Jack Helps a Friend
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Donna is going through a bad marriage she gets Jack to help her out. the first time is a surprise for them both, what will happen next

Here I sit in my office chair, my pants around my ankles and my cock buried balls deep in my team supervisor's hot wet pussy. She is trying to suck my tongue down her throat and her legs are over the arms of my chair her soft hot ass is grinding and bouncing in my lap like she is on an electric fence. My body loves every second but the back of my mind is trying to figure out just how this happened.

Guess I should start way back and work my way up to the present. I work for a major company in the state as a systems engineer, fancy name for a senior programmer. Graduated high school about ten years ago and married my high school love. I went to the states best university and worked at a grocery store to pay for everything. This didn't leave much time for home life and my wife became discouraged pretty quickly. I tried to explain you had to sacrifice some time in the beginning to make the future better but that didn't go over to well with her. We divorced within a year, it was an amicable split, and we didn't own anything we had to fight over anyway.

I have always tried to be better then average in whatever I set out to do, might not be the best but I wanted to do better than was expected. I finished college in the top 4% of the class and was rewarded with an interview with my present employer before I graduated. I went to work for them immediately afterwards.

I had worked here for about a year when Donna became my Team Supervisor. The Information Technology department is split into two teams with a Supervisor over each team. Donna is in her mid thirties, just a few years older then me. She is 5' 4" inches with black hair that lays on the top of her shoulders, very attractive but not beautiful face, very nice figure with big soft looking breasts, tapered waist and full hips. Her fine ass will draw any mans attention when she walks away.

Like I said before I try to be better than average and when I started working here I made it my business to learn all the systems we were running not just the one I was assigned to, I enjoy helping people and soon others were coming to me for help in different areas. Of course there is a mercenary side to this also, the more you know, the more the company will want to keep you. Anyway the Supervisors also had programming responsibilities and Donna brought several projects to me for help when she got stuck. I always went out for lunch, usually just to grab something to bring back to eat while I worked. It got so she would ask me where I was going and I would bring her something also. Heck after a while I didn't even have to ask her what she wanted, depending on where I was going I knew what she wanted.

She laughingly told me one day that I knew her better then her husband. Oh yeah she is married and has two little girls, six and eight years old. As time went on we became pretty good friends, We never saw each other away from work but she came in my office quite often and we talked about just about everything.

I share an office with another guy, He and I get along quite well, the office is situated so there is a partition between us and it's like having a private office, just with one door. Bill is a nice guy and Donna confides in the both of us a lot.

Sometimes she would come in and I could tell she was upset, she would tell us about the weekend or holiday that she had. Problems with her husband Tim. Now from what she said Tim is a big momma's boy that thinks he is a manly man. He likes to drink all weekend with his cronies and watch the ballgame on TV. Baseball, football, basketball, just whatever kind of game is on. He gets wasted and wants to pull a lot of macho bullshit on Donna in front of his friends. Now Donna grew up in a pretty hard life and she learned to handle herself so she doesn't take a whole lot that crap. That's what causes a lot of the problems.

Of course there are always two sides to every story so I kind of took everything with a grain of salt, that is till I meet Tim. Several times over the years one or the other of our fellow workers will have everyone over for a cookout. I have seen Tim three times and I can believe everything she says, he is an obnoxious asshole.

Bill and I often wondered why she stays married to such jerk, but then it isn't really any of my business. I guess one of the reasons is he works on the second shift at a manufacturing plant and they don't see each other much except on the weekends.

Now Bill and I like our little talks with Donna, for one thing she is very easy to look at and she has a sunny personality most of the time, we can always tell when she and Tim are fighting. Donna and I talk a lot about working out; she is always trying a new exercise or this type diet or that one. She looks good, you can tell she has that little layer of fat that keeps her from being a hard body but is really even sexier. Since I work out we discuss what seems to be working and what isn't.

Over the last year Donna has been coming in and chatting with me later in the afternoon, a lot of the time after Bill has gone. I come in late around 9:00 A.M. because I like to workout when I get up, so I end up one of the last to leave at night. Most of the other workers come in around 7:30 or 8:00. She comes in late also because she has to get the kids off to school since Macho Man is usually sleeping. They go to his mothers when they get out of school, something else that makes her grind her teeth in frustration but it doesn't cost them anything for daycare so she just mumbles a lot and bears it. You know how these momma's boys mothers are, nothing is ever good enough for their baby or their baby's babies.

Donna seemed to be distracted for about a month, I could tell she was upset and figured it was Tim, It was just the general complaining that I had gotten used to till she came in and closed the door one day after Bill had gone.

"Jack" she said. That's me Jack Tremain, 31 years old, brown hair, blue eyes, in pretty good shape, certainly no body builder but I do work out regularly. 5' 9" and cute smile, at least that's what my ex wife told me. "Jack, I don't know how much more I can take from that butthead." She then proceeded to tell me another story of momma's boy and his exploits over the weekend. But this time she wasn't just letting off steam she seemed more down than usual. I tried my best to sooth her, we talked for about a half hour. She seemed to get more upset as we went along.

Suddenly with tears in her eyes she told me she didn't think she could love him anymore, that she hadn't let him make love to her for several months. I tried to act like I heard this kind of stuff every day but I wondered why she was telling me this, isn't this the kind of thing that a woman discusses with her girlfriends. She started quietly crying, I didn't know what to do, I got up and taking her shoulders in my hands I lifted her up out of her chair and hugged her gently, patting her on the back and making it's going to be alright sounds.

