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Desc: Sex Story: Young teacher plays with her German Shepherd bitch, in heat. Then after the dog is locked away for safety the woman is raped by three very large horny dogs.

The story that I am about to relate happened to me in last summer.

I am a small Eurasian teacher in my mid twenties, not married but I do own my own home which sits on 4 acres of land completely fenced in by an eight foot chain link fence on all four sides. The property has thick bushes and trees all around the inside against the fence so it is completely isolated from view from anywhere except the sky. The rest of the four acres is covered in grass, shade trees, bushes and a small garden and a green house.

I have a three year old pet German Shepherd bitch as a companion that was given to me by my best friend for protection when I moved into my home. Anyway since the animal was given to me by a friend she wasn't spayed so I have to be careful not to let her loose when she's in heat. I don't want any accidents, but during these times she needs a lot of extra attention an affection, so we play chase, we wrestle and generally rough house a lot. She enjoys the attention and I like being with her.

Anyway, it was during one of these doggy periods in the late spring of last year that my story took place. It was a Saturday afternoon and I had finished my weekly shopping and was settling in for a nice, lazy weekend. So I changed into my bikini to spend time in the back yard and the sun. I let Lucy out for our time together and we were at it for almost an hour, but this time she was particularly rambunctious. She knocked me over and sat on me and rubbed herself on me until I was sure there wasn't a part of me that she hadn't rubbed. I don't know about other bitches but Lucy seems to discharge some sort of body fluid during her period in heat. So by the time we were finished our romp I had been smeared all over with her secretions.

I put Lucy back in the house and closed her in, before going back to the yard where I was going to do a little cleanup under one of the shade trees, in the middle of a group of secluded bushes. The grass was quite long in this grove. I was kneeling on the ground reaching for some garbage that had caught in the shrubs when I heard a rustling behind me. I turned around three very large dogs emerged from the bushes. Oh! God how did they get onto the property. It took me a moment or two to recognize a Lab, a Great Dane and a Mutt.

I must admit I was scared. I was kneeling with my back to the bushes. I figured they must have got in through a hole in the fence or dug under the fence. They must have caught my scent or maybe Lucy's scent. I started to get up from the grass but as I did the Great Dane grabbed me by the neck from behind. I tried to fight him off but he was too big and too strong. He pushed me to the ground on my knees while he held me and got behind me. I was facing the other two when they started sniffing and licking my belly and chest. The Lab seemed to be more interested in my tits but he couldn't get at them because of my bikini top. I sat back on my heals while they licked at me. The Dane had let go of me and was licking my back and ass but again my bikini bottoms were between me and him.

I began to feel relaxed and I started to giggle, after all they hadn't really attacked me or bitten me. All they where doing was showing affection and kissing or licking me. Was I mistaken! I was just about to reach forward to give the Lab a hug when he reached forward grabbed hold of my bikini top and yanked it off. I was totally surprised, and before I could bring my hands up to cover myself he was at them with his rough tongue. The action threw me off balance slightly so I must have lifted myself of my heals and moved my knees apart to stabilize myself. That's when I was nudged from behind and I was pushed forward onto my hands and knees. I wasn't giggling any more, but I wasn't given a chance to think about it because the Dane went after my pussy with his tongue from underneath me. Thank heaven that my bikini bottoms were between me and him, but I could still feel the stroking pressure from behind and he went from the pit of my stomach up through to my ass. I didn't want this but I was helpless to stop them. It was rude but they weren't hurting me, yet.

The Mutt must have loved the taste of my stomach because he just kept licking from the pit up and over my tits. It felt nice. It was strange but it felt nice and I began to realize that these monsters had no intention of hurting me as long as I was submissive, and didn't try anything silly like getting away.

Once I was sure I wasn't going to be hurt I began to relax and didn't mind so much what they were doing. Like I said it was strange but nice. Just when I was getting used to them being there and doing things to me the Dane hooked his teeth into the waist band of my bikini pants and snapped them off so fast I was stunned. Then he went back to licking me. But now there was nothing to reduce his rough tongue from getting to all my sensitive private parts. What with the hot tongue flesh caressing my back, sides, belly, tits pussy and ass I was fast losing self control. These monsters were making me feel things I had never felt before. And the Dane had found my clit with the tip of his tongue and he seemed to know exactly what it was for and how to treat it. I was feeling really strange and I was building to a cum. I could feel it deep in my belly. The itch was getting worse. Then the Lab grabbed my nipple between his teeth and scraped the sharp edge against my areolas. That was the trigger. My orgasm thundered through me like a burst tire. I screamed and wanted to collapse but the Lab was under me and stopped me from falling forward. I was ready for the next event although I didn't know it.

