Lesbian Peril Legal
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Lesbian, BDSM, DomSub, Spanking, Humiliation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A proud minded young woman is confronted and blackmailed by a working professional who lives her life as a Dominatrix. With an outward show of reluctance, the young woman agrees to become this Dom's 24/7 servant and semi-obedient lesbian slave girl.

A preference choice to continue a small but somewhat lucrative law practice with L.P.L Brokerage & Defense (known only to a chosen inner circle as Lesbian Power Legal B&D) easily fore filled my secular desirers and soon became more rewarding in many ways. With the shared caseload, things were less hectic and the overall workweek schedule helped open up my personal time for other more interesting pursuits.

But with this ideal situation came the off set of taking on an additional administrative position as their office manager.

I suppose it did seem (as things were) the perfect office image to my own well-defined dominant private life style, as you will discover.

To dismiss any doubt, this decision did not come about completely by chance and was primarily due to the mutual fact that the firm's main controlling partners were well off female professional lawyers who were all very much lesbian by nature.

Perhaps a minor exception to this statement was the seven other thirty something year old female businesswomen who were, in their own different ways, very much involved in the fem scene. Some of these who tended towards being more into kink and fetishes, I have in the short passing of time, made personally or intimate acquaints with. All of these women are very appealing; well above average in looks and knowingly turned in the same circles.

Oh, I suppose there is one other smaller exception as far as the rest of the office, which has been by no strange coincidence, very well staffed with many other beautiful young women. Most of these however remained somewhat clue-less and are employed in various assistant positions.

Now as for myself, there has never been a need for exaggeration or any reason to be modest, as my own physical appearance has always proven to be very eye catching, being an especially tall statuesque female, (almost 5 foot 11 in bare stocking feet).

So then when I am dressed in heels and wearing my long amber hair pinned high up on my head in a tightly swirled bun, well this easily gives me a desired intrinsic look of status. Authority and control has always been the feminine allure.

In preparation for my début, when I initially greeted they're exclusive female staff, everything had been carefully arranged in just this manner.

Perhaps it was meant to be dramatic and more so shocking when I first walked into the office, pretentiously daunting my shapely hourglass figure; long legs, smooth full hips, streaming waist line and an amply revealed bosom. I was unquestionably stunning and a little intimidating to most of the younger women. This fact was quickly realized even before they found me out to be an extremely dominant minded and out spoken female.

Given my pronounced dominating appearance and the obscure fact of being totally immersed in a relatively kinky life of lesbianism might go on to explain my more decisive behavior in dealing with some of the more flippant and incorrigible girls working there in the office. It had not taken long for some of these female subordinates to conjure reasons to dislike me, although it was usually only a small matter of insisting that they be more diligent.

My decidedly stricter manner soon came to the attention of Ms. Cynthia Mills, one of the older senior partners (forty three to be exact). So maybe several weeks had past when Ms. Mills approached me after just such an incident. I was seated by my self reading a Grecian novel there quietly in the lunchroom when she asked me to please step into her office later on that afternoon so she could have a word.

That afternoon as I neared the reception area we both, by mere chance of circumstance, met just as it appeared she was walking back into the office from her assistance's desk. As I followed behind her back into the office, it became quite noticeable that she had kept a rather slim hourglass figure and seemed to be very physically fit. Even in her accustom well style manner of dress, she easily boasted a lovely (C cup) mantle of cleave as well. Typically she wore her slightly graying, straight shoulder length hair parted down the middle. This was in addition to keeping the bangs pulled back high on ether side of her head with simple barrettes. Surprisingly in a more suitable way, this somewhat simple adolescent hairstyle, though out of place with her maturity, made such a feminine and attractive grade school feature seem perfectly forbidden (so sinful and delicious). Actually, I found Cynthia to be a pleasant female to study as we both stood inside her office near the partially ajar door.

Regretfully she had begun (to some degree) by openly admonishing me. As I suspected, there had been some petty grievances voiced by anonymous sources after one of my reprimands. But shortly after Ms. Mills started with her little verbal slap on the wrist, (as if on cue) we both attentively noticed the somewhat subtle eavesdropping of her rather cute brunette secretary Ann. In light of this frank observation, the door was closed and on her subsequent return, Ms Mills made a rather curious apologetic amends. "Cynthia" (as I was now corrected by her) continued in a hashed voice as she went on to now commend me on my much needed strict administrative actions.

With this she then curiously entrusted me, and was hopeful that I could take care of a certain delicate office matter. Cynthia Mills was quite blunt when saying that there had been a few annoying little petty thefts and felt there might be more of a reason for delegating this to someone possessing a certain subtle manner in discretion. Such things as accusing suspicions or confronting one of committing a theft could easily be a means for unnecessary counter suits without having solid documented proof.