She laid her head against my chest and sobbed. "I'm sorry Jack I feel really stupid I'm acting like a baby." I just held her and kept stroking her back. I was feeling those big soft tits pressed against me and they felt really good. It had been about a month since I had any sex and I was hoping my cock wouldn't jump up instantly from the feel of her body against mine. Not the sort of thing you want your boss to feel I was thinking.

Her soft sobs were subsiding and she looked up at me. "Thanks for holding me, I needed that."

I smiled and moved my hand to take a finger and brush a tear away from her dark eyes.

The next thing I knew her arms were around my neck and her mouth was glued to mine slithering all around; her body was pressed tight against me. Now while my mind was slow to figure out what had happened my body was delighted and I returned her furious kiss and put my arms around her to pull her against me harder. The tip of her tongue was working around my lips and I opened my mouth to welcome it in. she plunged her oral muscle in and caressed mine then fucked it in and out, I pushed hers back out and followed into hers. We were sucking each other face like two teenagers, little 'mmmmms and aahhhhs" into each others mouth.

My mind was still trying to figure how this happened till finally my cock said to shut up and get with the program. Donna's arms come from around my neck and slid between our bodies working on my belt buckle, okay turn about is fair play and I start pulling her blouse from her pants. We work frantically with our hands; her soft lips feel so damn good as they wetly slide around mine. She has my buckle undone and I have the back of her blouse out and move around to pull the front up and out. Now she has my zipper down and I have her blouse out and am trying to pull it up over her head. She has to break the kiss to allow this, moving back just a little she raises her arms up over her head as I remove her blouse.

"Give me your cock Jack, I need it now." she gasped then drove back against me to renew her hot kiss. Her hands were jerking my pants down to slide to my knees. Now I never wear underwear in the summer, to hot and sweaty so my rising cock popped out to be enclosed in a hot little hand that started rapidly stroking it.

I am uncircumcised, little over 7 inches and fairly thick. The helmet shaped head is big and has a deep ridge. When the foreskin has it covered it looks almost twice as big as the shaft. My cock is the one thing my ex wife said she really missed. Anyway Donna is stroking me up hard which didn't take much. She is using her other hand to get her slacks unbuttoned and I have two hands helping her. Now we have her slacks falling down her legs as she worked them back and forth to help them fall.

Donna steps out of them and moves forward against me causing me to sit down in my chair. Breaking the kiss only momentarily I get a quick glimpse of her big tits filling a black bra and black panties as she shoves my pants down to my ankles and places one leg over the arm of my chair and slides onto my lap, quickly putting the other leg over the other arm. Her arms are around my neck and she is running her tongue into my mouth again and moaning softly. My cock was hard as a rock and I pulled her panties to one side with one hand and rubbed the covered head up and down her wet slit a couple of times bringing a little hiss from her before seating it at her hot opening. She is holding her ass up with her thighs on the arms of the chairs and her arms around my neck.

Once we were lined up she dropped down to fully enclose me.

"HUUUUHHHGHH" she grunted into my mouth, speaking out of the side of her mouth she gasped.

"Damn you're big, feels like a coke can." She must have liked it though because her soft ass was rising and falling and twisting and shaking like crazy. I was in hog heaven; she had one of the hottest wettest pussies I have ever had.

So here we are back to the present and fucking like two maniacs and I still don't know exactly what started the whole thing. Now there is that little logical part of the mind that says "buddy you're at work, the door is not locked and you are fucking your supervisor, just how stupid are you." Then your cock overrules everything else and says "If you take me out of here before I blow my load I will give you a heart attack."

Okay I am going to go with the flow and what ever happens just happens. We are both moaning and sighing, her breath is sweet in my mouth and my tongue is being sucked out by the roots it feels like. I love it.

I slid her bra straps off her shoulders and shove her cups down below her big tits. They feel like two soft pillows with a firm interior, I can't see them, we are still kissing like it's the last kiss we will ever have, but they feel really really good. I just had to taste them, breaking the kiss I use my hands to lean her back where I can get at them. They are held up by the bra underneath them. Two luscious mounds, the nipples don't seem to be right on the tip; they sit just slightly on the upper slope. The aureole is about as big around as a half dollar and a light brown; the nipples are hard and look like they are sticking out about a quarter of an inch.

I quickly take as much of one breast in my mouth as I can, sucking hard and flicking my tongue all over the flesh I have enclosed. "Ohhhhh yeah Jack suck my tit." Donna groans. "That's so good... Ummmmmm."

She has her head thrown back now her hands clasped just behind my neck, I am hunching as fast as I can, and her ass hasn't stopped moving since I entered her. That tight hot muscle surrounding my cock is wet and slick as I ride in and out, precum is flowing and she is lubricating the way for my straining cock.

"Ummm so good baby, you're so tight, so hot... Ohhhhh yeah." I murmer around a mouthful of delicious flesh, leaving one breast wet with my saliva I devour the other to suck and chew like it was my last meal. I don't recall ever being this worked up before.

She is really moving her ass now. "Fuck me Jack, give me that big dick, ummm jam it in there, yeah sugar that's the way." She was gasping out her pleasure. "ummm... Ummmm... Ummm... Oh keep it up I'm cumming." She cried.

I had one hand on the tit I wasn't sucking, kneading and tweaking a big nipple and the other had a handful of ass as I pulled her down and shoved up as far as I could. I felt her pussy go wild around my cock, throbbing and contracting. It was squeezing me like a vise, I was close to cummming myself but I just held it deep as she fucked out her climax on me. Each hard throb accompanied by a soft "oh." Her ass was making little circular motions around my lap, it felt wonderful, and I could feel her juices running down over my balls and onto the chair.

