by starfiend

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A Father takes his estranged daughter out for a meal, and the sparks fly, in more than one way.

At twenty four Adrian had started his own hi-tech light and precision engineering company. Now, at sixty two, he owned a multi-million pound company employing nearly three hundred people. He had a failed marriage, an ulcer and two adult children who generally ignored him as much as possible. He was looking forward to retirement and selling the company so that he could concentrate on his one passion, golf. Now he just looked angrily at his computer terminal as it told him that the network had eaten his last hours work. He didn't spend much time on the computer these days, he had secretary's and underlings for that, but this was his own little masterpiece he was putting together, and he didn't want to lose it.

He hit the intercom, "Lucy," he barked to his P.A., "get someone down here to fix this damn computer. The bloody network has gone pear-shaped on me."

"Yes sir," came the voice of his secretary.

Toni had been working for that same company for a little over four years when the call came through that 'God' wanted his computer fixed. As she was currently on the bench, she was the one who picked up the call, and with a sigh headed down to the executive offices.

She knocked on the door and entered the huge office.

Adrian just nodded and began explaining what had gone wrong. It only took Toni a couple of minutes to recover most of the work, the last ten minutes or so would need to be re-done, but at least the previous stuff had all been recovered. She was standing up again when the machine went blank.

"Damn," she muttered. "I must've knocked the mains cable. Sorry."

She crawled under the desk and for a moment or two all Adrian could see of the young woman was her firm buttocks encased in a tight skirt, and her firm slim legs. After a few moments of fumbling under the table, the computer came back on, and Toni inched her way back out again. She raised her head a moment too soon and caught it a viciously hard crack on the edge of the desk.

"Owww!" moaned Toni and sat down on the floor with a bump, her arms around her head.

Adrian bent down, "are you okay? Do you need me to get the first aider?"

Toni shook her head and raised her knees into a more comfortable position whilst she rubbed the top of her head. Adrian suddenly realised he was looking straight down between her thighs at her plain white knickers.

He'd had a bit of a horn most of the day. Lucy, his twenty four year old personal assistant, had come in with a very short skirt on that day, and had been flashing her knickers at all comers. She'd been trying to seduce her boss for months now, and only the fact that Adrian knew she was only trying to snare him because of how rich she thought he was, had prevented him from succumbing to her ample and very evident charms. Now though, as he stared at the plain white knickers of the thirty two year old sat in front of him, his horn got much harder.

"Come on lass, up you come," he half lifted, half pulled, Toni off the floor and into his chair.

"Thanks," she said with a wan smile.

Adrian gave her a half smile. Pressing the intercom button again, he asked Lucy to bring in a glass of water.

After Lucy had left, he looked at her. She was slim though tending to overweight, attractive in a slightly dried up way, and she too was divorced. He made it a habit of knowing as much as possible about all of his staff. At one time he would have taken every person who worked for him out for lunch just to get to know them, to find out about them, to instil morale and to get feedback from them. Now though it was only people who for whatever reason had come to his attention, who got the invite. This was partly to do with time, but mostly to do with the fact that his company now employed too many people for him to easily do it, and he no longer directly employed any of his staff. He'd never really noticed it, but in fact although his company was split almost exactly fifty/fifty men to women, he took out about seven women to every three men.

"What are you doing Friday lunchtime?" he asked her.

"Nothing," she answered, "I'd planned on taking Friday afternoon off, leaving around twelve thirty."

"Okay, don't change those plans, what about Thursday instead?"

"Tomorrow?, erm, well actually I was planning on going shopping for a birthday present tomorrow lunchtime, but tomorrow evenings okay." Toni knew what she was being asked, and was more than a little amused. Rumour had it that he had seduced, or attempted to seduce nearly a third of the women he took out.

"Good, Tomorrow evening."

Toni had recovered now and stood up and walked out, Adrian admiring her figure from behind. Lucy came in as Toni left, and perched herself on the corner of Adrian's desk, revealing her long tanned legs. With only a slight twist she would be thrusting her crotch right at him. Despite getting an even harder horn, Adrian was suddenly revolted.

