Cape Cod Summer
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Story of a young man and his adventures one summer.

The summer after my junior year in college was one of the best I can remember. For the previous four summers I had worked in a private beach club on Cape Cod. My family lived on the Cape, so I could work and stay at home for free and make some tuition and spending money. Many college-aged kids would get summer jobs on the Cape, but a lot of them would spend most of what they made just making rent each month. It was a great place to work and party, and most fondly remembered their summers on the Cape -- even working summers. I started at the club as a porter my first year, worked my way up to busboy the next year, and had been a waiter for the last two summers. This year I would wait tables again and since I'd be a graduating senior the following spring, this would probably be my last summer. The club was a great job. It was a beach club whose members included lots of well-to-do families who summered on the Cape, but it was also attached to a hotel with an equally wealthy clientele. The best part was that because it was attached to a hotel, the meal plan dictacted the dining hours. Breakfast was from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM. Lunch from noon to 2:30 PM and dinner was from 6 PM to 8:30 PM. This meant the work shifts were very predicatable and you didn't have the stress of a typical restaurant, with tables constantly turning over for hours on end.

The waitstaff was split up into two "teams". One week, your team would have the breakfast and dinner shift. The next week you'd have lunch and dinner. The breakfast and dinner weeks were great, because you had the whole day to yourself after about 10 AM when clean-up was complete, so you could hit the beach all day and still have time to get home, clean up and make your dinner shift. What a life!

The other great thing about the club was that they picked some of the best looking college kids they could find to fill the jobs, so you were surrounded by great looking (for the most part) girls while you worked. My uncle had worked for the company that ran the club and hotel for years and got me the job as a porter the first year. Although I'm not exactly an Ivy League pretty boy, I'm not a troll either and I worked hard and was never late. The club manager would call me each spring to make sure I was coming back, and many of the kids that worked there couldn't say the same.

When school ended in mid-May, I packed up my shared apartment and headed home. The next day I gave the dining room manager a call to let her know I was back and could start whenever they needed help. She told me to show up the next morning if I could. Most of the business at the hotel in May and early June was convention traffic. Groups would come in to use the meeting facilities, play a little golf, swim in the heated pool, and eat some great food. They had a large group in the hotel this week and some of the waitstaff had been delayed a few extra days at school. As much as I would have liked to have had a few days to relax after a particularly stressful school year, I needed the money, too, and told her I'd be there that afternoon to sign the HR paperwork and pick up my uniforms.

They were between shifts when I arrived, so I didn't see any of the staff, but upon checking the work schedule and seeing Molly's name, a big smile came to my face. Molly was just about the best friend I had had at the club in all the years that I had worked there. Last year had been her first year at the club, but we had hit it off right away and became friends and then later a bit more than that. I knew she would be working at the club again this year, but wasn't sure when she was starting. Apparently, she finished up with school before me and was already working. At about 5'6", this auburn-haired, green-eyed doll had a fabulous body and was one of the nicest girls I had ever met. I still wasn't sure what she saw in me. She had "girl next door" good looks and a great personality. Yeah... I know... that phrase is usually for girls that were less attractive, but Molly was that great combination of cute and personable. On top of that, her family was loaded, but you'd never know it by her attitude. She always worked hard and never seemed conceited, which I'm sure is why she was invited back to work this year as well. She never flaunted her wealth, but always looked great when we went out and obviously spent some of her dad's money on nice things. We had kept in touch through the course of the school year, and had spent a weekend together back in October during her school's football homecoming week, but both of our workloads got absolutely crazy at school and neither of us had time to get together, as much as we both wanted to. She went away with her family during both Winter and Spring breaks, so we hadn't had much contact since that great weekend in October. Several phone calls, but not much more.

Summer romances were pretty loose affairs, generally, and the "friends with benefits" tag applied to most of them. It seemed to suit both the guys and the girls. Occasionally a more serious and "steady" relationship would emerge and there really wasn't a lot of sleeping around, but if you put that many college kids -- good looking ones at that -- in one place all summer it was bound to generate some sexual energy.

I went home with visions of Molly's cute ass dancing in my head but went to bed early, knowing that I'd have a busy day ahead. The first day at work to start the summer was always a little extra tiring. I had no idea how tiring the day would end up being.

I arrived at work right on time and greeted some of the gang that had returned to the club from the previous summer. There were several new folks as well and a couple that were also just starting that day. We got down to the business of getting the dining room ready for the breakfast crowd and just as I was wondering where Molly was she came out of the kitchen with a big rack of water glasses. She looked great.