She moved forward causing me to loose that fine tit I was sucking and once again pressed her swollen lips to mine, a gentler tender kiss, her tongue prying my lips open to softly caress my tongue. I could feel her body coming down; her hot channel was throbbing less and less.

She drew her head back and looked at me seriously, her arms around my neck and her soft ass still massaging my lap.

"Thanks Jack I needed that more then the hug." She said

What could I say except "My pleasure." And I hunched up into her again.

She cocked her head as she suddenly realized I was still hard as rock inside her. "I can see you aren't finished, well actually I can feel you're not finished. " She grinned and started working her ass again.

Man she was even hotter and slicker now and her whole body felt so good. It wasn't as frantic a pace now and I wondered if her legs were getting tired of being draped over the chair arms.

We were kissing again more softly, I asked her if she wanted to change positions.

I got a grin and a "What did you have in mind."

"Well, how about you bend over the desk there." I asked.

Giving me a lingering kiss she started getting off me, I helped by grabbing that soft ass and pulling up, my cock didn't want to leave its warm tight haven or her cunt didn't want to let it go, one or the other because it felt like she was trying to grip me and keep me in there. She eased back off of me and stripped her panties off, then stepped over to lock the door finally. I could see her black bush between her thighs. It was really thick in a strip starting at her lips and running up about three or four inches, it spanned out more sparsely to a triangle at the top, very exotic and sexy looking. While she was locking the door I stripped my pants off, I guess we would have looked silly to anybody seeing us, and I hope nobody saw or heard us. I was standing there in a white shirt and tie, black socks and shoes and my cock sticking out all shiny and slick.

She had her bra rolled down under her breasts, looked like a black band around her. She placed her hands on the desk and thrust her ass back at me, legs settling wide apart. Looking back over her shoulder she said "Anytime you're ready Jack, give me that big cock again."

I had to take in that full soft ass staring at me, her swollen vulva shiny with her cum peeking out between her thighs, I could see she had a thin line of black hair running along side her lips and a few in a circle around her cute puckered little asshole.

"You're a sexy woman Donna; I could take this sight in all day." I told her honestly. She gave me a pleased grin in return and wiggled her pretty ass. I didn't look any longer but stepped up behind her and pulling the hood back from the head I swiped it up and down her slit a couple of times, man that felt good. I placed my dick against her opening and slid in, like pushing your cock into hot butter, so soft and warm.

"Ohhhh damn but you have a thick cock." she groaned "but it feels soooo good."

I relished the feeling of her surrounding flesh as I moved in and out, just for a minute I wasn't trying to cum, just wanted to enjoy the journey. Reaching around under her I enclosed those hanging mounds and spreading my fingers wide I squeezed and kneaded her soft flesh till she was giving those little pleasure sounds that lets you know you are doing good.

Now my balls are telling me, okay buster this feels really good but I have a full load and all this wonderful fucking is lighting the fuse so let's get at it.

I start fucking Donna harder pulling almost out then driving in to let my balls slap against the top of her cunt. She is pushing back, her ass flattening against my thighs and her breathing is getting louder and deeper as is mine. Moving my hands back to grip her waist where it flares into her hips I start really hammering her.

"Ohh... Uhhhh. Umm. Yeah... Oh fuck me... harder... ummm harder. Oh yeah I'm going to cum... don't' stop now." She was grunting with each thrust. Her ass was quivering and shaking as I pounded it with full force. I felt that spiraling hot tingle building and building then burst and the first shot of sperm was expelled from my balls with great force to shoot as deep in her hot cunt as I could drive.

"Ahhhh so hot." she cried when she felt me shoot into her and she had her second orgasm. We ground together my cock spitting cum and jerking and twitching in the throbbing hot heat of her spasming muscle.

I shot rope after rope of hot white cum in her, I didn't think I was going to ever stop, this was one of the most intense orgasms I ever had. She was groaning out her completion and shoving back against me it seemed like for five minutes.

Leaning over I kissed her shoulder and she turned her head and we touched tongues and lips.

"Stay still I will get something to clean you." I told her. I have a small refrigerator and micro wave in my office so I keep napkins in there. I eased out of her, man that looked hot as my cum coated cock pulled out between those pretty cheeks. Reaching around one of the filing cabinets I grabbed several napkins and started cleaning our combined cum from her, wiping up the strands running down the inside of her thighs and then blotting her still slightly open cunt. Rubbing gently because I knew she would be sensitive I cleaned her as best I could,

Looking back over her shoulder she gave me an amused smile. "I wish I had a picture of you now."

Looking down at myself I had to grin also, here I am standing in my shoes, white shirt and tie and my cock hanging down dripping cum on the floor. Not your most romantic vision I would guess.

"I think you're cute." she grinned as I wiped my cock off with a napkin. It was still about half hard and I saw her eyes widen. "No wonder that thing felt like a coke can, Nice cock Jack."

I laughed "thank you mam, there's plenty more where that came from."

She just cocked her head and raised her eyebrows then turned around started getting her bra fixed.

"Here let me help you with that." I said and hefting her breasts up, they felt so soft my ole cock started to twitch again. We got her back in place and she put her panties on, I watched with interest as she shimmied them up her legs, her pretty bush disappearing under the black cloth.

I started getting my pants back on, I don't know how I got them off over my shoes but I couldn't get them back on without taking my shoes off. I was buckling my belt as Donna was tucking her blouse back in. I looked up to see her glance at me then look down quickly. Okay now here we were in the awkward moment stage, I sure didn't know what to say to her and she didn't seem to know either.