"Book a table for two at the Il Postino, seven thirty Tomorrow evening. Check with Mrs Barber, and inform her I'll pick her up at seven."

Lucy flounced off, and Adrian gave a small grin of satisfaction behind her back.

Toni Barber went back to her desk and informed everyone that the old grouch, as Adrian was sometimes, less than affectionately, known, had invited her out for dinner.

"Lucky you," sad Max, Toni's immediate boss, who had had hopes of getting Toni into his own bed. Like everyone else, he believed the rumours about Adrian's conquests were more than just rumours. "Just be careful, he'll have you in bed in no time."

Toni just laughed. "He won't even try," she said confidently. She knew all the rumours of course, and was a little curious about them, but after a few discrete enquiries in the months after she had started, had been unable to find anyone who Adrian had actually seduced.

The following evening, Adrian picked Toni up at her flat, and escorted her to his Bentley. He was driving himself tonight, so after settling her into the passenger seat, went around and got in the drivers side.

The meal was a great success, far more than either of them had expected, and as Toni had known, Adrian didn't even try to seduce her.

"Thank you," said Toni, as Adrian dropped her off again a little over three hours later. "Look, would you like to come in for a little while?"

Adrian thought about it for a moment, and the nodded, smiling. "That would be nice, thank you."

Once inside, Toni took Adrian's coat, hung it on a hangar just inside the front door, and ushered him through to the lounge. "Tea or coffee?"

"Tea please."

As Toni bustled around making a pot of tea, Adrian looked around the small room interestedly.

After Toni had brought in two cups of tea and had sat down again, Adrian nodded at a photograph on the small mantelpiece. "I was just looking at the photo of you and your mother. It made me wonder, do many people in the office know you are my daughter?"

"No. I pretend I know as much about you as the next person. Why did you ask me out all of a sudden? After all, I doubt we've spoken more than a few words in the last ten years."

Adrian gave a wry smile. "Lots of reasons. I still try and take out a number of staff occasionally. Your boss has spoken highly of you, I know he doesn't know who you are. I suppose in the normal course of events I would have invited you out anyway sooner or later. Lucy my P.A. is starting to get a bit obvious now in her pursuit of me. I've given her no hint that I've even noticed, but she was a bit wearing yesterday with that ridiculously short skirt she was nearly wearing. And then you went and clobbered your head."

Instinctively, Toni rubbed her forehead and grinned. "It was a bit of a crack, wasn't it."

Adrian got up on impulse and kissed his daughter's forehead approximately where she'd banged it. "And then you went and flashed your knickers at me, unintentionally, but it made me realise that you haven't had a partner yourself since before you came to work for me."

Toni blushed. "Have you been having me followed?"

"Oh no. You may think I don't care about you or your brother, but I do, and I try to keep up as much as possible with what you are doing. I may not know about any one night stands, but I do know you haven't had a serious boyfriend since you gave Graham the heave."

Toni thought about it for a while and then frowned as she thought back to what her father had said. "And why did getting a glimpse of my undies suddenly make you think of that?"

"Because they were a very prim and proper white, and after Lucy flashing all these lacy frilly god knows what's at me, your simple white ones suddenly made me realise that I'm not the only one without a love life."

Although they'd had a bottle of wine with their meal, Adrian had only drunk two glasses, Toni had drunk the rest, and now she suddenly felt very light headed. A wicked grin crossed her face. She stood up and grabbed her father's hand. "I've got something to show you," she said.

She pulled him into the kitchen and pointed at a drying rack where three pairs of identical white cotton knickers hung. "There are the very undies you got a brief glimpse of yesterday."

"Oh it was more than just a brief glimpse," murmured Adrian in surprise. "It was a good long eyeful."

Toni just giggled and grabbed his arm again, pulling him into her bedroom. She took hold of the top drawer in the small chest of drawers and pulled it on to the bed. "My underwear." She stirred the contents around a bit, and Adrian saw that although there were a large number of similar white cotton knickers on the top, everything underneath was much more filmy, lacy and sexy. Much more feminine.

