the family. You've taken away a lot of the hurt." Julie's eyes teared up as she said it.

"Hey, you should forget all the bad stuff for the rest of the night." Betty gave the girl a hug as she said it, being careful not to mess up the dress which they had bought for her.

Julie managed to put the bad out of her mind very well. She and Glen danced every dance together. None of the boys dared to try cutting in on Glen, and he had eyes only for Julie, despite the small horde of girls dying for just one dance with him. They were both excited about the upcoming event, but they did not let it dominate their thinking or diminish the sheer fun of the Prom. They were among the last to leave the dance floor, seemingly in no hurry at all as they mingled with friends and thanked the chaperones.

Alone in the elevator to their room, they quickly dropped the cool act and embraced frantically. Julie was so worked up, Glen was afraid she would pull his pants off right there. In her hurry to get them to the room, she was pulling on him so hard she turned her ankle. It was not a disabling injury, but enough to distract her from her eagerness to get into bed, at least momentarily.

Once in the room, Glen sat her on the bed, took off her shoe, and gently rubbed her wounded ankle. Seeing a chance to extend his ministrations into a sexy interlude, he started working his way up her leg with his strokes, then switched over to give the other leg equal time. Julie had laid back on the bed, just enjoying his attention, and did not immediately catch on to his intentions.

Once Julie realized what Glen was doing, her first reaction was to object, but she stayed still, intrigued by the thought of him undressing her. When he reached her crotch and took hold of the top of her panty hose, she decided he had a great idea. When he very slowly worked the hose off, caressing every new inch of exposed leg, she gave in to eager anticipation.

With the panty hose out of the way, Glen took several minutes working his way back up her bare legs. Eager as he was for their first intercourse, he could never get enough of the feel of her fabulous legs. Her thighs were firm, but with a luxurious layer of flesh covering them. Her skin seemed to have its own special silk-like coating. He thought his hands had never been treated to anything as wonderful. Throughout all their dating, Glen had seemed to understand instinctively how much she loved to be caressed. Even when they were just talking, he almost always had his hands on her. His obvious fascination with her legs had caused her to weight her apparel heavily toward skirts or shorts.

As he pulled Julie's frilly panties down, Glen made sure there was lots of 'accidental' contact with her pussy lips and a few brushes against her clit, which was already wide awake. He was planning on indulging his newfound love for cunnilingus, and Julie read his thoughts. She reluctantly sat up and told him "Sweetie, I want you to kiss me everywhere, but I want to be clean and fresh for you. How about you finish undressing me, then I'll undress you. Then we can take a shower together. Sound OK?"

Glen rarely objected to any of Julie's suggestions, and there was certainly nothing wrong with this one. In the shower, Julie worked on her developing blow job technique, telling him it would help him last longer when they got to the main event. Mention of the main event brought increased urgency to the couple, and they finished the shower and dried off quickly.

Back on the bed, Glen prepared to go down on her, but her anticipation of penetration had become unbearable, and she insisted he enter her immediately. In his calm, gentle way that sometimes infuriated her, he explained that he had come once and he would not deny her equal pleasure. Her reminded her that women did not usually come just from intercourse, especially not the first time. As he spoke, he was already teasing her clit, and her planned objection was short-lived.

It was doubtful Glen would ever become an expert pussy eater, for he had precious little chance to practice. Julie was blessed with an exceptionally sensitive clit, and it usually took only a couple of minutes of nibbling and tonguing it to send her into orbit. That night, the playful side of Glen was tempted to concentrate on things other than her clit to stretch out the experience for a while. He sensed her extreme eagerness, however, and had not the heart to disappoint her.

Julie's gynecologist did not believe that the pain of a ruptured hymen was an essential, sacred part of a proper defloration. She had offered to cut it surgically and Julie had agreed. Glen knew of it and did not feel at all deprived by missing the chance to cause his lover pain. As a result, their first time was completely pleasurable for both of them. Contrary to his stated reason for eating her out, Julie did in fact come during their first coupling. Glen actually came first, but remained firm enough to stay within her until he again hardened fully. He lasted a long time before his third come of the evening, and after several minutes of energetic thrusting, she launched into what she professed was her greatest climax ever.

