Chapter 1: Samantha

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Coercion, BiSexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, FemaleDom, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Samantha - This is a story about a female boss that finally realizes that she has power over her employees and decides to use it to enrich her sexual life. With nothing to lose, she goes wild, really wild.

I sat at my desk holding this letter; the more I read it, the more I knew that it was going to change my life, as I knew it. I am 38 going on 42 (I look 38 even though I am 42.) I've never married and have been working since I was 17. I worked all through college. Now part of the reason I never had many dates I hate to admit this but facts are facts. All through my school years I looked like the standard "Nerd" I wore big rim glass's, I kept my hair in a bun because my mother felt only good girls wore their hair like that.

I did not begin to fill out in my chest until I was 17 and of course I was a little heavy. That's not quite true, I was fat. The boys and girls would make fun of me in grade school and right through High school. I knew even in Collage that I was the butt of many a joke. I just worked even harder to being a straight "A" student. It was easy since I did not have any distractions.

By the time I was able to lose my weight I was in my 20's and because I worked so hard I just continued to not date. Oh the men I worked with once in awhile would hit on me, but every one of them were married. I sort of knew that it was going to be me and my hand the rest of my life. I was drunk as hell when I deflowered myself at age 23 in my dorm listening to my roommate screwing herself like crazy. I think she did it that loud and long to just get to me. That night I used a beer bottle, later in life I managed to order a dildo through the mail.

Now I am not sure you understand what a girl like me went through as a teenager then as a young woman. Sexually I wanted sex as everyone else did. With no dates, no one ever even tried to touch me on my small breast or between my legs. With no dates I would have free time, which I would spend on the Internet reading sex stories.

Looking back, I now know that was not the best choice because all those stories ever did for me was tell me what I was missing. Masturbation was my way of life from twelve maybe thirteen (I don't recall my age when I finally did it). The only reason I remember when I took my own virginity was the pain. Even in college my only source of entertainment was reading porn and watching it.

I'm telling you this so you may understand why I was so excited. Here I am in my late Thirty-(ish) years of life and the only sex life I have ever had has been my fingers and dildos. I have lots and lots of sex toys as well as a collection of other phallic items. I have a collection of porn that would rival any sex addicts. I have files and files of dirty filthy nasty sex stories that I have read and liked so much that I cannot delete them.

Oh I just remembered I did have sex with a man once; I was drunk (of course) I went to a bar, met a man, we went out to his van and he did it. It was way too fast for me. I wasn't even getting started when he finished. He got off of me I staggered out of his van and he left. I cried all the way home disgusted with myself. My only experience with a man was nothing but a waste.

I started with Fidelity Mutual right out of college. I have worked my way up to General Manager where I have been for the last eight years. I run the West Coast two-story branch. I employ six adjusters, a staff of twelve in the sales division, as well as another thirteen of office staff. I have interviewed each and every one of my employees giving the final say of approval (or not.) I run a very conservative work place, where the women are women and dress as such, no pants or slacks. The men are gentlemen that come to work in suits with ties our Company has an image and I keep it that way.

The rest of the company in other regions have all gone casual; you could say that my division (West Coast) is a hold out. I don't even allow "Casual Fridays". Oh my employees grumble about it, but I am fair, and I pay them very well. Just because I am at work does not mean that I cannot be a Lady. The women working for me will dress and act as Ladies or find another place to work. The men will be gentlemen or they are gone as well. I told you all this so you understand that my outward appearance is one thing and my private life is just the opposite. I know what the corporate world wants and I am that. I have my own wants and desires that I have never been able to live out.

I sat at my desk holding a letter in my hands; I read it over and over. The first time I read it, it started to get the gears going in my head. You see I can't begin to tell you the number of times just this past year that I have abused myself, going over and over in my mind how I wished I could be the nasty boss that tricked or blackmailed her employees into having sex with her.

The stories are always about some male boss that gets his way with the women under him. Once in awhile I would find some story of a female boss that did the same to her male employees. I knew in real life that could never happen. I knew that with the laws today it would be instant suicide.

Being the "Boss" I have responsibilities galore, but at the same time very little to almost no physical work to do. I normally just sat at my desk reading dirty stories on my PC with every day interruptions of phone calls and papers to sign. In my personnel life I have had several on line dates where we mutually masturbated but that were the extent of that. Some days I would come to work with a butterfly between my legs and run three or four sets of batteries down. I always carried my pocket rocket and a nine-inch dildo in my purse. Having my own private bathroom in my office gave me the privacy I needed to "relax."

