More Igniting On Christmas
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Wife has a new plan to fire up hubby's passions but it goes beyond what she planned. In a good way.

His wife said, "Hurry up or we'll be late. This is one party I want to get to." Tom looked at her carefully; taking note of what she was wearing. It wasn't anything like Becky had worn to the last party they had gone to. This time it was red tights with a green pullover, which was still lying on the bed. She was in the process of putting on her bra. Even with her admonishment to hurry, he stopped to watch her. Her breasts were firm and nicely shaped. He never tired of looking at them, even after years of being married. As they disappeared behind the cups of the bra, he went back to hurrying up putting on his pants. He had his shirt on already, it was green and he had pastel red pants. He didn't know where she had found red slacks, and wasn't sure if he wanted to wear them, but he figured they would be good for a Christmas party. Everyone would be wearing red and green. It wasn't as if they were bright red after all.

He was both relieved and disappointed, that she was wearing a more modest outfit this time. It was cold out so she would not be wearing anything as revealing as last time, but there were tight outfits that were sexy. He was glad she wasn't because she wouldn't be showing herself off to the world again, and that meant their relationship wasn't in a rut anymore. He was disappointed in that she had looked "niiice" in that costume; and it had led to them having some very exciting fun at the party, and after they got home. Tonight it would be too cold to go out to that hidden garden to do that again, and he wasn't sure if he really wanted to have sex where others could see them again, but it had been very enjoyable.

As he was reliving their fun from the last party, Becky was thinking that what she had told him had been the truth; she did want to get to this party but not because she wanted to go to the party. It was that she wanted to go, so they could get back home. She was horny, and she wanted to be his slut again tonight. She added to herself, as she had after the Halloween party, his slut and nobody else's. She had been very glad that she had been on time with her plan, neither had cheated and it had reignited not only their lust for each other, but also their commitment to each other. The rut their marriage had been in had been easy to get into, and both would have to be watchful, not to let it happen again. She loved him so much, and knew he loved her the same.

She had another plan tonight, and she was again wearing something she had had to spend time looking for but this time, only her husband was going to see what she was showing off. Her top hung down low enough on her that it completely covered her butt, therefore covered her front too. She had seen some women wearing the same type of outfit, but theirs had been designed to turn guys on, or so it looked. One, a married woman she knew, had a top that only covered three fourths of her backside. Which wasn't so bad, except that her tights were so tight; you could easily see her butt cheeks move as she walked. It was almost as if what she was wearing was panted on. Another woman had a very tight sweater, showing off that she wasn't wearing a bra and one could almost see in-between her legs when she walked. Becky's tights did show off her leg muscles, but they weren't that tight and that was why she had made sure no one could see her bottom, or between her legs when she bought the top. What she was going to show off was just for Tom. She hoped it would turn him on so much that they would leave the party early, so they could have some fun at home. She was wet already thinking about what fun they could have, at home, in private this time.

They finished dressing and left. On the way out, she glanced at their Christmas tree. They had gotten a nice one this year, and it had been fun going with him tree shopping. They had stopped for hot chocolate, and she had snuggled against him, as they had walked through the tree lot. Later, he had told her that he not only liked the idea of her being next to him, but he also liked the idea that other men saw that a beautiful and sexy woman liked him. They had already decided not to have the lights on when they were both gone; the outside lights were on timers so they didn't have to bother with turning them on.

As they entered the garage, she surprised him by saying she wanted to drive that night. Becky felt like that occasionally, so the request wasn't totally out of character for her. He shrugged and said okay. As they got into the car, she pulled up her sweater as she sat down. Her husband hadn't noticed the movement, but he would notice the result very soon. They were settled and she started the car, but before pushing the garage door opener, she dropped a paper that was in her hand. It fluttered to the floor of the car next to the driver's door.

She said, "Honey, could you reach over and pick that up I don't want to mess up my hair by scraping it against the door."

He looked at her, wondering why she was being that careful with her hair, but he just shrugged and reached over her. He couldn't get it so he had to partially wedge himself under the steering wheel to reach the paper. When he did, he looked right in-between her legs at that lovely spot of hers. He was almost close enough to kiss it. He thought for a second of doing just that, but then he noticed something. He could make out the outline of her slit perfectly. It was as if she was wearing red paint instead of tights. A perfect camel's toe he believed it was called. He licked his lips in sudden excitement. He just stared at it for a few seconds; he had never seen anything like that before. He had seen it naked, many times, but this was a turn on. He could see every bit of her slit's lips. He thought he could even see her hole. He did see a bump he knew to be her clitoris. He breathed in through his nose, as his breathing increased and he quickly realized she was excited too. This close he could smell her juices, he liked that smell. A second later, he thought he didn't believe how much that sight and that smell was turning him on. He could barely contain himself from chewing on those luscious lips, even though the fabric.