It had not been easy for the couple to delay until the Prom, but their resolve was rewarded. The surroundings, the leisure of having all night, and even the extended wait made it everything they had hoped for. The antipathy of Julie's parents could have lessened their joy, but strangely, it had the opposite effect. The fact that she was doing it and they knew it was a victory for her.

After sharing an experience beyond what they could have imagined, the couple covered themselves and fell asleep. Julie woke after about two hours and roused her lover. They shared a bath and returned to try two more positions before neither could handle any more.

Rising rather late, they showered together again and planned to get breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Feeling a sense of loss as he watched Julie don her panties, Glen suggested they stay naked as long as they could and order room service. They both realized it could be a long time before they could again enjoy seeing each other that way.

By prior arrangement, Alan picked them up right at the late checkout time. In the car, before Alan could shift into gear, Julie threw her arms around his neck from the back seat and kissed him all over the side of his face. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" she squealed, "for raising such a wonderful son for me to love!"

Not relishing the kind of reception she would receive at home, Julie had planned to spend the rest of the day at the Voss home. Her greeting to Betty was similar to that for Alan. Although nothing had been said to the other children, fifteen-year-old Ellie knew exactly what had happened and gave Julie a warm hug. Despite their differences in age and appearance, the two girls were getting along famously.

Glen wished he could thank the Menconi's for raising such a wonderful daughter, but he believed Julie was the wonderful girl she was in spite of their influence.

Glen's one big area of discomfort with his lover was the difference in their personalities, as reflected by the contrasts between their families. On his first visit to Julie's home, he could hardly wait to get out the door. It seemed that everything said and done by her parents he found embarrassing. They did not even try to hide arguments and disagreements, and appeared to be trying to embarrass Julie at every turn. He read the tumult as a lack of love, and he was appalled.

Julie, perceptive as she was, saw the problem immediately, and hustled him out as quickly as she could. Only rarely during the rest of their dating did she let him into her house, and then only briefly. On her part, she at first found Glen's home dull, but learned to appreciate the genuine warmth and tenderness between his family members. She was the one who wanted him, at first, and being around his family while staying away from hers was a compromise she was willing to make. Over time, she actually found it comforting to be able to relax and let her guard down at his home, something she never really did at hers.

With Julie's parents, it was survival of the fittest. They were so alike it was uncanny, and it was unbelievable that they stayed together. A psychologist could have written a paper on them, trying to determine if it was masochism, co-dependence, or simple lust that kept them a couple.

They were both at the top of the physical attractiveness scale - think Gina Lolabrigida and Marcello Mastroianni. Their marriage was a continuing struggle to control the other, and that was the source of the constant skirmishes. It seemed that every activity or decision led to a battle for supremacy. Shouting, crying, thrown objects, wild accusations and exaggerations - these were standard weapons in the control struggle.

Julie's father, Vince, exhibited his strong controlling nature in the manner most common to males - he strove to subdue and subjugate everything and everyone in his environment. As with many highly control-oriented people, he was an outstanding salesman, earning a substantial income for the family. Within the family, he tended to lay out rules and requirements or decide actions and directions. Deviations from his directives suffered the consequences.

A strong tendency of a controlling woman is to micro-manage all those in her sphere of influence. She views the people in her sphere as extensions of herself. The objective is to 'make them do the right thing, ' with her being the only one to know for certain what that 'right thing' is. This is the woman who feesl free to discipline a stranger's children for misbehaving in public, for instance. Often, the child's only transgression is failing to meet her personal, obviously universally correct, standard of behavior. Julie's mother, Theresa, was a textbook example.

Theresa had never held a job, nor had that been needed. She had a trust fund from a wealthy grandfather. By the conditions of the trust, it had to be covered by a pre-nuptial agreement excluding it from community property. The trust was not huge, but could have provided a living off of the interest, had she needed to rely on that.