To date, she informed me, there were only small but consistently recurring electronic accounting errors and other trifling discrepancies. Cynthia needed (she felt) a person technically advanced (such as myself) who possessed such strong-handed secular judgment. I had her full approval, although anonymously, to take whatever means necessary with the suspected female culprit in the department. In a twist of irony, she offered the woman's name, one that by now seemed to constantly stand out in my mind. Yes, there it was on the top of my list boldly underlined in red.

Even before Cynthia finished her hushed implications, the garish and adolescently behaved (twenty-three-year-old) Miss Valerie Anne Johnson still loomed vividly in mind sense my resent heated discussion with this exacerbating little high nosed Miss. It had actually come to the point of my thinking that what this unceasingly truant and sassy little up-start needed was just a good firm guiding hand. That is along with one other swatting at that nice pert bottom of hers.

It seemed that nothing short of a true corporal reprimand world make Miss Johnson act more like a reasonably and responsible adult woman. Even when she was in proper attendance, it always became such a chore for her to share in some of the more menial office tasks. If she actually did anything, it was usually accompanied by her infuriating girlish whining and relentless prattling, which would soon be infused with her indecorous manner. I found Miss Johnson's personal persona to be flagrantly intolerable, although in a way it was a natural fitting to her outward physical semblance. That meant being a perfectly matched and stereotypically petite blonde who possessed a very childish superior attitude and seemed in dire need of strict discipline. I suppose Miss Johnson's rather youthful looking appearance could be partially contributed to the fairness of her skin, which showed light freckles when tanned, adorable bright blue eyes and slim, although very shapely school girlish figure. Her hair (although blonde) actually varied with light sandy colors, being medium long in length. Aside from a few various chosen styles, it stayed for the most part straight and naturally silky. When it was pulled back into a ponytail, (which was more so then not) Valerie's small delicate facial features made her look quite a bit younger.

Yes she was virtually just a very young, spoiled, undisciplined, disrespectful, ill-mannered little girl in my thoughts. And despite her undisputable adult age, I still found it rather satisfying to picture Valerie dressed in a shamefully discomfited outfit. But any sensible young woman would feel self-conscious while wearing a short pleated (almost panty high) skirt. This would only fade in comparison to the very naughty and extremely tight fitting blouse. Of course her indiscretion would never be tolerated and there certainly would be serious consequences for a young woman in such an errant state. This demonstration of her shameful behavior and delinquency would finally end after she found herself practically stripped out of her uniform while bent over teacher's knee.

As you can see, I have caught myself fantasizing for some reason about how she needed to be punished like this troublesome pigtailed schoolgirl.

But to continue on, I started my diligent inquiry one evening after hours, going over the particular errant accounts and some corporate investment portfolios.

Some other less tedious endeavors, which seemed more fruitful and enlightening, were spent researching Miss Johnson's past of more insignificant juvenile misdeeds. An intriguing note was the more recent publicly declared Will of Betty Anna Johnson, which became more then, just an interest to me.

Valerie's recently deceased stepmother had left her legally adopted child the remains of a small dwindling estate. Yes it was on public record that the woman had adopted Valerie as an infant.

My enthusiastic persistence in Valerie Johnson's case, so to speak, had only left me with a few possible fraudulent or illegal insider trading investments.

A hand full of account numbers and names of various corporations, which I made a disk copy of after coming across them in a file marked for receipts in her office petty cash account was really less then nothing.

During the following few weeks of being foiled by whatever clever little investment scheme she had contrived, my own personal demeanor grew to that of a caged tigress in heat. Smitten with these pinned in hormonal feelings and my own parallel of horny feline frustration, I finally made the resolve to play my own little cat and mouse game with this audacious little shrew.

Needless to say but in this state of mind, I was more then ready for a little diversion and had already packed my bag for a rather sorted weekend. This came right after a daring decision to dress myself less conservatively that same morning. My mind was primarily focused on the excitement of my ritual weekend hunt that I frequently made around the less known lesbian bars and clubs. In any case, I came into the office that Friday morning ready to kill metaphorically, consciously exuding a sexual eminence even as my projected appearance stayed somewhat outwardly business like. It was sometime later on in the afternoon when I catered to my thoughtful plan of having Miss Valerie Johnson step into my office for a private chat. There could only be, however, a cautious pawing with an instinctive cat-like wit and it's all knowing soul-piercing stare. Nothing more would be used other then the lone black diskette, which now sat atop a scarlet red folder. In itself, this would seem to be the most accusing bit of evidence that lay tellingly in the middle of my desk blotter.

