Going In and Coming Out

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Petting, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Linda gets caught by fucking a sexy co-worker and forgetting to take her birth control. She's knocked up, struggles with how to deal with her unexpected pregnancy, and then decides to get an abortion. Dr. Philips, the OB/GYN doc, is interested in his patients for things other than the money he makes from aborting their unwanted pregnancies.

Linda had made a mistake and forgotten to take her birth control pills on a regular basis. She hadn't been seeing anyone regularly or even getting fucked on a regular basis and that night when she realized she and one of her sexy co-worker's, Stan, were too far along to stop, it suddenly dawned on Linda that not only was she in her most fertile part of the month but she couldn't remember the last birth control pill that she'd actually taken. Sure enough, Linda's worst fears were realized in short order as she not only began feeling the symptoms of pregnancy but then the EPT clearly showed that Stan had knocked her up.

Linda at first thought she'd keep the baby. She was in her late 20's now and she'd been wanting a baby even if she never got married or was in a long-term relationship with a guy. When she first started showing, she'd gone out and lavished herself to a very expensive shopping spree to buy new maternity clothes and things she could wear to cover up her expectant state for awhile without making it blatantly obvious. Then, about 5 months into her pregnancy, Linda's life suddenly took a turn for the worse. She'd had a continuing relationship with Stan after the night he'd fucked her and gotten her pregnant, but that ended when he realized she was carrying a baby and he put the details together and realized that he must be the father. He got cold feet immediately and broke their budding relationship off in most ugly and hurtful fashion.

Linda lay awake that night, thinking about months earlier when she hadn't been pregnant and hadn't had any reason to expect she would be anytime soon. Then, as she caressed her swelling belly, Linda finally made peace with the growing baby inside her belly, and decided that the next morning she'd go to a nearby women's clinic and have a quick abortion -- and get on with her life.

The next morning, Linda called the clinic she had in mind and made an appointment for 10 o'clock that morning to have her pregnancy terminated. She got dressed in a pair of nice pants and a button-up top so she wouldn't mess her hair up too badly when she got undressed. Then, she made her way to the clinic, checked in and waited for her name to be called.

Linda was finally taken back to one of the examination rooms by a nurse and she was shown where to undress and the little paper gown she was to put on so Dr. Philips could come in, examine her, consult with her and then take care of doing the procedure. When Linda got undressed, she was a bit cold as she sat there in the chair, wearing only the paper gown over her naked pregnant body. The cool air quickly made her nipples very hard, and they were poking out against the gown. With that and her swollen belly pushing out, Linda was sure she looked quite cute.

Dr. Philips finally came into the examination room, and began taking down some basic information and just talking to Linda about her pregnancy, her sexual activity and other rather intimate details about her personal life. Then, Dr. Philips had Linda lie down on the examination table and he gave her an overall check. Linda had gone through routine OB/GYN exams before and she thought Dr. Philips was a bit more intimate and lingering in some of his touches of her breasts, her lower belly and in between her legs than he needed to be. Linda was all prepared for Dr. Philips to go ahead and set her up for her abortion either right then or to schedule her for the procedure in the next few days.

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