Being predominately a homemaker, and not one to mix with 'the girls' a lot. Theresa's approach to parenting did not incur the scrutiny it might have if she was more social.

One line fortunately was never crossed in Julie's home: Vince never struck or otherwise manhandled Theresa or his children. In fact, in a perverse twist, the constant husband/wife fighting was a powerful aphrodisiac - foreplay of a weird sort. A source of huge embarrassment to Julie and her year-younger brother, Terry, was the way many fights ended. Just when the shouting and screaming were at their peak and the most horrible accusations were being hurled, the parents would retreat to the bedroom and sounds of unrestrained passion would replace the fighting.

Of course, the need to control extended to the children. Julie was the oldest, and as a necessity of survival, she became at least as strong-willed and control-oriented as her parents. She became a fierce and accomplished fighter, perfecting all the family warfare techniques. Inheriting a hair-trigger, monstrous temper gave her a natural advantage.

Terry could not cope, and was driven into drugs as an escape. By the Spring of Julie's Senior year, he was serving a sentence in a rehab/detention facility. The parents never could understand how such a tragedy could happen to them.

Vince and Theresa were not slovenly or neglectful parents. They had a beautiful home that was immaculately kept. Neither were they uninvolved or overly restrictive on their children's activities. What they were was constantly looking over shoulders and meddling in the smallest details, especially Theresa. It seemed as though they were trying to provoke reaction. With Julie, they very often succeeded, and the battles, usually starting over trivia, were things of legend. Julie, of course, could not wear off her aggression with sex, as Vince and Theresa so often did. It festered within her and drove her to ever fiercer and more outrageous battle tactics.

In elementary school, Julie's aggressive, domineering behavior toward her classmates, coupled with her volcanic temper, led to much discipline and many parent conferences. She was just doing what she had learned to do to survive, and it took years before she understood that what happened at her house was not the norm. She was perceptive and intelligent enough to adapt to the social expectations. Except for the very few friends that visited her home, by junior high none of her acquaintances suspected the volatile, brawling side of her nature.

In grade school, Julie established some life-long friendships with other girls. With one in particular, Candy, she became closer than most sisters. In a pattern that would be repeated later with Glen, Julie spent huge amounts of time at Candy's house, but Candy seldom visited hers.

Candy's family, comprising parents and four children, was a critical education for Julie. They were energetic, raucous, and hilarious, with the parents taking no backseat to the kids in any of it. In total contrast to the almost sterile tidiness of the Menconi home, Candy's place was always in a state of comfortable disorder.

All of Candy's family was unashamedly demonstrative about their affection for each other. It was normal to see two or three kids plastered all over one parent or the other while watching TV. A pivotal point in Julie's social education occurred during sixth grade. She was once again watching TV with Candy's family, sitting on the floor alone while two of the kids book-ended each parent.

"Hey, Julie, I've reserved a spot for a beautiful young lady right here on my lap," Candy's father told her, "and you're the perfect one to fill it." After some uncertainty, Julie plopped in his lap, and from that day on, she began to act more like one of the family in terms of cuddling and showing affection.

Julie's own parents were by no means cold or undemonstrative to her, and expressions of affection from them were not at all unusual. The older she got, however, the more they seemed like opponents because of the constant control struggles and frequent pitched battles. The older she got, the harder it was to reconcile the fighting and the cuddling.

Another characteristic of Candy's family that Julie took careful note of was the way discipline and disagreements were handled - always in private. Though boisterous, the kids were well-behaved. If one had to be corrected or scolded, they were always taken to a different room, and the encounters could never be heard by the others. At first, this style was foreign and mystifying to Julie, but it did not take long for her to decide that was the right way for families to live together, and her house was the weird one.

As might be expected with a large, boisterous family in a rather small house, modesty was not a top priority. The first time Julie stayed overnight at Candy's, she was totally shocked when the family assembled for breakfast. Candy's dad wore just pajamas, and both her older and younger brothers had on only jockey shorts. Her mother had on a short, sleeveless nightie that was barely opaque.

