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Desc: Sex Story: She controls and fucks him while his parents sleep just down the hall!

O god!

Her hand was creeping up towards my groin and I couldn't do a thing about it!

I mean our parents were there for gods sake, what did she think she was doing!?

I stifled a groan as her fingers started tracing the outline of my cock.

We are sitting (my girlfriend and I) at a table for six in one of the classiest restaurants in town. You see, it's my parents wedding anniversary and so both our parents and us are out having a meal to celebrate.

Our mothers are at either end of the table and our dads are on the opposite side to us. So there wasn't much chance of them seeing but I just cant believe she's doing this! Although I have thought about doing something like this for years, she has never shown the slightest interest except teasing me mercifully by flaunting herself in the tinniest of dresses whenever we go out.

Lily is slim and well toned with dusky blond hair that is naturally highlighted from the sun. Her blue eyes sparkle with mischief; her skin is tanned, supple, and fresh. Her lips are full and o so kissable; her long athletic legs seem to go on forever.

She is sexy, sassy, and innocent.

She just loves to flaunt herself to those around her, making them wonder what it would be like to touch her, to kiss her, to feel her.

I was brought back out of my dream as I felt her hand slip inside my boxers!

How had she managed to undo my trousers without me noticing??!!

Her delicate fingers encircled my burning tool.

I was finding it very hard to concentrate on the ongoing conversation when my girlfriend's hand was down my trousers feeling my cock! I looked at her, only to find her seemingly engrossed in a conversation with my dad.

"You ok Josh honey? You're looking a little pale," My mother said softly.

I looked up and gave her a weak smile before replying,

"Yeah I'm ok, just feeling a little tired that's all"

I glanced at Lily who gave me a wicked smile before turning back to her conversation.

We all ordered some coffee; I hoped the caffeine would calm me down.

No such luck.

Her fingers burned a path along my straining dick down to my balls. My breath was becoming shallow; I should stop her before this goes to far. But I couldn't, could I? Instead I reached down (with the intent of stopping her) and held my hand on top of hers.

She glanced at me and tentatively started her stoking again.

I can't believe this; I'm now helping my girlfriend to jack me off!

Suddenly she removed her hand and pushed mine out the way as she zipped my trousers up. O my god, was she kidding? My cock was rock hard and straining against my trousers. Was she going to leave me like this?

Then my senses returned and I remembered where we were, of course she had to stop, I couldn't exactly blow my load right there in the restaurant could I!

Lily's voice interrupted my train of thought as she said to our parents;

"Josh and I will just go and settle the bill while you finish your coffee's."

I stood up cautiously, trying not to look as if I was hiding the biggest hardon of my life.

We headed over to the bar to pay the tab but before we got there Lily took my hand and headed towards the ladies toilets. I was confused but before I had the chance to think about it she was pushing me into a stall and getting on her knees as she unzipped my trousers.

" O my god... Lily... we ca... Lily... I..."

Any words that were once there left my mind completely as my cock was enveloped in Lily's mouth.

"O fuck..."

My legs felt weak as I used the wall for support. Her tongue was swirling around my cock, teasing, as pre cum dripped from the head. Her mouth felt like a hot wet velvet cavern as she sucked me deeper and deeper into her mouth. I couldn't take any more of this, I mean Lily, the most gorgeous, sexiest, most sort after girl, my girlfriend, was sucking my cock in the toilets of this classy restaurant and anyone could walk in at any minute.

My bulging cock was stuffed in her mouth and she couldn't get enough of it!

As that very thought sped through my mind my hips jerked and I let loose a load of hot sticky cum into Lily's sexy little mouth. My legs fought to stay standing, but failed as I fell back onto the toilet seat while Lily continued to suck my deflating cock.

"Lily... I... you... we..."

Before I could get a coherent sentence out she stood up, put her hands on my knees and kissed me. Snaking her tongue into my mouth. And then she was gone, leaving the taste of my seaman on my tongue.

I walked back to the table in a daze.

"You really don't look well Josh" My mother commented as we waved goodbye to Lily's parents.

When we got home I wished my parents a happy anniversary and excused myself to go to my room, leaving them chatting and laughing with Lily.

