Annie: Third Time's the Charm

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, MaleDom, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Petting, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Annie, a pregnant blonde, has started doing porn films and her third time out proves to be her hottest.

The third time Annie was contacted to show up for a filming with the porn company that she'd been doing scenes for, she determined that she would give her role even more effort than she had the first two. She even mentioned that to the production person who contacted her and told her where and when to show up. Annie laughed when the person on the other end of the phone asked if she was still pregnant, and Annie assured him that she sure was -- and was only about 3 weeks more pregnant than she had been for her first work assignment.

Annie laughed that evening when she thought about the fact that they never told her in advance what the storyline was going to be. Maybe they were afraid if she knew, she'd back out or not being willing to do the fuck scenes. She told herself that whatever tomorrow's filming entailed, she'd do it and she'd give it her best effort.

The next morning, Annie showered and dressed, knowing that it didn't really matter what she wore to the shoot because they'd dress her the way they wanted her to appear for the porn film. She met the production person responsible for knowing she'd arrived and giving her a script to look over. Annie's breath caught in her throat when she saw that this time she was going to be the center actress in a foursome -- there were four guys who were supposedly going to engage in a sex scene with her all at the same time. Annie knew she could handle the fuck and she could handle the on-camera sex action, but she had to admit that she'd never taken on three sexy guys at the same time. She wondered how that would work out.

The scene for the shoot was supposed to be a bar, and Annie, six months along in her pregnancy, was to be picked up by three horny men who had been there in the bar, watching her and finally deciding they were going to "do the pregnant bitch". What Annie found out when her three co-stars appeared on the set was that they were all well-hung horny black studs. Jamal, Ron, and George were all porn actors who'd been in the business for awhile and they usually got the nod whenever the script called for black guys to fuck white babes. Annie would be the white babe and they were going to do her in a mini-gang bang.

Annie came onto the set in a short skirt with a maternity top that did nothing to hide the fact that she was six months along in her expectant condition. The three black studs were sitting at one table, drinking their beers and they were throwing jibes at each other about what the horny white bitch across the room would do for them if they decided to fuck her.

The director reviewed with Annie and the three black men what he wanted to see and then he called, "Action" when he was convinced they all understood the flow of the movie. Jamal, Ron, and George all got up from the table where they'd been drinking and they walked over to the large table where Annie had been sitting.

"Hey, Momma," Jamal said as he got close to Annie and looked straight at her. "You sure look nice all fucked up like you are. I bet you're really horny and needing some hard dick from us black brothers, aren't you? Somebody sure got his dick inside that sweet white pussy of yours a few months ago."

Annie looked up at Jamal, dismissing him immediately and trying to blow him off. "Go away," Annie said, trying to get up from where she'd been sitting so she could get away from the three annoying black guys. "Don't you guys have somewhere else to go?"

"No, baby, we want to be right here with you," Jamal said and he motioned for Ron and George to help him as he grabbed one arm and pulled Annie to her feet. "I've been wanting some nasty white pussy for quite awhile, baby, and you look like just the woman I'd love to sink my big 8-incher inside, girl."

"Leave me alone," Annie insisted as she tried to wrestle her arms out of the black guy's grasp. They were far more than she could resist and Jamal and his buddies knew they'd get exactly what they wanted from this hot sexy pregnant blonde.

Jamal and his friends took Annie over to the nearby large 8-person table and he quickly had her skirt pushed up clear to her waist, her thong panties pulled down off her body and they had her maternity top unfastened and her bra undone. Jamal leaned over, taking Annie's naked right breast in his hands and was kneading it and then he put his lips down and started licking her taut aroused nipple while Ron was down between Annie's legs, sliding his fingers up and down over her exposed pusssy.

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