From a Pint of Guinness
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Humor, Interracial, Petting, Voyeurism, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My retelling of an old story. Cheers for those who guess it first.

The door to the soundproof study room on level C of the library opened and two students entered, a young man and a young woman.

-You're late Stephen.

He said this without turning around, nor did he stop writing on the board until several seconds later when he turned towards the group of seven students to explain his work.

-Thus you can see that the two sums are the opposite of each other and we are left only with the intermediate term which is what we wanted to show.

-Moose, hey, sorry about being late.

-Very well, but you would do better not to interrupt me.

-Hi, I'm Lisa by the way. Stephen said it would be okay if -

-Tell her to sit down and be silent; I am in the middle of an explanation.

-Hey! What the -

The blond girl started to protest but Stephen pulled her down into a chair. Her hair fell over her face in an endearing manner and her body, although toned from regular gym time, rippled with her agitated motions in the pleasant way to which female flesh is predisposed. Despite the fact that the other two men in the room were quite interested in the new arrival Moussa just looked at the girl with disdain.

-Just chill Lise; Stephen said in a whisper; it's just his way. He does not know you and this was supposed to be a closed session. He won't talk straight to you until I introduce you to him.

-That's idiotic.

-Its his way, and he's a good guy. Besides, he is also your only hope to get the material before finals so sit down and take a look at homework 6; he is doing that bitch of a problem - number 2 - right now.

-Fine. And she sat down in a grouse, unhappy to be treated like a child by some arrogant stranger. As the evening wore on, however, she came to see why others put up with him: he knew his stuff. He was as good as a graduate student instructor, but he was a classmate. Everyone there knew he would set the curve, probably too high for some people's preference, and it showed. He answered questions with patience, although not without condescension. Eventually something came up that Lisa wanted to know, but she asked Stephen first, hoping she would not have to endure Moussa's glare; the question seemed a trival one.



-Why does the solution to La Place's take that form?

-I, I'm not quite sure. I think its superposition but you should ask Moose.

They were interrupted, however.

- You have a question Stephen; stated Moussa.

-Ah, yea; what's up with LP for the cap setup? Why is it in that form?

-For god's sake man I know you were in lecture when the old fart went over this - you were sitting right in front of me! Anyway, its just separation of vars, with the form following from the boundary conditions. It looks ugly but when you crunch through the math things clean up nicely. Watch, I'll work out the first two terms.

Without shifting his eyes from the front of the room Stephen leaned over and whispered to Lisa as Moussa continued at the blackboard.

-Great now he's going to keep reminding me to pay attention in class.

-He seems okay with the other people, why will he harass you.

-He won't really harass me, its just that he thinks I am smart so he wants me to pay attention.

-I guess. Has he been you friend for long?

-Well, I met him in the beginning of last year. John up there at the front is actually his best friend. They have known each other since high school, and I've known John since freshman year.

-And the others.

-Well, Lena and Mary you know from quantum. Geri is a British exchange student, that is why she seems new to you. I think Pat, who you know, brought her along because he is trying to make time with her.

-That's Pat alright. He'll screw anything that moves.

-And some things that don't.

-Now that was more than I needed to know.

-Yea - over-share. Anyway, its not going to do him any good. Watch the way she tosses her hair and cocks her head to one side whenever she asks Moose a question.

So they watched and sure enough, when Geri, in her semi-posh accent, asked Moussa a question she tossed her hair, cocked her head, and threw her torso out a bit to one side.

-See Lis; now I'll give you one guess who she is after.

Lisa looked at Moussa more closely now. He was not tall, about 5' 9", and while it was obvious he was fit, he was no Adonis. Something about him, however, arrested Lisa's attention. It was in the way he held himself and the way he spoke. Somehow he made Pat, a large man who looked like a hero out of Norse mythology, seem like a mere boy, while he, with his average stature, dominated the room. Beyond that there were the eyes - dark, shadowed, black, and deep set, with eyebrows that pointed up at the ends - that held ones gaze in paralysis.