The thoughts in my heads swirled round relentlessly, the images of the restaurant and Lily sucking my cock burned in my mind. I needed her there with me but how was that supposed to happen when my parents where sleeping just down the hall?

It turned out that I didn't have to do anything as Lily seamed to have it all planned out when she arrived in my bedroom half an hour later wearing only a tiny summer dress. The evening was hot and a thin film of sweat clung to her skin making her look as if her skin was shimmering.

The power of speech was completely lost to me as she closed the door and walked towards me. She stopped a few feet away from the bed and in a slow seductive movement she lifted the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head.

I sucked air into my lungs.

My girlfriend was standing right in front of me without a stitch of clothing on, I felt like an electric current had just shot through me.

Her body was amazing; it never fails to amaze me.

I released my breath in a rush as I looked at her. Her blue eyes sparkled as she watched my reaction.

She moved closer to me, reaching for my hand as she pulled me up. I scrambled to my feet and stood before her, waiting for her to say something.

Her eyes watched me as I stood before her.

I didn't get it, what was she doing? I held her gaze for as long as I could before I started to squirm and my eyes dropped and concentrated on the floor. I heard her laugh softly as she watched my discomfort. Before I had time to think, her hands had started to slowly unbutton my shirt, my loosened tie was next as she undid the knot and pulled the end sharply. Making me wince as it nicked the back of my neck.

Her hands then started working on the buckle of my belt.

If she was planning the same thing as my tie, I knew that this was going to hurt.

Sure enough, as the pin dropped from my belt she tugged sharply. I braced myself but as the leather hit my waist I couldn't help flinching.

I wasn't sure but I think I heard her suck her breath in sharply as she saw me flinch.

Her soft delicate fingers started unzipping my trousers. They fell in a pool around my ankles. Shortly followed by my boxers.

Colour swiftly rising in my face as I became more and more embarrassed, standing there in front of her with only my open shirt barely on my shoulders. She placed her palms flat on my chest and pushed upwards, forcing the shirt to fall from my body. So there we were, in my bedroom with my parents sleeping just along the hall, standing naked in front of each other.

"Mmmmm... so sexy..." she murmured as her hands moved from my shoulders down my chest over my hips, and just before reaching my pulsating cock her hands swerved and came back to my chest before she removed them completely from my body.

I glanced up and looked at her. She grinned as if she had been waiting for me to do exactly that.

She bent down and picked up my tie before rising again. She seemed closer.

Her eyes looked right through me, her body was just centimetres away from mine, and didn't I know it! My cock was throbbing... my skin was tingling in anticipation of her touch.

When she did touch me, it wasn't what I expected at all, her palms rested on my chest before pushing me sharply back onto the bed.

The shock made me gasp out.

Quick as a flash she was on top of me, straddling the lower part of my body, my cock resting on her flat stomach.

She moved her hands from my chest up my body, pushing my arms above my head... my eyes were transfixed on her breasts as she leaned down and kissed me lightly, It was almost to light to feel. I moved my head slightly and started to kiss her properly.

Lily moved her body upwards so my cock slipped between her pussy lips, rubbing against her wetness. I lifted up, trying to get more contact with her pussy. I wanted to feel her hot little pussy surrounding my cock so badly!

I took hold of her shoulders to push her onto her back but she pinned my hands above my head and brought her mouth down to mine in a rough passionate kiss as she ground herself against me. My mind went black for a second as I arched my back and pushed against her.

As I made to move my hand down towards her breast but found I couldn't move them.

I looked up above my head and was amazed to find my hands bound to the headboard.

Ok, how the hell had she done that without me knowing?

I felt her kissing her way down my chest, just before all thoughts left my mind I realized that's exactly how she had done it.


She controlled me.

Everything I did, everything I felt, She controlled.

With that thought running through my head I shuddered underneath her as she started flicking her tongue anywhere and everywhere but my burning hot tool.

I was gonna blow a load so big it would make her scream. I was so fucking horny.

She looked up and tutted at me playfully,

"Now, now Josh I don't think that you should cum just yet"

I moaned softly in protest but the only response I got was a soft little laugh as her tongue went back to circling my nipple.

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