I sat there trembling as I re-read the letter my vagina was tingling. I was turned on sexually because I knew that I now had the right tool at the right time to do something I knew I never normally would have the nerve to do.

The letter subject was "Lay-offs" It said:

As you are aware Fidelity Mutual is in a present down size since the purchase by World Wide Insurance. The review conducted last month showed that you need to down size your office staff from your present staff of nine to three. On the first of next Month you may increase the remaining staff hourly wage up to and not exceeding their present hourly wage by 100%. Sales, Claims and personnel office will remain at present levels. The reason for allowing the pay increase is the heavier workload that the remaining staff will have to pick up.

You are authorized to give a two-month severance to all terminated employees. (Authorized however not required). You have three weeks to weed out the personnel you feel can be terminated with the least problems.

Managers are authorized to offer an optional two-months of severance pay to terminated employees. Over the next three weeks, review the employees that can be terminated with the least amount of negative impact on the company.

Be aware that our attorneys are standing by for any lawsuits which may arise. We have experienced in the past that when we terminate such large numbers that claims are raised of sexual harassment and sexual assaults, discrimination, by race, weight, age and such. We want to assure you that this is expected and how to prepare. It has been our experience that in times like this your being a female will not make any difference. Expect it and rest assured we know better, if there had been any question your position would have been the first replaced.

Once word gets out that such a termination is going on employees will attempt to record you and taking things that you say way out of context. It is our recommendation that you record with the employee's knowledge any topic of possible termination. In the Chicago Division Mark notified his employees as a group and used his time to see who would respond to the challenge. This caused competition and he kept three top members of his staff.

How you do it is your choice. There will not be any diverting of personnel to fill gaps or reward employees other than the month severance package. If you have questions or need advice Vice President Gamble is here to assist you.

When I read it the first time I knew I had something in my hand that would allow me to do the un-thinkable. I made it very apparent that our company hired only family orientated people. I made it clear that sexual harassment would not be tolerated what so ever. I had a written policy that any married employee with a relationship with another employee not his or her spouse would be cause for termination.

No one has ever known what a sexual appetite I have. I did not figure it all out yet, but I knew if I played my cards right I would do things this next two weeks that would satisfy me for the rest of my life.

One thing I made sure of was the people I had working for me all were top notch in their knowledge and appearance. No one including myself was over weight. No one could be thought of as lazy, I did not have one smoker in the bunch (not by design, I was just lucky). I knew I did not have any racist or bigots. My work force was diverse and wholesome.

Last month when the efficiency experts were here I knew it was only a matter of time before I would be required to let someone go. I thought one maybe two but nine, wow this was going to be something. I guess in some small way I was relieved that the head office decided to leave me in place and not lay me off for right now.

I had Becky bring me the second floor personnel files. I needed to study them and figure out how I was going to do this. I wanted to get the competition going and let every one work at helping me decide who I would keep and who I would lay-off.

The competition I had in mind could land me in jail and of course cost me my own job, but if I did it right I might be able to pull it off.

I sat at my desk turned on and so sexually excited I was throbbing between my legs. I picked up the phone and told Becky (my assistant) to send Samantha in to see me. I realized that I did not have any plan, I had thought of being able to do this for years and years. I knew that I was in complete control of every one that worked on the second floor. I mean real control.

Samantha knocked and when she came in I called Becky and told her under no circumstances were we to be disturbed. I keep a micro recording device in my purse for meetings. I had taken it out and placed it on my desk. When Samantha came in I had her close the door and sit in front of my desk.

I said, "Thank you for coming in Samantha, before I start I need to inform you that I am recording this conversation for our permanent file."

The look on her face was priceless, it was pure terror. I have no idea why seeing her like that made me feel so, Oh I don't know, maybe the word I am looking for is "powerful".

I then said, "Remind me Samantha you don't have any children do you? Do you have any idea why I called you to my office Samantha?" I knew she didn't but I could not think of a better way to start out this conversation "for the records".

Samantha put down her head and said meekly, "Yes Ma'am." That got me curious, as could be; no one was to know about this. Did Becky tell the office? I had to know, because if she had she was going to be first on the list.

I wanted to come across stern, but not so much to scare Samantha. I said, "Ok young lady lets hear it!"

I called her a young lady when in fact she was thirty-nine.

