by Kien Reti

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Desc: Sex Story: Johnny had gotten past Hell Week, but there was just one more little thing he had to do to be pledged by the fraternity. It was only a matter of... getting his bare butt autographed by this certain fellow, who just happened to be a notorious ass bandit.


Copyright┬ę 2003 by Kien Reti

Was it really worth it? Sure, pledging the fraternity had been Johnnie's childhood dream. His father and and granddad had been Alpha Sig's. It was expected that he'd follow the family tradition and he was happy to oblige. The Alphas were cool guys and the girls on campus loved them. But, dammit, some of those initiation rituals...

Hell Week was finally over, thank heavens. The hazing, the abuse, and the humiliation had been almost more than he could take, but here he stood, almost a full-fledged member. Just one last test to pass.

"And don't come back until you have his autograph on your ass."

Now that was bizarre. Johnny had to get his ass signed by this weirdo on the other side of town. Only the guy wasn't just weird, he was gay. Queer. A notorious ass bandit, in fact.

Johnny was scared shitless. He was as straight as they come -- a rough-and-tough jock, a three-year letterman in high school (second in conference rushing yardage in his senior year). He lifted weights and had multiple girlfriends. The thought of letting a queer get at his bare ass, though, now that bothered him.

It was an upscale house in one of the better suburbs. Johnny's hand tensed up as he rang the bell.

"Come in, my friend. I'm Bill."

The guy looked like a actor straight out of a beer ad. Clean-cut, handsome, well-built. He might have been in his late thirties, and there was nothing in the least weird about his appearance.

Johnny sat on the sofa nursing a cold beer. There was soft harpsichord music playing in the background and the smell of jasmine incense in the air.

"Relax, John. I go through this with every fellow the Alphas send over. Yes, I most certainly am gay. No, there's nothing to worry about. No, I won't rape you. In fact, I won't do anything at all that you're uncomfortable with. As far as I'm concerned, you can get up right now and just walk out the door.

If you want my autograph on your butt, John, all you have to do is expose said butt to me for a minute. I'll sign it, then photograph it for my collection. Right after that you can pull up your pants and leave. That's all there is to it."

With a couple of beers in him, Johnny saw nothing so terrible about flashing his ass briefly. Hell, he and his fellow pledges had mooned the Tau Kappa house last week. In the bright light of a full moon even. He'd thought it hilarious at the time.

"Right, Bill. It's been nice knowing you and all, but how 'bout we get it over with."

Johnny fumbled with his belt. "Here, let me help," Bill said.

Bill's hands were sure and confident as he unbuckled Johnny and gently lowered his pants.

"You don't have to undress any further. Just pull the underwear down below your cheeks. Now bend forward slightly and I'll put my John Henry on you."

Johnny felt a jolt of electricity surge up his spine as Bill held him steady by the hip and signed his right buttock.

"Now hold still for a sec while I snap the photo." There was a blinding flash.

"That's it. You got what you came for, John. You can go now, or... "

"Or what, Bill?"

"You see, John, some of my visitors are a bit curious about exactly what it is men of my orientation do. What gay sex involves. Maybe one in ten is inclined to explore the matter further. It's entirely voluntary, of course."

"Well, Bill, as long as I'm here... I guess... "

"Go on."

"I... well... I'd like to ask about anal... about anal sex. I've done it with to girlfriends a few times, but I'm interested in improving my technique. And... I always wondered what it feels like on the receiving end."

"I imagine you're aware, John, that if done properly there's little or no pain for the receiving partner. Lubrication and relaxation are, of course, critical. Did your girlfriends enjoy it?"

"Some of them didn't care for it, but Joanne, once she became used to it, loved it. It got so she didn't even want to have normal sex any more."

"Normal? It's as 'normal' as any other expression of sexuality, John. Anal sex in all its guises, whether hetero or gay, has been around as long as mankind has walked the earth. The anus is loaded with nerve endings. An extra bonus for men is that the prostate is accessible from there. You haven't really experienced sex until you've felt a prostate orgasm roll over you like an earthquake. Some people, men and women both, consider an anal orgasm the ultimate sensual experience. Now, what specifically can I help you with?"

"Do you have any pictures of it being done, Bill?"

Johnny examined the grainy black-and-white close-up photos. He knew what an erect penis disappearing into the darkness of an anal sphincter looked like. After all, he'd done it enough times to some of his own partners. But to see a guy taking it in the ass, his balls hanging down and dick visible in front... now that was really something. Come to think of it, his own dick was starting to get a little... well, hard. He was starting to feel lightheaded.

"You're sure it doesn't hurt?"

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