Magic Word

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: She was Sally Jones, 'The most beautiful girl in the whole College' and she was asking my name. True we started school on the same day over twelve years ago and she had been in at least one of my classes ever since and still she wasn't certain of my name. I didn't say anything but looked into very pretty face and just nodded.

I sat down in my usually corner of the refectory with my new magazine and my black tea. I think if you're drinking tea or coffee you should be able to taste its subtle blend. I opened my magazine, one of those you can't buy over the counter you have to subscribe to and was immediately absorbed in the technical text.

"You're William Blake, aren't you?" she said sitting down opposite me.

She was Sally Jones, 'The most beautiful girl in the whole College' and she was asking my name. True we started school on the same day over twelve years ago and she had been in at least one of my classes ever since and still she wasn't certain of my name. I didn't say anything but looked into very pretty face and just nodded.

"I need your help with my Computer Project, met me here after classes," she said and with that she got up and left.

Every male eye in the place watched her pert tits bounce slightly as she walked towards them and then her swaying hips as she passed by. Every female eye tried to ignore her totally.

"What did she want?" asked Toby one of the few guys that ever talk to me.

"Who?" I replied I innocently.

"Who," he said, "fucking Sally Jones you moron."

"Oh her," I said looking up from magazine, "she wants to met me after school and give me her body. She said if I leave my underwear off she would do likewise."

"What! No you're joking," said and open mouthed Toby. "So are you going to met her then?"

"No I don't think so," I replied, "I've got better things to with my time."

"You're fucking nuts," he said shacking his head.

After classes I went straight home and continue my work on my latest project. I was trying to get the two processors to work as 'master' and 'slave' in my own computer but I was having problems with the coding.

"Are you deaf or something," she said after sitting down opposite me again the next lunchtime. "I said met me here after classes and where were you?"

Again I looked up into her very pretty face.

"You didn't say the magic word," I said.

"Magic word, what are you on about," she snapped, "has you brain gone addled."

"Ask someone what it means and don't bother to come back until you do," I said getting up and leaving her open mouthed staring after me.

She didn't like being treated like that but I knew I had no chance with her so why bother mooning around after her looking for favours.

"Your nuts," exploded Toby, "a chance to be with the luscious Miss Jones and you turned her down."

"She only wants my help with her Project," I explained.

"So, you get to be with her for hours, days even," he said wistfully, "see her bedroom, sit on her bed."

He was lost, gone in his own private daydream.

"Get real," I snapped, "I've got about as much chance of getting into her knickers as, as you have and you've got no chance."

"I can dream, can't I," he said and he was off again for he had that look on his face.

I had finished my own project weeks ago and I had even handed it in. I knew the deadline was the end of next week so everybody had one more weekend and then just a few more days to complete theirs.

"Please, pretty please," she said after sitting down, it was now Friday lunchtime.

"Yes Miss Jones," I looked up smiling at her smiling face. "What can I do for you?"

"I have to finish my Computer Project by the end of next week," she said still smiling, "and I would like you to help me please."

"Ok, just say I agree to give up my time helping you over the next few days," I said, "what are you willing to give me."

Her smile froze on her face and I could almost see the gears turning inside her head as she tried to think of the minimum she could get away with. This was all unknown territory for her; usually the guys are falling over themselves just to be with her.

"Money or sex or both are the usual fees," I said.

"What!" she snapped, her smile slipping from her pretty face.

"Look you want me to help you and I want payment for my time and effort," I explained. "If you don't want to pay that's fine by me, go asked some other guy for his help. I'm sure there are lots of guys on this Campus who would jump at the chance to help you. Now excuse me I got a class to go to."

I had only gone a few steps when she called out.

"Please wait," she gushed and ran up to my side and stayed in step with me.

"I've asked all the others geeks, I mean guys doing the same course and they are all struggling like me," she explained.

"So if I helping you, you'll pass," I grinned, "or if I don't you'll fail."

"I need this course," she said, "a C+ would do."

"Ok Miss Jones," I stopped in the corridor and turned towards her, "so what is it, money or sex?"

"Please I spent my grant and my allowance my Father sends me," she said.

"So if you are better at maths than you are apparently at Computer Science that only leaves one thing. You have a think about it and I'll wait tonight for you until five, ok?"

I left her there with a funny look on her face. Without this project she would get a 'D' for sure and she would fail the whole year.

"Ok, ok," she said sitting down opposite me, "tell me what you want me to do?"

"Ok miss Jones," I said putting my book down and looking into her china blue eyes. "How much have you done so far? Ok nothing right. Ok it would take us most of the weekend and then two or three hour a night to be finished by Friday."

She didn't say anything but just nodded.

"Ok my price is a full sex session for each day, or part of the day I work on your project," I said.

"Full sex session," she mouthed the words to herself.

"Yes, both of us fully naked and full penetration," I explained.

"You're out of your tiny perverted mind," she snapped causing a few heads to turn in our direction.

"Hey, you came to me," I said. "Now if we're finished I got things to do."

I left her there staring at the far wall and I couldn't help but grin. I knew she would never go for it but I was prepared to negotiate a little, perhaps a blowjob of a tit fuck instead of the full Monty. She caught up with me half the way home.

"Look, I need this project," she said panted from running after me, "my Dad will go ballistic if I fail but you must reconsider; I'm still a virgin."

Still a virgin, who's kidding who here.

"Ok, you tell me what you are prepare to do for me," I said.

"Look not here," she said looking around and again I could see her gears turning, she didn't want to be even seen with me.

"Here's just fine," I said, "now spit it out."

"Ok, ok," she said looking very nervous, "suppose I give you a hand job?"

"With both of us naked?" I added.

"No, no, just a hand job," she whispered in case someone overheard.

I thought about it, but it was a lot of time and effort for just a hand job, true from a very pretty girl.

"I'll want you naked," I offered.

"How about in my underwear," she countered.

"Bra off," I said.

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