-Yes, I can see what Geri sees in him. But he is such a prick, or at least he is to me. I wish Stephen would just introduce us so that I can have a normal conversation with the guy. But what the hell is that anyway; I mean who the hell does he think he is? All these science types think he is hot shit but out in the real world they would tell him to fuck off. Oh, damn; he looked right at me. I swear to god its like he heard me. Am I thinking out loud? A pause while she looked around. No. Somebody would have taken notice of the phrase fuck off - right? Damn, if I had known there would be so many head cases in this major I would have done biology. Oh well.

Consumed by her observations and her thought Lisa missed the last half hour of the study group and was startled when people started to get up. She too got her things together.

-Where are you guys going? She asked.

Now that studying was over the others were also in a talkative mood.

-Mattingly's, Blanes, or Triple Point. Replied John. - Why don't you come along?

Mary then came over to greet her new friend.

-Hey, I am glad you made it out. You should come with us; food and beer.

-As Moose always says: who needs bread when you have beer!? Quipped John.

-Uh, huh. A pint of Guinness would hit the spot. Said Lena - a petite Asian girl who was John's girlfriend.

-Whoa there, babe, you only weigh one twenty, not to mention only recently having turned twenty-one.

-Yeah but if I get drunk all the better for you. Lena teased back.

-Thanks guys; broke in Mary, with a laugh; but we do not need to hear any more about that! Just then Geri also came over to find out what the plan was and she along with John was formally introduced to Lisa. Pat and Moussa who were finishing up some work at the board then headed out and the rest followed.

Leaving the study room they cam to the huge spiral staircase that ran down the center of the underground library. Being a recent transfer Lisa was still impressed by it whenever she saw and this time was no different. She idle for a second looking up at the skylight several stories above.

-Even after two years it still is cool. This was Pat, who had come up to see where she had stopped as the rest of the group had started up.

-It is best during the day. I like the way mirrors in the rotunda reflect the light everywhere.

- Hey, do you see that one? Pat pointed a little left of straight from where they were looking.

-Yeah, it has a long crack in it.

-Moussa and John did that.


-Yep. Hey c'mon, I'll tell you while we walk, we are falling behind. So they too started up the stairwell.

-How in god's name did they pull that off?

-It was Moussa's damn pride; Pat said chuckling; at a party he said it would be cool if there was a fireman's pole down the stairwell that people could use to get down it. Someone called him on it and said that if it were there he probably would be too frightened to go down it. Moussa got angry, so the other person told him to prove it. In one of the stupidest decision of his life Moussa said fine. A friend of ours got him and John into the library after 2 am. Wait up...

Pat stopped for a moment to check out a book. As they stepped out of the library into the cool fall evening he continued the story.

-So they go in there with a bunch of rappelling gear and are planning to attach it to the safety railing on level A. But then John notices that in the gear is one of those shootable grappling hooks that will imbed itself into concrete. So he takes it out and is messing with it when it goes off.


-I kid you not. If Moose had been standing it would have impaled him, but thankfully, he was kneeling to get everything setup because the thing went straight over him and into that mirror. John says that Moose was so angry that he threatened to throw John down the middle of stairwell, and I think he would have too, if it had been anybody else. Mm- well, I won't say his name, but the guy who helped them get in also freaked but since he was their cameraman, they told him to suck it up and mad him stay. Anyway, so then they spliced rope to the shorter rope that was attached to the hook. John was first on the rope since he was likeliest to fall and then Moose. They made it about half way down when the spike started to quake. To hurry up they free fell to about 10 feet above the floor and then jerked to a stop. The problem was that the jerk caused the spike to fall out of the concrete and they fell the rest of the way. If that was not bad enough a second later they had the spike come clang down in between them. Thankfully they had fallen apart otherwise the spike would have skewered them both.

-I don't believe it.

-I am not BSing you.

-I just can't believe they would be crazy enough to do it.

-Fine, but ask John or Moose show you the tape some time. They both have a copy.

-What about the other guy, didn't he get caught? I mean when they noticed the crack and all.

-Well I don't think they noticed it for a few days. Even if they had noticed it right away he would have been fine because he had a key and took them though the maintenance halls. Since that summer, however, everything is card key access.

-Ha! I have to see that tape.