She said, "You heard about Frank and I haven't you? I'll break it off, it was just a fling; I don't know why I allowed it to go on. I like Mary, the way she talked about him in bed I couldn't help myself. I am so sorry, I promise it will never happen again. Please don't fire us. I swear to God I will never sleep with him again."

I stopped her, "Before you say anything else take a breath." I reached up and turned off my recorder. As I did this I started, "Samantha I don't think we should have that on your record right now. I think it best to turn off the recorder; no one needs to know the details. I'll turn it back on later when I have decided just how I am going to handle this little mess you are in."

I hit rewind and stopped it, then hit the record button again. I wasn't about to pass up an opportunity like this. I sat it down on my desk between us, "To be honest with you Sam, It is alright to call you Sam isn't it dear? (I did not wait for her to answer) I have not decided what I am going to do yet. I think I will make that decision after I find out if you are going to come completely clean or if you are going to try and lie to me about this sordid affair. Something tells me that when you two went to bed you sure as hell didn't 'sleep together' as you put it now did you?"

I waited for her to respond; she didn't so I said in a stern voice again, "Look Samantha, look at me, and answer my questions or go back to your desk and clean it out. Now you didn't sleep with him now did you? You fucked him, or should I say he fucked you."

Samantha raised her head and I saw tears in her eyes, her trembling lips moved, "No we didn't sleep together. You are correct he fucked me. Now are you happy that you got me to admit it, I told you I was sorry, it won't happen again."

I don't have any idea what came over me. Inside I was shaking, my heart was pounding my mouth was dry. Running through my mind were all those filthy sex stories where the boss confronted his or her prey and he came down hard, making sure that he or she was in full control. Setting the person off guard before springing the trap.

I snapped, "Don't get smart with me young lady, you know the rules. You knew the moment he slipped you his cock that as it entered you and you felt it fill you that you wanted him to fuck you. You chose to receive his hard cock over your wonderful boyfriend John's. You chose to enjoy him over your friendship with his wife Mary. To top it off, you knew as he was fucking you that if I found out you and he would be fired. You chose that time of pleasure over your jobs here. You are not a dumb animal, you desired him didn't you? You wanted him and you chose him over everything for that moment of sexual bliss now didn't you Samantha?"

She looked at me almost pleading, "I guess you could say that, but it was a mistake. I mean it just sort of happen the first time."

She said "the first time" so I pressed it even more, "Well maybe you could say that about the first time, but what about all the others? What about the next time that you arranged to sneak off and screw him, what about the time after that and the time after that? You knew from the day that I hired you relationships out side of marriage here was forbidden. I made it very clear that I would fire you if this kind of thing happened. You knew it and you still opened your legs to receive his cock now didn't you Sam?"

I saw tears running down her cheeks, "Yes, but we where so careful, no one knew, no one. I don't want John to find out and Mary. Poor Mary this would kill her to know that Frank and I were, you know."

I cut her off, I wasn't going to let an opportunity like that pass me by, "Know what? That you were fucking her husband, that you were sucking his dick. Did you really think of Mary or John as Frank gave you his sperm to drink? You did swallow it didn't you Sam? Your not the kind of bitch that sucks a guy off and spits it out are you Sam?"

The look on her face was confusion, added to her embarrassment. I on the other hand could feel that I was soaking wet. My vagina was throbbing with desire and I wanted to touch myself in the worse way. I was speaking to another human being of some of the most private things. I knew that what ever I asked Samantha would answer. Not because we were friends, not because she wanted help or advice, she was telling me everything I wanted to know just to keep her job. Telling me in hope that I would not fire her.

She was sniffling, "Yes, no, I mean I don't know."

I pressed her to answer, "Yes, No, you don't know? That wasn't a hard question Sam. You either swallow or you don't. Do you swallow when Frank fucks your face or not?"

Looking at me in disbelief I guess of the question, "Yes, but I don't do that a lot."

Fuck every time she opened her mouth it gave me more things to dig her about. I just had to press it more.

"You don't do it a lot? What do you mean, are you telling me that you don't suck your boyfriend's cock? You have only sucked Frank's cock? Is that what you are trying to tell me in your pathetic way? Is that it Sam? You will suck off Frank, swallow his sperm and you won't do it to John?"

Samantha looked at me sniffing with more tears, "I never did it to John, only Frank."

