Tiers of Satisfaction
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Oral Sex, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mainly out of boredom a woman decides to explore her submissive side and soon finds herself bewildered and enthralled by her new Dom.

It wasn't a dark and stormy night, it was a boring night and Clara did what one does to relieve boredom which is find people who are not boring and hope that they entertain you. Tammy had friends who were not boring, strange perhaps but usually entertaining so Clara found herself following Tammy to meet with a couple of other women at a nightclub. One of those women was Brenda who Clara could tolerate once in a while as a kind of diversion but preferred not to do it too often and would just assume not call her a friend.

Clara listened mostly to the three other women as she nursed a wine-cooler, which was about the only thing she liked to drink with any regularity and that was not often. Brenda spoke more then the other two as she always did, apparently she was getting into some alternative situations as Brenda liked to call them and wanted the others to be shocked by her behavior. Nobody was anymore, at least not Clara or Tammy; a couple of years ago maybe but they were pushing 30 now and heard just about any possible bizarre sexual experience come out of Brenda's mouth in detail.

"He wanted control you know! I mean he was very upfront about it and had even said that's what he wanted on the web site we met at, but even so it was a little fast for me." Brenda said looking at Tammy.

"Fast for you, Brenda! I don't' think so" Tammy said faking a look of sincerity.

"Be good now Tammy. I try but I'm not going to wait a month to see his pecker." Brenda said as she took a sip of her drink. "Now Samuel would have shown me had I let him tie me up but we didn't get that far."

"Got ahead of you did he?" Tammy asked.

"No it wasn't that... maybe he just... I don't know. I think maybe I'll see him again, I think he is into this Dom/sub thing more then I." Brenda said.

"So you met this guy on a web site for people who are in to this stuff?" Clara asked. Brenda had been with some rather strange people but this was the first story Clara had heard of this kind.

"Yea, it's got places to put photographs and list your turn on's and things like that. Then you can send emails back and forth anonymously and if you hit it off you meet." Brenda replied.

"And you guys hit it off until you met." Tammy said to Brenda.

"No, not like that, it was fun and bit thrilling but then we met and now maybe I don't want to be told what to do and get screwed every night with my legs tied over my head to the bed."

Everyone at the table laughed for a while as they pictured Brenda, who was not quite cute in most of their eyes, moaning as some guy tied her up.

Brenda continued on, "It's not that that's not great once in a while, I mean Joseph and I did it a few times, and I made him pretty happy being a weekend slave and all."

"You were a slave for while? You never told us that." Tammy joked.

"Hey, got to try everything at least once. Gets old, though I know a couple of girls who do it like all the time. God that would suck!"

Clara found the conversation stimulating in a strange way as she guessed most woman had such fantasies once in there life but in the end who wanted to give up that much control to someone else, no matter how much you loved them. She had not been in a memorable relationship in a while and wondered if she would have any luck finding someone on this web site.

"Are there some good finds on this web site?" Clara asked.

"Once in a while, but you got to be selective or you end up with a lot of freaky emails, not to mention photographs that would make a whore blush!" Brenda replied with a slight look of disgust on her face.

Tammy and Clara exchanged a smile at Brenda's choice of words. The woman was always colorful but had a reputation for being a bit crude and put off a number of other people Tammy and Clara knew to the point were they would have nothing to do with Brenda and could not see how anyone else could. But Tammy kept in contact with Brenda in part for the same reason Clara did, she was fun to be around... once in a while.

"Look!" Brenda suddenly exclaimed as she stared across the room full of people.

Everyone looked to see what she was gasping at but there was a lot going on around them and with the music playing they failed to locate anything out of the ordinary.

"It's Samuel!" Clara said as she straightened up in her seat and waved wildly trying to get his attention.

Clara saw a tall man near the entrance acknowledge Brenda's wave as he started walking toward the table where the four women were seated.

"Oh, I told him I come here a lot and that he should stop by some time. Maybe I made a better impression on him then I thought." Brenda said to the other women as Samuel approached.