Just then Pat looked up and exclaimed.

-Hey what the hell guys! Why are we at Ali Baba's?

-We decided to get falafel and shwerma before getting drinks; a couple people replied.

-If you weren't so busy telling stories you might have noticed where we were headed; Moose said with a smile and mischief in his eye.

-Ah, well, lets go.

-Is this place good? Lisa inquired having frequented mostly the known commodities of chain restaurants. There were grunts and words of praise for the restaurant in response.

-Moussa! Sallaam! The proprietor, Yusef Khan, greeted Moussa and his friends.

-W'aleykum as'sallaam! How are you Khan Saab; Moussa asked; did you hear the news?


-The FBI is quietly interviewing Muslim youth for DHS, it's a bloody witch hunt.

-Eh, is that so? Hold on. Amir! Hey Amir, you should hear this; Khan called to his son who worked evening there.

The others got a table and started their own conversation but Moussa stayed at the counter.

-Hey Amir. Give us the works - enough for eight people, and I'll tell you and your father about the latest government BS. The feds are conducting what they call interviews of young Muslims. Really what they are doing is questioning people informally. Mostly they work on young people to get information about older people. You know, people our parents age, people who are not as fully integrated as we are and who have more of a connection to the homelands. You should warn everyone you know not to cooperate and to keep their mouths shut; the wrong phrase could land someone's parents or relatives in a questioning room. You better believe that they will interpret anything said to their advantage.

-'Tis ludicrous. How can they do this! Khan was agitated: these are the type of government antics we left the Middle East to escape; he exclaimed.

-Well, ever since the Bolshevik revolution Americans have been increasingly willing to trade civil liberties for a false sense of security. The funny thing is that the people who are supposedly anti-government, the gun lobby and people like them are the ones who put this government in power.

-Are they just stupid; asked Amir.

-I don't think so; replied Moussa; my friend David for instance is definitely not stupid. He thinks that by getting looser gun laws he protects himself from the government - as if his grandfathers Winchester will do anything if the government wants to get rid of him. I think most of those people are just mentally lazy.

-Yes, Amir, Moussa is right. It is easy to control people once you convince them that they need not think. I saw it done in my own homeland. You at least are safe though Moussa.

-Aye, they already have checked me out thoroughly, but I am not so foolish as to think that I am above suspicion. Especially with all the trips I take to visit family - the last time I went they made me sit through ten hours of training on how to identify foreign agents and how to repel them.

-Ha! Father and son laughed

-I know. If I got any hint of someone like that around me I would go straight to the embassy in Delhi and demand an escort - the buggers would give it to me to once they checked my credentials.

They continued to chat while Amir and Khan worked. Soon the smells filled Moussa's nose.

-Foods almost ready Moose; said Amir.

-My god you are quick.

-Its easy when you have the stuff roasting constantly.

-I guess. Well let me help you take it over...

Dinner for the Party was good. They were comfortable, in a homely place, and conversation flowed easily. Lisa was getting to know everyone except Moussa; his initial high spirits at the greeting from Khan had been quieted by the discussion of American domestic policy, but his friends paid no mind to it. He was often melancholy after prolonged activity or boisterous conversation and his friends were philosophic about it, knowing it was just a matter of time before he was cheery again. Lisa, however, did not know this and began to form an opinion of him that included the ideas of arrogance, conceit, and unpleasantness. And, not forgetting his treatment of her in the study room she also questioned, in her own mind, the legitimacy of his birth, but all this she kept to herself. The food was good and the others were a lot of fun, and Stephen was being very attentive.

Eventually they adjourned and proceeded to a bar. Mattingly's was an Irish expatriate pub modeled on traditional pubs in the Ireland. It was a place with dark woods, deep leather booths, round tables, and many quiet corners where friends, co-conspirators, or lovers could drink in peace and privacy. It was a far cry from most bars in the college town, or most other places in the country for that matter, save perhaps the old metropolises along the east coast and San Francisco. They found a booth deep inside, close to the back fireplace, and away from the door near which live jazz was being played. The first round was Samuel Adams and the beers continued to get darker and maltier with each successive round. Finally after the fifth round - a very mellow local porter - Stephen called for a decision.