He couldn't see it of course, but his wife was smiling. Becky knew what was taking him so long, and she had heard his breathing increased. She heard his sniffing and smiled even bigger, knowing he smelled her arousal. She knew that he was getting very excited. In the dark garage, even with the dome light on, it was hard to see his waist but she thought she could see the beginning of a bulge. She knew him well enough to know that hardon or not, he was getting very aroused.

He finally got the paper and sat back up. She backed out of the garage and headed for the party. It took them a while to get to where the party was to be held, but they finally turned through the gates. Halfway down the driveway leading to the mansion, they turned a corner and there was the huge house, all lit up. The front was covered with Christmas lights, with more on the trees and bushes along the front. She exclaimed how beautiful it was. There were trees, Santas, créches, each one done just right. They stopped right in front of the main door to allow the car to be parked, then went inside. They soon found that each room had a tree in it. That included the bathrooms, which had small trees. The room everyone seemed to be congregating in had the largest tree. It stood in the middle of one wall, with two smaller ones on either side. Tom and Becky milled around, talking to people, they hadn't seen for a while. She kept getting distracted though, with her thoughts about what was going to happen after they got home. If she had been a guy, she would have had an erection. They found that there were less people at this party than at the Halloween party, and that most of the guests seemed to be spending their time in this one room. It was a large one, where the buffet was set up. Also, the room had doors to the patio that led to the garden. Both saw that some people, singles and couples, were still going out to the garden. They were dressed warmly, bundled up against the cold. There also six porta potties out on that patio to supplement the bathrooms inside, during the Halloween party, there had been ten or more outside. These six were placed in strategic spots, so that those using them would not be seen entering them from the doublewide picture window that made up one wall. The patio had a roof and heater vents so that it was warmer on the patio than outside. Since for some reason most of the partygoers were in the room, that led to the patio the inside bathrooms were almost unused.

They circulated. talking to people they knew. Ten minutes after getting there they partook of the buffet since neither had had dinner. There were lots of finger foods including small bits of turkey smothered with whole cranberries for Christmas. Much of the food was red or green including tortilla chips. They got separated as they talked and munched which wasn't unusual for these parties. Becky had walked into another of the rooms were people were gathering and just a she entered she slipped on some punch someone had spilled. She let out a small cry and landed on her butt then her back. She laid there for a couple of seconds to make sure nothing was injured. As she pushed herself up on her elbows she saw six guys around her. Two were moving in closer to see if she was Okay. One reached out his hand to help her up while the other came up to her feet. She saw it was Johnny and that he was staring in-between her legs. That was when she realized her sweater had ridden up and he had a perfect view of how tight her tights were. She blushed in embarrassment. A second later she wondered if he had moved up to help her or only to get a better view of her camel's toe. To be fair it could have ben both but the other guy had been just a little closer. After she stood and brushed her self off she saw that Johnny wasn't the only one to get a look at between her legs. She glanced at another guy who had come up too late to help and he was blushing. He had the look of someone who had seen something for the first time. She assured everyone that she was Okay and went on.

At one point Tom, who was making the rounds found himself in another section of the mansion so he decided to use the bathroom he was closest to. The hallway was dark, even though there was enough light to see where one was going. He used the bathroom then came out and saw his wife bent over tying a shoe or some such. Her butt was facing him. He moved closer looking at that sexy bottom of hers stretch the tights. Even in the dark hallway, he could make out her crack. That thrilled him and after a quick glance around to make sure no one was about, he caressed one cheek. Next, he moved even closer touching her rump with his front. She ground her backside into him and he ended up humping her half a dozen times. She moaned appreciatively, standing then turning. She smiled at him.

"Boy I think someone is horny."

"Hey, you were the one that was bent over; I always get horny seeing your sexy butt like that. Even though I couldn't make out the best part because there's not enough light in here I still liked what I saw."

She put her arms around his neck and asked in a silky voice, "And what is the best part, Stud?"

He put his arms around her and said, "That wonderful slit you got in-between your legs, my slut."

She smiled as she kissed him. The kiss was long and passionate, and halfway through she felt his hand lift up her top enough, so that it could go to that wonderful slit of hers. He slipped the hand down her front over her tights, A second later, she groaned as he found then pressed against her clit. She ground that pleasure nub into his fingers, seeking more pleasure from him.

He broke the kiss and said, "I think I'm not the only one that is horny."