At first glance Clara found the guy to her liking, he was built well but not overly so and carried himself well. She could not help but wonder what he saw in Brenda as maybe he was a bit too handsome for her.

"Samuel, great you stopped by... have a seat." Brenda said to the man.

Tammy moved over a little so that Samuel could pull up a chair next to Brenda.

"I was just telling everyone about you. They can't wait to hear the end of the story!" Brenda joked.

"Nice to know I'm entertaining the ladies" Samuel replied as he nodded politely to everyone after seating himself.

"Oh you are! They can't wait to rush home and join our little web site. Right Clara?" Brenda said as she laid her hand on Clara's arm.

"I might" Clara replied a little more seriously then she meant to say it.

"Aagh" Tammy exclaimed as she heard the conservative Clara speak out of character. The two exchanged glances leaving Tammy unsatisfied as to Clara's real intent.

"Oh come on you got to meet Tony and Sara!" Brenda said excitedly as she pointed to a couple off in the distance. "Sorry guys, but I can't pass this chance up" Brenda said apologizing to the others as she pulled Samuel to his feet and lead him off toward the bar with a slightly annoyed look on his face.

"Well that was short" Tammy joked after the two were out of earshot.

"I wanted to meet him, just to see if he really liked Brenda." Clara added. She was dying to know more about their relationship but felt constrained not to push for more information as she was embarrassed herself at her level of interest.

The three woman at the table chatted for a while longer until one of them decided it was time to go and the other two agreed so all of them paid their share of the tab and headed home for the evening. Clara would have followed Tammy out the door but Brenda came up out of nowhere and stopped her.

"We broke up! In case your interested." Brenda said as she waved to someone Clara could not see.

"Oh, I'm sorry" Clara replied guessing she was talking about Samuel

"No, don't be... anyway I told him you wanted to talk with him. Come on he is talking with Tony." Brenda said pulling Clara along as she headed back to the bar.

Clara was about to say something but then found herself within earshot of Brenda's friends so could only smile and nod her head as she was introduced. Tony was dressed nearly all in black and Sara was wearing a very short skirt with long black stockings but it was the collar she wore that caught Clara's eye as all of them politely greeted her. Samuel stood up from his barstool and extended his hand to Clara.

"I wish we could chat some more but I see your leaving" Samuel said after giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

"Yes, it's getting late and I'm not much of a drinker." Clara said trying to keep the conversation light and short. If she had not known his proclivities she might very well have liked to spend a little time with him. In fact, she just admitted to herself, because of his tastes I would like to spend a little time with him. She could not quite bring herself to do it though so left the impression on him that she was about to leave for the evening.

"Give him your email address Clara!" Brenda said loudly which got a chuckle from Tony and Sara.

Clara was a little pissed at being put on the spot like this and was about to say something that would defuse the situation but could think of nothing so chuckled along with the rest of them and rolled her eyes hoping that would put an end to it.

"Oh, I have it Samuel. I'll send it to you. Ok Clara?" Brenda said.

Clara could see that Brenda was taking this all a bit seriously and really was trying to set them up in a friendly sort of way so she could not disappoint her by saying no. She wanted to suggest that maybe Brenda should give her his address and then she could decide if she wanted to correspond with Samuel but just found herself saying ok. After all she could call Brenda tomorrow and tell her not to send it to him if she wanted too.

"Great, see you later, bye!" Brenda said loudly as she leapt back into some unfinished conversation with Tony and Sara.

"I look forward to emailing you" Samuel said as he extended his hand again.

Clara put her hand out lightly and found his grasp a little stronger and lasting a little longer then the first time. She thought maybe something special past between them as they looked into each others eyes but then thought too herself, what a ridiculous notion.

The next morning Clara did not recall the part about Brenda sending her email address to a man she hardly knew until nearly lunch time. When she did remembered she quickly tracked down Tammy's phone number and called her to get Brenda's phone number from her. Tammy teased her a little on the phone about last night as she tried to get out of her why she wanted to talk with Brenda but Clara was a little too embarrassed to say and so said she would tell her later.