Adrian picked up a pair of filmy black thong knickers. "But do you still wear them?"

Toni shook her head. "Not for a while." She scattered the underwear across the bed looked at it for a while. "Not for a very long time," she whispered. Slowly she put them all back in the draw, the white cotton briefs on the top.

"There you go," she said triumphantly, but there was a brittleness to her voice. "I think you've now seen all my knickers except the pair I'm wearing, and possibly a pair in the wash basket that I missed" and with that she slipped the shoulder of her long dress off and let it fall to the floor in a whisper of silk. Underneath, all she was wearing was another pair of simple white cotton briefs, no bra, that even so managed to looked very attractive.

"You still look very sexy even in just white briefs," said Adrian softly. Although he now had another erection, he ignored it, as it seemed just possible that Toni was asking for help, and in any case she was his daughter.

Toni gave a grim smile. "I can't even get that right." She roughly pushed down her underwear and kicked them off, falling onto the bed and lying there sobbing. Although Toni didn't deliberately flash herself at her father, as she lay down Adrian caught a glimpse of her pubic mound, noting that it appeared to be very thick and bushy.

Adrian kicked off his shoes and swung himself onto the bed beside her. "What's up pet?" he asked softly, stroking her shoulders, uncomfortably aware that she was completely naked in front of him. Even as he tried to talk to her, he couldn't help his eyes wandering over her firm, and to him very beautiful body, her shapely bottom, slim waist, and trim legs.

Toni rolled onto her back and glared at her father.

"Father's are supposed to love their children. Do you?"

"Yes. Very much. I've always been very proud of you, of your achievements. I'd've liked either you or your brother to have come into the business proper, so that I could pass it on to you, but the fact that you didn't just means that you are your own person, with your own hopes and desires. I'm sad that your marriage to Graham didn't work out, but I'm pleased you had the courage to realise that it was over, and to get on with the rest of your life." He sat up and took hold of one of her hands in his. "You're my little girl, you always have been, you always will be."

"Prove you love me," whispered Toni and spread her legs a little and pulled her father forcefully down on top of her. Adrian was very surprised and tried to push away, but Toni had become a veritable tiger, and had most of his clothes off him, and his cock in her hands, in very short order. Adrian stopped worrying, all he cared about now was that a beautiful young women was lying underneath him, urging him on. His hands went to her small breasts, mauling them, whilst his mouth dropped onto hers and they kissed feverishly. Suddenly they stopped as they both felt his prick touch the opening to her body.

"Toni," whispered Adrian. "If this is what you want, I'll do it, but believe me, you don't have to. I'm your father, and I love you very much, you don't need to do this to prove anything."

"I know," she whispered, "but suddenly I very much want to." With that she slipped the tip of her fathers prick inside her. Adrian paused a moment longer, and then pushed slowly but firmly until he was balls deep inside her. They stared at each other in astonishment for a long time, just feeling the incredible sensations building within them, neither of them caring in the least that what they were doing was illegal, and then they were making love, slowly at first, but soon fast and hard, slamming away at each other, both of them crying out in wonder and delight.

Adrian was the first to come, filling his daughters vagina with huge quantities of his sperm. "Arggghhhh," he groaned as he unloaded his balls for what would turn out to be the first of many times over the next hours. Underneath him, Toni was still thrusting her hips, evidently enjoying herself, but equally evidently no where near her own climax. "Yes, yes, yes," she muttered to herself, her hips moving strongly and rhythmically.

Toni looked up at her father in astonishment as she felt him fill her, first with his prick, then soon afterwards with his spunk. In his turn, Adrian looked into his daughters eyes, looked at her sweaty face, and knew she was not regretting it. Not yet at any rate. For the first time in many years, Adrian's erection didn't falter after his climax, and knowing his daughter hadn't yet come, he continued to thrust slowly into her, but this time he changed the way his body moved over hers, changing the speed and direction, the depth of thrust, the force of each thrust, changing almost every stroke.