Candy sensed her friend's discomfort, and because of her natural playful, teasing nature, had to take advantage of it. The next time Julie stayed over, the girls were showering before bed. After showering first, Candy snuck into the bathroom and took all of Julie's clothes. Waiting outside the bathroom, she let Julie get into a full panic. Then, she went and got her Dad and asked him to wait in the hall. Next, she dropped her own clothes and dragged Julie naked back to her bedroom. The father, of course, got a full view of the the two, and Julie was absolutely mortified.

Out of the prank came a touching encounter that further convinced Julie of what she was missing at home. Candy's Dad came into the bedroom after he was sure the girls were in bed. He first gently scolded Candy for embarrassing her friend, afterwards telling her how beautiful she was. Then, he sat beside Julie and talked to her. He told her how beautiful she was, and how privileged he felt to have seen her like that. He told her it was not a good habit to let people see her naked, but if it happened, she should not worry too much. He gave her a kiss on the forehead, and Julie reacted very emotionally by practically breaking his neck with a hug.

For her own part, Julie was very welcome at any of her friends' homes, at least by the time she reached her teens. Her parents were very much into respect, decorum, and manners. In fact, much of Theresa's micro-managing of her daughter dealt with proper behavior. It may have led to much anger and fighting, but Julie did accept the training and lived by it.

Until the current conflict over college, and the earlier one over her virginity, Julie was not rebellious or hateful toward her parents, except in a battle. Just like them, she had the strange ability to come out of a fierce fight and resume normal relationships very quickly. Because of her wide social contacts, and particularly since going with Glen, she became very aware of how strange her parents were. She determined that she would not be like them, and she grew anxious to get away from them.

Julie's announcement that she would be having sex with Glen at her Junior Prom triggered one of the all-time great Menconi battles. Terry was still living at home during the week-long epic. Counselors later affirmed that it was instrumental in pushing him into drug abuse.

Julie loved her brother, a strikingly handsome, gentle boy who did not have a chance in that tumultuous household. For many years, she had tried to run interference for him in any way she could, but Prom night was an issue she was right in the middle of. Even as a bystander, his sensitive spirit was completely overloaded. His descent into drug abuse was a huge damper on the joy of her newfound union with Glen

Despite her growing disgust over her parents' raging battles, Julie was determined not to lose that one, and she used everything she had learned. Her outstanding advantage was that Theresa first had sex when she was fifteen, in a time that was far less permissive. This fact Julie had learned from her maternal grandmother. Nothing they could bring up could get around that damning fact, and Julie ultimately won. In the end, it may have been a pyrrhic victory, motivating them to even the score with a big victory of their own on the college issue.

Naturally, Julie's parents had college all planned out for her. They had met while attending a small, Catholic liberal arts college, and that was where Julie was going, period. They had the money to send her there, and despite many screaming sessions, they would not consider anywhere else. College choice turned out to be the pivotal factor in Glen and Julie's lives. Julie's parents' college had no intercollegiate sports, and even if the cost had not been prohibitive, there was zero chance Glen would attend there.

Being together at college can be the most idyllic of settings for young lovers. The combination of freedom, structure, obligation, and sexuality provide a unique interlude that cannot be duplicated at any other time in a person's life. Many a relationship has been started, destroyed, or cemented for life in that special world called college. Both Julie and Glen instinctively sensed the appeal of going to school together. Both wanted it with all their hearts.

Knowing they could not be together at school had become a huge dark cloud over the couple. Glen very briefly wondered if the scholarship was worth being away from his soul mate. His passion and his competitive nature, however, would not allow the possibility of turning down the scholarship - besides the swimming, it was his only real chance at college. His heart ached at the thought of the separation, but he viewed it as another obstacle to be overcome, rather than as a disaster. He cursed Julie's parents for what he considered their meanness in forcing the separation upon them.