I sat there and asked myself, "Does this bitch have a fucking brain? Why would she tell me her boss all this shit just to keep her fucking job? Can she possibly think I wouldn't fire her if this came out yesterday?" She knew my policy, now she is telling me she doesn't give her boyfriend head but she gives her boyfriend here at work head. I was sitting there excited, pissed, and full of sick desire. God I would have loved to have been a fly on a wall watched her and Frank. I had all kinds of visions of them running though my filthy mind.

"Ok Sam you admit to the affair with Frank, you admit you like sucking his cock. You admit that you have been carrying on with him for some time now. Before you answer this next question remember I already know the answer, I am seeing if you plan on lying to me or not. If you lie you know the result. If you are honest with me, I just may put you on a probation to see if you are going to change. Now Samantha, when and where did this all start. Where were you the first time? Stop that fucking sniffling, and knock off those tears, you got caught, face it and come clean"

Samantha wiped her eyes then looked at me, "At the picnic last year, I went to the restroom and Frank followed me. When I came out he was waiting for me, he was wearing shorts that day and a t-shirt. Mary had told me so many times how big he was so I sort of glanced at him. He was showing himself pushing against his shorts. I had been drinking and he asked me if I would like to take a walk with him."

"I wanted to, I don't know why, I really didn't think of doing anything. We walked for a while and you know how that park is a forest on the West side? Well we went in the forest a bit and we stopped at a big tree, I leaned back against it and before I knew what I was doing Frank was in front of me. I looked at his lips and I wanted him to kiss me."

"I felt his warm breath on my face and I watched him as he moved closer and closer. The closer he got the more I desired his kiss. When his lips touched mine I melted into him. He pressed against me and I felt him, he was hard and so big. John is not that big, and Mary always talked about what a great lover Frank is. I don't know why or how, but my hand found him and I stroked it."

I put up my hand stopping her, "Hold it Sam, I don't want to hear about it, or him. If you are telling me you grabbed his hard cock I want to hear that. It's just us girls and a rose is a rose. Now continue, he was kissing you and then what."

Sam picked up again where I stopped her, "He kissed me and I reached for his cock. It was hard and it was soooo big. I did not think of John, I did not think of Mary, and I sure as hell didn't think of this job. All I could think about was what would he feel like if he fucked me.

"Frank put his hand in my shorts and he felt how wet I was. He was like an animal. I sort of was also. We tore out of our cloths and used them to lay on. I laid down and we did it."

I could picture the whole thing happening. I wanted to hear more but I also wanted to grab hold of my toys and get off myself. I asked, "Was it what you had hoped for, and was it everything Mary told you?"

Somewhere there the mood changed. I can't explain it, maybe Samantha telling me somehow was effecting her, I don't know. I do know she was sitting back now talking, I was sitting back and I was hotter than I had ever been in my entire life.

Samantha continued, "As he kept fucking me I kept saying to myself "thank you Mary, thank you Mary. Oh God thank you Mary." I guess I knew deep down that if she had not told me about Frank I would never have desired him. He is so big that he fills you. He is so thick; he even has this dark mole under his cock that sticks out a little and it gives you such a thrill. You can feel every vein in him and when he is hard they really stick out. I came hard twice as we did it. When he finally came everything came back to real life. Sure we both had been drinking but we knew what we were doing. We started to get dressed and before we put our shorts back on he told me that we needed to clean ourselves up, that he needed to clean me and I needed to clean him. That if we didn't Mary would smell that he had sex and so would John he made it clear that if we went back smelling of sex that we would both be screwed."

"He told me I needed to lick him clean so there was no evidence, but he needed to clean me up first. I laid back down on our shirts and he licked me. John wanted to do that for years but I just couldn't. I knew I smelled of sex so I bit my lip as Frank began. I knew it was disgusting but I could never take a chance of John finding out. He laid on the ground licking me and sucking me that before I knew it I was climaxing again, then again."

"Frank loves eating pussy. I think he loves it as much as fucking. I was almost ready to climax a third time when he stopped and stood up. He dropped his shorts and I could see the crusted stuff on his cock, which was hard again, and the stuff mated in his pubic hair. I knelt in front of him and as disgusting as I knew it was going to be I just told myself I had to do it."

"I started licking him then I put his cock in my mouth. Well not the whole thing, but somehow I forgot about the cleaning part and began wanting to give him pleasure. I guess it was the way he moaned as I had my hand wrapped around his hard cock or the smell of the stuff in his hair. Maybe the fact that this was so nasty. All I know is I was sucking his prick and I had another orgasm. I wasn't even touching myself, but I came and I came hard. When I was climaxing Frank came and I could not pull back because he was holding the back of my head. He shot his stuff in me and I had to swallow, it was a little salty, but what could I do?"

