Caught by Rebel

by gshumour1

Copyright© 2004 by gshumour1

Sex Story: I wanted sex that bad I put on a blue movie and let the dog join in

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Bestiality   .

I wanted sex so bad that I put on a blue movie and let my dog Rebel join in.

I am 25 years old blonde and I have been told by numerous boys that I have a good figure my tits are 36c and firm with big nipples that I like to pull and pinch until they are hard and stand out, I keep my pussy shaved as it feels more sensual when being touched when there is no hair to get in the way.

I live alone now as I threw out my live in boyfriend because I caught him in bed with my "I thought" best friend. The only company I now have is Rebel my 3 year old black Great Dane. It sounds daft but I talk to him like he is human, telling him all my troubles and problems, and the funny thing is he seems to understand and just sits there listening looking at me with his big dark eyes.

The night I am going to tell you about changed my way of looking at things and the way I think.

I got home as normal at 5:30 and before I took my coat off got Rebel and took him for a walk in the local park, if I was on my own I wouldn't do this, but I felt perfectly safe when I was with Rebel because he was very protective towards me.

When I got home I fed Rebel got out a microwave meal and put it in the microwave to heat up, whilst it was cooking I went and got a quick shower, when I was soaping myself I rubbed the soap into my tits and nipples loving the sensual feeling it gave me. I slid my hands down my stomach and parting my legs gave my pussy a good soaping paying special attention to my clit. I put a finger up into my pussy and started to finger myself.

I have always being highly sexed and missed having a big cock in my tight pussy. Just thinking about it got me horny so I pushed in another finger and started to finger fuck myself, but just as I got going I heard the microwave ping, so I got rinsed off and putting on a silk bath robe went back into the kitchen. After eating the meal and doing the dishes I decided to put on a blue movie as I still felt the need to relieve the sexual tension I had built up earlier in the shower.

When playing with myself I liked to dress sexily so I put on a black silk Basque and a pair of black silk knickers, I love the feeling of silk next to my skin and to feel silk rubbing on my nipples is one of the most erotic feelings I have ever had, I got out my two favorite dildo's and went back into the room, got myself a bottle of wine and sorted out a film to watch, After turning the lights down low I got myself settled on the sofa to watch the film.

The film started with two young girls meeting for the first time in a bar, they got talking and after quite a few drinks ended up going to one of the girls flats, before long they where kissing each other and rubbing each others tits through there blouses. I like lesbian films I have never been with another woman, but have always had a secret desire to do so.

As the two girls started to undress each other, I put my hand onto my tit and caressed it gently loving the feeling of the lace rubbing my nipples, it wasn't long before my nipples where hard and very sensitive with heightened the feelings I was getting, putting my other hand on my pussy, I slid a finger in-between my lips and rubbed it so I could feel the lace rubbing on my clit, I could feel the juice leaking out of my pussy and through my knickers.

The film was getting hot by now and one of the girls was eating the others pussy, I love my pussy being licked and my clit being nibbled whilst I was being fingered, so watching this really got me hot. I pulled off my knickers and opening my legs played with my clit tweaking it making it become hard and sensitive I put two fingers into my wet pussy working them in and out. I then put them in my mouth and imagined it was some other girls love juice I was tasting.

Then I got the smallest of my dildo's and pushed it into my sopping wet fanny moving it in and out I was that wet I could hear it squelching as it went in, I pulled the top of my Basque down so that I could get to my nipples and pulled them and nipped them as I fucked myself. I took out the small dildo dropped it on the floor and got the bigger one and pushed this into my fanny.

Then something strange happened Rebel came across and after sniffing the dildo started to lick it, I then had a really dirty thought and pulled the dildo offered it to Rebel he straight away came to me and started to lick it, I moved it nearer to my pussy and Rebel sniffed it and then started to lick me.

It was out of this world as his long tongue went right into my fanny as he tried to get my love juice, I had never felt anything like this and was moaning and groaning with pleasure, it didn't take long before I could feel myself start to quiver and the feeling in my stomach as I started to cum I screamed that loud because it was that intense it made Rebel stop, I pulled him back and he carried on.

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