-Well now that the waitress is bringing our Guinness it is time to decide where we go from here; and he started singing an old Guns 'n Roses tune that contained those words. Pat, who was more sober since it took him a couple pitchers rather than a few pints to get drunk, had and answer to Axel's harebrained lyrics.

-Where do we go now... ; rang out a sour, out of tune soprano.

-Shuddup Stevie Blunder. Moose, how about an invite to your place. I feel like a night cap.

Moussa poured what little bit was left of the porter into his glass and downed it in one gulp. Then he put his arm around Geri, who was on his left, pulled her close and cocked an eyebrow towards Pat. The latter declined his head so slightly that no one who was not watching the two would have noticed anything. Lisa had been watching the two. She had been surprised at Pat's suggestion at taking the party to Moose's home. Stephen had been making a play for her all night, but she was not about to do anything tonight - not with someone she just studied with. The eyebrow was another matter, it was like Moose had asked permission and Pat had granted it - what could that be about? Then it came to her: Stephen had said that Pat had been working Geri. I guess the bugger wants to make sure there are no hard feelings. But still, if he knows his friend is into her he should lay off on principle.

The next round came and somewhere in the middle of it a decision was taken. They were going to Moussa's apartment - mainly because he lived alone in a large one bedroom. He also kept a good supply of alcohol, and had two futons in his living room; it was a very comfortable place for friends to crash. While they were waiting for the waitress to bring the check, Mary and Ginger went to the restroom. Lisa also got up to go but headed back when she saw the line. She was going to rejoin the table when she heard John ask a question.

-Damn Moose; he began; Geri is all over you. Hearing this Lisa waited moving into a shadow across from the table, a place that gave let her look right over Stephens head and into Moussa's face.

-Yeah; Moose replied and then looking at Pat asked; are you sure it's okay?

-Like you always say: no worries; then Pat chuckled; all I wanted was to get laid anyway.

-Very well then, she is mine tonight. But if you still want her afterwards she will probably be easy pickings on the rebound in a couple of days.

-Moose that's terrible; protested Lena; I ought to tell her exactly what you bunch of pigs have said when she gets back.

-You will do nothing of the sort my dear; Moose replied; besides I could hear the smile in your voice.

-He's right; added Stephen; she is acting like a, well, damn it I won't say it with you around Lena but you know what I am talking about. She is always like this too, she seems more interested in guys and dating then anything else - what the hell is she doing in a serious major like Physics? She should have been a mass comm major or something.

-Maybe she wants to find a husband; joked Pat.

-Don't be absurd, said Lena while elbowing John in the ribs and grinning; there is absolutely no husband material in the maj-aaiieemmmmm.

She was cut off by John grabbing her and then kissing her. The others just grinned.

-Hey, what did you guys think of Lisa; Stephen asked. At this the objects ear pricked up. She was nervous - what if the other girls came back - but a quick glance towards the ladies' room assured her that the typically long line would keep her safe.

-Mmph; Lena pulled away from John, this was just too much for her; for god's sake Steve, you were all over her.

-Was it that obvious? A round of groans was the table's response and then Lena continued.

-It would be obvious to any semi-sober girl and in case you guys didn't notice she has been handling her beer well.

Just then the waitress came by with the check.

-Wait a second miss; said Moussa to the waitress, and then to the men; all right gents throw down. All the guys except Moose put down money and the waitress moved to pick it up but Moussa stopped her again.

-How much is double of red label? He put down the requisite amount and then said; be a dear then and bring me that drink - quickly now girl, I want it for the road.

-Girl? Dear? Could you be any more patronizing?

-Oh, pipe down Lena, you don't have to listen if you don't like it.

-Sit on it Moussa.

-Ooh, I better shut up - she used my real name. But then; he continued, smiling; she is much less sober than I am.

-Well then let me talk you shmuck; interrupted Stephen; you guys pointed out how I was obviously all over Lisa but you did not say what you thought of her.

-As if you are sober.

-Sit on it Moussa.

At this come back from Stephen Moussa laughed but let him go on.