Miss Johnson's obvious defiance in promptly heeding my summons might not have seemed that detrimental to anyone at the time, but it had taunted me even further with her fifteen-minute delay. When she finally paraded in coarsely, Valerie was dressed in a flawlessly matched 60's retro pink outfit. Other then the frilly blouse under her pink two-button flared waist jacket and the white grade school looking panty hose, she was Miss pretty princess pink from head to toe; Shoes, skirt, top lapel coat and a perfectly placed powder puff pink scrunchy holding her long blonde pony-tail. As she was, if it had not been for the mid thigh length pinching tapered skirt, that rather childish looking hairstyle and her characteristic juvenile mannerisms, I would have said that she easily made the Barbie doll silliness of the whole thing work.

"Well okay Elisabeth, you wanted to see me?"

She had balanced herself in between the two desk chairs, precariously poised in a rather overly done sophisticated stance. Valerie's chosen vogue posture had her pivoting heavily on one pink high heel while she rested her finger tips on the back of either chair. In this manner she managed to make quite a showy little display of herself.

"Yes... Although I prefer not be kept waiting Miss Johnson. Now if you would, please take a seat."

As if I had been graced merely by her presents there, she consented rather unwillingly and sat somewhat plainly after an obnoxious little eye roll.

"I hope this doesn't take too long because I'm not counting any of this as part of my afternoon break?"

Oh, how I loathed that pompous little attitude of hers.

"Well Miss Johnson I'm sorry to hear that, because I'm afraid what I have to say is of a very serious nature."

Prudently I watched her subtle body language and slightly batting eye movements just briefly before continuing. It was somewhat notable that my statement of being 'very serious in nature' had affected her carefree spirit drastically. Valerie became a lot less at easy and seemingly more focused on what I had to say. But this was only the first step in trapping my little blonde cheese-stealing mouse.

"Are you aware Miss Johnson of the government penalties for miss handling or falsely appropriated brokerage funds? Freud if you will."

Her sweet girlish hush turned to that of nervous fidgeting and then suddenly erupted into a torrent out pouring of post premature denial or flustered self righteous ridicule, which was followed by her anxious attempt at distancing herself with viability and weak defensive threats.

"I don't have the slightest idea of what you're talking about Elisabeth.

... This is absurd, how could anyone get away with such a thing?

... You would need proof or else a very good lawyer.

Clearly, such a look of complete guilt on her face was making my strategic little mouse catching game far too easy. Picking up the black disk, I casually eased myself back away from the desk and crossed my legs with a sly look of confidence.

"Miss Johnson, I 'am', as you put it, 'a very good lawyer'. One who knows that the penalties in even the smallest cases can mean mandatory time in prison. Although, I don't recall actually accusing anyone of anything, do you Miss Johnson?"

The disk was held in my hand for her to see.

"But if I just happened to stumble upon a certain file with seemingly false account information and a few other very incriminating bits of evidence which were linked to other working accounts or non-existent corporations. Well then it could certainly be grounds for at least a very in-depth investigation. Of course at this point, someone would be dismissed and surly they would need sufficient bound money depending on the severity of the charges. But by this time, any credibility they might have had will be gone."

Having finished with this statement of paradox, I unfurled my legs complacently and placed the disk for safe keeping in the top desk drawer. I then gave Valerie a very cold searching look though the round-eyeglass frames that were securely propped up on the bridge of my nose. She was still trying to recompose herself. Not that I even gave her the chance.

"Unfortunately Miss Johnson, I don't believe that one would need to be so candid in your closely matched situation. You see, as a woman pretentiously held in an administrative position; yes, one I might add who has become exceedingly accomplished in a win at all cost profession, has not made it here by letting petty little thieves like you Miss Johnson go free. Sobbing testimonies and childish tantrums are only silly little song and dance games young women use to skirt they're way around the truth. But everything that I need to know about the miss dealings of you 'Miss Valerie Ann Johnson' is right here in this file and on that diskette in my desk. "

She was now wearing a helpless trapped look, which mimicked that of a lost baby fawn when meeting my own hard expressionless stare. I began once again.

"And with these two incriminating things together in my possession, I will be forced to bring them to light you see Miss Johnson. And this... "

There was a slight pause as I stopped momentarily to remove my circular ebony rimmed glasses. This was done in the manner so I could give her a very serious look, and my full assurance that I was ready to carry this out to the fullest.

"... That is, Valerie... Will end in you being questioned after being taken into custody. You will be tried openly and branded as a common little thief, which will finally have you locked away for quite some time I'm afraid. No one, I can assure you, will show any sympathy my dear, and I suppose it really should be said that in addition to your public disgrace, everything you might now possess would certainly be lawfully seized. I will personally see to that."

