Sal's lover

by Robin

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Zoophilia, Vampires, Oral Sex, Petting, Bestiality, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sal's holiday romance from a year ago comes back to pick up where he left off. Only, he tells her of his difference from any other man she has had.

Brrrrb. Brrrrrb.

Sal picked up the wall phone on the second ring and tucked it under her chin.

"Hello." Her hands were covered in flour and a stray lock of hair got pushed back with her wrist.

"I know what you did last summer." The heavily disguised voice announced through the earpiece.

"Josh! Hi how are you? Where are you?" Her pleasure at hearing his voice was evident in the immediate flush to her cheeks and breathlessness he always caused.

"Hi-ya Sal; I'm downtown and around for a few days; Just wondered if you fancied a meet sometime over the next day or two. I still know what you did last summer though." He laughed in his easy manner; oblivious of the effect he had on her.

"Well you should, it was your fault and you were there, you bastard!" She laughed a little nervously and felt a thrill travel the length of her spine in a shiver as the memory flooded back.

"I'd love to see you; Tomorrow?" She suddenly knew a desperation that he would say yes.

"I'll pick you up at seven. Keep it moist until then babe." He dropped the receiver and the line went dead with a brrrrrr.

Sal replaced the handset and returned to pressing out the ginger bread men and placing them on a baking tray. Her concentration was shattered after the call, but somehow, she managed to bake the cookies for her charges at Kindergarten where she taught the four to five year olds.

Later that same night, she trawled through her wardrobe, tossing clothing over the bed in dismissive piles. After almost emptying the cupboard and rejecting everything, she sat back on her haunches and sighed. A long overdue shopping trip was going to have to ensue if she was to make the impression she hoped to. Since his call earlier in the evening, she had flitted and flapped, unable to settle on anything. She blamed his not saying where they would go for her inability to do very much constructively, but in truth, her heart was fluttering in her chest and it was likely she would wear out the batteries in her vibe tonight, but before she could relax with her pacifier, she had to think of what to wear.

If they were going out to dinner, then she could wear a simple black cocktail dress with a matching shoe and bag set. It could be a downtown joint, in which case jeans and a shirt would be ideal. It occurred to her that she could call him, but then she remembered that he wasn't at home, he was in town and staying at any one of the hundreds of hotels. She got as far as dialling the number recall on her phone, but the only information it gave was number withheld.

"Shit!" She spat the word out like it was a particularly unsavoury chewing gum. "Shit! Shit! Shit and damn that man." She at last, settled on a black cocktail dress, cut to the knee with a little lace trimming around the hem. Critically, she held up a pair of silver sling backs and matched them to a small purse.

She knew the dress fitted and accentuated her hourglass figure. The neckline was loose enough to hint at her beasts and show enough cleavage to attract a man's attention.

"Let's face it girl, she muttered to herself, you need a man and all's fair blah blah."

It had been eight years since Sal graduated from College. Eight years in her apartment and eight years looking for a man to rock her boat sufficiently to become something of a partner. She had had lovers, temporary boyfriends, but none seriously. These guys had varying sized egos and equipment; it seemed the larger the dick, the bigger the ego, the more of a pain in the ass, a proven equation. Sal had even dated guys of other races, but only one guy had lit her fuse and he had called this evening to make a date. Some of her conquests had managed to make her come, managed even, to get her to orgasm, those that could be bothered, but Josh had knocked her right off her feet. They had fucked like wild animals last summer and her body had responded in a way she hadn't known was possible. What they had done could not be called making love, it was far too intense for that. It had in truth, been rutting, in the purest sense; fucking themselves to a standstill. They hadn't even really messed around with foreplay or the niceties of sex, it had just been groin-to-groin screwing in every conceivable position, all the way, like his cock was an umbilical chord; that suited her desperate need at the time.

Afterwards though, when the holiday was over, he had left her behind, she had been devastated, the overwhelming sexual charge was replaced by a feeling of bereavement. She had thought that this was it, her life partner had arrived, never to leave; she couldn't understand why it hadn't been the same for him.