As she came closer to her own climax, Toni's eyes slowly closed, her head went back stretching her neck, which Adrian began kissing softly, enhancing her pleasure, and she took her lower lip between her teeth.

"Uuurrgh," she moaned softly, her moan getting louder as she felt a hot flame starting to lick out from her hot clit, and with a great cry she climaxed, shuddering and moaning as her father continued to thrust firmly in and out of her. Adrian could feel her spasming pussy around his hard prick, and would have come again himself if Toni's orgasm had continued for much longer.

They stared at each other for a moment before Toni wrapped her arms around her fathers neck and pulled his face to hers. She kissed him, hard, and when he responded, turned it into a deep and passionate kiss. For five minutes the two just kissed, their hands roaming gently over each others body, exploring each other, finding each others erogenous zones. They writhed and rolled around on the double bed until Toni found herself lying on top of her father.

"Watch," she whispered, a small grin on her face. She raised herself slightly, and took hold of her fathers erect cock, and slid the tip along her damp crack. Slowly, she allowed the tip to slide inside her, and with a couple of thrusts, slid down on him, burying it inside her. She rocked to and fro, before lifting her legs slightly and starting to bounce a little more violently, her buttocks coming down with a slap on her fathers thighs as she forced him into her with each stroke.

Adrian lay and watched her, feeling her tight pussy gripping his erection, watching her firm breasts bouncing up and down, her head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth open, a panting, grunting, noise coming from it. He slid his hands up her thighs until he reached his daughters crotch. He stroked her pussy, teasing out her prominent clitoris from its hiding place within her thick pubic bush, and gently flicked it with his finger nail. Toni froze, her whole body quivering.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she squealed as she came. She ground her crotch against his, her whole vagina gripping her fathers cock so tightly it was almost painful, for them both. Toni collapsed onto her fathers body, and lay there panting, a huge smile of satisfaction on her face, until Adrian rolled her gently onto her back.

She gave a groan of dissatisfaction, "awww", she pouted as he pulled free of her, but then began to writhe about on the bed again as Adrian began to kiss and lick slowly down her belly.

"Mmmmm," she sighed as his lips and tongue played with her hard nipples. She gave a little breathy giggle when she felt his tongue probe her navel, but she was so aroused that even her ticklishness didn't prevent her from loving every moment of it.

Toni knew what was coming, and she was already panting, breathless from her arousal and anticipation, long before his tongue reached her clit and pussy. Graham had gone down on her a few times early on in their relationship, and a couple more times after their marriage, but had never seemed to particularly enjoy it, or want to do it. Toni had always sensed that this was a chore to him, not something which would give them both pleasure. On the other hand, he had never had any problems with her going down on him, but after one fight, barely a year into their marriage, she had refused to go down on him again. Sadly, Toni had adored cunnilingus, and unfortunately hadn't had any for rather more years than she sometimes cared to think about.

As her fathers tongue touched her quivering clitoris, she gave a soft cry, her whole body tensing up in expectation. Adrian didn't disappoint, and for what seemed to Toni like hours, licked his daughter to a number of orgasms. Adrian also loved cunnilingus, his ex wife, Toni's mother, had been very responsive during the early years of their marriage, and had taught him a number of techniques that now had Toni gasping and moaning with pleasure and delight within just a few seconds. Adrian looked at his daughters gaping pussy, the coral pink inner surface glistening with her arousal, her thick, dense, wiry, pubic hair matted with her secretions. He alternated between burying his tongue as deep inside her vaginal passage as he could reach, and teasing her labia or her clitoris. He pursed his lips around the stubby organ and gently sucked, tickling and flicking the tip with his tongue.

Adrian had already come to one massive climax already that evening, but the sheer eroticism of having has face in his own daughters crotch as he brought her to her screaming climaxes; of having already made love to her once already, and knowing he was going to be doing it again kept him harder and higher than he could ever remember. This wasn't a dream come true for Adrian, this wasn't even a vague fantasy; this was beyond all imagining and that made it even more erotic.