Just then the Dane raised up, he wrapped his front legs round my chest and moved his back legs between mine. He didn't put all his weight on me. God, he would have squashed me if he had. I was confused what was he doing? The Lab had moved out from under me and I supported myself on my hands. I looked back under me towards the Dane. Oh! God help me. All I could see was his back legs and a monstrous purple rod of hard flesh pointing straight out at me. He wasn't in line with my pussy but at that moment I knew that's where that thing was going whether I wanted it or not. He was HUGE!! I reached back to keep him out of me and tried crawling forward out of his way but he had me held tight. I felt my arms go weak and was sure he would forced my shoulders to the ground but he held me up between his front legs and the Lab was back under me at my tits and holding me up from the front.

The Dane humped me time and time again, trying to get that thing in me and each time he hit all around into my poor body. He was enormous and his knot was as big around as a ripe orange. He was hurting me as his sharp pointed cock kept hitting me. I hoped he would give up and let me go but just then he hit my pussy hole with a vengeance and sank that thing into me, almost all the way with the first thrust. God it hurt. It hurt so much I thought I'd pass out from the pain. I felt so stretched I was sure he'd actually torn me open. As he slammed into me the other two animals kept licking at my tits and stomach and the Mutt had found my clit which must have been forced out of me by the Danes attack and become completely exposed.

The Lab got out from under me and raised up so his front legs were on top of the Dane's head. I had to hold the two animals on my shoulders and the Lab's cock was only a couple of inches from my mouth. I grabbed hold of him with one hand to stop that hard shaft of flesh from getting into my mouth and held on. He immediately started to hump my hand.

A long time seemed to pass before the pain in my violated pussy went away and the constant thrusting and licking was beginning to have an erotic effect on me. I still felt stretched and full, but it was beginning to feel much better and his hot flesh in me was almost comfortable.

It wasn't long before that deep itch in the pit of my belly started again. I was being fucked by an animal to an orgasm. I couldn't let it happen. I had to fight it. It was wrong. It was debase. I was being raped. How could I enjoy something like that? I began to whimper and sob at being totally violated but I couldn't stop that terrible itch from getting worse. I was on the brink of cumming, stiill trying to fight it off. The Dane had been slamming his knot against my pussy lips. Thank heaven it had stopping him from getting any more of his tool in me. But just then one final very hard thrust and God what was happening. I looked back to see his knot disappearing into me. I felt his tip slam into my cervix and was sure he'd forced himself into my womb. His knot began to grow bigger and started pressing hard against the walls of my pussy. The itch was worse than anything I had ever felt before. I was passed the brink when he squeezed me really tight and pulled me hard against him and shot his scalding hot slime into me. It was all my body needed for the most intense orgasm I had ever had in my life. It was so intense I couldn't catch my breath and I kept gasping for air. I was dizzy and my heart started to fibrillate. My eyes couldn't focus properly and I was sure I was having a seizure.

The Mutt found his way under me and started licking my pussy again and kept stroking my swollen clit, which started driving me round the bend again, it was so intense. while the Dane kept filling me up. I started to get more turned on by the minute. I was getting raped. I didn't want any of this to happen, but the thought of it started to excited me again.

After the Great Dane finished with me all of my strength had gone but he was tied with me and couldn't pull out. I was held tight while the Lab continued humping my hand and he was getting very excited so I knew he was almost ready to start coming.

The Mut was still licked my pussy and clit, but now he was slurping down the ooze being forced out of me between the Dane's hard flesh and my vaginal walls. I was getting very agitated with another strong itch in me belly. I knew I was going to have another orgasm if this kept up.

Just then the Lab shot his first stream of very hot jizz against my tits. It was more than my body could repel and for the third time I had an orgasm like I've never had before and my upper body collapsed on the ground. The Dane still held my bum up under him while the Lab kept spewing his seed over my back and shoulders.

After a few minutes the Dane's cock pulled free and the rest of me fell to the ground. I was coming down from an incredible high and I was still a little dazed from the intensity of it all. I felt one of the beasts lick the stuff of my back while another licked my ass clean. I turned over on my back slowly and two of them started licking my belly, stomached, and tits clean. The Mutt flopped down between my legs and started licking on my pussy again. With my eyes closed I felt those three beasts devour every bit of cum from me and left my body tingling.

After a little while the only one still trying to milk me of my juices was the Mutt. But he eventually stopped. He stood up, pushed his nose under my ass and tried to lift me up. I opened my eyes to find him looking at me and when I looked between his legs I was shocked to see his hard black shaft pointing at me, with slime dripping out of the end. I knew what he wanted. He wanted to impale me on that thing, but if I thought the Dane was big this guy was enormous. His thing was at least as big as a small pony, and the entire length was ribbed with veins and ripples down to the bulge of his knot which was like an oversized soft ball. It frightened me just to think of that thing rammed up into my belly.

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