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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Jessie seduces her dad at a masked ball without him knowing!

I came bouncing into the living room and sank down onto the sofa.

"What you up to daddy?"

I was bored and my favourite pastime over the past few weeks had been to tease my dad; by wearing the shortest little skirts and the thinnest blouses, and letting my nipples push against the translucent material - and loving his reaction even more each time.

My mum had left us over a year ago now; silly woman didn't know what she was missing. My daddy was, well a typical daddy really, but to me he had become a strong, sexy and handsome man.


I moaned as he still hadn't replied, his eyes refocused onto my face. He had zoned out completely while staring at my long tanned legs.

"What baby? Did you say something?"

"Daddy I'm bored, I want to go out."

"Out where? You're only just 18, love, don't forget that now will you?"

I raised my eyes to the ceiling.

"Daddy I'm not silly, I just want to go out for a few drinks, I'm not going to get raving drunk."

I protested indignantly at his assuming tone, but I gave him my sweetest little girl smile, and I knew I had won.

"All right all right, we can go for a few drinks but I have to be back by nine to go to the masked ball Linda is holding tonight."

I pouted my lips in annoyance, but I was soon scheming a plan to get my daddy to fuck me one way or another.

"I don't see why I can't come to Linda's party daddy... I am 18 now, after all!!"

"You know the reason Jessie, now go and get ready and we can go."

Oh, I knew the reason all right. The party daddy was going to was a masked ball, a swingers' masked ball.

I arose from the sofa slowly, giving my father a perfect view of my firm young breasts. I skipped upstairs, yelling down to him,

"You go and make yourself sexy for me daddy!"

I heard his intake of breath from halfway up the stairs and laughed to myself.

I knew exactly what I was going to wear, but I needed to be careful of how exactly I was going to carry it off without daddy getting mad.

I browsed through my wardrobe and found my little red mini skirt and my sheer white blouse. I slipped the clothes onto my body. The skirt covered a suitable amount of my thighs but I knew that when I sat down it would ride up very high. I left three of the buttons open at the top on my blouse and slipped my feet into my new black high heels. I pulled my long silky blond hair up into a clip and walked downstairs to find dad waiting for me by the door.

His face was priceless; his jaw went slack as soon as his eye's settled on my body. He soon recovered though and we set off to Evolution, a bar in town.

The time passed quickly. We met up with some of dad's work colleagues and they quickly got into some deep discussion about office politics.

I slipped off unnoticed to the bar and ordered another drink. When I went to pay for the drink the barman told me the gentleman standing at the opposite side of the bar had already taken it care of it.

I looked over and blushed as I saw my dad's friend Terry standing there. I walked over to where he was standing and kissed him on the cheek, and as I said thank you, his hand snaked around my waist and pulled me close to his body. I blushed some more as he kissed me softly on my lips. Someone coughed and we both turned. I don't know about Terry, but I nearly died when I saw my dad standing there.

An air of sadness seemed to surround him and before anything could be said, my dad turned and started to walk away.

"Daddy... wait, daddy I'm sorry."

I ran after him out of the bar, I caught his arm and pulled him to me, I wasn't going to let this happen, not now. He tried to pull away but I wouldn't let go,

"Daddy please... don't be mad I'm sorry."

I heard him groan as my body melded against his, but he was stronger than me and pushed me away as soon as my grip loosened.

"Lets get home Jessie, it's getting on for nine."

I let it be and we drove home in silence.

When we arrived home I set my plan into action straight away.

"Daddy I'm not feeling so great; I'm going to go and lay down."

"OK angel, sleep well and I will see you tomorrow."

As I turned away, an evil seductive smile touched my mouth.

I lay quietly on my bed, listening to my father getting ready to leave.

A while later he knocked softly on my door and said he was leaving. As soon as I heard the front door close, I was up off my bed and collecting the essential things I would need to seduce my dad.

I opened my wardrobe and pulled from the back the new dress I had bought last week.

The dress was so elegant. When I first slipped the cold black satin onto my body, it took my breath away. The top of the dress was exquisite, little black jewels line the very low cut neckline. The dress itself flowed all the way down my body in a very simple cut, the thing that made it what it was, was the fact that the dress had a split that travelled all the way up to my hip on one side.

I slipped the cool black satin over my heated skin before sliding my delicate teenage feet into my black leather knee high boots. My pert young breasts didn't really need enhancing or support and the feel of the satin on my skin was too irresistible to wear any undergarments.

I placed my mask into my bag just as the doorbell chimed to signal the arrival of my taxi. The journey was relatively short and as we began to approach the party, I slipped my mask from my bag and positioned the black and gold embroidered mask over my eyes.

I walked silently from the taxi and immersed myself into the middle of a small crowd of people just outside the front door. I moved through the crowds and got myself a strong drink, my eyes searching the throngs of people surrounding me. My gaze settled on a small group of people, only two of whom I recognised, one was my father and the other was the hostess, Linda.

There were people chatting in small groups. Some people were dancing to the soft music that filled the room and some couples were in various states of sexual arousal.

As I looked around the room a set of masked eyes clashed with mine. I smiled coyly as I looked at this young tall man who was clearly assessing me. I watched as he made his way slowly towards me. He was quite well built, not muscled but he appeared to be well toned. His hair was dusky blond/brown, and what little I could see of his eyes behind his mask seamed to be a grey/blue colour. His mask was red and purple with what appeared to be a black dragon curling around the side.

He walked up and introduced himself as Gordon; he had a smooth sexy Scottish accent. He asked me to dance and as we made our way to the dance floor, he curled his arm around my waist. He drew me close as we stepped onto the dance floor; the music was soft and light-hearted.

The space was confined and as his body pushed against mine. I felt his cock harden. I smiled, my head resting on his shoulder. Then, without warning, my dad was there, asking me to dance with him.

At first, I thought he knew it was me, but when he pulled me close to his body whispering how sexy and beautiful I was looking, I knew I was safe. My daddy's hands pushed against my soft young ass. Just knowing it was him was making my pussy drip with excitement. I moved my hips against his, our heated bodies grinding together.

I watched as his eyes widened with lust and excitement. As if in slow motion his lips lowered to mine. His lips softly brushed the fullness of my mouth, his tongue sneaking out teasing my lips. His hands began caressing my body, gently touching my cheek, and moving down my neck onto my breast, making me moan out as he tweaked my nipples through the cool satin. His hands splayed flat as he moved over my ribs, moving down to my pussy... My breath now coming in short sharp gasps as his talented fingers manipulated my senses.

I moved my fingers under his chin; I needed to feel his lips entwining with mine. As our lips touched, the kiss became heated and passionate, our tongues duelling with each other, our breathing becoming rapid as we became more and more aroused. His fingers then slipped under the slit in my dress. When they found no underwear resisting his access to my hot body, he couldn't seem to control the moan that escaped him.

I could hardly stay standing as my daddy's fingers started to tease the lips of my teenage pussy.

"Oh god daddy please..."

I froze instantly, thinking, 'Oh god, I've ruined itttt... '

"Oh that's the way you like it, is it little girl? You like thinking about you're daddy fucking you?"

All I could do was moan in agreement as silent relief rushed through me.

"Well little girl, why don't you come and see just how much your daddy wants to slide this hard cock inside you," he said, as he started leading me across the dance floor.

He led me upstairs and we walked along a vast hallway with doors on either side. Halfway along, he pulled a key from his trousers and unlocked one of the doors. Once inside, he pushed me against the door, thrusting his cock against my pussy.

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