"I can't help it I've been thinking of you naked all day. Naked with that wonderful hard rod of yours sticking toward me."

He gasped as she suddenly grabbed his now very hard shaft.

They both took a quick look around to make sure no one had come upon them then kissed, with her running her hand up and down his shaft and he teasing her clit. Both started groaning into the other's mouth.

He broke the kiss enough to say, "We need to do more then this."

"Yes, we do let's go home."

"I still need to talk to a couple people."

"I can't wait. Let's go."

Kiss kiss, "Let's go use the bathroom."

"The bathroom? I don't have to do and you just did."

"I don't mean use it for that."

"Oh, um, what happens if someone was to come while we were using it for something else?"

"It's got a lock, we just lock the door."

"I don't know."

He pressed harder with his fingers, rubbing the tips in a circle. He knew how to get to her, especially since she had started out horny as anything. Her breathing increased, and she barely stifled a loud groan. After a few seconds she said, "Ok you win, let's get in there and fuck."

He smiled knowing how horny she was, by her choice of words. Of course, he was as horny as she was.

He said, "Ok slut, let's get in there and you can feel my hard cock in your wet, hot pussy."

Suddenly, they heard someone coming around the corner and both jumped apart much like two teenagers, caught making out by her parents.

A voice said, "Tom, the old man is looking for you."

"What does he want?"

"I don't but he's been looking for you for fifteen minutes you better go see what he wants."

Tom turned to his wife and said, "I better see what he wants but hold that thought, I will be back."

"I'll wait in here, but don't make it too long," She said in a quiet voice that was husky with sexual need.

"That will depend on what he wants, but I will hurry and probably be back in a few minutes... hopefully."

He left with the other guy and she stood there for a while, feeling disappointed.

"Why did his boss need him now, they had been here over an hour already," she mumbled to herself.

After what seemed like a long time, she decided that maybe she should have waited where there were chairs, but if she left, he wouldn't know were she was. Then again, she didn't want to just stand there horny. She listened for footfalls and looked around, then pulled up her sweater and began to rub her clit through her tights. She was so horny, she stopped after a little bit and waited.

It was hard to tell how long she waited, but after what felt like all night, he finally came around the corner. He kissed her and asked, "Now where were we?"

She groaned in his mouth and wilted under his kiss then said, "God, that's what I've been waiting for, your mouth." She placed a hand on his front, "as well as your hands on me and your hard cock in me."

He noticed an emphasis on "Your Hard Cock" and said, "I think someone has been playing with themselves."

She snuggled in closer to his body and said, "I had to do something to partially satisfy my itch for you."

"Someone could have come in here while you were."

She paused for a moment then said, "I... would have stopped, but someone could come in now and see us doing this" for his hand was back under her sweater caressing her clit while his other hand was squeezing a boob.

"True, but they would just see a couple madly in love and lust with each other. Playing with yourself when you are alone would look very stranger."

He had been licking her neck as he had been talking, and she just put a hand to his mouth to stop further talk. She grabbed his head pulled it up and started kissing and chewing on his lips.

He started moving toward the bathroom. She groaned knowing what was coming, and knowing that by his words, he couldn't wait until they got home. She surprised herself by going along with it. The tights she was wearing seemed to be making her even hornier, probably by rubbing her bare clit and pussy. They both managed to think clearly enough to look around, to make sure they were still alone as they moved to the bathroom. He turned the door handle, but it didn't open. She almost panicked thinking that someone had beaten them to the bathroom, and they would have to wait. Someone who would have had to walk past them as they were making out, but after another pull, the door opened. Both let out a sigh of relief and went in.

As soon as he made sure the door was locked, he turned and they kissed hard and long. His hands pulled up her sweater, and then slipped into the back of her tights. He massaged her butt causing groans, and then he gripped each buttock and pulled her against his body. A few seconds later, she broke the kiss and turned around. He reached to her and slipped her tights down. She bent forward, laying her head on a small counter right next to the Christmas tree, and he quickly inserted two fingers in her sopping slit. He found her G-spot and massaged it hard. She groaned and gritted her teeth, to keep from crying out more.

A minute later, she said, "I'm past ready, do it now!"

He used his other hand to unzip his pants, as he continued to caress her special place. It was hard to push down his pants with one hand, but he succeeded and moved forward. He withdrew his fingers putting them to his nose to smell them. He groaned in sexual need and she turned her head to see what he was doing.

"Your excitement smells so good when you're like this."

She nodded wishing he would hurry and put it in, because not only she was in sexual need too, but also so they could be done before someone came to use this bathroom. At the same time, she realized that the danger of them being caught increased the thrill. Just like it had when they were in the garden at Halloween.