To Julie, being away from her lover for most of four years was absolutely a disaster. Her passionate nature and her wholehearted love for Glen were too much for even her intelligence and general level-headedness. All she could see was her world ending when he went off to school. Besides being her all-consuming love, Glen was her escape, as well. More and more as graduation approached, she viewed her home as a hell, and Glen as her only salvation. Home was pressure, turmoil, and constant strife. Glen and his family were unconditional love and acceptance. In her mind, she was losing her lover and her chance for escape, and it had pushed her to the teetering edge of rationality.

As Glen pulled up to Julie's house that Saturday night, his heart ached for her. He wanted to take her to bed and just hold her. He wanted to make everything all right for her. She had tearfully told him all about the horrendous fight that had caused her to call him for rescue.

Knowing that the coach was coming that night, and that Glen would probably get the scholarship he so coveted, Julie had gone to her parents in a last ditch attempt to change their minds about college. She had come tearfully and sincerely, not angrily, and had carefully contained her emotions for over a half hour. Not expecting much, she would have retreated quietly and accepted her defeat, if her parents had left it at that. Instead, they had to force her to 'understand' and admit that she was wrong in not wanting to go their school.

Despite her strong determination, Julie's anger management had definite limitations, and she had lost it completely. Amid all the screaming, she had declared that she would never set foot on that campus, and that she was moving out the day after graduation.

Although she had yelled, accused, and insulted in her accustomed manner, Julie was sick at heart as she had never been before. Perhaps triggered by the extreme despair and hopelessness, after about ten minutes of combat, she had had the sudden feeling that she was another person standing and watching herself. What she saw had sickened and amazed her, and for the first time, she had quit fighting.

It had taken her parents another ten minutes to realize that she was not returning fire, and it was not until she had left to call Glen that they stopped their own attacks. Then, they had stopped shouting and had tried to verify that she agreed with them. She repeatedly swallowed her anger and despair and over and over again calmly reiterated her threats.

Theresa and Vince had not known how to deal with their daughter's forced calm demeanor. They knew just how to react to her skillful fighting tactics - it was an established part of family lore. They had actually calmed down and tried to be comforting and encouraging to her. It was as if they did not even hear her repeated declarations that she would never attend their school and would move out when school was over.

After about a dozen repetitions by Julie, it had sunk in that they had not convinced her, despite her refusal to fight. This had left them nonplussed, and their natural reaction had been to return to battle mode. It had been two yelling at one until Glen had arrived to give her a brief escape.

Glen was always able to soothe Julie. When he had to drop her off, she had calmed down and her anger had diffused. Her fear and despair over the impending separation was just as strong, though, as was her determination to carry out her threats from earlier. For the first time she could remember, she felt an icy calm as she opened the front door.

Julie was not even inside the house when she heard the familiar sounds of combat. Through all the screeching and yelling, she was astonished to hear that the battleground was her. Even more astonishing was that their positions on her seemed to shift from person to person as they fought.

Carefully, she crept to where she could see them in the family room. All the moves and many of the words seemed eerily familiar, as if she were witnessing some insane ritual. Any hope that this fight might ease her plight was quickly dashed. The battle appeared to be over who was most responsible for putting her in her place and making her do the right thing. It was also over whether or not there was anything to fear from her earlier threats.

With eerie detachment, Julie wondered if the fight had been going on ever since she left the house in tears earlier. She began to anticipate the next attack by each of them, and she was amazingly accurate. This time, she really listened to the incredible insults that they threw at each other, wondering how they could even exist in the same house after the things that were said. It took a moment to realize they were the same kinds of things that were said all the time, and the kinds of things she herself had said in their earlier fight. She almost became ill with the realization of what she had become.

If Julie was sickened by her new perception of her family's perversion, even worse was waiting for her. Theresa ended a long tirade by screaming "How the Hell did I end of with such a limp-dicked bastard for a husband?"

"Limp-dicked? Limp-dicked?" Vince shouted back. "You call this limp-dicked?" To Julie's complete shock, Vince pushed down his jeans and underwear to display his sizable cock. "You never complain about it being limp when I ram it into your fat ass!" He stepped out of his shoes and wriggled out of his puddled garments to stand naked from the waist down, unknowingly giving his daughter a profile of his now-rampant erection.