"I kept sucking him for a while until his big fat cock got smaller and smaller. When I had is all in my mouth and his hair against my chin he pushed me back. If he hadn't I don't know how long I would have kept that up. He helped me up and we went back to the picnic. I went to the rest room again and made sure I was cleaned up. That was over a year ago and that is where it all started. Now I never told anyone before so I guess Frank told you didn't he?"

I was so far lost in her experience that I sat there flexing my inner muscles and I had a tiny little climax as I sat there listening. "How I heard of this and who I heard it from is not important. What is important is what I am going to do. Now tell me about the times here at work."

I had no idea what so ever if they were stupid enough to have sex here at work. But I wanted to know I had to know. I have always fantasized of office sex, watching it, even doing it.

Samantha looked down at her lap, "It isn't that often we do it here, but when we have it was in the toilet or closet. Mostly me just giving him a blowjob, we only fucked here at worked maybe six or seven times. It was mostly just head. Shit I know who told you it was Connie that Bitch she's the one who told you isn't it? she caught us twice and swore she would never tell. She told you didn't she?"

I smiled,"No sweet heart, you did. Before you walked in here today I had no idea, you told me."

The look on her face, it was if I had just hit her in her belly and I had knocked out all of her wind. Her mouth dropped and she just looked at me.

"I had a much different reason for calling you in here, but when you decided to tell me the truth I wanted it all. As for you job we will speak of that now. But before I need to turn the recorder back on."

I picked up the tiny thing played with it a moment and said, "Shit I can't record over this tape it was of a important meeting I had earlier. I better put in a new tape.

I switch it out,, "Lets start over, sit up look at me and listen close."

I reset the recorder and started, "Samantha I have been directed by our home office that I need to lay-off nine employees. And I am not allowed to touch anyone downstairs. That means there is a possibility I may have to let you go. If that becomes the case you will receive two months severance and an outstanding reference. On the other hand anyone that I choose to stay working here will be doubling his or her wages. You are at $14.90 an hour so that would mean you would be going to $29.80 an hour. That is why I called you in here; do you understand what I am saying? I have to make some hard choices and Sam I have to decide if I want to keep you here or not."

Samantha looked at me with tears in her eyes, she said in a broken voice right on the verge of balling. "Yes, but why?"

I said in a little more stern voice, "Do you understand what I just told you? I may have to let you go, however I have not made up my mind who will be staying yet. All I am asking you is if you understand my choice's, I have none in this I must let people go and I can only keep three of you."

Samantha said, "Yes I understand."

I reached up and turned off the recorder again and I then said, "Listen to this letter Sam, I want you to know what I am up against right now. If you had told me yesterday what you told me today I would have fired you. Today everything changed. You have a chance of staying as well as doubling your pay."

I read her the letter and when I finished I said, "As you can see I can and will be increasing the pay of who ever stays here to twice what they are now making; after all they will be doing twice the work and more, so it is only fair. I am going to level with you if I had found out about you and Frank before I received this letter you would both be gone. This letter has changed everything and maybe, just maybe what you told me will influence my decision about your and Frank's stay here. Lets finish the recording stuff first and I'll explain."

I switched the recorder back on, "In other divisions they had some competition and it was that competition that helped the mangers make their choice. I think I'll do the same here. I am telling everyone the same thing I will be looking at your work, your dress and attitude. I am looking for positive things do you feel you would like to compete or would you rather resign and take the two month severance?"

Samantha looked at me with the most confused look and said, "I want to stay."

I said "Good, we'll talk more of this later."

I turned off the recorder, "Now that the formal thing is out of the way, I'll tell you exactly what I will be looking for, exactly what I expect. I am holding a competition and the three people that win my competition will be set for as long as I am here."

"Now before you cry the sexual harassment crap remember it is just you and I. It is my decision on who stays and who goes. The recorder if off, what I am about to tell you now I will never admit to, it will be your word against mine. As you know the head office is already expecting these kinds of claims so I'll tell you what you need to do to keep your job, and of course you don't have to do anything at all."