Toni screamed in orgasmic delight, pulling her fathers face even tighter against her crotch, grinding her pussy against his mouth, as her whole body writhed in glorious climax. Adrian inserted a finger, then two, into her vagina, and spread it wide, the glistening pink of her vaginal passage begging for his tongue. As he took another long slow lick of her pussy, she slipped her hand down to her crotch, and used two fingers to spread her outer labia, and give him a clearer view of what he was doing. As he used his tongue around her clitoris once more Toni went rigid as her climax washed over her, spreading out from her vagina and clitoris in soft slow waves of pleasure. Waves of pleasure that just seemed to go on and on and on. She didn't realise she was screaming out her delight, her lust, but Adrian watched and listened in amazement as his ministrations continued to give his daughter such euphoria.

Slipping two fingers inside her he tried to find the g-spot, what scientists now knew, or at any rate strongly believed, was the back of the clitoris, a much much larger organ internally than had ever been realised. The combination of fingers at one end, tongue at the other, and the warmth of his breath over the whole area had Toni crying out her climaxes, screaming at the top of her lungs. Toni had never been a screamer before, but this was too much. Around them, in the neighbouring flats, three other young men and one young couple listened in envy to what was very obviously an incredibly powerful orgasm. All five of the unintentional listeners knew exactly who was having so much pleasure, and whilst four of them wished it was they who were giving the pleasure, for Toni was well liked in the block of flats where she lived; the fifth wished she was receiving the pleasure.

Eventually the intense sensations were just too much for Toni. She pushed her father away and rolled onto her front, panting and gasping, her eyes closed, but a huge smile on her face. "Fuck meee," she gasped softly. "That was just sooooo." her voice trailed off.

Adrian let his fingers run across the swelling of her buttocks then leaned over her and gave each bum cheek a kiss, followed by a trail of kisses up her spine. As he reached the base of her neck, Toni rolled over and looked up at her father. "Lie down," she said softly. Adrian smiled at her but didn't move. "Lie down," she said again, more forcefully this time. She pushed herself up as she spoke.

Adrian slowly lay back and Toni crawled on top of him. She looked him in the eyes. "Thank you." She said softly. "Now try this one for size."

She quickly spun around on her fathers body, and began to kiss and play with his slowly erecting cock. Her own crotch was not many inches from her fathers face, and Adrian began to play with her once more. When she felt his tongue on her she shuddered lightly, and then spoke. "No. No tongues. Fingers only. For now."

Adrian was glad to comply. He loved receiving blow jobs as much as he loved giving them, but he was always wary about sixty-nines. Many years ago, in college, a friend had been off class over a week once, and Adrian had only found out accidentally that his friend had nearly had his cock bitten off when his girlfriend had come first in a sixty nine and her jaws had clamped shut rather than open.

He loved the feelings and sensations of what his daughter was doing 'down below' and played softly with her vulva, examining it closely. To Adrian the sight of an aroused pussy was one of the best sights known to man, and Toni had a pretty pussy anyway. Not many could truly be called pretty, but Toni's was.

Toni licked slowly up and down her fathers erection; taking the solid purple glans into her mouth, sucking on it briefly, and then letting it loose once more to repeat the whole cycle. Toni liked giving head. She hadn't done it often enough to say she loved it, but she did love what it did for her partner, and doing this for her father whilst he stroked and caressed her own crotch was incredibly arousing.

Eventually it was too much for Adrian. He could feel the climax rising slowly and inexorably, spreading out from his hard cock. "Oh god, oh god, oh god," he gasped, and tensed suddenly. Toni knew exactly what was coming, and pushed her mouth a little further over her fathers cock and sucked with all her might, softly scraping the skin of his balls with her long fingernails. "Ahhhhhhhhhh," gasped Adrian, as his whole body bucked and jerked in time with his copious ejaculations. Her mouth was hot and alive, her tongue all over his prick, as he shot jet after jet into his daughter. Toni drank it down out of necessity, if she hadn't she'd have choked, and right now she wanted to give her father all the pleasure she could.

When his orgasm finally finished, he collapsed, exhausted, completely unable to move. "Come here," he whispered.