"Howdy stranger," she said as she deposited the rack of glasses on the nearest table and skipped over to give me a huge hug. A big smile came over her face and I was saddened for a bit that we hadn't tried harder to get together over the winter. The new folks were probably wondering what was going on, but we didn't care and stole a quick kiss. As we separated to get to work, Molly playfully gave my ass a pinch and winked at me. Hmm...

The club was a bit short-staffed because it was early in the season and not all the help had arrived. In addition, the new folks were still learning the ropes, so Molly and I had very little time to talk while we raced around doing our jobs while helping others learn theirs. Her station was on the other side of the dining room and I was stuck on the buffet line, but she smiled and winked nearly every time she passed by the buffet and I got a second pinch and a little "by mistake" grope as we passed in the kitchen. Always the frisky one, she seemed particularly playful today. Not that I was complaining... it was more "action" than I had gotten in the last four or five months at school.

When breakfast ended later than normal because of the convention schedule, we were just about to leave, grab a cup of coffee, and sit and chat when Louise, the dining room manager, asked if we could stay and work all three shifts. The weather was crappy and it's not really beach weather on Cape Cod in mid-May even on a good day. I needed some early summer funds, so I reluctantly agreed to stay and Molly indicated she would stay as well. At least I wouldn't have to do the "triple" alone.

"Lunch" actually turned out to be a clambake and got going later than it was supposed to as well. It ran right into dinner, which was highly unusual for the club and by the time we were done serving the conventioneers all three meals, I was exhausted and feeling pretty disgusting from all the various bits of food and such that spills and splashes on you while you wait tables. It was almost 10 PM by the time we finally punched out for the day. Nearly a 16-hour day with about an hour break between shifts. At least they had fed us.

Molly lived pretty close to the club in a beautiful gated community right on the water. Because she was so close and didn't have her own car (even though she could have gotten one from her parents), she often rode her bike to work. Given the late hour and how tired we all were, I offered her a ride home and she accepted by giving me another pinch and a kiss. I threw her bike into the bed of my truck, latched it down with a bungee cord, and we headed off, both almost too tired to talk.

"Would you like to come in for a swim", Molly asked with a twinkle in her eye as we pulled into her driveway.

"I'd love to, but it's pretty late. Wouldn't we wake up your folks?"

"They're not down for the summer, yet. It's just me and Liz for now," and her smile grew.

"I don't have my suit", I protested weakly.

"We have some spares in the cabana out by the pool. Come on!"

With that, she was out of my pickup and had the bike already out of the back and put away in the 3-car garage. Always bubbly, I wasn't sure where she was getting her energy from at this point in the day. She took my hand, led me through the house and out to the pool area, grabbing me a beer on our way through the kitchen.

"Jeez... that'll go right to my head after this day," I said, twisting the top on the beer anyway.

Molly just smiled, "I know..."

The pool area was stunning and it was the first time I had seen an "infinity" pool up close and personal. They had replaced an older pool the previous summer and I hadn't been to the house since. The pool's edge ran right up to the private beach leading down towards Nantucket Sound. I dipped my hand in and it was really warm. Good thing, too, because the air was chilly.

"The cabana's right over there", Molly said, pointing out the obvious. "There should be some suits in there that we keep around for guests. Get out of that waiter's get-up and get changed. I'm going to run in the house and change into my suit. Be right back!" And off she went back into the house still full of energy. What a cutie!

I watched as a few lights came on in the house and made my way into the poolside cabana to change. A huge, soft chaise lounge and several chairs were neatly arranged inside the cabana and I began to get out of my uniform. I had stripped down to my boxers when I started to look around for the "guest" suits. I couldn't find one and the cabana was generally empty except for the furniture and a couple of towels, so I waited for Molly to come back out of the house downing my beer a little too quickly.

What I saw when she emerged from the house had me looking for some way to hide a growing erection. She looked fabulous in her tight string bikini. It was white and small and barely did the job covering her 36C's and gorgeous ass. It was pretty cold and the nipples on her breasts were standing at full attention. The bikini bottom was high-cut and had very little fabric -- front or back.

"Like it?" she asked, spinning around like a runway model and showing it all off.

"Umm... it's great, but I have a little problem," I stammered.

"What's wrong?"

"There don't seem to be any guest suits."

"Oh... yeah... that's right," she said smiling. "My mom hasn't been down to officially open up the house. I bet they're still inside the house in a box somewhere. Well... I could go in and look for one if you'd like... or..."