Many young people find the thought of their parents having sex disturbing or even disgusting. Julie had long been used to the fact the her parents fucked often and noisily, so she felt no revulsion. Neither did she feel any stimulation, only curiosity and more than a little shock. She had absolutely no inclination to leave or to reveal herself and stop the display.

Apparently, Theresa's insult and Vince's exposure were well-recognized triggers to an impending sexual bout. Theresa stared at Vince's cock for a moment, motionless, and with hands on hips, before shouting back "Fat ass? You mean this?" She then shed her own lower garments, quickly ending up in the same state of dress as her husband, then turning to thrust her luscious ass toward him as she slapped it resoundingly. "I never hear any complaints when you're eating it out or fucking it. Why don't you come over here and show me what's wrong with my fat ass!" With that, she walked into the kitchen and bent over the kitchen table and waved her ass back and forth. Her legs were spread, giving both her husband and daughter a clear view of her labia, which were quite obviously already engorged.

Leaving their clothes piled in the family room, Vince followed his wife, cock waving in front of him with each step. As he reached her, he suddenly stopped. "Oh, no! What if Julie comes home?"

"Fuck Julie!" Theresa spat out, "just gimme that cock!" After a moment, she said "Yeah, fuck Julie - that's a great idea." Both were motionless for another moment, then she started imitating a little girl's voice. "Come on, Daddy. Fuck my tight little ass. Stick that big hard cock in my tight little virgin teenaged pussy. Take my cherry, Daddy. Make me a woman!"

"Oh, Baby! Daddy's going to give your tight little pussy a lovin' it'll never forget!" Vince sang out. "I'm gonna slap your pretty little ass and make it so nice and red!" Giving action to his words, he delivered several sharps slaps.

"Oooh, Daddy, you're making so hot!" Theresa cooed as she squirmed under his blows. "Get it in me! Get it in me!"

Vince did just that, sinking all the way into his pretend daughter in one strong thrust. He slapped her a few more times as he started a rhythm, then took his thumb and began working it into her anus. They were both very vocal as their arousal increased, and both stayed in character, pretending she was Julie. For several minutes he kept on thrusting, impressing Julie with his stamina. With the coordination of long practice, Theresa exploded noisily, causing him to reach his own release with a bellow of triumph.

Julie had no way of knowing that this was completely new territory for her mother and father. Never before had they indulged in a fantasy involving their daughter. As she watched, Julie almost unconsciously removed her own Jeans and panties. She didn't touch herself, as she was strangely unaroused. She just watched as her rutting parents played out their roles and reached a sweaty, noisy completion.

Timing it perfectly as her father's cock just slipped out of her mother, Julie stepped forward until she was about eight feet away from them. She was between them and their clothes and any possible concealment when she spoke up. "Is this where you really wanted to put your cock, Daddy?" As both parents spun around in shock, faces devoid of color, she thrust her pelvis forward and used both hands to spread herself open to them. Then, she turned around and bent over, feet apart and cheeks spread with her hands. "Is this where you have to pretend to put it so you can get it up, Daddy?" With that, she turned back to face them.

"J... J... Julie, I... I would never... !" Vince stammered.

"Damn right, you'd never!" Julie spat back. "Glen takes wonderful care of my 'tight little teenaged pussy, ' thank you! And I don't have to have a god-damned fight with him to get him in the mood, either!" She turned and walked away. When she reached her jeans and panties, she did an exaggerated bend from the waist to pick them up. Turning back toward her still motionless parents one more time, she said "Besides, what would be the point of fucking me again? The two of you thoroughly fucked me over this afternoon." She then hurried off to her room.

Once in her room, Julie locked the door, then collapsed onto her bed, shaking like a leaf. She could not believe what she had seen, and even more, she could not believe what she had done. As far as she knew, her father had never seen her naked, and vice versa. Only rarely had she and her mother seen each other. She thought she should feel some shame, but could not generate any.