Clara waited impatiently as Brenda's phone rang a number of times.

"Hi Brenda, this is Clara... how are you?" Clara asked.

"Fine honey... did you hear from Samuel yet?" Brenda asked.

The woman had no finesse Clara thought to herself which was why so many people avoided Brenda. She was kind and giving woman but God she could piss people off.

"Well that's why I called because I'm wondering if you remember to send it too him." Clara said, guessing that Brenda had already given it to Samuel.

"Yea I sent it last night. Did you get an email yet?"

"I don't know I have not checked yet" Clara replied. She was now feeling a little anxious and was trying to decide which would be better, an email from a suspected pervert or no email which would mean that maybe he did not find her attractive. Strange she thought I'm worried about what a man like Samuel thinks of me.

"I'll bet he sent one. He is anxious to get over that first step he told me. You know that part at the start of a relationship where you can't talk about sex because everyone would think you're a slut but you both really want to know what the other will be like in bed."

"He asked you about me?" Clara asked with interest.

"No, well sort of... I kind of told him about you and how you were new to this type of stuff but kind of wanted to try it with the right guy."

"Brenda! What kind of stuff did you say I'm in too?" Clara asked hoping against hope that Brenda had not gone into any detail.

"You know, bondage, spanking, power giving... that kind of thing. I mean that what's on the web site."

"Brenda, I have not even been to the web site how could you tell him that?" Clara said in a panic. Now she was going to get a reputation as some kind of loser or worse.

"You said you were interested." Brenda replied.

"Agh... I don't' even know what power giving means how could I be interested it" Clara responded a little stronger then meant too.

"You don't know! It's where a girl gives specific authority to a guy, like letting him decide what you can wear or when he can make love to you."

Clara paused as she shook her head in bewilderment. She knew a little about what some couples were into as far as bondage and discipline went but refused to accept the fact that she would actually engage in such activities even though she had to admit she would like to know a lot more about it.

After a pause Brenda spoke up again. "You're mad at me aren't you?"

"I just don't know what I like" Clara replied, realizing that she had just admitted something to Brenda and herself.

"No problem Clara, he is ok I know. He just does not want to start a relationship that can't lead to what he really wants that's all."

"What does he really want?" Clara asked. She really was not sure what she was asking Brenda.

"His profile says he likes a lot of stuff like he wants a 24/7 relationship eventually but is willing to work up to it slowly. He likes bondage and spanking and hair pulling and some other stuff. Go to the web site and look at his profile."

"You mean 24/7 that he wants a girl to live with him all the time and he wants to spank me?"

"No, that means he wants full control eventually and yes you would have to live with him. But it's all part of the game Clara, you don't have to do a thing at first you just have to agree that it's a real possibility."

"You mean you thought about being this guys like slave and letting him spank you?"

"Sort of but sort of not, and if you cant' get into being spanked then you are on the wrong web site!"

"Jesus!" Clara exclaimed as she thought about some guy like Samuel slapping her bare ass. It sounded painful but also kind of erotic to her.

"Scary huh! At first it is but then well... if it's your thing, like it kind of is for me then go for it."

Clara thought for a minute then asked, "So did he spank you?"

"No I just let him pull my hair a little when he kissed me. He thinks I'm just a part-timer which I guess I am which is ok with him. I mean he wants to fool a round some but is not looking for a lasting relationship with someone like me."

Clara found it a little bizarre and a little thrilling to be talking about such taboo subjects with someone, particularly someone who took it in such a matter-of-fact fashion.

"I don't know Brenda... I just don't think I can do this." Clara said softly.

"Honey you must want this a little... but don't let me talk you into this. Check your email and visit the web site and if your scared shitless then go back to being a vanilla girl."

"A vanilla girl?" Clara asked though she had some inkling of what she meant.