With that final "or..." she smiled a wicked smile and whipped off both her bikini top and bottom. She neatly placed them on a chaise at the edge of the pool and with a wink, ran over to the pool's edge and jumped in.

When she popped up again, she smiled, "There... now we're even... neither of us has a suit. Come on! Get in!"

With how gorgeous Molly looked -- especially now without the suit -- I needed little further encouragement. I dropped my boxers, doing my best to hide my partial hard-on, and quickly dove into the warm pool.

As soon as I surfaced, Molly practically attacked me. The playful and sweet kisses and pinches from earlier in the day turned to passionate kisses and frantic petting as we stood in the pool's shallow end and re-acquianted ourselves. Her hands were all over my ass, back, and chest and her tongue was probing my mouth hungrily. I returned the favor as best as I could, gently caressing and squeezing her ass and breasts.

"God, I missed you," she said, surprising the hell out of me with her fervor.

"Really? It's been so long since we saw each other... I figured you'd found a nice boyfriend at B.C. and had forgotten all about me." I said it with a smile, but was pretty sure that's what had happened. We both had chalked up the lack of contact to schoolwork. I know for me it was crazy, but Molly was a great girl and I was sure she had found someone at school. We called each other fairly often, but didn't get into any details about relationships. I don't think we understood our own relationship well enough to be expecting things of the other.

"We need to do a better job of communicating," she said between kisses. "There was no one at school. I was so busy with schoolwork I barely had time to eat."

We continued our underwater caressing and after a few minutes Molly reached between my legs and began to play with my cock. At this point, I was rock-hard and hoping this wasn't all just a tease. Molly and I had had sex a few times, but it had been a while since we'd even seen each other and I wasn't sure where I stood.

"Oh my," she said. "And I haven't had one of these since that weekend in October." Again... a state of shock that I'd been the last to have sex with this gorgeous girl.

I took a deep breath, dunked under the water, and began to lick first one... then the other... of her round, firm breasts. I could hear her begin to moan -- even underwater -- and those moans grew even louder as I took another breath and continued to worship her chest. She nearly screamed when I moved a hand down between her own legs and began to caress her crotch, quickly finding her swollen clit and able to feel her wetness even underwater.

"I've waited five months for this," Molly gasped, "I'm not waiting any longer. Let's go into the cabana." Reluctantly she broke our embrace and swam to the edge of the pool, gracefully ascended the ladder. Her firm, round ass was swinging from side to side and making me even harder than I already was. She turned as she walked toward the cabana and beckoned me to follow with her index finger and a sexy look. She went over to the control panel in the cabana and dimmed the pool and deck lights. She put on some soft music and then settled into the huge and soft chaise lounge.

I walked over to join her, somewhat embarassed by my cock swinging in the breeze, but that embarassment quickly turned to pleasure, because before I could even sit down next to Molly in the chaise, she was on her knees and taking my dick into her mouth. The cool breeze of the May night combined with Molly's warm mouth and soft hands were driving me crazy in a matter of seconds. She was certainly acting like a girl -- no a woman -- who hadn't seen cock in a while as she bobbed hungrily up and down on my shaft, moaning and slurping. I reached down and caressed her face and wet hair and she looked up at me happily and continued to work on my pole. Her motion became faster and faster and she cupped by balls and alternated between sucking and licking my cock like her favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry's. I was about to blow, but wanted to last longer... a lot longer... so I gently pulled away and pushed her onto her back.

The sight of her on that chaise naked and glistening from the pool with a big smile on her face was enough to make me bust right there, but I kneeled on the edge of the chair and began to work on Molly's tits again, this time without having to come up for air. I caressed, kissed and sucked her tits and nipples for a good while using my right hand to massage and caress. All the while, I was using my left hand to play with her pussy, gently at first and then with more purpose, using her moisture to get the slit good and slick. Her clit was huge and as I sensed she was ready to explode, I eased off and began to kiss my way down her midriff to her sex.

She slid down in the huge chair just enough for me to lay down beside her and we started into one of those sixty-nines that seems to last forever, each lover sensing the moment just before the explosion of the other and slowing down or stopping for long enough to make it last. After what seemed like hours of this, exploring every inch of Molly's gorgeous pussy, she finally exploded in an orgasm so strong I thought the neighbor's would be calling 9-1-1. Practically before she was done, she hopped up, pushed me fully onto my back and mounted me. She must have timed it just right or been completely ready for a second because almost as soon as my cock was fully inside her she exploded in a second orgasm, this one nearly as loud as the first and she continued to cum as she bounced up and down on my shaft.