Not knowing exactly why she did it, Julie took off the rest of her clothes, then unlocked and opened the door wide. She didn't have any other weapons left, and shock seemed to be quite effective. She was certain they would be storming her room eventually, and she would really shock them. She lay back against the headboard and spread her legs, hands behind her head. She shivered a little, both from the chill of the air and from the lewdness of her position. She forced her pulse to slow as she settled in to wait for them to appear. Somehow, she felt no embarrassment or fear of exposure. If they saw every inch of her, so what. There was nothing left for her to hide or protect, anyway. All her choices were gone. Glen would take the scholarship, and he would be gone, too. At that moment, it was almost as if self did not exist for her.

When Julie left the kitchen, Theresa and Vince were left sweating, dripping sex fluids, and nearly boneless with shock and embarrassment. At the first sight of Julie, Vince's cock had shrunk as if under a cold faucet. Even her taunting display of her genitals had not budged it from its shrunken state.

Their sexual bouts and role playing had always been private and harmless, as far as they were concerned, but they suddenly felt dirty and ashamed. They had never viewed their fighting or their sexual activity as immoral in any way, but with the intrusion of their daughter, that all changed.

They were Catholics, contributing regularly and attending faithfully. As far as friends and associates knew, they were very moral people. One little bit of careless play, and everything was turned upside down. Neither had a clue how to get out of this situation. After a minute of stunned silence, both walked over to their clothes and put them on. Theresa muttered that she would go and talk to Julie.

It was sooner than Julie expected when Theresa walked toward the door to her room. Julie dispassionately watched her mother compose herself, then jump back in shock when she saw her daughter spread-eagled before her. Julie spoke up immediately. "Where's Dad?'

"D... downstairs, why?"

"If you want to talk, both of you come up here, naked. Otherwise, we've had our last conversation."

"But, Honey, I need to apologize for..."

"No! No talking! I told you the rules. Now get out!" With that, Julie got to her feet and walked toward her mother. She somehow looked so strange and menacing that Theresa backed out of the room, whereupon Julie shut and locked the door behind her. Theresa was too embarrassed to even tell her husband Julie's condition for conversation.

When Vince asked, Theresa just said Julie wouldn't let her in. Unwilling to leave it at that, he hurried to his daughter's room and pounded on the door. "Julie, we need to talk."

"Fine! Both of you come up here naked, and I'll talk. Otherwise, forget it." Vince somehow knew this was not something he could talk her out of. He also knew he would not comply with her demand. Being naked with his daughter would be wrong. If that was the only reason, his refusal would have been admirable. The main reason, though, was that Julie had tried to dictate conditions - she had thrown out a challenge. Regardless of how shaken he was by the recent encounter, the challenge put Vince back into control mode.

Knowing for certain there would be no conversation, Julie crawled into bed, even though it was still early evening. The emotional exhaustion and the sense of emptiness combined to pull her into a long, deep, dreamless sleep.

Julie awoke at first light, and was at first puzzled to find herself naked in bed, not at all her habit. Slowly, the events of the night before and the combination of despair, anger, and emptiness filled her again. To add even more upset to her emotional state, she awoke with a small stain of blood under her crotch, indicating the onset of her period.

Very slowly, Julie showered and did her hair. She was rummaging in her drawer for underwear when the idea struck her: 'why dress?' Her parents had used her as a sex object in their sex games. Why not just be one? It wouldn't bother her at all, the way she felt. With a little private grin, the first sign of levity in a long time, she walked naked to the front door. After checking about quickly, she took two quick steps onto the cold concrete stoop and retrieved the Sunday paper.

Vince came down the stairs and turned through the arch into the kitchen. He stopped dead in his tracks at the side view of Julie sitting naked, reading the paper and sipping coffee. Muttering an oath under his breath, he turned and went back up the stairs, badly shaken.

As soon as she could get herself together, Theresa made her try. "Julie, Honey. Please! We have to..."