"While I could fire you for your adulteress acts they just might be the thing that gives you points in your favor, both you and Frank. Now before I give you the ground rules, you should know this about me. I love to watch, I love to climax, I also have a very fertile mind. What that means is I think of sex like a man. I think of it all day long and all night long. When I sleep I dream of it, I am so fucking wet right now just listening to you and Frank I can't wait to get into my bathroom and masturbate."

"Now listen closely I will tell you and everyone else the same thing. The competition is to see who the sleaziest people I can have work here for me. It is 100% opposite of the way things were. I am looking for my girls to act like sluts I will be watching and I want to see things that never get seen. I want to see my girls in mini skirts. I want to see naked bottoms when they bend over. I want to see tit's bouncing around. I want to see my girls sucking a man's cock or eating each other. I don't care if they like it or not, all that is important to me is that I believe they like it."

"The truth is Sam the biggest whore the biggest sluts are going top be my keepers. As for the men, if Frank is like you say and he is willing to be a stud, I'll think of keeping him. Now at this moment you have a choice; you can get up, walk out and clean up your desk, or while I am in the bathroom you take off your bra and panties and place them on my desk. If you stay, know this, panties and bras will never again be allowed to be worn here at work".

"You can leave the house wearing them, but when you walk through my doors they better be off. Now if you will excuse me a moment I'll leave you alone to think. I'm going to grab a couple things from my purse and take care of a very wet pussy."

I stood up. Locked my desk where I had placed the tape of Samantha confessing of her affair, opened my purse and in front of her bulging eyes I pulled out my lovely fat rubber cock along with my pocket rocket. I watched her eyes as she looked at them in my hands; I turned and walked into my bathroom. I purposely did not close the door as I turned my back to the wall so I could face out into my office. I could see Samantha sitting there, I could not see her whole body; I could only see her legs.

I was crazy, I was so fucking crazy, I was about to masturbate in front of an employee, and I was about to fuck myself with her maybe 12 feet from me. I placed my rubber cock on the sink counter along with my pocket rocket. I bent over as I pulled off my sopping wet panties. As I bent over I could see Samantha's face looking at me. I had a chill and thrill go over me at the same time. I looked in her eyes as I placed my panties on the counter. I put my left foot up on my stool and pulled the front of my dress up exposing my fine red hair to her. I held the front of my dress up as I reached for my cock. I opened my legs and being so wet it slid in like I was butter.

I had to let go of my dress to grab the tiny vibrator when I looked up I saw Samantha stand. My heart was pounding it was racing not knowing what she was about to do. I watched as she bent over and slid her panty hose down her legs stepping out of them then while watching me she slipped her panties down. I saw her reach for her hose.

I stopped her, "Forget the hose dear, no hose and no panties ever again."

I just touched the vibrator to my clit and I began to climax. Using my other hand I was sliding my fat lover in and out of me hard, fast and deep. So far inside of me I had to use my fingertips to go deeper. I leaned against the wall watched her as she took off her blouse then her bar. She placed the bra on top of her hose and panties.

I had finished my second climax when I said, "Pick up the panties and bring them here dear."

I kept fucking myself as she buttoned her last button and stood. She picked up the panties and walked over to me. As she stood in front of me watching my arm and hand she did not say a word.

I moaned, "Show me the crotch."

She held them up and I saw exactly what I had hoped to see. I thought they had looked a little damp as she put them on my desk, I saw they were very wet; maybe not as wet as mine but they were wet, I told her to hold the crotch up to my nose.

Closing my eyes I inhaled her aroma as I came very hard for the third time in minutes. I have never had my face between another woman's legs, but I have desired it I think all my life. I fantasized of eating another woman and her eating me. I felt my whole body jerk and shake as I came hard.

I finished my climax and leaned back pulling out my lover I held it up in front of her face.

I said "Clean it for me would you please."

She took it from my hand and because I get so very wet, the rubber cock was covered with my juice. It was slick and very slippery, so slippery it almost fell. Samantha turned to the sink.

I stopped her again, "No, lick it clean as you do Frank. Lick and suck my rubber lover."

Samantha looked into my eyes opened her mouth and put in the head of it closing her lips around it. She closed her eyes and began sucking it, then pulled back and licked it everywhere. Watching her I felt she was getting excited. I moved closer and pulled the front of her long skirt up in the front. I found her mound; I discovered that it was smooth and wet, very, very wet. I found her lips swollen and open I found her clit stiff and hard. I heard her moan as I slid first one, then two and a third finger inside of her. She was making love to my rubber cock as she licked and sucked it.