The sight of Molly in a state of sexual ecstasy was simply too much and sent me over the edge. I groaned like an animal and shot a massive load into her already dripping pussy. As Molly came down from her own titanic orgasm, she slumped down over me and kissed my neck and lips tenderly pressing her chest into mine. I reached over and grabbed a huge beach towel from a table near the chaise, draping it over the both of us to ward off the cool May air.

"God... that was fabulous," she sighed after several minutes. "Why didn't we get together again after October?"

"I have no idea," I answered, "but let's not make that mistake again any time soon, huh?"

As we lay there in a state of total satiation, I heard a rustling near the corner of the cabana and then a voice.

"Damn that was beautiful," the voice said. I nearly shit myself thinking it was Molly's parents who had arrived in surprise, but Molly seemed as calm as could be and not startled in the least.

"Did you like it," she cooed, eyes still closed and cheek pressed against my chest, but obviously talking to the voice. "I wonder if he has anything left in him for you."

WHAT?!?! HUH?!?! For who? I was in a state of shock as I looked toward the corner of that cabana to see where the voice was coming from.

"This is my sister, Liz... ," Molly started, as her sister came into full view.

"ELIZABETH," the voice shot back.

"Sorry, sweetie. This is Elizabeth, my kid sister. I hope she didn't scare you. We have a surprise."

Standing there, in nothing but a white lace bra and panties and a white terry robe which wasn't hiding much, was a goddess. Don't get me wrong. Molly was a gorgeous girl and I realized I was probably falling in love with her -- much to my own surprise. Tonight's romp was starting to solidify that, but it had been on my mind a while. But Elizabeth was Venus and Aphrodite. At least as shapely as her sister with full breasts, legs "up to her armpits", and a face worth killing for, this blond beauty was simply stunning. I had met Molly's mom once (another stunner), and this girl was her spitting image, with the body of an 18-year-old.

"Elizabeth just turned 18 and graduated from high school. I wanted to give her a present she wouldn't soon forget," Molly whispered in my ear. "You." She pushed my chin up to close my gaping mouth and laughed.

I stared back at her... mouth gaping open again.

"What? What do you mean 'you'?", I stammered.

"I want you two to make love. And I want to help. Liz... uhm... Elizabeth is still a virgin. Somehow she managed to avoid all the losers and jerks in high school and hasn't had sex... at least not intercourse. I wanted it to be special for her and so I thought up this plan."

"I've given a blowjob or two," Elizabeth confessed, "but never went all the way with anyone. Most of the guys at my school were too immature and I think a lot of them were scared of me."

I could easily understand why. She could have been on the pages of any modelling -- or men's -- magazine and she just graduated from high school. I would have been terrified of her when I was 18, too. At 21, I was still taken aback by her beauty and I had a little more experience under my belt than a typical high school senior.

"You're kidding, right" I said to Elizabeth in disbelief. "Me? No... you should find someone you really like... someone special... someone your age. It should be special your first time. You could have any guy you want... really... any guy. Your sister and I are great friends and I... like her a lot, but you're kidding me with this, right?" I expected them to burst out laughing at any moment as I continued to stare blankly at each of them. Molly knows how I love practical jokes and this would be a doozy.

"Sweetie... we're dead serious," Molly said to me with a stern look. "You're sweet. You're a great guy. You're great in bed. blush I know you don't sleep around and I know you'll be gentle and loving. I can't think of a better guy to make love to my sister for the first time. Listen. Elizabeth doesn't want a relationship, she just wants her cherry popped -- excuse the expression Liz -- and she wants you to do it. We've talked about this a bunch of times already."

"And after that performance," Elizabeth added, "I can't wait for my turn."

I blushed thinking of the amazing sex Molly and I had just shared.

"Umm... how much of that did you actually see," I asked nervously adjusting the big towel just a bit.

"Pretty much all of it," Elizabeth said with a smile. "You've got a lot more stamina than the boys I'm used to dating. Most of them cum before I even get anywhere and most of them don't even know what to do with... or for... me if I won't let them fuck me. Molly told me to sneak down when she came inside to put on her suit." I gave Molly a stern look and she returned it with a smile.

"So you had this planned a while then," I asked, getting nods in return.

"You're better at this than you think, sweetie," Molly added. "I haven't had a lot of experience either, but most guys -- even college guys -- think they can just bang away at you for a few minutes and you're good. Really... you're gentle and kind and you always make sure that I'm satisfied. And... you're cock's not bad either," she giggled reaching under the towel for a quick fondle. My blush was getting deeper and I re-adjusted the towel to retain some semblance of my dignity.