"Are you both here naked? No? Then, no conversation. Feel free to use the kitchen."

"But, aren't you going to Mass?" Theresa said this with a very uncharacteristic pleading whine in her voice.

Julie exploded. "Are you kidding? All these years of Mass, and look where it got us! I have been to my last one, ever!" Reverting back to her previous silence, she totally ignored several more of Theresa's attempts to engage her. Neither parent was willing to use the kitchen with their daughter sitting there naked, so they went off to Mass without breakfast. Theresa's eyes were moist, but Vince's jaw was set in defiance.

This should have been one of the most joyful occasions of his life, but Glen found himself dreading it, instead. It was Sunday noon, and he was picking Julie up for lunch to celebrate the scholarship offer he had received the night before after dinner with the coach. He knew it meant he and Julie would be apart for most of the next four years, but what else could he do? Skipping college and getting a job was not an option. Even Julie agreed with that. Her parents' little college was far too expensive, and had no swimming team. He could go to the local university extension, but they didn't have swimming, either.

Much as he believed Julie loved him deeply, it troubled Glen that she could not understand how important his dream was to him. He did not really blame her, though. He blamed her parents. Why they would not send her to the same school as him, he could not understand. They must want to break him and Julie apart. It was the only explanation that fit.

Julie was silent and seemed distressingly distant as they walked to the car. Glen, of course, had no way of knowing about the disastrous encounter with her parents after he left her off the night before. Nor did he keep close enough track to know about her period. Once in the car, before he had a chance to start it, Julie asked "Did you get it?" At his silent nod, her world came apart.

For years, Julie had stifled her anger when away from home, and made sure none of her friends and acquaintances, especially Glen, ever knew about the towering rage she was capable of. That day, she had no emotional resources left to control herself, and all the pent up anger was released at her beloved Glen. It took only seconds, and she was into a rage, hardly aware of what she was saying or doing. All she knew was that he was going away from her, and he was doing it on purpose. Her family was already gone, as far as she was concerned. Now Glen would be gone, too, and there was nothing left.

Glen sat in stunned shock as his beloved Julie, the light of his life, was transformed into a raging monster right before his eyes. As she started to yell louder and louder, his stomach tightened and his pulse accelerated. Then she began the pattern learned so well in hundreds of family battles over the years. She said any hurtful, cutting thing that came to mind. There was no filter for truth, she only wanted it to hurt. Her parents were hardened against her assaults, and she always had to strive for new, more venomous verbal shots. In truth, when she was in the full grip of her anger, her mouth and part of her brain worked in concert to generate invective, but her memory and her rational centers were out of the loop. She honestly could not remember much of what she said at the height of her fits.

Unlike her parents, Glen was not hardened to Julie's verbal attacks. No one had ever spoken to him like that. Every unconsidered, reflexive verbal thrust cut him like a real knife. He absorbed each blow as if she meant it, and the impact was almost physical. By the time Julie jumped from the car, slammed the door, and stomped up the walk to the house, Glen was paralyzed and nauseous.

Julie stormed into the house and dashed into her room, slamming doors and banging purposely into walls. For a couple of minutes, she darted about her room as if possessed, unable to stand in one place, but with nowhere to go. Anger seemed to shoot from her like static electricity, and she emitted small, throaty growls of frustration.

With surprising suddenness, Julie's anger ran out, and an inkling of what she had just done began to permeate her consciousness. Her room was on the front of the house and she lunged to the window and looked out. She saw Glen on his knees on the curb, throwing up. As he straightened and started to stand, she hurtled down the stairs in blind panic. As she blasted through the front door, Glen's car began to move off. Waving her arms and yelling his name, she ran after the car as fast as she could, but it was soon out of sight.

Sobbing hysterically and gasping for breath, Julie collapsed on the grass of a neighbor's yard. She would never be able to recall how she got back to the house and up to her room. Theresa, seeing her daughter's zombie-like state, tried to find out what was wrong, but Julie never acknowledged her presence. Last Straw

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