A second later, he took hold of his shaft and aimed it, then stepped forward two steps. She turned back around and he positioned his hardness right at the opening to her slit. She grunted in joyful anticipation and he pushed forward, the head of his shaft entered her and she sighed in relief. As aroused as they both were, neither wanted him to go slow so he just shoved it in. Her head went up and she would have let loose a low scream of ecstasy, if they had been at home. He let out a soft grunt of pleasure as he felt the walls of her slit encase his rod. He quickly bottomed out and stood there for a moment, enjoying the feeling. He then pulled out halfway and then back in all the way. Out halfway back in all the way, he soon had a fast rhythm going. She gasped and let out low moans as he increased his fucking. She gritted her teeth again to keep from crying out in joy; he was doing the same as he felt his pleasure quickly build.

She began to hump back as her euphoria quickly took her to the edge. She wanted to scream, "Go for it, faster, harder, fuck me!" but she held her mouth shut. Soon, he was jamming it in as a sign he was very close. She humped back harder with each of his forward thrusts, driving him in further. So close and so good.

He let out a loud grunt that he couldn't help, as the first dollop of man cream shot forth from the tip of his shaft. A soft grunt followed the first, which was followed by softer and softer moans. Her climax had started just before his, but she had managed to cover her mouth to keep most of the sounds in.

Soon they were finished, and he withdrew allowing her to stand. She quickly turned and kissed him hard in thanks. He nibbled her lips and said his thanks.

He pulled up his pants but she didn't move to pull her tights up.

In response to his look of puzzlement she said, "I have to pee and to clean myself up some so I don't drip in my tights too much."

He nodded, remembering how much she dripped after their sexual antics during the Halloween party. He opened the door, peeked out to make sure no one was waiting then nodded at her, mouthed "I love you and there will be more later," and left. She locked the door and sat on the toilet being grateful that her husband loved her so much and being thankful, that she hadn't cheated when she had the chance, or it would be someone's else's' sperm dripping out of her.

She hadn't told him what happened while she was waiting for him, she would later, but now had been time for other things. Soon after he left her in the hallway she had turned toward the bathroom thinking of waiting in there for him with her tights down; she started rubbing her clit, when she swore she heard someone coming around the corner, so she quit. No one appeared so she went back to anticipating Tom coming back. She heard someone quickly come up behind her, and put their arms around her. She had pressed back feeling a hard skinny lump against her butt.

Hands started to massage her breasts in a way that felt very good, especially in her state. A mouth began to kiss her neck and a tongue licked under her ears, sending thrilling shivers down her back.

She had said, "So Goood, do it more."

The tongue did, next one hand dropped down and slipped up her sweater, quickly finding her clit. It rubbed that joy button softly, then harder and harder, sending more and more thrills into her pussy. She couldn't help it and groaned out loud.

She said, "More of that too, but let's get to the bathroom so we fuck."

There was a pause then the body pressed against her urging her to walk to the bathroom. She felt the guy's bulge pressed against her butt, right in-between her crack. He humped twice as they walked that way but halfway to the bathroom, she stopped. Something wasn't right. It took her a couple of second to realize what. The guy's smell wasn't right. His height and weight seemed to be but something else didn't feel right though.

Her face grimaced in anger and she said, "That had better by my husband or I'm going to slap you so hard, the noise will be heard outside the front door, and no amount of makeup will be able cover the bruise in the shape of my hand."

They were in a hallway toward the rear of the house, which meant that it would have to be a very hard slap to be heard out front. The body ceased urging her forward and after a second she no longer felt the weight against her. She waited a couple of seconds to make sure she was right then turned fast. She saw a dark body slip around the corner, she thought about going to see who it was, but thought she knew.

Now as she thought about it again, she berated herself for not realizing it wasn't Tom sooner. She should have noticed his smell immediately. She thought it was Johnny, she had seen him get a look at her when she fell, and he had gotten his hands on her during the last party so he might have thought he would have a chance with her. And to she thought he had come up behind her once while she was bent over retrying that shows she had been tying when Tom had come out of the bathroom. If Tom had seen her butt crack through her tights then Johnny who whoever else it had been would have too. She hadn't thought of that before. In his arrogance Johnny might have thought she had bent over like that on purpose. He would have been turned on after he saw her camel's toe and her butt crack and he might have thought the last was an invitation. That maybe she had changed her mind. It would not have helped that she told him to continue to lick her neck like he had at the Halloween party. Then she said they needed to go fuck. That would explain the pause after she said it and why he hadn't wanted her to see him. He probably thought he could have her. She was not going to allow a repeat of what happened at the Halloween party this time though, not on purpose anyway.