-Pat, c'mon.

-Well, she is cute, but she didn't talk that much. I can't get a read on her.


-That's pretty much what I feel, but she does seem a bit snobby - as if she thinks we are geeks or something. You know, that she is more hip because she's a transfer and was in the real world.

-You guys are geeks; said Stephen. This response got brought forth natured rebuke from all around the table. Stephen was taking a beating.

-And finally Moose. What's your take?

Moussa looked straight ahead of him, past Stephen and into darkness. Lisa felt uneasy because it seemed like he was looking right at her, but she knew it to be impossible; it was so dark where she was standing that she could not see her own body when she looked down. Nonetheless, his direct glare made her jittery.

-John has the prettiest girl here tonight; Lena smiled at this compliment; and with Geri acting the way she is I have not really taken notice of your Lisa, Stephen. But, if you pressed me for an opinion I might say that she is not tempting, that she is rather plain, and that girls from JC's only rarely have the same intellect as those in the major for the full four years.

-You are an arrogant prick; said Stephen not so steadily.

-Now I will forgive you since you are drunk my friend, but don't try that again.

-Ya, ya, ya; Stephen replied.

-Hey; said Pat; where the hell are they anyway?

-I'll go see said Lena, and she got up.

Lisa had heard it all and was seething, but Lena getting up was a problem. She scrambled back towards the bathroom and found Mary and Geri returning. She joined them and was "found" by Lena and led towards the door where the men were waiting. She found Stephen at her side again as the group headed to Moose's apartment which was only a few blocks away. She justified going along by reminding herself that her apartment was also just a few blocks away.

Upon arriving John went straight to the kitchen to fix more drinks. Lisa was still angry and had decided to drink whatever was the most expensive stuff that Moussa had on hand. She also started towards the kitchen when Stephen grabbed her.

-Wait up; he said; hey Moose.


-This is Lisa Stratton. I am sorry I forgot to introduce you earlier.

-Pleased to meet you; Lisa said, extending her hand but remaining tight lipped.

-Moussa Mirza Ali, at your service; and he bent over her hand.

Just then John called from the kitchen.

-I've got the rocks out guys - what's your poison?

-Well speak up then folks; said Moussa playing the host; if you like wines Lisa, you should try the bottle of Madeira I have open. It's an excellent '90 with a bold flavor and sweet finish, quite unique I think.

Lisa did not know anything about wines. She was stunned by the sudden courtesy and in light of what she had heard very undesiring of appearing ignorant.

-That sounds interesting; she said; I'll try it.

-Excellent. John, two glasses of the open bottle of port. Don't you dare touch the '82 that's for after graduation; then he turned to the others. Mary, Lena, whites for you - I am sure John knows, and a good stiff triple of McAllans for you Pat? Yes, good - you heard 'em John, and get yourself whatever, except the '82. Geri, join us in the Madeira, wonderful - you probably have not had any decent stuff since getting to states.

Lena also went into the kitchen and soon afterwards they were all relaxing with their drinks. John had also brought out three shot glasses and several different types of whiskeys. One of the shot glasses was Moussa's personal piece and after two glasses of wine he had started on his whiskey. Lisa drank slowly, and once the other had a couple of drink in them they slowed down too, except for Geri who was moving steadily towards a terrible hangover. That's not all either. If she would only go to the bathroom or something I would tell her what that bastard said about her. I could just say it; no they would be pissed that I eavesdropped like that. And Stephen would be pissed. I mean I won't sleep with him tonight, but he is cute and nice.

John and Lena eventually claimed a couch all for themselves and started seriously necking. Pat and Mary, who were apparently friends and only friends, were just chatting, laughing and enjoying their drinks beside Moussa and Geri. Stephen had pulled Lisa down to the carpet and, resting on a couple of the several throw cushions Moussa kept around, they were going through a photography book that had been lying about. She was not worried about any funny business from Stephen, having made it clear earlier that he was not getting any tonight. He, in turn, had reverted to the typical male holding pattern of platonic friendship - he was waiting for clearance to land. The pictures in the book were mostly landscapes with the exception of a few industrial scenes and several pictures of the same dog, and Lisa found herself enjoying them.

