Taking My First Steps Into Domination

by lizzifs

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, BDSM, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Torture, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: A new Mistress and a submissive male get aquainted.

I am sitting on a window seat in front of a bay window; through the cream muslin drapes at the window the sky is dark, cloudy and starless. I finish pulling on my long black gloves which go so well with my tight black latex dress. Next to me on the seat are various stockings: seamed, fishnet, plain etc. You are knelt near me on the soft carpet, naked in the warm room. Waiting. You have no restraints keeping u where you are only your desire to submit and your wish to please.

I tell u to choose a pair of stockings and put them on me, you touch all of them as u make a choice, finally going for the lightest silkiest ones that almost feel like liquid in your hands. I point my foot into the stocking you have held out for me and i feel the warmth of your hands as you slide the stocking up my leg. I stand up. Your hand rests briefly on the cool skin of my inner thigh before I reach down and attach the stocking top to the black silk suspender. As you put the other one on my eyes linger on your body and a thrill goes through me as I think of how I'm going to use you.

I pick up a collar from the window seat, it's new and exudes a strong smell of leather. You are kneeling by my feet again as I do it up. I attach a short lead to one of the rings in the collar then roughly pull you towards me. I slide one of my feet up your body resting it on your chest. I feel the rhythm of your heartbeat with the sole of my foot for a minute.

I stand up; slip my feet into very high red shoes. I tell u to hold the end of the lead in your mouth while I do up the ankle straps. Taking the lead off you I drag you over to my very low futon style bed.

I watch as your eyes take in the details, the first thing you notice are various silk scarves already tied to the wooden slats at the edges of the bed and trailing across it. Steel handcuffs, more scarves and various lengths of rope hang from hooks on the wall.Some small candles are flickering on a small table by the bed. There are several other items on that table too, a single tailed whip loosely coiled, a benign looking multi thonged whip made from some soft looking material, and one not quite so benign looking, a knife, a feather, a small bowl of rapidly melting ice, some pegs, a large pair of scissors and a roll of black bondage tape.

You have no idea which if any I will be using yet u obey when i tell u to lie on yr back with your arms above your head, straddling your chest I use the scarves already tied to the bed to secure each arm by the wrist, leaving no slack. As I reach for another scarf from the hook my silk covered crotch is inches from your face.

Sliding down your body I turn around and tie each ankle. When I have taken my time to make sure I'm satisfied with it I climb off u and stand beside the bed looking at you. My nipples are erect and lust glints in my eyes. I bend down and give the tip of your cock the lightest kiss, smile and walk out of the room closing the door and turning the light off on the way...

How long will I be? What will I do when I return? Lie in the near dark and think about it.

Sometime later I return, the room is in darkness as the candles have gone out as I relight them you see that I have changed, still wearing lace top black stockings, black silk knickers I have changed the dress for a black satin corset threaded through with violet ribbon, it is cut away underneath the bust so my breasts are exposed. Your eyes linger on my dark erect nipples and then on the spiked heel of my black strappy shoes. I have a bag in my hand which I put down next to the bed.

"You look so delightfully vulnerable lying there helpless"

I say as I straddle you again rubbing my pussy against your cock, letting a nipple trail across your cheek, your mouth tries to suck it but I move it out the way, brushing your chest with my breasts I grab your hair, pull your head to one side and give your neck several sharp bites, you try to pull your neck away but my hand grips your hair harder.

"Wimp!" I say with disgust. About to speak again I push a hard nipple in your mouth "Suck it"

My hand moves from your hair to your throat, lightly digging my nails in. "You'll have to do better than that, suck it hard, much harder" You still seem to be disobeying so I remove my breast from your mouth and slap you round the face.

"You know you will pay for that in a minute?"

Still rubbing my wet cunt on your cock, my nails scratch down your chest, stopping at your nipples, taking one between finger and thumb and squeezing hard my other hand reaches for a peg on the table, deftly I peg it onto your erect nipple, you let out a small gasp as I do the same to the other one.