"Well... uh... I guess I better be going Jack, see you tomorrow." She said hastily as she unlocked and headed out the door.

"Yeah sure, see ya tomorrow." I answered. I sat back down and tried to figure out what had just happened. I know for sure it was some of the hottest sex I had ever had but just what happens now. I figured I would just see how Donna acted tomorrow.

I didn't see her the next day, for the next couple of weeks she only came to our office on business. She acted like nothing happened, never mentioned anything at all. Okay I thought then that's the way it will be. When I had to go to her office, I joked and cut up just like I always did, she responded in kind and other then her not coming and talking to us everything seemed normal. Bill wondered why she didn't stop by anymore, he thought maybe one or both of us had made her mad somehow.

One day a couple of weeks later she stopped by and started telling us about the girls dance classes and going to her Dads for dinner, things that she had before. But she never came by after Bill had gone home for the day. There was never any secret eye contact or little nods or any indication at all that something had happened between us. I figured that it was just something that happened and she wanted to forget it so I never made any mention of it either.

One Wednesday I was getting ready to leave when she stuck her head in the door. "Got a minute Jack." she asked

"Sure, what do you need?" I replied. I figured she had a new project to give me.

Donna came in and closed the door, walked over and sat down in the chair by my desk. She just sat there for a couple of minutes it seemed then with a little sigh she started.

"Jack I guess I haven't been very fair to you." She stated. " I was embarrassed by what happened that day, I don't know what made me kiss you, maybe because you cared enough to try and help, Oh I don't know but when I kissed you my body just went crazy, I have never wanted anybody so bad."

"Donna..." I started to try to ease her mind but she didn't let me finish.

"No Jack, don't say anything till I'm done please." she told me. I just nodded and let her go on.

"You made me feel so good, that was some of the greatest sex I have ever had, but I forced you into It." she stopped as I started to smile. "Yeah I know, men don't take much forcing when it comes to that, but what I am trying to say is I shocked myself, when we were getting dressed I was in a panic, didn't know what to say or how to act. Then on the way home I thought about how good it was, how bad a wife I must be to cheat on my husband, asshole that he is and how you must feel after me just walking out and not saying anything. So I didn't know how to deal with you the next day. I didn't act very nice I know, you have been a friend to me from the day we started working together and I treated you badly, forgive me please." she asked looking at me with those dark eyes shining.

I smiled and got a glimmer of a smile in return, "Donna its okay you don't have to worry, I didn't know what to say or do either, I didn't know if you were sorry we did it or you didn't think I reacted right or what, I just figured it was best if I didn't say anything about it."

Now I got a big smile then a real serious look. "Jack I have thought about it a lot, you know Tim and I don't have the best of relationships and it hasn't gotten any better, but then it hasn't gotten any worse. I think I am going to try and stick it out till the girls are out of school. You know sometimes Tim and I get along great but it don't seem to last very long, anyway I am going to try. But you know I tried to figure out just why it felt so good with you, was it the fact it just happened so suddenly, was it the thrill of maybe getting caught, or was it you and that thick cock." She gave me a grin at that, I just smiled and raised my left eyebrow a little.

Back to serious "So here's what I think and I mean it when I say if you aren't inclined to go along I won't be mad." She leaned on the desk with her elbows and continued "I want to see for myself just what made it so good. I would like to make love to you again if you want to." She paused to see what I would say.

Now lots of thoughts were running through my mind quickly, She's married, she's your boss, what if it don't work out will she take it out on you at work, what if it does work and you fall in love with her, what if she falls in love with you. Finally once again the little head put in his two cents worth. "You think too much, I loved it, it was great, and don't be an idiot and pass this up. You know how hot and tight she felt around me, I want some more." all this in a fraction of a second.

"Donna you were fantastic and I would love to, but have you thought about all the consequences, your marriage, our relationship here at work and what if you find it was only the moment or the thrill of being caught, where do we go from there." I asked, I hoped she had thought of all those things because now that my dick made the decision I was looking forward to making love to her again.

"Everything you mentioned I have thought about and I still want to Jack, so what do you say." she looked me Right in the eye.

I stood up and went around my desk, leaned down and kissed her upturned lips gently. "I would love to Donna, just how did you want to go about this, someplace more comfortable then here I hope."

She grinned "Nope not here. This Friday Dad is taking the kids for the weekend, Tim works till 1:00 A.M... I will tell Tim I am going shopping, that's not unusual; I figured maybe your house." She said.

That sounded good to me. I had worked for two years before I bought a house, I never liked apartment living, to many people to close together. I bought a three bedroom house about 25 miles from work, as out in the country as you can get around here. Nothing but woods and farm land. You can only see one house from mine and that is several hundred yards down the road. That would be perfect; she can pull her car in the garage and out of sight. "Sounds good to me Donna, you remember how to get there." I asked, I had the entire project out one time for a cookout so she had been there before.

"Yeah I am pretty sure; if I get lost I will call you. I should be there about 6:30." she said.

"I'll have us a little something to eat ready." I smiled.

"That would be nice Jack." she said as she got up to leave. At the door she gave me a smile "I don't think it was the moment or the thrill Jack." and with that went out.

For the next couple of days she acted like nothing was going on and I did also. Friday rolled around and I found that I was really looking forward to the evening. I had that big talk with my conscience about Donna being married, I have never gone out with a married woman, I know how I would feel if I found out my wife was cheating on me. However I have known for years that their marriage wasn't very good and he is such jerk anyway I convinced myself it was alright.