Her body shook after only a few minutes of my touching her. I leaned forward as I worked her button and brought my lips to the cock as she kept licking and loving it with her mouth. Our lips brushed and we began taking turns licking and sucking the cock.

I pulled back while still holding my fingers inside of her, I purred to her softly "Use it, use it Sam, I want to watch you fuck yourself. Sit on the stool, open your legs nice and wide show me how you like to be fucked by Frank Samantha, show me what kind of woman you really are honey."

We moved around and she sat down, she opened her legs and pushed the cock inside of herself. I leaned against the sink counter and watched as I touched myself. Samantha closed her eyes, leaned back and began sliding my lover in and out of herself. It wasn't long before she began to moan from the pleasure. As she did moan with pleasure, she increased the speed of her wrist moving it in and out of herself.

I picked up my rocket, turned it on and held it against myself. As Samantha sat in front of me her body shook as she pushed the cock inside of herself leaving me with out any doubt that she had climaxed. Seeing her like that with the vibrator against my clit sent me over the top. I came hard as well.

As she sat there catching her breath I relaxed as well. I set the vibrator back on the counter and looking at her face, "I need to be cleaned up honey, kneel down and clean me Sam."

I saw her eyes open wide, there was that look again, you know the one, the look of disbelief. I watched her lips move as she said, "I'm not a Lesbian, I never did that." I just knew she was going to object to what I wanted I looked at her and said, "I didn't think you were a Lesbian, and to be frank with you I don't care if you are. I want to feel your mouth on me, licking me and cleaning me. As for never doing it before, do you really think I care? Just do it or leave and clean out your desk, I don't care."

I have no idea where this Bitch came from. I have never spoke like that to anyone, I have always been the Lady. Today I was a different person, I was the Boss that was going to use her employees to give me pure filthy pleasure. If Samantha were a man I would say I had her by her balls. In any case I knew the moment she took off her hose that she was going to do anything to keep her job. And the things I had going through my mind were going to really push the envelope (so to speak)

All those movies, all those stories, all those nights masturbating thinking of the most vile things that I wanted to do sexually. All the nights with Rusty training him to do exactly what I wanted and needed. He was going to help me find the perfect three to keep here at work.

I knew that Frank would be exempt since he was my courier. I knew that my mailroom would not be touched but with the letter I had no one knew that but me. I leaned back with Samantha's mouth giving me so much pleasure; a human mouth is much more tender and caring. Unlike what I have been accustomed to over the years.

I knew that if I did this right I could end up with three very slutty women and two studs that I could use. Hell if I wanted I could fire Frank and Tommy and put into their jobs two men willing to do what ever I wanted them to do. Let's see they need to be married and preferably with children. That way they would be more willing to do things that I wanted because they would need to keep their jobs.

FUCK I love Corporate they just handed me my fantasized sex life on a golden platter. I will keep up my appearance and I'll just tell the head office I have relaxed my standards because of the heaver workload created by the lay-offs. I'll keep down stairs in suits along with Sally and Jane in dresses. But up stairs, there are going to be some changes.

As Samantha was licking through my pubic hair I remembered her smooth bald vagina, I have known for years some women shave themselves, feeling Samantha kissing and licking my mound made me wonder what her mouth and tongue would feel like my bare skin, tonight the hair comes off.

As I leaned back with my butt half on and half off the sink counter thinking of all this I realized that while I like the feeling of Samantha's mouth licking me, I loved the fact that she was down there between my open legs doing what I wanted her to do it even more. Now top that off with the fact that she sure as hell did not want to be doing that just magnified my enjoyment.

I knew no matter how long she licked me, or worked my opening and clit nothing was going to happen I had climaxed three times already and I knew from experience it takes awhile before I am ready to climax again. The thing is, I wanted her to climax, I wanted her to get off while eating me. I can't tell you why I wanted that I just did.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her back. Looking down at her messy face looking back up at me I said as I handed her my rubber cock, "Use this and fuck yourself while you eat me Sam, I want you to cum one more time for me. When you do you can go back to work."

She reached for the cock I was holding and after arranging her hips and legs she inserted it. Her moan sent a warm breath on my vagina as she went back to work making love to my pussy with her mouth. All the time fucking herself. It was very obvious that she was getting into the process, I looked down and she was fucking herself like crazy, she was sucking harder on my clit and inserting fingers inside as she ate me.