Toni turned around and lay next to him, cuddling him close. When she felt her fathers hand on her face, stroking her hair off her sweaty forehead, she closed here eyes with a smile, and lay her head on his chest, listening to his rapid heartbeat.

Neither said anything for a while, but when Adrian opened his mouth to speak, Toni turned rapidly, fasted her mouth to his, and just kissed him. He returned her kisses, stroking her back, down to the swell of her buttocks. With one hand Toni massaged her father's soft cock, trying to bring it back to life, but Adrian was, for the moment, completely shot.

When Adrian sensed his daughters mounting frustration, he simply lifted her off him and lay her down on the bed, face down. He leaned over her and began a long slow efflourage massage of her back, punctuating his stroking movements with little kisses all over her body. This was both relaxing and exciting for Toni, as his fingers would occasionally reach around her chest to flick at a nipple, or just down between her legs to tap at her anal opening. The one time she felt him reach over father between her lags and flick once at her clitoris, she jumped and tensed, waiting for him to do even more, but his hands quickly came up and onto the small of her back once more.

She gasped and pressed her crotch into the bed, trying to get a little more pressure on her engorged clit. When, a few minutes later, she snaked one hand down beneath her body to her clit, Adrian pulled it away, pulling her arm from underneath her. Toni moaned in frustration, and Adrian's sole response was to kiss both buttocks, and then work up her spine to her neck.

Toni was in an agony of lust and expectation. He had been teasing her for ages, and she felt she was as ready as she could ever be. Adrian didn't agree though. He knew, just by the touch of her, by the feel of her, that she still had some way to go yet.

Eventually Adrian rolled his daughter onto her back. Toni moaned and spread her legs. "Finally," she thought. "He's going to do me." But he wasn't. Instead Adrian continued has massage with soft kisses ... His kisses seemed at random over her body. One on her tummy, the next at the top of a breast, then on her shoulder, to the opposite armpit, down to her thigh via a nipple, her clit, a nipple again, the inside of her elbow, her mouth. It went on and on and she was getting desperate. He whole body throbbed with the erotic tension building up inside her, until even Adrian knew she was not far from exploding. He moved away from her for a moment, giving her a few seconds to relax.

When Toni didn't feel her father at all after a few seconds she opened her eyes to search for her father. As soon as he saw the querying look in her eyes, he bent over and kissed her mouth once more. before licking and kissing a straight, unbroken, line all the way down to her open cleft. When she felt her fathers warm breath on her crotch, Toni opened her legs as wide as she could, and reached down with one hand to pull her labia apart for him, giving him a cleaner access to her pussy.

Adrian licked at the nub of her clitoris, one finger going inside her, finger fucking her. Toni gave an extra loud moan as the sensations coursed through her, and Adrian was surprised at the copious amounts of sticky fluid now starting to leak from her. He knew she was now ready.

Standing over her, he raised her knees up, took hold of his by now fairly hard cock, and began to swipe it up and down her gaping cleft...

"Yes, yes, do it," gasped Toni, raising her head sufficiently off the bed to watch her fathers hard cock as it slowly slid inside her once more. "Ohhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuuck" she whispered softly before all sense left her with the arrival of a huge, body wracking, orgasm.

Adrian still wasn't all the way inside her when she went off. But that was okay because he was no where near to coming himself, he just wanted, needed, to watch and feel his daughter's stunning climax. He slid the rest of the way inside her grasping cunt, before leaning over her to kiss her erect nipples and up to her mouth.

Toni howled once more in orgasm, but this time her howls were quickly muffled by her fathers mouth as he kissed her frantically.

Adrian couldn't believe just how comfortable it felt to have his cock inside his own daughters climaxing body, and comfortable really was the right way to describe it. He held her thrashing body tight to him, kissing her, stroking her, fucking her, as her climax continued to ricochet around her body for over ten minutes.

Eventually she relaxed and gazed blearily into his eyes, feeling him against her still hyper stimulated body. She smiled at him when she realised his erection was still solid, and pushed her crotch hard against him, feeling another, much softer, climax wash over her. "Ahhhhhhhh" she moaned softly once more, but it passed almost as quickly as it came.