"A girl that likes regular sex. You know... on the bottom him on top, once in a while you suck his cock... that sort of thing."

"Yea, I get it." Clara replied. She found it a little upsetting to think of herself as just a vanilla girl. She was the type of woman who was always in control of herself but also knew that she wanted to experience more. Maybe this was it she thought as a thrill ran through her body. God I'm getting hot she admitted to herself.

"I think he would be great in bed. Let him tie you up and it's orgasm city!" Brenda said with a laugh.

"Ok Brenda! Let me check my email." Clara replied feeling the conversation had gotten personal enough.

"Bye honey!"

"Good bye Brenda".

Clara found that she did indeed have an email from Samuel and in it he said he was very interested in meeting her again. The email gave the location of the web site and how to find his profile on it and went on to say that even if she was not seriously interested in BnD he would enjoy taking her out to dinner if for no other reason then to convince her that he was not a threat to the emancipation of women.

She found his email charming and decided to take a quick look at the web site. After reading the introductory web page she learned she could not view anyone's profile until first joined the site, which for a woman was free. She pondered for a long time on whether or not to continue with this somewhat startling little adventure. She figured she could give false information to the web site and so would leave no lasting trail and thus no one would be the wiser.

After signing up under a false name she located Samuel's profile and began reading his introduction. She found it pleasant and even deep and as she reached the end of it wondered what it had to do with BnD as it could have been in the profile of a "vanilla man". Then she got to the preferences section which started right off with type of partner desired. He was looking for women only and those in her age range, their role was to be a submissive one. As she got further down the list she began encountering things like use of ropes, spanking and a whole number of things that she either did not know what they were or found so outrageous that she either could not connect such behavior with sex or never realized the connection until now.

She spent about 45 minutes on the web site which was a lot longer then she thought she would. As she looked at the clock she realized it was about noon and that she was hornyer then she had been in quite a while.

Clara lay on her queen sized bed and had several minutes ago removed her panties so that she could more easily work the vibrating dildo in and out of her pussy. At first she was a little worried about staining the bedcover but now she just wanted to prolong her masturbating for as long as she could to allow her to continue to run though more of the scenarios Samuel's profile had put into her mind. At first she just imagined that he was fucking her slowly as he began pulling on her hair as some of her previous lovers had done. But then she began thinking about being tied with her hands behind her back as he teased his dick in and out of her and gently sucked on her nipples.

The dildo was feeling especially good when she started thinking how she would have to beg him to fuck her faster and how he would whisper nasty things into her ear like how he loved to hear her pussy squish as he pounded it with his dick. "You're my little slut now Clara... my little cum girl and I'm going to fill your pussy" she imagined him saying as she worked the dildo in and out faster and faster. In an attempt to bring herself closer to orgasm she opened her eyes and lifted her head so she could watch the dildo slip in an out, something she almost never did.

"Oooh yes... God fuck me... fuck me hard" Clara said aloud trying to work herself into a frenzy.

"Use me lover... use me like a slut... I'm your bitch... spank me... spank me" she whispered loudly over and over mixing it with the other sound in the room which was from the dildo. She was going to cum she knew and desperately wanted the right scene in her mind when she did so. At first she wanted him on tip pounding her pussy as fast as he could but then thought about how he said in his profile that he liked to mount his woman from behind and so she pictured herself on all fours wearing a collar like she had seen Sara wear last night. The color had a leash on it attached to the headboard forcing her to remain as she was while he pulled her pussy onto his cock by her hips.

"Ohhh... aaaa... use me... fuck my ass... fuck me like your bitch... make me suck your cock... aaaagh... oooh... God... I'll swallow YOUR CUM!" she said loudly as she started to climax. "Oooh... ooooh... Jesus... oooh Samuel... ooooh."

When it was over she felt a little disappointed in herself at allowing thoughts of her degration to become so erotic in her mind. Maybe because it was so taboo to her family was why it turned her on so, whatever reason she knew she would likely never get this out of her mind... at least not for a while.

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