I never thought I was going to climax again so soon, but Samantha was about to show me that I could. I began to build to a climax and watching her she was going nuts her right arm was pulling and shoving hard, fast and at the same time she was moving her hips arching them back and fourth with her thrust.

When she came she let out a yell into my crotch as her body shook and I felt the vibration against my mound. That is all it took, I came one more time with her. I had grabbed the back of her head and held her to my crotch as I floated and floated with my own climax.

Sam relaxed, as did I, she sat back on her feet looking up at me. I looked down and saw that her face was wet as could be. Her hair was a mess, she looked drained and at the same time very satisfied. Now maybe I was seeing what I wanted to see or she really was satisfied.

I watched as she slid the dildo out of herself. She brought it up to her mouth and moaned as she put the head of it in her mouth. "No, give it to me, I want to clean it. I want to taste you."

She handed it to me and I moved over to the door, I began licking it as a lolly-pop I stopped long enough to say to Sam, "Better clean your face and fix your hair, you look a mess, when your done we'll take a few more minutes." I brushed the front of my dress smooth and walked back to my desk, looking at the clock on my desk Samantha had been in my office now for forty-eight minutes.

I sat down amazed at myself, amazed of what I had said, acted and did. I also realized that it was all because of that letter. The letter basically told me that if anyone complained about anything that the head office would know it was nothing more than a lie. That my integrity was with out question. I knew I had the power. At the moment Samantha knew I had the power.

I sat down and a few moments later Samantha came out of my bathroom. She looked normal. I had the hose still on my desk and I asked, ": Where are your panties?"

Samantha reached in her dress pocket and pulled them out. I stuck out my hand and she handed them to me. I brought them to my nose and took a long deep smell of them. God she smelled so good. They were still damp (that is how wet they were when she took them off earlier) I said, "If you don't mind Sam, I want to keep these, would that be OK with you dear?"

Samantha smiled, "Sure, I won't be needing them any longer anyway." She picked up her hose, and said, "I'll put these in my purse, and it is going to be nice to dress sexy. Is there any limits or can I just do what I want?"

I looked at her and thought a moment, "I have a feeling you really want to stay working here. Nope, there are no limits. Just remember the dress code is out the window, I am not about to tell you what to wear, but the women that dress showing they are wanting and ready for sex, will be at the top of my stay list. You have an idea what I like, and what we did here today is tame to what I want to do and see."

Samantha turned took two steps then stopped, turning back to me she asked, "Can I ask you a personnel question?"

I sat there thinking to myself, from what we just did why would she ask me that? "Sure go ahead."

Walking back to the desk and leaned over and asked, "Do you like to go down on a girl? I never did it before today and I liked it. Do you like eating pussy?"

I looked at her, I did not expect her to ask that question to me. I have fantasized for years of sucking off a man, eating out another woman, but until today I had never tasted any other female (or man). Cleaning up my rubber lover that Sam used had up till then been the closest thing I could say I did.

I smiled, "Honey the only thing you need to know is I love your mouth on mine. Later this week I'm going to have that tongue of yours in my ass. Don't worry about having your cunt licked, I can guarantee you that with in three days you will have a hot mouth down between your legs. You will feel just how wonderful it feels, now go back to work and send in Frank."

"Oh yeah, one more thing Sam. Not one word about the lay-offs until I speak with everybody. I mean no one. If I get any idea that the word has gotten out everyone that I have spoken to will be fired. It is going to take me three maybe four days, you will know who I have spoken with by the way they dress. If anyone asks you about your attire tell them they need to speak with me to get my permission. Not one word to Frank and if you are going to be the cunt I want working around here I would think you would be jumping his bones more often that is what sluts do isn't it Sam?"

Samantha looked at, "You are right, any good slut worth her salt would just fuck all day to hell with the job."

I perked up, the bitch was being sarcastic; I said in a very stern tone. "The job will not suffer. I am giving you freedom to do anything you want, but the job will not suffer! Don't fuck with me on this. All I am doing is never mind what I am doing, just go do your job and keep in mind I want my employees to be super sexual now instead of dead wood around here."

Nothing more was said as Samantha walked out.

I buzzed Becky and when she came in I told her, "I am looking for Frank, when he gets here I do not want to be disturbed under any circumstance. I have a letter from the head office that I need to discuss with everyone including you. It is personnel and I need at least an hour with each employee, keep this to your self and when Frank leaves you and I will talk."

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