Hard Learned Lesson
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Rape, Heterosexual, Rough, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ash has to tell her boyfriend that she's been cheating on him, but things don't go how she envisioned it would.

Relationships should be based on honesty. At least that's what Ash believed. Sitting next to Derek, she reflected on all the ways that she had not been honest with him, yet there he was unsuspecting, and she felt a pang of guilt.

"Baby, you okay? You got that look on your face again."

Derek's words fell on deaf ears, as Ashlyn was totally lost in thought. Derek knew that something was not right. For the past couple of weeks, Ashlyn had been distant and unfocused. To hopefully clear her head he suggested they get away for the weekend. He knew that sometimes she was stressed from her job, but this was different, and he couldn't quite put his finger on what was wrong. The drive from Connecticut to Lake George was relatively scenic especially since it was autumn and the changing of the leaves brought beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows. Derek's cabin in upstate New York was a favorite place that Ash liked to go to get away for weekends sometimes.

The crisp New England breeze lifted her hair off her shoulders. Feet stretched out the window, seat reclined, eyes closed, Ashlyn felt herself start to unwind and relax. Her secret of cheating on Derek not once, but for the past month had been eating away at her. Every time he told her, she was beautiful, or called her sweetie or some other endearment, she was reminded of how sweet he was and she felt like a hypocrite. What made her feel even worse about the situation all-together is that a month ago she would have told anyone that Derek was the man she could see herself spending the rest of her life with. They had the same goals in life and he didn't crowd her, gave her the space she needed and respected and loved her like a fairytale. Everything was perfect. Maybe that was what bothered her, perfection. If you had everything you ever dreamed of, what was there left to want, to strive for? Ash was giving herself a headache thinking about this. She knew that she had to tell Derek by the end of this weekend of her infidelity, but she was going to enjoy every last moment that she could with him. This could very well be the last weekend they had together.

A long dirt road led to the cabin that had the most spectacular view. The rising sun would send cascading rays of light pouring through the French windows that would chase away the shadows of night. The cabin was very cozy with its wrap around porch and private brook that was ideal for fishing. The lush maple trees provided the right amount of seclusion to allow total nudity without prying eyes. Ashlyn had drifted off to sleep, but was awakened by the sweet kiss of Derek's mouth enveloping her nipple. Even through a t-shirt and bra, Derek could feel the almost automatic response of her hardening nipple. Damn, Ash was the most responsive willing woman he had ever been with. They didn't just have sex- they made love. Reaching the eminent pinnacle of pleasure inside of her made him hard just thinking about it.

Ash stretched offering her breast to Derek in the process. He pulled her head closer to him and gave her a breath-stealing kiss. Putting her feet inside the car, Ashlyn got out of the car with disregard to her bare feet and ran to the front door.

"So I wonder how fast it would take me to strip down to nothing. I'm not wearing panties so besides these jeans, I'd be naked waist down if I took them off."

Unbuttoning her jeans, she slowly sashayed her hips and ass out of the skintight denim. The sun on her brown skin made her look bronzed as she reached over her head and threw her t-shirt and bra at Derek. His mouth went dry; his cock already hard demanded attention. He caught both tee and bra. In long brisk strides, he was at her side in seconds. Her supple breasts with darkened brown nipples hard pressed against him, he fumbled to open the door. With the door open, Derek turned and grabbed Ash by the wrist pulling her to the floor with him. With her back on the cold wood floor, she opened her legs eager for him to fuck her. Looking at the sight, he was presented with Derek's cock twitched. Ashlyn was wet her juices glistening on her bare pussy. With one smooth long thrust Derek filled her black cunt, making her cry out from the intrusion. Seeing his white dick in her dark pussy drove him wild every time he fucked her.

