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Desc: Incest Sex Story: I climbed out of bed and found a new tape and switched on the lights.<br>"You want me to suck you first?" she said her hand already working between her thighs. "God I just love doing this, being disgusting in front of a camera."

I lay staring up at the ceiling with a silly grin on my boyish face. Turning slightly I could see her naked sprawling body. Only yesterday I saw her smiling face on the front cover of some magazine and here she was naked in my bed. She had made it in a couple of 'B' films too but she famously refusing to get her fine body uncovered for the cameras. For me in the dim light I could see what everybody else was missing. It wasn't as if she was shy about her perfect body for last night she had performed quite happily in front of my top of the range digital video camera, no it was just some publicity ploy.

How did this all start for me, well I was doing some post graduate work and in my spare time I was hacking away during the small hours trying to get in to all sorts of placed I shouldn't. It was an accident that I found that back door, one of my programmes had been running for some hours when it stopped at that screen. I had never seen it before but I knew what it was. Some programme writer had installed a back door into his work so that he get in easily and modify it at a later date.

It was a challenge I couldn't pass up so over the next few weeks I worked on it. Without knowing who's it was I didn't really know where to start. In the end it was so simple, look on your keyboard and you will see. Account Name: asdfg, Password: zxcvb and I was in.

It was the Swiss Central Bank and it allowed me at the highest level. Account numbers and passwords were all there laid out before me. I logged off and set about thinking what I could do. One, I wanted lots of money but two, I didn't want to spend any time in jail.

The next night I logged on again, I went searching for a particular type of account. One with a lot of money in it of course but dormant, hadn't been touch for ten years at least. There were six with more than 500 million Euros and two had over two billion. Why people leave that sort of money left lying around I don't know or care. It took three nights to go back ten years and change their interest rate by 0.1 % and then to make the books balance I placed the access money into an account in my name that I made look like it had been opened ten years ago. The computer would back up every night at midnight so after a few months there was no way anybody would every find the error. 0.1% doesn't sound a lot but work it out. 1 Million at 0.1% is one thousand Euros. But it wasn't one million it was six billion and over ten years, then there's all that interest over those ten years too. I had 85 million Euros in my account, that's about 60 million pounds Sterling.

It didn't finish there of course for over the next twenty months I moved that money around the world, electronically at first then via a briefcase, it's surprising how much money you can carry in a standard briefcase; until it all rested in a nice 'off shore bank'. At last I knew that I was untouchable, all evidence destroyed and then I had a second stroke of luck. It was the time of rise and fall of the 'Dot Comm.' and I let it be known to all that I had just sold out my holdings before the crash. So I had 60 million pounds invested bring me in on average over one million pounds a year after tax and reinvestment.

I felt her stir beside me.

"Morning lover," she whispered, her low sexy voice known by millions around the country.

"Hi," I said smiling at her pretty face.

"Want to fuck?" she said.

"Sure," I said grinned like some idiot.

"You want to record it?" she asked throwing off the remains of her bed sheets.

"Yeah," I said.

I climbed out of bed and found a new tape and switched on the lights.

"You want me to suck you first?" she said her hand already working between her thighs. "God I just love doing this, being disgusting in front of a camera."

"I bet your agent doesn't," I chuckled as she took my hard cock into her hot mouth.

"God no," she said my cock slipping out of her so she could speak. "He would have kittens if he knew I was doing this."

"How do you know you can trust me?" I said looking down at her working energetically between my legs. "I might sell these tapes to some Internet firm and you'll be front page news just like that 'Hotel Girl'.

"That's part of the buzz," she said, "not knowing what might happen. Now stick it in me."

I was happy to oblige and we got down to some serious fucking. I like doing it first thing in the morning, for a start you are all warm and relaxed and two you can jump out of bed after and have a nice hot shower together. I moved her about so the best angles were recordered and making sure her face was on display too.

After we had showered and dressed he headed out for some lunch and too met up with some of her friends.

"This is Pete my new lover," she said quite unabashed to a Nikki a famous super model.

"Hi Pete," she said taking my hand. "What's he fuck like?" she said to Joyce.

"Fucking great," she said grabbing my hand out of hers, "so keep you slutty hands off him."

"I'm sure he has enough for both of us," Nikki said with a leering smile, "I could do with a good stiff one this afternoon."