Three more times, as her father moved against her, she felt another soft climax sweep quickly up through her body and away, and still he was hard, still he hadn't come. After that fifth orgasm, her body relaxed further, away from orgasm altogether for the moment. Adrian saw and felt the change in her, and slowed his movements to a stop.

"Thank you daddy," she whispered, "that was the best ever."

"Oh baby," he said softly, his heart going out to her, feeling and understanding the misery that lay behind the statement, that her husband had been unable to do this for her.

With his hard cock still inside her, Toni began to thrust her hips up at him and to make little circular movements with her pelvis. She was trying to get him off, to help him finish, but each time she felt her clit press against the base of his cock and belly she gave a little cooing moan at the jolt of pleasure it sent through her body. Soon however it became painful, and she pushed him off her.

Quickly kneeling down in front of her father, Toni took Adrian's hard prick into her mouth once more, tasting herself on him. She spent ten or fifteen minutes slowly sucking and licking him, drawing his erection out and teasing the tip with her tongue before pushing it in as far as she could. She couldn't deep throat him, but she did, slowly, bring him off.

The light sensations on the the glans had Adrian moaning with delight quite quickly, but he took a lot longer to finally climax. His hands went to her shoulders to support himself as his orgasm slowly spread from the tip of his cock. "I'm coming," he gasped just as his first ejaculation spat out it's load. Toni had been unprepared, and ended up with her face covered in her fathers sticky come, but she didn't care. Adrian had now climaxed three times in just two hours, and at his age that was pretty impressive. It did however mean his erection now shrunk almost immediately after he had climaxed.

He looked down at his daughters sticky, grinning face, and grinned back at her. Pulling her slowly to her feet her put his arms around her. "You are beautiful"

"Yuk. Ah gross. I'm covered in come and you call that beautiful?" She tried to pull free of him, but enervated as he was, he was still stronger than her.

He lightly kissed her lips, tasting himself on her whilst slowly wiping more of it away from her eyes. "Well, no, that's not beautiful," he agreed with her, "but you are." He wiped some more of his come off her face, wiped it on his lips, and then kissed her once more. "But it is incredibly erotic."

Toni laughed. The first truly carefree laugh he had heard from her in a very long time indeed. "You, dad, are a loon!"

He grinned at her, and began to spread the last of the come juices from her face onto her boobs and nipples, before bending down and giving them a good sucking. She giggled, more because of the humour and because it tickled, than because she found it sexy or erotic, but when he slid a hand down between her legs she gasped and went silent. "When you were a little girl you always wanted children. Even as a twenty one year old, straight out of university, you spoke of when you had children. What's changed?" He sat down in front of her and fastened his mouth to her crotch.

Toni gasped at both the question and at the very slightly painful sensations his tongue was causing to her still slightly sore clitoris. She didn't know how to answer her father, so it was fortunate her father wasn't expecting an answer.

Adrian again thought that her untidy pubic bush needed a good trim, so after another moment he stood up. "Let's shower."

The shower was big enough for both, but only if one stood completely still whilst the other washed them. Both found it incredibly erotic to be washed by, as well as to wash, the other. Toni went first, washing her father all over, and by the time Adrian had finished washing his daughter, starting with her long dark brown, curly, hair, he had another huge erection.

Toni was equally aroused, as her father had slowly pushed two fingers deep into her vaginal passage at the same time as another up her anal passage, having lathered her pubic bush just before hand. She switched off the shower, and without looking away from her fathers face, reached out for a large towel. Wrapping it around them both, she whispered, "let's go to bed."

Adrian just nodded. He pulled her slowly against him, and then began to rub the towel first over her back, and then through her hair. Now he had started, he really did not want to stop just touching her. She was too precious to him, and he knew she was still emotionally quite fragile in many ways. He just wanted to hold her, comfort her, protect her, and yes have sex with her, make love with her.