Then again, it could have been someone else. She had added the part about the makeup because she had noticed a couple of the women eyeing her. She had seen it at the last party too, and she thought they were the same ones. She had heard that a couple of the other wives were Bi and in fact, there were rumors that one or two of the woman wore strapons at times, just in case they got lucky at one of these parties. She didn't know if that was true but that hardon she felt against her butt had been very hard. And it could have been a woman who had seen her bend over who thought she would have had a chance. Becky just shook her head.

Maybe she should thank whoever it was however. She had wondered at times, if she would be able to resist temptation when she was that aroused. She had been tempted for a few seconds, even after she realized it wasn't Tom. Part of her mind told her that her husband was taking too long, and she was extremely horny. So if he wasn't going to take care of her, someone else could. Someone, who obviously had a hard cock just waiting for her wet pussy, it wouldn't take long for a quickie and Tom would never find out. She had told that part to shut up, and then she got angry that someone would try to take advantage of her arousal. It was time to find Tom though.

She found him in the room with the rest of the guests, talking to a couple. They circulated some more, were separated again as he talked to another vice president. Later she was again in a darkened hallway, this one short leading to another party room, when she felt someone come up behind her. He pressed against her with a very hard, long shape on her butt.

She said, "That had better be my husband, or I will slap you so hard, the noise will be heard outside the front door, and no amount of makeup will cover up the bruise in the shape of my hand."

She was mildly surprised when a voice she knew said, "In that case it's good that I am he, because I'm not going to let you go. You're too sexy and I'm too aroused."

She relaxed and snuggled into his arms, wiggling her butt against his hardon.

"MMmmm, I'm glad you're he too... Are you still excited my stud?"

"Yes, my sexy slut. I need more of what you gave me earlier. And it's all your fault."

She wiggled more producing a groan from him, "Let's get home then."

"I would love to but I need to talk to one more person and my boss wants to see me in a while."

"Can't he see you Monday?"

"He could but there's something he wants me to start on first thing Monday."

She wiggled against him again, "I don't think I can wait, that fuck we had was just a fore taste of what will come tonight."

"Boy, you are horny tonight... slut"

"Hmmm, just for you my stud."

"That's good, because I just want to fuck your incredibly hot wet pussy my dear."

"Anymore talk like that, and I will throw you on the floor and rip off your clothes."

"I would let you right now," he said with a grin.

Someone came along and his smile turned to a frown as he saw that it was Brittany, the woman salesman that he had flirted with before. The second to the last time she was on his floor, she had tricked him into an empty office and kissed him. He had kissed back, then kissed her again but as she rubbed his shaft, he realized what he was doing and had fled. The next time she had come by, she had indicated that she was still interested in dancing on a bed with him. He had strongly declined, but she was still after him tonight. One of the times he had been alone, he had come into the room most of the people were at and was surprised to see her there. She must have been in town so she was invited to the party. She was wearing this red and white outfit with touches of pink. It went well with her hair color and her eyes, it made her look both warm and inviting. Inviting to the opposite sex that is. It showed her curves, especially her breasts off. He could easily make out the shape of her breasts and they did look nice. Later he noticed that it was the same with her butt. It was clearly outlined and looked nicely shaped. He wasn't sure if it had been his imagination, but to him her expression was one of a hungry shark when she looked at him. He had tried to avoid her, but she had sneaked up on him at one point, grabbing his butt when he wasn't looking. He had jumped and spun around to find her face only inches away from his. He had taken a step backward but she didn't seem to care, saying things that hinted at wanting to find an empty room with him. He had declined. Later he had seen her talking to Johnny. He had been relieved, thinking that those two could get together for the night, but she still seemed to be after him.

Brittany gave them a smile, that said she knew what they had been doing. She spoke a greeting, chatted for a moment then and after one more look of desire left. Tom had the impression that she would not have minded joining them, in what they had been doing. For a second he was tempted to think about calling her back to see if she would join in, but it was only for a second. He shook his head, none of that for them. His wife was all he wanted.

Soon after this they rejoined the party for a moment and Tom saw Brittany was with Johnny again. During their conversation, both looked disappointed. They were only in the room for five minutes, when his wife suggested they walk some more. They ended up in a game room alone. The room had been outside at one time, and there was still a short wall that ran the width of it toward the rear. There were video games on one side of the wall, and pool tables and foosball games on the other. The video games were off as was the lighting on that side of the wall but there was still enough light to see what games they were. They strolled over to the wall and found a gate through it.

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