"God you're a slut Nikki," she said but there was no sting to her voice.

"You can talk," Nikki said and both girls laughed. "Anyway tonight there's a party at the studio, came along and bring Pete the stud along and I'll see if I can lure him away from you."

"Yeah, ok," Joyce said, "all right with you lover?"

"Sure," I smiled.

I felt out of place at the party, everybody was sniffing lines of coke and even Joyce returned with some white powder under her nose.

"Not your scene," said a voice behind me and I turned to see a small oriental girl stranding there.

"No," I admitted.

"Come with me," rushed up Joyce taking my hand and pulling me away.

I notice that her eyes were looked funny.

"Nikki's upstairs taking on a train," she explained.

"What's a train?" I asked.

"You'll see," she said breathlessly and pulled me onward.

On the bed with two guys was a very naked Nikki.

"Oh," I said looking down at the threesome.

"Will you look at her go," commented Joyce her hand squeezing mine tightly.

I noticed in the corner was a guy with a video camera recording it all.

"More cock, I want more cock," shouted Nikki from the bed.

"You have a go," suggested Joyce.

"No thanks," I said and moved away from the bed.

Joyce stayed to watch while I went to find a new drink. In the bar I found the small oriental girl again.

"Do you want to leave?" she asked, "I'll come with you if you do."

"What," I said looking at her really for the first time.

She was outstandingly beautiful as only her race can be. Although small she was perfectly proportioned in every way. At that moment I heard a cheer from upstairs and Joyce's name being chanted out loudly.

"Looks like you girlfriend is taking her turn now," she said.

"Yeah," I grunted thinking how much she will enjoy being videoed like that.

"My names Mako," she said and she bowed slightly, "please come with me."

"Yeah," I agreed as a new cheer went up.

"Where are we going? I asked from the back seat of her limo.

"My place Pete," she said turning to smile at me, "and yes I know who you are."

"Oh," I replied.

The rest of the journey was made in silence.

"This is my daughter Lu," she introduced me to an equally beautiful girl. If she hadn't of said I would have sworn they were twin sisters.

"Hi," I nodded to her and in return she bowed deeply.

"It is my pleasure to meet you," she intoned.

"Shall we all go to bed?" Mako asked.

"Sure," I looked from one to the other and they both smiled back at me.

"Would you like to make love to me or Lu?" asked Mako as both ladies removed their dresses, which was all that they were wearing.

Their bodies were also identical even those Mako must be some twenty years older.

"Perhaps you would like to watch while we make love?" she added with a smile.

"Y-yes," my voice cracked.

"Shall we daughter," said Mako who held her hand out for Lu.

"Yes mother," she replied but with something extra in her voice.

No one could watch such two beautiful girls going at it without it affecting them and the same was true for me. My hard cock was painful in my pants.

"Come and join us," invited Mako who held out her hand for me.

Her daughter didn't look up from her position with her head between her mother's thighs.

"It was my daughter's idea," she sighed as I kissed her small but firm tits. "She said I should find a new man in my life either good looking of rich, so I said how about both."

"So we found you," giggled Lu her head rising from her mother's groin.

"Can I fuck both of you?" I asked.

"Sure," said Mako, "one or the other or both, whatever you want."

Their bodies were all but identical except perhaps Mako had slightly thicker waist. I slipped into her without and trouble and we both move with practiced ease.

"Pete, you've got to help me," cried a very distraught Joyce.

It was a few days later when Joyce banged on my front door.

"Jerry wants money or he'll sell his video to this Internet firm," she wailed, "what am going to do."

"Look, you knew you were playing with fire," I said, "and now you've got burned, so pay up and smile."

"I can't," she wailed, "he wants £50,000, I haven't got that sort of money, can you help?"

Well I could but why the fuck should I?

"See if he'll take your body in exchange," I said with a straight face.

"What! You'll let me do that?" she stared at me.

"Of course," I smiled nastily, "you got yourself in this mess now you've got to get out of it."

"You bastard," she said and attempted to slap me. "I thought you liked me."

"Oh believe me I do," I said ducking out the way of a second slap. "You're beautiful and sexy and just a bit self destructive."

"Bastard," she shouted over her shoulder and left.

"Let him sell it," I shouted after her, "make you more famous over night."

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