"Shut up or I will peg your lips closed" I can feel your cock pushing at the thin silk of my knickers, sitting up straight I pull them to one side and very, very slowly slide your cock into me as far as I can, not moving I just allow myself to enjoy the sensation of being impaled on it, looking into your eyes I use my internal muscles to squeeze it hard a few times before abruptly sliding off it. You let out a moan of frustration and call me a prick tease. Slapping your face again I pick up the ball gag, roughly shove it in yr mouth, pull your head forward and do it up.

"I've had enough of your mouth. Go on call me a prick tease now" I laugh.

Taking another silk scarf, I tie one end to the ring in the middle of your collar and wrap it around the base of your cock a few times then taking it back to the ring and knotting it.

Picking up the bag, I pull out a large vibrator and stand up, my feet either side of your waist. (I can balance on this bed in my shoes as it is so low down and the mattress is hard). The silk knickers tie up at either side and I undo first one then the other, they fall and land on your cock. I open my legs a little wider and slowly insert the vibrator; I turn it on and start moving it in and out with more speed and force.

"Do you think I should make myself cum?"

Some incoherent sound comes from below me, I put one foot up on the edge of the small table so you have a better view, close to cumming I stop, remove the vibrator and lick it.I sit back on you, I remove the pegs from your nipples and untie your cock using my hand on it for a while so you are rock hard,

I smile at you then pick up one of the small candles and splash the hot wax on your chest, stomach, pausing while I decide whether to not I splash the remaining on your cock and balls.

I see in your eyes a flash of pain which passes quickly as the wax cools immediately.

Thoroughly enjoying myself I reach for the knife, I love the feel of the hard, smooth black handle, as thick as two fingers (and just as useful!) and about as long. The 6 inch steel blade reflects the light from the remaining candles as I place the blade in my other palm

"It's so cold "I say "feel" and I lay the blade flat against your cheek.

Your whole body has tensed, and your eyes show a little alarm, after all how well do you really know me? Exactly how helpless are you at this moment?

Pricking the point of the knife under your chin "Don't look so alarmed I'm not going to hurt you- much"

"I just find this wax so annoying" I start to pick the cold hard wax off your body with the knife my other hand brushing it off. I feel your body relax underneath me.

"I don't think you should get complacent yet, I haven't finished with you at all"...

Really enjoying my first experience of being Domme, my confidence grows and I decide to be a little more adventurous. I untie you and before tying you up again, I make you kneel on the floor in front of me. Holding on to your lead I pull your head towards my cunt,

"Show me that you know how to please your mistress, use that tongue and let me feel how good you are at eating my pussy"

After a few minutes, I push your head away "not bad my slut, it seems I've chosen my sex slave well"

A little while later while smoking a cigarette and looking at you I remark

"This is a wonderful position to have you in"

You are standing in the middle of the room, legs spread and arms stretched out at your sides. I wound a silk scarf around each wrist 3 times, then across your palm and between your thumb and forefinger and back around your wrist and tied it tightly. The scarf is then tied to a length of white rope on both sides which is secured to special hooks on opposite walls. I have also tied each ankle in the same way, those ropes being knotted to hooks just above floor level in the same walls.

Spread out in the shape of a cross I have easy access to every part of your body.

I use my long fingernails to prise the remaining wax from your cock, "I hope you've shaved or this is going to hurt"

"You better be shaved actually, I like my fuck toys hairless"

"There's nothing more annoying than pubic hair, esp. in the throat"

"Don't you agree?

"Just nod like a good boy" I bend to kiss you, your tongue instinctively slides into my mouth and I bite it and hold onto it, digging my teeth in just enough to draw a little blood.

Pulling your hair hard with both my hands I kiss you with passion in between taking tiny painful bites of your neck, cheeks, lips and ears. You are struggling trying to see if your muscles will break the scarves or at least loosen them

" If you are going to persist in being a naughty boy then you will get that vibrator right up your arse, without lube and I know you don't want that"

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