"I don't know, Molly. This just doesn't seem right. I'd feel like I was cheating on you. Part of the reason I haven't had sex with anyone in school this year is that it just didn't feel right. I had a couple of chances at parties and a few dates, but I kept thinking about you and that it would be wrong. I know we've never really talked about it, but..."

"It was the same for me, sweetie," Molly smiled, interupting me before I got too far. "We won't do this if you don't want to, but Elizabeth and I have talked about this a couple of times. She doesn't want to go through the whole summer or into college next year still a virgin. She's already told you that the boys in high school were basically idiots. Plus... she's gorgeous and I'll be right here. If you're really uncomfortable, we'll wait. Maybe she'll meet a guy this summer who's as sweet and caring as you."

"I just don't know, Molly." To Elizabeth, "You're gorgeous... just like your sister... but I just don't know if I can do this."

At this point, my mind was racing. Here I was turning down virgin sex with one of the most gorgeous creatures I had ever seen and she wanted to have sex with me. At the same time, my confidence was at an all-time high. Was Molly just buttering me up? I hadn't ever had any complaints about sex before, but I'd only had a couple of partners. She seemed to think I was doing a pretty good job. I know I'm not huge, but I've always managed to get girls off. Having just had sex, I'd be sure to last for a while. My head was throbbing from the long day, the thoughts running around, and probably the beer on a half-empty stomach. The thought of that girl wanting me was mind numbing. And Molly right there to watch? Participate? How much had these two talked about this evening? I wasn't even paying attention to what was going on around me...

While I was mulling this over and before I could answer or object, Elizabeth was naked and on the chaise with Molly and me. The towel we had been using to keep us a little warmer was gone and Elizabeth had my half-limp cum-covered cock in her mouth.

"Oh my god," I groaned, still trying to figure out what was happening and squirming away a bit. "Wait." Molly put her arm around my shoulder and kissed me deeply.

"Will this change your mind?" Elizabeth grinned as she looked up at me. Her naked body was even more gorgeous than I thought and the little bit that had been covered by the lace bra and panties and the terry robe were now exposed. My little Molly had a better ass, but this girl was built for sin, too, and she could apparently suck cock with the best of them. She must have had plenty of practice trying to keep those high schoolers from fucking her, and she was damn good at it. A "couple of times" she had said, but based on her skill, it had been more than that, or she was just a natural. I could understand why the boys couldn't last long with this kind of action. I had just cum in her sister's pussy and I was barely holding on as she continued to take more and more of me into her mouth and throat. Her head was moving up and down incredibly fast and the suction was amazing.

"Slow down," I groaned, "and swing your legs around."

Resigned to my 'fate' such as it was, I looked to Molly. She was grinning from ear-to-ear and rubbing her pussy next to me on the chaise. A strange thought popped into my head. Damn this chair was huge. The three of us were on it with room to spare. Elizabeth swung around a bit, but didn't quite understand my instructions. I helped her and got her into a sixty-nine much like the one her sister and I had just enjoyed. Her cunt was neatly trimmed and I could tell that her blond hair was no dye job. As soon as I touched her slit she groaned, so I rubbed gently and started to spread her wetness around. She smelled great and had obviously prepared herself for this. How long had they planned this, I wondered. After a few strokes with my hands and fingers, I slowly began to lick her labia, searching out her clit.

"OH MY GOD, that's good," Elizabeth cried out. "That feels SOOOO GOOOOD!" She pressed her pussy into my face with each stroke she made on my cock.

"I thought you said you'd had head before," I asked, suprised by her reaction, between swipes at her pussy with my tongue and lips.

"I... said... I'd... given... head... ," she panted, "I... haven't... ever... gotten... it... OH GOD!" Elizabeth was literally shaking with pleasure as I tongued the folds of her pussy, sucking gently on the outer lips, tongue fucking her a bit, and then flicking and sucking her clit at random. For those stupid high school boys not to have reciprocated with a little cunt licking, especially given Elizabeth's obvious cock-sucking talents. Damn... they didn't know what they were missing. She tasted so sweet and it made her blowjob even more amazing as she really got into it as I heated her up.