-This is a really great collection, and I recognize some of the places. Do you know where I can get a copy of some of these pics; Lisa asked.

-Yeah, for sure; Stephen replied.

-Great which website?

At this he smiled and shook his head.

-Just log onto the computer in Moose's room. Hey Moose, can we use your pc.

Moussa did not answer; he and Geri were getting more personal now. Moussa was sitting on one of the couches with his hand spread on the back rest and Geri had her hands on his chest and was kissing him. One hand, however, did give a thumb up.

They wandered into his room. Lisa noted that it was neat. One thing that stood out was that he did not have a bed but rather another futon. She had a seat as Stephen logged onto the computer.

-Check these out; he said pointing to a series of photographs displayed beside a large window that overlooked the street. It was a west facing window and they could see above the trees and other building all the way down to the water, the bay. The photographs were of mountains, however - mountains that Lisa recognized immediately. He family had a cabin in the Sierras and these views of Emerald Bay and the mountains on the north east side of the lake were familiar to her.

-These are amazing Stephen.

-You haven't seen the best of them either.

-Where are the others?

-Moose doesn't show them.


-Moose took these. The book on the table was one a fried put together for him as a birthday gift last year.

-Wow. Well is it okay if I have a few? Misogynist he may be, but he has talent.

-Yep, come pick out the ones you like best.

As they were going through the picture files they came across a folder that was named Sara. Lisa took notice of this too, but said nothing - what was he to her anyway?

After sending Lisa some of pics they returned to the living room to finish their drinks. What they found their shocked Lisa and amused Stephen. Pat and Mary were both sound asleep on the floor with blankets over them, John and Lena looked like they were trying to light the couch on fire and, and Geri was straddling Moussa's lap, without a top on. Lisa stood there with her mouth hanging open and Stephen could not suppress a laugh.

-Holy shi-; Lisa started loudly but Stephen grabbed her.

-Easy now. It's a bad idea to interrupt John or Moose once they're started up.

-But in plain view, I mean with their friends right there. C'mon for decency's sake one of them could use the bedroom.

- The one we were occupying until now?


-No worries.

Just then Moussa pulled Geri to him and looked over her shoulder at his friend. Their eyes met for a moment and then, with a wink for Lisa, Moussa swept Geri up in his arms, carried her into his bedroom and shut the door behind them. A moment later they could hear Geri giggle, then gasp.

Stephen and Lisa settled on the now vacant futon. Had their been less liquor in their blood they might have stopped to consider what had been going on there only moments before, but as it was they did not. They relaxed, sometimes in silence and sometimes chatting, and finished their drinks.

Finally Stephen said - Lisa, I'm pretty much ready to crash. We could pull this futon out and just close our eyes.

Just as he finished his sentence thumping sounds began in the bedroom as well as grunts, squeals, groans and more gasps.

-Steph; Lisa said; I don't think I am going to sleep with you.

-Now hold on. I was not talking about hanky panky -

-No - I meant I can't - not here. Lena will eventually pull out that futon and then she and that John will be getting it on. I am going, hic, 'ome - I only live a few blocks from here.

-My dear I think you are drunk. You had better just crash.

-Oh, no you don't!

-Now I am serious. You must stay here. You are totally drunk. I guess you must have a slow metabolism because it seems to be hitting you all at once.

The both turned there heads a this point in reaction to the wail that went up in the bedroom.

-Looks like Geri is having a good time; quipped Stephen.

-The little slut!

-Wow, touchy, touchy.

At this Lisa got up and head towards the door. She did not stagger or seem overtly drunk, but to a student or police officer, two types of people used to seeing intoxication, he state was obvious. Stephen seeing that she was determined got up with a groan.

-Fine, fine, I'll see you home.

-Thanks Stephen, and she kissed him on the cheek.

As they opened the front door another gasping scream erupted from the bedroom, this time accompanied by a satisfied groan. Stephen frowned, and then applied a slight pressure on Lisa's back to guide her out the door. I get a peck on the cheek and a walk in the cold while he gets that all night - right life is fair.

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