I had a couple of chicken breasts baked, carrots, peas and mashed potatoes, along with some crescent rolls and a light wine, I am not much of a drinker but I thought the occasion called for it, heck I don't know if it was the right wine for chicken or not but I gave it a shot. I had showered and shaved and put on some cologne.

I saw Donna turn in the drive and I hit the garage door opener, she drove right in and I closed the door. I greeted her as she got out of the car with a little kiss on the cheek; I still wasn't sure how she felt. We went inside; I hadn't put the rolls in the oven till I saw her pull in so I told her we had about 15 minutes or so before we ate.

She grinned and pulled me down to kiss me soundly on the lips "Good that gives me time to freshen up, where's your shower."

Okay now I know how she felt. "Come this way pretty lady and I will show you." I took her to the main bath and noticed for the first time that she had a little overnight bag in her hand. Shoving me out the door she laughed "Go on now so I can get done before the rolls are."

Everything was ready and I was just pouring the wine when she came into the dining room. She looked lovely, if she was trying for the sexy look she sure succeeded. She had on a black tight skirt that came down about mid thigh, one of those stretchy white tops that is more like a band, the top part of those big breasts revealed and it only came down to mid stomach leaving a cute belly button peeking out. She had on black high heels that set her legs off nicely. Very yummy looking package I thought.

"You look great." I told her. She gave me a thank you grin and we sat down and ate, we talked about work, the weather, and her kids anything and everything but what she was here for.

We were sitting there sipping the wine and she leaned over toward me, my eyes drawn to the exposed tops of her breasts as they lay on the table. "Okay Jack, you've fed me dinner and it was excellent by the way, now I want you to feed me something else."

Well okay you don't have to tell me twice. I stepped around to help her up and pulled her to me to kiss her red lips, they were so soft and when I opened my lips and let my tongue probe her lips she opened for my entrance. It was like a electric current passed between us, it seemed like I was consumed with lust and she must have felt the same because she shot her arms under mine curling up and palms open on my shoulder blades pulled me against her hard, her belly rubbing tight against me, our tongues were playing together lustily,

"Mummmm... Ummm... Muhhh," Sounds into each others mouths as we rubbed bodies, now I wanted her naked and me fucking the hell out of her. I don't know what it was but it seemed we lit a blazing fire of desire in each other. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the bedroom trying to maintain that hot kiss all the way, looking up out of the corner of my eye trying not to run into a wall or something.

I have a big four poster bed that the mattress comes up to about my waist when I am standing and I set her down on her feet beside it, working frantically to get that top off. I slid my hands up under the bottom and covered both those luscious mounds with spread palms, massaging their softness, Oh yeah they felt good.

She was trying to get my shirt unbuttoned, we were huffing breaths into each others mouths trying to keep contact and undress at the same time. I quickly stripped her top off just momentarily moving far enough back to get it over her head then captured those now pouty lips again. She was stripping my shirt from my arms now and started working on my belt, I was behind because my hands had went back to those big pleasure mounds she was sporting on her chest.

I had to taste them and bringing my hands up to clasp each side of her head I kissed her hard grinding my lips on hers, then dropping to my knees I took one mound in both hands and brought a brown nipple to my lips, I wanted to be gentle but this time I ravaged that big nipple with lips and teeth, chewing and sucking till it was rock hard then I moved to the other doing the same. It must have been what she wanted because she had both hands with a handful of my hair and was guiding me around on those tasty mounds. There were low little moans issuing from her throat as she looked down watching me. I stopped and looked up into her eyes; they were filled with desire and fire. Taking a nipple in my teeth I bit, not to hard just firmly I watched the widening of her eyes with the pleasure and a little pain of it. It brought a hissing "yesssssss" from her lips.

I went back to work on her breasts with a gusto, I now had my hands at the top of her skirt and was working it down over her hips, she was moving her legs from side to side trying to help me. When it came free of her hips and fell at her feet I reached for her panties. Well, there were no panties, alright I thought and immediately picked her up by the waist and laid her on the bed, her hips right at the edge. As she rose she flung her legs out and the skirt flew across the room as it came off one foot.

Oh yeah, there spread before me was that delicious looking cunt I had seen in my office. Now I get to taste it. Herlegs were up and bent at the knees, she reached out and held each leg right behind the knee and spread them so I could get at her honey pot. Once again on my knees I was at just the right height to get at her tight looking slit.

I took a moment to admire the sight. That thick strip of dark black hair and then sparse triangle, her slit was very tight just a little gap about halfway down. Those pretty lips framed by a line of black hair down each side. My cock was already hard as it could be or that sight would have made it harder. I quickly kissed each side of those pretty lips, licking between them and the crease of her leg, this made her shiver, then spreading those lips with my fingers I delved my tongue into the pink wetness I revealed. Her body heaved on the bed and she let her legs drop down on my shoulders.

She tasted sweet and clean and I started tongue fucking her fast, rubbing her emerging nub with my thumb.

"Ohhhh Jack... ummm that's good. Ahhh your tongue is so good... Ohhh eat me Jack, make me cum." she was moaning. Her legs were flexing over my shoulders trying to draw me closer, heck I couldn't get any closer, I think I had my lips inside of hers now, my nose was rubbing her clit more than my thumb. I was working with one hand getting my pants off now; it took a few minutes because I wasn't leaving her tasty cunt for a second.

I was sucking on her hard little nub now and fucking her juicy channel with the first two fingers of one hand, her hips were squirming around smearing her wetness all over my face.