All through my surreal telling of her life's coming drama, Valerie tried desperately, although in vain, to conceal the looming fear which vividly permeated the mood of her immediate and unknown future. But with it's hopeless tragic ending finally told, their came her final tearful look of defeat, which now seemed rather blushing and fatally cute in those misty baby blue eye of hers.

"W-What do you want, money?"

Her audacity, how naïve I thought, although it became obvious that 'little Miss innocent' Valerie Johnson was unquestionably not so high and mighty now.

"Oh, should I add bribery to the list Miss Johnson?"

The panicked look in her eyes gave away to all the other once hidden signs of guilt and I calmly watched as Valerie's rather thin lucid defense shattered.

"No, Elisabeth please..."

Suddenly she stopped and bit her lower lip thoughtfully, obviously reconsidered her position here.

"... Ms. Adams, please... I... I don't want to go to prison."

She just sat now like some sniveling teenage girl there on the other side of the desk from me, anxiously perched in the small cushion-less armchair.

"And why should that be any of my concern, Miss Johnson? It seemed quite obvious that you were certain of your innocents, and I do recall you being rather rude and haughty about it as well. Although that 'was' just before you discovered everything that 'I' knew about your unlawful little money game."

She had become the true parody of a defenseless yearling in my dark shadowy forest hunting ground. I eased back slowly, shifting my hips intuitively and then nestled my bent arm casually on one of the cushioned leather rests. While watching her there adamantly, I propped my chin up on three fingers as the remaining pointer pressed naturally against one cheek, which now allowed me to confront her artfully.

"So 'Valerie'... What would you have me do?"

As if opening myself to any of her less likely suggestions, I waited just a moment with my deceptive anticipation. My admissible response had without a doubt left Valerie totally off guard. She actually sounded sincere with her more desperate offered promise.

"I... I don't know... But I'll do anything you want, anything I swear, please."

My sly lighthearted reply was made in a very disbelieving manner.

"Oh really... Anything... I find that very hard to believe Valerie."

This false glimmer of willingness to even explore her absurd offer further had made her even more reckless and frantic.

"Yes, I'll do whatever you want, anything."

I crossed my legs again and went on with my deliberate intentions of making her elaborate in full.

"Well then, tell me my dear, what does 'anything' mean exactly? I'm actually very curious to hear, really."

Valerie's eyes dropped down hesitantly; as if to watch her fingers fumble somewhat rigidly in her lap.

"I-It means anything, whatever you want me to do Ms. Adams... Please."

There wasn't any reason to play this silly guessing game of hers a minute longer.

"Well then, 'anything' or 'whatever' must mean, if I understand you correctly Valerie, is that you would be willing to become my personal full time servant girl; is that what you're saying?"

Her eyes shot up and she looked at me with an unfounded show of utter disbelief. My acknowledgment to this over dramatized reaction was one of simply setting my glasses back on the end of my nose as I replied...

"I see... "

... And then reaching directly for the phone's receiver.

"... It seems that we have nothing more to discuss Miss Johnson."

Valerie found herself half way over my desk as she instinctively leaped to stop me from dialing the phone.

"No wait, please."

Demonstrating that she had severely crossed the line of my patients, I glared at her angrily and then snapped sharply...

"Sit down Miss. Johnson!"

Only after she had obeyed my firm demand and slinked back down into her chair did I lower the receiver back onto its cradle.

"Should I consider that childish out-burst as a sign of your full agreement now Miss Johnson?"

As if I had given her any room for further choice or debate, Valerie continued to dawdle in giving me her answer in the affirmative.

It appeared that she had also found a little backbone again and that audacious subtle charm as well.

"How do I know that you won't have me arrested anyway after I do what you want 'E-lez-a-beth'."

Oooo, she needed to have that smirk slapped right off her face.

"Well, as I see it... ' Sweetness', (she was really going to regret that playful little word game one way or another) you really haven't been given any other assurances beside the one of me 'allowing you' to become my servant, or rather, 'slave'. Keeping my promise of not having you arrested will be entirely up to you, 'My Dear'.

I'm only offering amnesty in allowing you a choice to be my personal slave girl, but you alone will make that decision for yourself."

Of course I was going to make certain that there would be little other choice in the matter.

"Now Miss Johnson, you have wasted enough of my time... IS IT YES OR NO?"

Valerie piddled about in her newfound feelings of humility after she gave me her response in the affirmative, and I was right there to shove her nose deep into it when she finally did just that.

"... Yes."


"Yes, Ms Adams."