Ashlyn felt Derek's cock pumping in and out of her pussy. His eyes locked on hers, she couldn't seem to find her breath. Her whole life she had always dated white men. Seeing the contrast of white creamy skin against her smooth brown skin made her mouth water. Derek kissed her, tugging her nipples as she moaned into him. The insistent intimate contact of his cock rubbing against her clit as he thrust into her was driving her closer to orgasm. As his strokes increased in pace Ash's pussy started to convulse as a violent orgasm racked her body. Her inner muscles gripped and squeezed his dick milking him to climax, unloading his hot semen into her. Hearts pounding Derek lay on top of Ashlyn until her hot cunt stopped spasming. He rolled off of her and they both lay on their backs to the cold floor.

Waves of guilt surged through Ashlyn to the point she thought she'd burst into tears. She really didn't want to hurt Derek, she really didn't want to lose him, but could not live her life knowing what she had done. Derek got to his feet and helped her up. She could not look him in the eye.

"Let's take a shower, you little harem. We didn't even make it to the bed, not that I mind taking you on the floor." Derek chuckled. "Did I tell you lately how much I love you? You make me burn for you, I can hardly wait to be inside of you again."

Ash blushed, feeling exposed by his tender words. He always knew what to say to make her feel like she was the only woman he ever wanted.

Stepping under the spray of hot water, Ash lathered her hands to a sudsy pillow and worked them over Derek's chiseled abs. Working her way through the light sprinkling of dark hair on his chest her fingers explored the familiar terrain of his chest. Slippery fingers sliding over his nipples until they became tightened peaks. Moving lower, hands finding his rock hard erection, Ash encircled his cock, the slickness of the soap eased the glide of her hands up and down his shaft. The spray of water from the shower softened the feel of her skin, as her hands massaged and teased his cock. Moving back a bit, she let the soap run off of his cock, replacing her mouth at the head of his penis. She licked and sucked, relishing in the moans of pleasure coming from Derek. Ash kissed and licked his nuts, trailing her wicked tongue along the base of his cock, then taking the full length of him into her mouth. His hips arched up and he fucked her face for all she was worth. Swallowing all of his cum was easy as his dick was already to the back of her throat. Getting off her knees, she slipped two fingers into her pulsing vagina and fingered herself right there in front of him. One of the things Derek loved the most about Ashlyn was her total uninhibitedness with him. She was not self-conscious about what she looked like getting off in front of him and that turned him on. Squeezing her breast with one hand with fingers plunging in and out of her pussy with the other, she fucked herself until she came crying out as her climax tore through her. Spent, she rested her head against him oblivious to the water getting colder.

Derek turned the water off and patted her dry with the towel eliciting soft moans as it rubbed the sensitive skin of her pussy. Leading her to the bedroom finally, Ashlyn crawled into bed and snuggled under the downy softness of the comforter. Derek dressed and kissed her as he left to unload their bags from the car. He returned to a sleeping Ash with the tops of her bronzed breast exposed. He didn't think it was possible but she even made him hard when she was out cold. Pulling off his clothes, he got into bed with her and pressed her naked body against him, her ass wiggling against his cock as she snuggled closer to him.

Ashlyn awoke sometime later with Derek's arm wrapped around her waist. With her back to him, the tears that had threatened to spill free every time he touched her today slipped down the sides of her cheeks. She tried not to wake him as she tried to lift his arm away from her but that woke him up. He nuzzled her neck and turned her to face him; seeing the glossy wet tears in her eyes as she tried to blink them back made Derek sit up.

"What's wrong baby? I know something's been bothering you, why don't you just tell me, it might make you feel better."

All Ashlyn could hear was the pounding of her heart, as she knew she had to let him know the truth now.

"Derek, I've been having an affair for the past month."

Too stunned for words, Derek knew that he'd heard what she said correctly. Tears were now freely falling from her eyes as she stared at him. Rage like he'd never felt before filled him. He loved her, how could she betray him?

"You fucking slut, here I was thinking you were stressed from work or something and you're fucking around on me. Who is it? I want to know now!" he screamed at her.

Derek was now off the bed eyes boring into her Ash pulled the covers around her body.