"Yesssss Jack... Ohhhh... Ohhhh. Yeah... I'm Cummming Jack Ohhh yeah." she cried her hands clutching two handfulls of hair and legs tensed over my shoulders as she flooded my fingers and spasmed around them, I had to have her, I quickly raised up grasping her legs at the knees I spread them wide as I stood up, it only took a second for me to line up my cock with her dripping pussy and I plunged in with one thrust, burying myself fully in her throbbing cave of pleasure. My balls smacked into her ass and I started a jackhammer rhythm. Oh man she felt good.

When I ran my cock into her she gave a loud "Ahhhhhh" her arms held up to me. I fell on her our mouths meshing in a kiss of pure lust; she enfolded me in her arms running them over my back down to my heaving hips, back up to my shoulder blades to pull me closer. Her legs she held wide as they shook with the efforts of our bodies, then they closed around my waist to give my thrusting dick a better angle for penetration.

The feel of her around me, our bodies sliding together, the soft silky feel of her thighs as they rubbed my heaving sides, those wet full lips pressed to mine. I was in a red haze of lust; I couldn't go fast enough, hard enough, couldn't get close enough to her as our bodies raced toward that final ecstasy.

Through it all she never had quit climaxing, her cunt rippling around me as I opened those silky wet walls. A constant murmur of pleasure was vibrating around in my mouth, I don't know if it was her or me or both of us. My balls drew up and exploded, I know I groaned into her mouth as my hips tried to shove my cock right up into her belly and I fired a wad of cum deep in her welcoming cunt. Her hands flashed down to grab a muscular cheek in each one and pull me even closer as she went even wilder around my embedded cock. "Ummmmm... Ummmm... Ummmmm" I could feel as well as hear each time she griped my cock with her vaginal muscles, It was like we were in sequence, I would spurt a stream of cum and then she would squeeze my cock, It felt so damn good and seemed to go on forever.

My hips were just making little circular movements now as her hot slick cunt drew the last of my cum out. It was such a pleasant feeling as I came down from that extreme height of pleasure. Drawing my head down beside hers she held it to her neck with her hands whispering in my ear.

"Damn Jack that was good, I thought my body was going to explode, I'm feel so stuffed with cock." She is still breathing heavy, we are both wet with perspiration. Placing my arms under her shoulders I lift up and with her still impaled I scoot us up on the bed to where I am lying between her legs.

Kissing her neck I rise up on my arms and look into her face. I know at the beginning I said she was attractive but not beautiful, now as I look into her flushed face a satisfied relaxed smile, and sparkling dark eyes looking back, I retract my statement, she is beautiful.

I have to kiss that smiling mouth and she responds heartily. This kiss is tender and slow, the frantic passion passed and now we can savor every movement. Our tongues caressed each other slowly and her hands glide along my sides to rub my hips, and then up to knead my ass. My cock had started to soften within her but now we both felt it swelling again as I started just tiny little in and outs, our mixed cum making it glide easily. I run my hands down her sides to slide under and back around her soft ass to clutch her cheeks on either side of her wet pussy and start a hunching rhythm. We keep at this for a while, she feels so good around me.

Donna breaks our sweet kiss "Let me on top Jack, I want to ride that hard cock." With a grin I quickly roll over bringing her with me, we never lost that dick in pussy contact. She scooted her legs so her knees are laying along my sides and feet almost under my ass. With her hands on my chest she rotates her ass around, Oh man that felt good, then a quick hunching back and forth with that pretty ass. Yeah that felt just as good. She started rising and falling, as slick as she was inside I could feel the flesh parting before my cock head as she dropped down to envelope me.

Her eyes were closed as she just reveled in the feeling of my cock fucking into her hot pussy. She was tweaking on my nipples, pinching and pulling sending tingles of pleasure to radiate through my body. I was holding on to her hips as she rose and fell.

She leaned over me her head dropping to look back at our joining.

"Ummmm look Jack, watch you big cock spread me open, Ummm it feels so good, watch it emerge as I rise up, thick and hard, now see it disappear in my little pussy, Ohhh its so nice, ohh yeah make it jerk again."

I was already so turned I couldn't take much more and her talk and hot heaving breaths were like icing on a cake. I pulled her forward enough to get one swinging breast in my mouth, sucking on a hard nipple like I wanted to nurse, she still watched me suckle her and fuck into her as one breast swung back and forth with her movements. I had to bring my hands up to caress and fondle, tweak and pull on those wonderful globes

"Goooood Jack. Ohhh suck me... ummm harder... Oohhh yeah." She was moaning as she sped up her fucking. Now her hips were flying up and down, her hot butter soft flesh building that singing tingling rush to both of us. "Ummmmm cum with me Jack... Ohhhh baby... here it is,... Cum with me." Her flying ass clenched tightly as she took me fully in and started to throb and clasp around me. I could feel her cum around me and running down over my balls.

"Ahhggggggg." I groaned around a hard nipple as I raised her up with my straining hips and fired rope after rope of white cum up that so wet, hot, tight sleeve of pleasure. We ground together as she clamped and rippled and I jerked, twitched and emptied my balls.

She collapsed on me when she quit throbbing and I rolled us to our sides, I slid out of her as we did but she pressed up against me and my cock was caught between our bellies. We lay there for a while just little kisses and caresses as we recuperated. In a few minutes she got up and went into the bathroom, I head the water running as she cleaned our mess from her lower body. She came back with a warm cloth and gently cleaned my cock and balls. She would look up every once in a while and give me a grin. I know I had a smile plastered on my face the whole time.

