The Glen: Book Two
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Magic, Fiction, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - We reenter the world of the Fairy through the experiences of Erin, Megan, Richard and the rest of the world of "The Glen"

Weak sunlight tried valiantly to cast aside the gloom of the rain. Fat drops dripped from the gutters of Savery Hall as Erin sat thinking about the past few weeks. Silently musing to herself, while Professor Wilson droned on and on about "The Tempest". Erin smirked as she recalled the joke about spring in Seattle. "How do you know its spring in Seattle? The rain is warmer!" The harsh buzz of the end of class bell cut into her reverie and she slowly gathered her papers and books before heading out into the quad. Jenny and Anna met her there, almost as if by magic, and the trio headed toward the Husky Union to meet Megan and Richard for lunch.

Megan had recently moved into Richard's apartment off campus, and since Erin didn't have a room mate, and really didn't want to try an explain her new life to anyone else, the decision had been reached that she and her fast growing entourage, would need a place to live close to campus, but no longer in the dorm. After lunch they were going house hunting. Arthur had made it clear that she was going to need something larger than a one or two bedroom apartment, and that she was going to gain more staff in the very near term. So, it seemed a foregone conclusion that a house was in the future. Jenny and Anna had handled most of the details, along with Emory, and a very short list had been arrived at. Erin was now going to look at the short list and pick one that suited her tastes. For a young woman that had been brought up an orphan, this new found wealth took a bit of getting used to.

Megan and Richard were sitting at a table in the corner carrying on a hushed and obviously personal discussion, when Erin and company arrived. Richard looked clearly flustered and Megan seemed a bit withdrawn. Megan hadn't looked very good for the last couple of days, and her normally voracious appetite didn't seem to be present. In fact, Megan hardly picked at the food in front of her during lunch. Erin hoped she wasn't coming down with the flu that was making the round on campus. As if in answer, Megan suddenly looked green and bolted from the table for the restrooms. Erin looked a question at Richard, who returned a blank stare of concern, his emotions clearly warring between following or staying. Erin totally missed the knowing looks that were exchanged between Jenny and Anna. Anna quietly got up, touched Richard on the shoulder in passing, and then went in search of Megan.

After lunch, and Megan's somewhat shaky return, Erin and Jenny headed out to take a look at houses. Two bright white Escalades were drawn up outside of the Husky Union, and without a backwards glance, Erin climbed into the first vehicle as Jenny slid behind the wheel. Both SUV's moved smoothly into the light flow of traffic and headed toward the lake.

"Who's in the trailing car?" Erin asked with a glance at Jenny, "I don't recognize anybody back there."

"That's you new detail," Jenny said without stopping her threat scan. "Emory and Arthur decided that you should have a more permanent detail, and they finally saw reason and assigned women." Erin quirked an eyebrow and Jenny sighed and then went on, "You know there are just some places that a man simply cannot go?" Jenny briefly stopped her scan and grinned. Erin shared a knowing grin of her own. "Don't worry, they're cool!" said Jenny, as she turned into the entrance to a gated community.

The lead Escalade pulled up to the guard shed, while the trailer sat on the edge of the entrance with enough room to maneuver, if necessary. Erin noted their caution and smiled in spite of herself. The guard checked his list while Jenny told him to allow the trailer as well to enter. With a nod, the guard hit the gate opener and the ornate steel gate slid quietly to the other side.

They had already looked at two singularly uninspired houses in communities just like this, and this was the last one on the list. Erin sighed as they rolled through the gate. Following the circular drives that are all the rage again the small convoy rolled up to an Arts and Craft inspired home on a half acre lot with a view of the water. This was a new construction and it had a lot of curb appeal. Erin and Jenny pulled up in the circular drive, and Erin hopped out and sized the front up.

"Not bad from here, I hope it's as nice on the inside?" Erin said as she walked up to the main entrance.

"According to the agent, it has six bedrooms, seven baths and a guest cottage with four bedrooms and three baths. It also has a detached gym and a pool. Sounds like a winner to me!" Jenny said, while riffling through the pages the agent had given them.

The members of her detail, who she had not yet met, fanned out to form a perimeter with quiet efficiency. One of them opened the door and entered the home with hand on hip, followed closely by a second member of her detail. The other two used the front of the house as a backing to their perimeter, and scanned the street for threats. Again Erin raised an eyebrow, and Jenny merely smiled tightly, her eyes never stopping in their scanning. "All clear!" sounded from within the house and Erin entered followed closely by Jenny. The other two remained outside keeping watch over the courtyard and their vehicles.

The entryway to the house was of light fine wood, with an intricate inlay at the center and on the border of what looked like leaves. On closer examination the center of the inlay was a wreath of holly and ivy leaves held together by a ribbon, all rendered in very fine detail out of various types of wood. A towering great room greeted Erin and Jenny as they entered. The floors were all hardwood, and the walls were all a soft shade of white.

"Wait... There's something here..." Erin paced back to the entryway and closed her eyes in thought. Her senses reached out, trying to find it. "There it is. That's what I felt..." Her eyes snapped open and she looked at Jenny with awe. "It's Fairy built isn't it?"

"Very good, Your Highness. It is indeed Fairy built. And you did a very good job of reaching for the energy this time. An economy of effort, good center, well done!"

"My God," Erin whispered, "It's beautiful!"

"That it is, Erin that it is indeed." Jenny offered as she took a moment to take in the room itself.

"All of this for me?" Erin said in a squeak, then regained her voice and said, "Christ on a crutch, this is an awful lot for a poor little orphan to take in!"

Jenny laughed and added, "Yeah, poor little orphans like you should be living in the street, maybe, instead of being a Princess and all..." She checked out of the corner of her eye to see if Erin had caught her meaning, which became clear when she laughed richly.

"All right, all right, we've had this conversation enough already. I'm not going to fight it now. But I mean, really... do we need all this?" Erin waved her hand around to indicate the house and its interior. "My God, it's huge!"

"We, your Highness," Jenny made a mock bow before becoming serious. "To be honest, Erin yes you do need all this, and it will be too full on occasion even with all this room. You have to remember you now have ladies in waiting, household staff, and a full time security detail to house. Plus, you will now be expected to host formal events and even your own court. Speaking of court, we will need to get you your own herald and a majordomo to keep your staff under control. By my count you need to house on a full time basis about eight people besides yourself."

"Eight? Are you sure? Do I really need all those people? That seems like way too many people to me! I mean come on, for nineteen years it's been just me, now I have an army of people!" Erin started to reach behind herself looking for support, finally sitting down hard on the bottom step of the soaring central staircase. Continuing to mutter to herself, Erin sat dazed in her own thoughts. "Eight..."

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