Time to worry about the hair and of course the make-up if she was to make the impression she hoped to. I rummage though her bag of collected hues and colours left her wanting, but it would have to do.

Sal showered and flopped into bed, her thoughts crowding one on another and preventing sleep, until her fingers found her sex and then the buzz of her vibe did the rest. She slept with her drying hair in rollers.

¬¬¬¬ Josh put down the phone and lay back against the headboard of hotel bed. His room was like any other of the millions of hotel rooms, comfortable enough, clean, but lacking soul. He clicked off the TV with the remote, the sound had been down anyway and he had no interest in the soap running on channel 10.

His laptop running on the top of a sideboard announced that he had mail with a chirrup. It was nothing important and was quickly read then deleted. He checked his web site and answered a few enquiries about his newly launched software package. When would it be on the market, was it upgradeable, what did it do. Those kinds of enquiries all easily answered and killed.

He thought about Sal and wondered if she had changed in anyway. His mind's eye recalled her body and, with difficulty, her face. He recalled the small brown moles on her right shoulder and the downy skin of her flattish stomach. Her smell would always be with him he thought and the way her body reacted to his touch was indelibly etched into his memory, but better yet was the memory of how she would come in a gushing torrent screaming the place down while her sex ejaculated it's golden stream.

They first met when he had been taking an enforced break. Two weeks by the sea, rest and recuperation from overworking and stress. Getting his baby over the final hurdle of marketing and completion had taken almost two years of incredibly hard work, after which, he was completely burned out. The soft ware package to revolutionise the accounting industry had nearly done for him, the money didn't seem worth the chunks of his life he had invested into it. Now it was out there against the opposition, the users who bought the licence didn't seem to have the intelligence or aptitude to really make the programme sing as he had designed it to do. It left him feeling somewhat deflated or disappointed in the end result, but knowing fundamentally, that it was the customer who failed to grasp the nuances of his work; Their loss.

During the latter stages of completion, Josh had become quite ill, his Doctor referred him on to a psychiatric consultant who had warned him; vacation for a couple of weeks or a permanent rest from a complete breakdown; his choice.

He had collided into Sal on the second or third day of his enforced break, literally knocking her off her feet as he blundered around a street corner. Her touch as she took his proffered hand to help her up, was electric and he instantly knew that he wanted to know her, body and soul.

Their first date had been okay, McDonalds and a drive in movie, and then they sat and watched the moon slide across the water of the bay, talking about their lives and introducing each other. She had a self depreciating manner of telling her life history, it was infectious. Josh found himself playing down his accomplishments in sympathetic accordance.

He had taken her home to her rented apartment, drank the coffee and then, by mutual agreement, screwed both their brains out with little or no preamble. He remembered wondering how it hadn't happened on the street corner or the drive through movie. The attraction and sexual chemistry between them was undeniable, neither of them denied the other. Thank God she had been taking the pill, because he would have knocked her up several times over, during the rest of their inseparable holiday.

Josh fell to sleeping, but had his hands tucked into his groin as he curled in a foetal position and dreamt of her. The sheets in the morning told of his restlessness and a familiar stain reported the rest.

Her day at Kindergarten dragged. Perhaps the kids picked up on her jittery inability to concentrate, or they sensed something in the wind, but even the normally quiet kids joined in the riot and cacophony of noise. It passed over her and she didn't really notice until Anne from the next classroom popped her head in and asked if she could keep the noise down a bit.

"Sorry." She said distractedly. "I'll just kill them and have them for dinner."

"Ha ha! See you at lunch." Anne was just removing her head and shutting the door when she stopped and asked Sal.

"You okay?"

"Hmm? Oh! Yeah, I'm fine." She waved in a shooing motion and Anne pulled the glass door to with a frown on her face.

The frown turned to total absorption when Sal told her about Josh and their holiday romance of last year. A little jealousy was also in evidence and when Sal brushed over the sexual episodes, more than a little flush crept into Anne's features.

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