My cock was soft now the skin covered most of the head, it didn't roll up all the way over it, just left a little of the helmet shaped head sticking out. Donna lifted it up giggling, "Hey Jack I think we broke it."

I laughed, her soft hand felt nice "Maybe we can fix it."

She cocked her head and looked at it, she pulled down with her hand and the foreskin rolled back off the head. "Such a big head," she leaned forward and licked the top, and then she rolled the foreskin up and took the head in her mouth, her tongue flicking all over it.

"That's nice, feels good." I whispered. She ran her tongue around the inside of the hood, the feelings much more intense over the skin of the head. "Ummmm babe I like that." I murmured. She was watching me as she worked on the head. Rolling the skin down she enclosed my head with her lips and jacked the shaft, the loose skin rolling up to kiss her lips. She watched me as she slowly slid down till she had me all in her mouth, I was still almost soft but her warm wet cavern surrounding me and her tongue lazily moving over the shaft had me hardening.

She could see the passion rising in my eyes; I reached out with one hand and stroked her hair and cheek as she started slowly rising up her lips tight around me, and she let me come completely out of her mouth and licked around the head, folded the skin up over it again and enclosed it in her mouth. Working slowly she stripped the foreskin back; it was like a pleasant tingle as it moved through her tight held lips.

I was getting harder and I felt the head touch the start of her throat. She couldn't get it all in now, just a little not enclosed in her warm mouth. She circled it with thumb and forefinger moving up and down from her lips to my groin. As she withdrew to the head she followed with her hand. Oh man it was good. She worked in a steady rhythm now up and down, up and down. Her eyes never left my face. I could feel the pressure building, that steady rising of the desire. My hand was still in her hair not putting any pressure on her just moving with her head.

"Oh damn that feels good, you are going to get a mouthful if you keep that up. She looked up at me holding me in her hand and gave me a mischievous grin, taking the side of the shaft gently in her teeth she slid her mouth down the side of my cock. Reaching the base she ducked her head on down and holding my balls up with one hand she gently sucked one in her mouth rolling it around with her tongue while stroking my cock with her other hand.

Oh the feelings that shot through my body. "Ummmmmm you do that so good." I groaned. She sucked both balls then running her lips back up my shaft to engulf my head and using hand, mouth and tongue she sucked the cum right out of me, using her hand to pump the shaft as I filled her mouth with a low guttural moan. What little she let escape her mouth she licked off before kissing the tip and then moving up to snuggle in my arms.

"I loved to do that" she told me. "You taste good kind of sweet, not strong."

"I loved having you do it, man that was so fine." I hugged her and kissed her swollen lips, tasting my own cum, I didn't care she had pleased me greatly.

"Thanks for using your mouth Jack, it was fantastic." She sighed. I didn't want to ask but I couldn't believe her asshole husband didn't eat that sweet pussy.

"You mean Tim don't do that for you?" I drew back my head to look her in the eye.

"He thinks that is nasty, he wants me to suck him off but its unmanly he thinks to suck a pussy." She told me. "For the first couple of years I did give him blowjobs in the hopes he would change his mind. The one time I hounded him into it he acted so disgusted it wasn't any turn on for me, so I told him if he wouldn't I wasn't either. And that's the way it's been for a long time."

"It's his loss." I said and meant it "You have a sweet pretty pussy I'll eat anytime."

She kissed me with a grin "You're sweet Jack."

We lay there and explored each others body gently for a while till I had to have her again. I moved to crawl over her straddling her head and sliding my arms under her hips to cup a soft ass cheek in each hand. She spread her legs so I could get my head down there easily and I blew into her soft pubic hair before opening her slit with my tongue. She had one hand around my balls and took my cock in her mouth. We pleasured each other till she was sopping wet and I was rock hard.

"Dog me Jack" she murmered around my cock.

She got on all fours looking back over her shoulder and wiggled that fine ass. Easing up on my knees behind her I stroked my cock a few times and pulling the hood back swiped the head up and down her slit a few times making sure I hit her clit. I felt the little shiver go through her when I did. Placing the head at her wet hole I forced it to widen around my seeking cock. I know what my cock wanted, to be buried fully in her tight wet muscle.

As the big head spread her walls in a big O she groaned and shoved back at me, she wanted it as much as I did. "Ahhhhh Jack so thick, so big." She husked. Once I was fully in I just ground my hips around then fucked her slowly then a hard pounding, then slow, then short strokes, then long ones. Sometimes I reached under to squeeze those swaying breasts and tease her nipples, sometimes I was holding her right at the curve of her hips and pulling her into me. We went at it about 15 minutes before we could feel the end coming. Her head was laying on her crossed arms now her ass in the air and shoving back at me on every stroke. "Ummm... Huhhhhh. Ummmm.Yesss. Yessss. Ohhh... Fuck me Jack. Oh yeah fuck me baby." She was grunting as I started a hard pounding now.

Her hot slick muscle felt so tight and hot around me I wanted to go all night but I knew the finish was fast building up. Slap, slap, slap, as her ass was slammed by my fast thrusting hips, those soft mounds bouncing prettily as I watched them and my cock pistoning into her body.

I felt her contract around me hard a soft "Ohhhh yeah Jack" from Donna as she once again reached that pinnacle of pleasure on my cock. Three more short thrusts and I was filling her with my cum again.

"Yeah Donna, your so soft, so hot and wet." I gasped as I poured my cum into her.

She kept shoving her ass at me as we went through our climax. When I finally slipped from her sopping pussy she fell forward to lay flat, a satisfied little smile on her face. I lay beside her with my arm over her back and my face next to hers. Donna's eyes were closed and a smile on her flushed face. Without opening her eyes she said. "Thanks Jack you were fantastic, I feel deliciously tired out."

