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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A Father takes his estranged daughter out for a meal, and the sparks fly, in more than one way.

At twenty four Adrian had started his own hi-tech light and precision engineering company. Now, at sixty two, he owned a multi-million pound company employing nearly three hundred people. He had a failed marriage, an ulcer and two adult children who generally ignored him as much as possible. He was looking forward to retirement and selling the company so that he could concentrate on his one passion, golf. Now he just looked angrily at his computer terminal as it told him that the network had eaten his last hours work. He didn't spend much time on the computer these days, he had secretary's and underlings for that, but this was his own little masterpiece he was putting together, and he didn't want to lose it.

He hit the intercom, "Lucy," he barked to his P.A., "get someone down here to fix this damn computer. The bloody network has gone pear-shaped on me."

"Yes sir," came the voice of his secretary.

Toni had been working for that same company for a little over four years when the call came through that 'God' wanted his computer fixed. As she was currently on the bench, she was the one who picked up the call, and with a sigh headed down to the executive offices.

She knocked on the door and entered the huge office.

Adrian just nodded and began explaining what had gone wrong. It only took Toni a couple of minutes to recover most of the work, the last ten minutes or so would need to be re-done, but at least the previous stuff had all been recovered. She was standing up again when the machine went blank.

"Damn," she muttered. "I must've knocked the mains cable. Sorry."

She crawled under the desk and for a moment or two all Adrian could see of the young woman was her firm buttocks encased in a tight skirt, and her firm slim legs. After a few moments of fumbling under the table, the computer came back on, and Toni inched her way back out again. She raised her head a moment too soon and caught it a viciously hard crack on the edge of the desk.

"Owww!" moaned Toni and sat down on the floor with a bump, her arms around her head.

Adrian bent down, "are you okay? Do you need me to get the first aider?"

Toni shook her head and raised her knees into a more comfortable position whilst she rubbed the top of her head. Adrian suddenly realised he was looking straight down between her thighs at her plain white knickers.

He'd had a bit of a horn most of the day. Lucy, his twenty four year old personal assistant, had come in with a very short skirt on that day, and had been flashing her knickers at all comers. She'd been trying to seduce her boss for months now, and only the fact that Adrian knew she was only trying to snare him because of how rich she thought he was, had prevented him from succumbing to her ample and very evident charms. Now though, as he stared at the plain white knickers of the thirty two year old sat in front of him, his horn got much harder.

"Come on lass, up you come," he half lifted, half pulled, Toni off the floor and into his chair.

"Thanks," she said with a wan smile.

Adrian gave her a half smile. Pressing the intercom button again, he asked Lucy to bring in a glass of water.

After Lucy had left, he looked at her. She was slim though tending to overweight, attractive in a slightly dried up way, and she too was divorced. He made it a habit of knowing as much as possible about all of his staff. At one time he would have taken every person who worked for him out for lunch just to get to know them, to find out about them, to instil morale and to get feedback from them. Now though it was only people who for whatever reason had come to his attention, who got the invite. This was partly to do with time, but mostly to do with the fact that his company now employed too many people for him to easily do it, and he no longer directly employed any of his staff. He'd never really noticed it, but in fact although his company was split almost exactly fifty/fifty men to women, he took out about seven women to every three men.

"What are you doing Friday lunchtime?" he asked her.

"Nothing," she answered, "I'd planned on taking Friday afternoon off, leaving around twelve thirty."

"Okay, don't change those plans, what about Thursday instead?"

"Tomorrow?, erm, well actually I was planning on going shopping for a birthday present tomorrow lunchtime, but tomorrow evenings okay." Toni knew what she was being asked, and was more than a little amused. Rumour had it that he had seduced, or attempted to seduce nearly a third of the women he took out.

"Good, Tomorrow evening."

Toni had recovered now and stood up and walked out, Adrian admiring her figure from behind. Lucy came in as Toni left, and perched herself on the corner of Adrian's desk, revealing her long tanned legs. With only a slight twist she would be thrusting her crotch right at him. Despite getting an even harder horn, Adrian was suddenly revolted.