A couple of minutes later they were in her large bed, his long one slowly pushing into her welcoming pussy. They had moved slowly back into her bedroom, kissing and fondling all the way. When she felt the bed against the back of her legs Toni had lain back, spread her legs wide in invitation, and held out her hand to her father, all without saying a word. Adrian moved slowly on top of her, his hard male prong finding her open and waiting cleft and slipping slowly inside her once more, and still they had not spoken, nor broken their eye contact. She was as wet and hot as she had been all evening, and both gave soft whimpers of delight as they came together. Half an hour later they were still moving slowly together, but they were now gasping and panting, their eyes closing for long moments as they tried to hold and contain the mighty climaxes that both knew were on their way.

Adrian started to climax first, and as he began to lose control, his almighty orgasm starting to shake him to the very roots. Toni felt her father's cock expand and jerk as she felt two small but definite ejaculations inside her. She moaned in delight, and then rolled them both over so that she was now on top. She began to thrust harder and harder against him, giving little gasps of pleasure each time her clit banged against her fathers crotch. Her eyes were closed, her head back and her bottom lip grasped between her teeth as she quickly ground her way to a stunning climax. Adrian opened his own eyes, still half out of it because of his own climax, and watched his daughters boobs bouncing on her chest as she frantically thrust at him. When Toni's climax finally arrived, it was not as earth shattering as the previous one, before their shower, but it was powerful enough to block out all other thoughts and sensations apart from those travelling out in waves from her crotch up and around her body.

She collapsed slowly onto his body and snuggled up to her father, falling asleep even before his cock had fallen free of her body. Adrian too fell asleep, and only awoke an hour later when he felt Toni roll off him with a crash.

Both opened their eyes in astonishment. Toni just smiled sweetly at her father, closed her eyes once more, and was quickly asleep again. Adrian kissed her softly on the forehead before pulling the duvet up over them both and reaching out to turn the light off. Reaching out to his softly snoring daughter, he curled himself around her, allowing his hands to lightly stroke her flanks and belly, before allowing one hand to finally cup her still slightly damp crotch. She was so beautiful, so precious, so soft and fragile, and he just wanted to touch her, to hold and protect her.

Gently kissing the back of her neck, he whispered very softly, "good night baby. Love you." He was asleep himself moments later, and didn't hear Toni's barely intelligible, and barely conscious reply: "'Night daddy."

Adrian awoke to find that Toni was already up. Glancing at the bedside clock he saw that it was just after seven thirty. He heard the shower switch off, and five minutes or so later he heard footsteps into the kitchen. He slipped into the bathroom and had one of the fastest showers he had ever had, having to forgo his morning shave. He dressed hurriedly and walked out to join his daughter.

When Adrian entered the kitchen, Toni was making a pot of tea. She glanced, expressionlessly at her father, and then moved to the kitchen sink, and stared out at the bright morning sunshine. Adrian moved behind her and placed his hands lightly on her shoulders. Before he had a chance to say anything, Toni turned and looked into his face.

"I don't want to go into work today."

"So don't. You were going to be off this afternoon anyway. Ring in sick. Say you've got a migraine or something."

She shook her head briefly. "I don't want you to go in either."


Toni didn't answer for a long time. "I think I want to talk about what happened last night."

Adrian just nodded slowly. "Okay" he said after a pause.

Toni gave him a hug, and then turned around with a groan, pushing her backside lightly against her fathers crotch.

Adrian couldn't, and didn't, mistake the signal, and put his hands on her hips to draw her closer. She gave another little moan and her backside slowly began to writhe. Adrian felt his rapidly hardening prick erecting against her firm bottom, and after a long moment, slid his hands down to lift her tight skirt. Toni didn't stop him, indeed she reached around behind herself and tried to feel for his flies. He released his raging hard-on to her questing hand, whilst at the same time stroking his other hand between her legs. When she gave yet another moan, and he felt the hot dampness in the crotch of yet another pair of her white cotton knickers, he pulled them gently to one side, and for at least the dozenth time in ten hours, slid his erection deep into his daughters hot raging exciting, and excited, pussy.

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