"Hey girl it takes two to make it fantastic and you did do that." I replied and moved in to kiss her nose. She rewarded me with a grin. I don't know what was going to happen after this I knew for sure I would remember this night forever.

We lay there together for about a half hour when with a sigh she said "I guess I have to go," as she left the bed, I rolled over to watch her walk into the bathroom those fine globes of her ass rolling in a very sexy way.

Bill and I had watched those pants covered cheeks walk away many times wondering how good they would look naked. Now I know they look great. She showered and put on the clothes she came in. Reluctantly I put on a pair of shorts and taking her in my arms I kissed her tenderly then we went out to the garage after she got in the car I leaned in to kiss her again, I hated to see her go.

"You were great Donna; I loved every second of it." I told her, hitting the opener for the door. She grinned blew me a kiss and backed out. As I did the dishes I wondered if it would happen again and how would I feel if she asked me again.

Monday morning it was work as usual like nothing had happened, so that's the way I played it. Bill did say that she must have had a good weekend because she seemed more relaxed then she had been lately. It was about two months before Donna stopped in one day after Bill had left.

"Jack, do you have any plans for this Friday night." She asked after closing the door. I don't know if I was hoping she would say she wanted to meet or not. I know she and Tim were at each others throats for the last week.

"Haven't got a thing planned." Looking at her with a raised eyebrow I inquired "Why."

"I... Well you helped me a lot before and I was hoping maybe you would again." She stammered.

She didn't seem too sure of herself but I don't know why she would think I would turn her down.

Looking her in the eyes I smiled what I hoped was a reassuring smile. "Donna believe me it would be my great pleasure to help you." That brought a little grin and some sparkle back in those dark eyes.

"Thanks Jack, you're a good man." a broader smile " No, a great man and good friend, now the last time you had dinner ready and I really appreciated it but you know I really worked up an appetite while I was there and had to stop on the way home to get something to eat. How about we save the eats for later in the evening."

Now that sounded fine with me and I readily agreed. She told me she would be over about the same time, as soon as she dropped the girls off at Tim's parents where they were spending the weekend.

I found I was looking forward to Friday, and when it finally arrived I could hardly wait for quitting time. Bill kept asking me if I had a hot date, I seemed awfully anxious to get out of there. I laughed and made up some kind of story I don't even remember what I told him.

When Donna arrived I went out to the garage to meet her, she had no sooner got out of the car when she was in my arms her hungry mouth devouring mine. I picked her up and took her straight to the bedroom where we tore each others clothes off and came together hotly, I fucked her hard, no preparations just threw her on the bed and fell between her wide open legs to drive my cock into her already wet cunt, thrusting, thrusting, thrusting as we moaned our pleasure into each others working mouth. She was so hot and tight and slick inside, I couldn't get enough. All too soon I felt her vaginal muscle starting to constrict and she gripped me with her legs around my waist and let out a keening cry that I smothered with my lips as she reached her first climax. The excitement of it all and the tight rippling muscle along my pistoning cock opened the dam for my balls and they released the first load of cum to shoot against the back of her pussy.

"Oh... Ohhhh... Ohhh" she gasped as she felt each hot spurt in her rippling passage. When that first flush of pleasure passed I pulled my cum coated cock from her with a wet sucking sound and moved over to lie on my side facing her.

Caressing my cheek she said "That was great Jack, it's always so intense with you, so good."

"You make it that way Donna, you excite me so much, and the feel of your body, the taste of you just drives me wild." I told her. I got a kiss on the nose and a smile. "Come on I have been in these clothes all day and I need a shower, why don't you join me?"

So I did and she sucked me off in the shower, not all the way, just making me so hard I figured I could punch a hole in the wall with it. We never made it out of the bedroom, I ate her sweet pussy and we fucked for two hours, she came about five times and I did twice more. That first time was always so fast and intense all I wanted was to be inside her fucking as hard as I could and all she wanted was to feel my cock as it sent her up to heights of passion. But then it was tender and loving, slowly building to that exquisite explosion of feelings for the rest of the time.

She lay beside me, both of us sweating from the exertions we had been through. Her hand was softly stroking my soft cock still wet with our cum, I was so sensitive I could feel the cum slick hood as it rolled over my cockhead and back down. "I certainly worked up an appetite this time Jack, lets get something to eat."

I knew this time was about over and I moved till my chest was above her and looking down at her glowing face I grinned.

"Okay but I get another little snack first." and I proceed to lick the sweat from around her nipples and sucking them a little before moving down to spread her thighs once more as I licked all around her well fucked pussy, I cleaned her up of the results of our efforts. I started sucking her sensitive clit and tonguefucking her wet channel, it didn't take long before she had her thighs locked around my head and was pulling my hair as she cried out her completion. Crawling back up beside her I kissed her hard and she answered in kind using her tongue to clean my smeared face before running it in to play tag with mine.

We had a light dinner, some sandwiches made from a roast I had on Wednesday, some potato salad that I made before she got there and some wine. She took another shower and I just sat there and watched her though the glass doors, I loved to see a good looking woman, especially a naked one. She laughed at me watching her and would pose every so often. It took her a long time to get dressed because I helped her and had to make sure the bra fit just right over her big soft tits and that her panties were smoothed over her ass and between her legs just right. As she started to back out I gave her a lingering kiss and stepped back as she went. I got a grin and she stuck her head out the window.

"Thanks Jack, you were great." And with that she was gone.

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