When I started going to work in earnest on her clit, I thought she was going to suck my dick right off. She was obviously enjoying this. I could hear Molly whispering to her, but couldn't hear what they were saying. When I peeked, Molly was having a great time masterbating while watching us and giving her sister pointers. Not that she appeared to need any. I reached down and was able to stick a finger or two into Molly's pussy while she worked her own clit. My actions elicited a smile and a moan. A minute later, Elizabeth was bucking wildly as I brought her to a climax and she inhaled my dick right down to the balls and moaned loudly.

"Uhhnnnn, OHHHHH, YEAAAAHHHHH, my GOD that was great," she moaned between bobs on my cock. "I can't believe none of those jerks in school knew enough to do THAT!" She continued to ride my face for a few more minutes while I fucked her slit with my tongue.

"Are you ready," Molly asked.

I started to answer, but she was apparently talking to Elizabeth as her sister swung around and positioned herself for a little cowgirl action.

"Are you sure about this," I asked. "If you're not ready..." I started but before I could finish...

"Oh yeah... I'm ready for this," Elizabeth answered, almost breathless.

"This is gonna hurt a bit, Liz, but only for a little while."

Elizabeth was so lost in the moment, she didn't even scold Molly for the "Liz" and barely seemed to hear the warning.

After all the oral work, my cock was rock hard and incredibly slick. Molly took a few licks and sucks while Elizabeth got into position and then guided my cock up to her sisters pussy slowly, positioning it in just the right spot. The sensation was incredible as Elizabeth slowly lowered herself onto my waiting dick. She was so tight! Molly held it upright and whispered encouragement to her sister. She grimaced a bit as her "cherry" broke, but the pained expression didn't last long and was soon replaced by one of pleasure as she slowly raised and lowered herself onto my rock hard cock taking it all the way in and nearly all the way out with each slow stroke.

"How ya doin', sis," Molly asked.

"Uhhh... ohhh... god this is GOOD," was all Elizabeth could say before continuing her up and down motion, slowly increasing her speed. As she got settled, I began to rub and massage those glorious breasts and nearly blew my load when, after a few more minutes of fucking, she added, "Oh... your cock is SO HARD. OH YEAH!"

Thinking that Molly was feeling a little left out, I tickled her feet to get her attention and motioned to my mouth. She moved in to kiss me, but I shook my head. Smiling broadly, she got the idea and moved up to straddle my face with her own pussy. At this point, I was in heaven. I had my best friend... and a girl I was beginning to think I was in love with... straddling my face and her just de-flowered sister riding my cock like a rodeo star. I plunged my tongue in and out of Molly's slit as fast as I could, and alternated between that and her swollen clit. When she looked down at me I smiled and I could have sworn I saw her mouth "I love you" to me. I soon had her bucking wildly on my face and moaning loudly. She cried out again and clamped herself down on my face as she came, nearly taking away my breath.

When her climax was complete, I had her spin around so she could face her sister and I continued to work on her slit. At this point, I was just about spent. I think the only thing keeping me going was that I was so damn tired from the previous fuck and the "triple" at work, I was barely conscious. But I was aware that I had a goddess riding my cock and another one sitting on my face. Had I been less tired, just the thought of it probably would have sent me over the edge.

Elizabeth was now fucking me like a madwoman, but I managed to hang on long enough to warn her that if she wasn't on the pill, she better be ready to pull off soon. No sooner had I given that warning, and she suddenly made two more quick thrusts and screamed out in pleasure.

"Oh YEEAAAAAHHHHH," she moaned and came as she ground her pussy into my cock one last time, her virgin pussy clamping down tightly on my shaft with each spasm of her orgasm. "Uhhhnnnnnnnnnn!"

"Let me finish him," Molly said, and her sister obliged reluctantly, pulling off and releasing my dick from her oh-so-tight snatch. No sooner had my cock popped out and Molly was on it with her mouth, tasting me and her sister as she swallowed my dick hungrily as I tried to keep working her slit. I was barly hanging on and then I heard...

"Let me help, sis," coming from Elizabeth and that was it. Two gorgeous sisters servicing my cock with Molly's pussy practically dripping in my face and I could take no more. With a gutteral groan, I unloaded into Molly's mouth and drove my tongue as far as I could into her pussy. I must've hit the right spot because she squealed loudly and came again with my cock still in her mouth.

"Share some," was about the last I heard before I looked up to see both girls... women... cleaning my cock with their tongues. At that point, the exhaustion of the days work and the sexual release got the best of me and I basically passed out. After a few minutes the girls woke me and brought me into the house. We all spent the night together in Molly's bed and I awoke the next morning wedged between the two naked sisters, a big smile on all of our faces.

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