Granting her impunity from any form of embarrassment or civil punishment was far from my mind at this point. With another meaningful look, she was instructed to get down on her hands and knees. I wanted to see her totally humiliated while crawling around the desk to me. This would put her in the proper position as well to beg if she could be my slave girl. Of course Valerie was very resistant to my ideal at first. That is until I got up and made a straight line towards the door as if to escort her out.

But I only found myself locking it after her sudden awkward compliance. As soon as I returned to my desk, I clicked on a few desktop icons before telling Valerie that she now had my permission to make these wishes perfectly clear to me. She did so after that short crawl to my chair and began in a rather small apprehensive voice.

"Please Ms Adams, m-my I please be your slave girl."

I smiled briefly at her miserable attempt at being even vaguely sincere with such an arousing request and then thoughtfully began working my blue dress up around my hips.

Valerie's eyes grow wider as she saw my white lacy stocking garter and lesser string thong panties coming into full view.

"Yes you may be my slave Valerie, however I do expect you to show me a little more in sincerity then just your request."

She was warned of the consequences of not obeying as she watched me lift both my legs over ether armrest, going on to spread them then even more suggestively when pulling the thin crouch panel of my panties over to one side.

"Now be a good little slave girl Valerie and come lick my pussy, or else I'll have to tell everyone about how naughty you've been."

Giving Valerie a devilishly evil grin, I beckoned her to me with the curling white French tip of my forefinger. Even though this may have been physically new and unnatural for her in the beginning, she unquestionably learned rather quickly just how to please another woman.

She had crawled sluggishly towards me at first but Valerie finally managed to snuggle between my thighs as the soft pointed tip of her tongue brushed timidly up along the open lips of my flowered sex. It's increasingly silky and arousing persistent however eventually found it's true mark as it teased my clitoris with little stiff fluttering flicks.

Aside from this toxic stimulation, there was a certain unlikely thought that I had of her unwillingness in all this, which soon had me swooning and moaning with pleasure.

It appeared to incite Valerie as she then forced her tongue deeper into me. Mindlessly I grabbed her head and her own gasping breathes became more labored and frenzied as she probed my gushing pink tunnel which soon through me up over the edge into a sky exploding orgasmic show of ecstasy. Oh yesss...


I slowly regained control and came back down to reality.

"That was intensely adequate Valerie, and very surprising for someone who has never even thought of pleasing another woman before."

There was nothing said of any consequence in reply, other then her stifled unintelligible groaning and sallow panting as I finished by rubbing Valerie's nose into my fuzzy oozing sex. She was released from between my legs and pushed back into place with just a stiff finger to one shoulder. It left her kneeling there at my feet looking rather inept after she had nestled back against the heel spikes of her pink leather pomp's.

In this compromising position, my sad and sticky face girl pet's insistent airs of proper morals now visibly vanished as I watched her shamefully smear my proverbial succulent ripe peach juices from her moistened glistening lips and chin. She kneeled there fighting back her impish inner demons as I straightened my panties and made my outward appearance much more ladylike again.

"Wipe your face with a few tissues Valerie, and then go start cleaning out your desk immediately. You my tell the other girls anything you wish, but as of this moment, you have knowingly resigned and will be leaving this office like a well behaved little slave girl, with her owner."

It became quite obvious that Valerie had managed to regain a little of her dignity and quickly got back up on her high horse as she gave me a smoldering angry look for making her out to be nothing more then my pet. Of course this was only going to get this furious little sprite my personal added efforts at humiliating her further in other ways.

It might even be more fun when I broke my stubborn little nymphet of these free spirited ways by letting her ride a certain little wooden horsy of my own erotic design.

Maybe even spurring the little vivacious filly on with the thin braded riding-crop.

"Well now... Are we having any second thoughts Miss Johnson?"

This inquiry however was the only prodding she needed at the moment to get Valerie back up on those pretty pink toes, so to speak, and heading with new meaning out the door.

When it was obediently closed behind her, I thought to call Ms Miller and let her know of Valerie Johnson's consensual dismissal. I briefly went over the impartial and amicable reasons for this action and my decision in dropping any subsequent charges (little did she know) when Miss Johnson agreed to sign a company suit waiver and a letter saying she would be responsible for making any meaningful restitution. Cynthia seemed happy to leave the matter in my hands and thanked me for handling it so professionally and discreetly. Wearing my own knowing little smile, I reached back along the desk and hang up the phone. While reveling in this cleverly mastered achievement, I crossed my legs in such a mater so that they pinched my wet-heated sex tightly. Yes, thing feel amazingly wonderful when they are put together so nicely like this indeed.

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