"Book a table for two at the Il Postino, seven thirty Tomorrow evening. Check with Mrs Barber, and inform her I'll pick her up at seven."

Lucy flounced off, and Adrian gave a small grin of satisfaction behind her back.

Toni Barber went back to her desk and informed everyone that the old grouch, as Adrian was sometimes, less than affectionately, known, had invited her out for dinner.

"Lucky you," sad Max, Toni's immediate boss, who had had hopes of getting Toni into his own bed. Like everyone else, he believed the rumours about Adrian's conquests were more than just rumours. "Just be careful, he'll have you in bed in no time."

Toni just laughed. "He won't even try," she said confidently. She knew all the rumours of course, and was a little curious about them, but after a few discrete enquiries in the months after she had started, had been unable to find anyone who Adrian had actually seduced.

The following evening, Adrian picked Toni up at her flat, and escorted her to his Bentley. He was driving himself tonight, so after settling her into the passenger seat, went around and got in the drivers side.

The meal was a great success, far more than either of them had expected, and as Toni had known, Adrian didn't even try to seduce her.

"Thank you," said Toni, as Adrian dropped her off again a little over three hours later. "Look, would you like to come in for a little while?"

Adrian thought about it for a moment, and the nodded, smiling. "That would be nice, thank you."

Once inside, Toni took Adrian's coat, hung it on a hangar just inside the front door, and ushered him through to the lounge. "Tea or coffee?"

"Tea please."

As Toni bustled around making a pot of tea, Adrian looked around the small room interestedly.

After Toni had brought in two cups of tea and had sat down again, Adrian nodded at a photograph on the small mantelpiece. "I was just looking at the photo of you and your mother. It made me wonder, do many people in the office know you are my daughter?"

"No. I pretend I know as much about you as the next person. Why did you ask me out all of a sudden? After all, I doubt we've spoken more than a few words in the last ten years."

Adrian gave a wry smile. "Lots of reasons. I still try and take out a number of staff occasionally. Your boss has spoken highly of you, I know he doesn't know who you are. I suppose in the normal course of events I would have invited you out anyway sooner or later. Lucy my P.A. is starting to get a bit obvious now in her pursuit of me. I've given her no hint that I've even noticed, but she was a bit wearing yesterday with that ridiculously short skirt she was nearly wearing. And then you went and clobbered your head."

Instinctively, Toni rubbed her forehead and grinned. "It was a bit of a crack, wasn't it."

Adrian got up on impulse and kissed his daughter's forehead approximately where she'd banged it. "And then you went and flashed your knickers at me, unintentionally, but it made me realise that you haven't had a partner yourself since before you came to work for me."

Toni blushed. "Have you been having me followed?"

"Oh no. You may think I don't care about you or your brother, but I do, and I try to keep up as much as possible with what you are doing. I may not know about any one night stands, but I do know you haven't had a serious boyfriend since you gave Graham the heave."

Toni thought about it for a while and then frowned as she thought back to what her father had said. "And why did getting a glimpse of my undies suddenly make you think of that?"

"Because they were a very prim and proper white, and after Lucy flashing all these lacy frilly god knows what's at me, your simple white ones suddenly made me realise that I'm not the only one without a love life."

Although they'd had a bottle of wine with their meal, Adrian had only drunk two glasses, Toni had drunk the rest, and now she suddenly felt very light headed. A wicked grin crossed her face. She stood up and grabbed her father's hand. "I've got something to show you," she said.

She pulled him into the kitchen and pointed at a drying rack where three pairs of identical white cotton knickers hung. "There are the very undies you got a brief glimpse of yesterday."

"Oh it was more than just a brief glimpse," murmured Adrian in surprise. "It was a good long eyeful."

Toni just giggled and grabbed his arm again, pulling him into her bedroom. She took hold of the top drawer in the small chest of drawers and pulled it on to the bed. "My underwear." She stirred the contents around a bit, and Adrian saw that although there were a large number of similar white cotton knickers on the top, everything underneath was much more filmy, lacy and sexy. Much more feminine.

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