"You don't know him, it's someone from work. I am so sorry Derek. I can't give you a reason why I did it. I guess things were just so perfect between us. I know that doesn't make any sense, it really doesn't to me either but I knew I had to tell you."

"So you've been fucking some guy you've been working with for a whole fucking month? When did you do it? Did he fuck you some way I didn't? Dammit, tell me now!"

Between sobs, Ash managed to answer him. She'd never seen him like this before.

"It just happened one day. I was talking to one of the other nurses that I work with, and his hand accidentally brushed my breasts. We ended up screwing in the supply closet. I thought it just happened that one time, but then he was working with me and we couldn't help it. I'm so sorry. I feel really guilty about it and I knew I had to tell you but I didn't know how to. I'm so sorry D I really do love you and I know that sounds like bullshit coming from me now, but I do. No one has ever made me feel the way you do."

"Don't even say my name you little slut. Is one white dick stuffed in your pussy not enough for you? I'm sure he is white; I can almost guarantee he is. Here I was so in love you and this is what I get?"

Derek walked towards the bed and pulled all the sheets away from Ashlyn. Her knees drawn up, she was too shocked to move. As he grabbed her arm, she struggled against him and tried to get off of the bed on the opposite side. She was no match for him though and he yanked her arm hard sending her sliding across the bed to him. Ashlyn never knew fear as she did that moment. Derek looked angry enough to strangle her. Pushing her flat on her back, he straddled her, trapping her with his weight.

"Oh God Derek, get off of me." She screamed

"You want to fuck around, well I'm going to fuck you now whether you want it or not. Don't even bother trying to get away. With all the passion and love that I felt for you, it's the same amount of rage and hurt that I have now. Love and hate, it's a thin line."

Derek, usually sweet and tender when making love to Ashyln, restrained her arms and thighs. With one hand, he spread her legs and buried his throbbing cock inside her. Ashlyn cried. She wasn't lubricated and his forceful entry hurt. He rammed into her as fast as he withdrew. She closed her eyes wanting him to finish.

"Open your eyes and look at me. I want you to see what I'm doing"

Fresh tears spilled from her eyes. It wasn't bad enough that Derek was raping her; he wanted her to watch him violate her body. Eyes pinned on her; he reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. Ash couldn't believe that her traitorous body was responding to his touch. He knew how to play her body and soon her tears ebbed. The onslaught of tremors that shook her body as her pussy contracted around his cock, made Derek smile. He came gushing hot cum into her womb, staying inside of her until his hard dick slowly shrank and slid out of her.

Ash, tried to scramble off the bed as Derek rolled off of her, but he already had his arms locked around her waist. She felt like a total slut. He had forced himself on her, hurting her, making her feel like she going to split in two and all he had to do was touch her clit and she was wet to the point of orgasming. Ashlyn was disgusted at herself.

Looking at her sleeping form, Derek felt a slew of emotions come over him. He didn't mean to be so rough with her, but the thought of her naked with anyone besides him pissed him off yet he still loved her. Holding her close the smell of sex still strong in the air, he trickled his fingers along the curve of her hip. Coaxing her legs slightly apart, he dipped his finger in slowly massaging her sore pussy. Sighing, Ash's legs parted more and Derek took advantage to deepen the contact of his fingers on her slick flesh.

Ash woke up aware of the tingly sensation between her legs. She shifted and turned to face Derek.

"I'm so sorry D I never meant to hurt you I swear."

"I believe you Ash, but don't ever let it happen again. I didn't mean to be rough with you but knowing someone besides me was inside of you is enough to drive me crazy. I'm jealous as hell. I can't get enough of you as it is; now I just want to fuck you until you're too weak to move."

Heat coursed through her veins at Derek's words.

"I love you." With that, she kissed him hard and wrapped her arms around his neck. Derek lifted her onto him, impaling her wet pussy with his cock. Holding her hips as she moved gyrating her body on him he knew he would never sate his hunger for her.

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