The Big One

by Mammoth

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Gay, Safe Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: An erotic encounter beween a weight-lifting internet site builder and a handsome young artist turns into a night niether can forget, changing their lives forever.

The banging then started. It sounded like a skeleton rapping on the wall. It made converation beween my friend Rex and I a bit frayed.

"It's Chris," I said. "He's at it again."

"Wish that kid would find himself a woman," said Rex. "He masterbates like the world ends tomarrow."

"Yeah. He's lucky he's cute, or he would never--"

"Cute, eh? Sounds you wanna bag 'im, Rachelle."

"Me? NO. I DON'T think so. He's a nice guy, but I like him just as a friend."

"Too bad. Chris has got a crush on you, you know. Oh yeah. He thinks you hung the moon. Yesterday when you were napping on the coach, he stared at your ass every time I looked away."

"Bastard," I grinned.

"Must be that purple hair of your's. Ever sense you died it and started doin' yer nails and lips that way, he's had the hots for yah."

"Well, at least someone likes it. No one else has even commented on it in over a year."

"I like it. I do. It's nice. Fuckin' a purplehead aint bad!"

I laughed. "Goofball," I remarked. He jumped at me, restling me to the bed. I screamed and laughed as Rex covered my head with a pillow. "Oof," I blurred. "I can't breathe!" my muffled voice loud from the fluffy darkness. I liked it really. Rex had me dominated. Secretly I was hoping he would touch me. He hadn't done that in a long time. But he didn't. He just gave that soft little laugh of his and threw the pillow aside.

Rex layed back on the bed, and caught in the moment I jumped upon him. "Oof!" he gave now, as I struggled to get the pillow in his face, with no hopeful avail, while we both laughed like a couple of kids. The pillow was thrown aside, and we found eachother staring into eachother's eyes. Was the flame still there? We used to fuck like minx, being friends who acted just like friends until the animal madness came over us in the heat of the moment. Could it still be that way.

He grabbed my ass. I laughed. "GOT you," he grinned. His grin was rather like the giant's grin in the Jack and the Beanstalk adventure, I thought, when he smelled his prey. Rex was so freaking buff. Yet his sides were rather thin, and he wasn't too large, just... muscular, not big-boned. You know. His sleak black hair with pathches of brown--my idea--and those deep, dark brown eyes... The best thing about Rex, besides his sexy body and personality, was that he had no hair on his body! What he had, he shaved. Again, my idea.

He had me shave also, enjoying my pussy bare and smooth all around. He loved playing with my pussy, putting his tongue between my flaps and giving me great cunnilingus. It was his best gift, I think. Usually when we fucked we did ass. I loved a great ass job, and Rex did also. My anus was just tight enough for his taste, and it would give him the biggest orgasms. He would do me raw, too. No condom or anything. Of course he made me clean it out first, with the help of a dildo.

"Listen," said Rex, sitting up. Damn! I wanted an ass job so bad!

"What?" I said. "I don't hear anything."

"Exactly," said Rex, looking at me the way a teacher would stare at a slow-witted student in his class after asking a question that anyone should know.

"WHAT?" I thought about it. "O-O-OH!" I then blurted. "That pervert!"

Our train ride ended in the city, and so the three of us checked in at the three star hotel the Grand Noble. It stood quite tall, which excited me because we had booked rooms on the fifth floor from the top. Rex carried mine and his luggage like the gentleman that he was. "A view of a beautiful view of the lake," sighed Rex, "servants to oay our every whim... this looks like paradise."

"It had better be," said Chris, the skinny redhead self-pleasuring manchild himself. "We've been working and slaying all year for this. We only have three weeks, then it's back to class."

"Oh, don't REMIND me!" I said. "The LAST thing I want to think about is college, all right?

"Yeah, sure," replied Chris. "I like those jean shorts, Rachelle, they make you look... hot."

Rex smiled to himself. "Yeah, thanks," I said kind of to both of them, proceeding to the hotel.

After everything was taken care of, we walked about the city for a few hours, and had dinner in a cheap cafe, we went back to our rooms. It was only 4:23PM, but it was hot and we were bushed. None of us got much sleep on the train. We hadn't tried to. We enjoyed the experience.

Rex and I shared a room as usual. Hopefully this time I could score. Rex hadn't had sex for months! He was like a camel with his sexuality. I was more like a dog--gimme gimme gimme! I couldn't go two weeks without screwing someone, but that was me. I was a luscious lady, as Rex would say. We had a large room, with a balcony that had a fantastic view. A king size bed with sensuous red silken sheets. Our bathroom had a bathtub that looked like something out of one of them glamour spas. It could makes bubbles, swoosh water around and everything. It was well worth the money.

"The best thing is free customer service," I gloated, waving the phone in my hand. "Maybe I should get a full body hot oil massage."

"Just let me watch," grinned Rex. He was such a tease. "I'm gonna go check out the bar. It probally has some high society sirens. Wanna go check them out?"

Everyone knew I was into girls as well as boys. I usually preferred boys. You know why. Girls were hot too. I had had sex with several chick friends over the years. I had done that girl-and-boy sandwhich deal a number of times. Never with Rex. He was too shy to handle two chicks at once. He had once had sex with a guy. His name was Jerry Laurner. He was a hot babyfaced stud. Rex never liked to talk about that sense, so I wouldn't bring it up. Unless we were at eachother and I needed some quick ammo to throw at him.

"No thanks," I said. "I'm gonna chill." I jumped back on the bed as Rex reached the door.

"You sure?" he said. "You're not gonna snort some more of that cooking gas, are you?"

"No way," I said. "I swear." I practically made out that I would, just to encourage him to stay.

He grinned. The bastard had guessed my game. He knew me too well.

"Later," he said, and closed the door behind him slowly without shutting it as if he expected me to jump up yelling just kidding and run after him. I didn't. That shows him, I thought to myself with a sly smerk. I wandered over by the large mirror by the bed. "Perverts," I smiled. I studied my body in the mirror. I was sexy. And in my prime. Why was no one taking the bait lately? Had I changed on the inside? I was sure I was as childish and freakish as ever.

I started undressing myself, staring over my hot body. The grooves, the curves, my tender skin... how could any man resist me? I was hot. Hot. And lonely. No one saw that. Not even Rex. My smile fooled them. Sex and adventure made up for the empty feeling, but only for a time. I had to keep changing partners and adventures to keep things alive. Rex was the only one I could stand time and again, because he would follow me on my crazy adventures. And Chris, you're probally wondering? My silly half-cousan. We brought him along from pitty. Besides, he was a nice guy. A few layers short of a lasagna, but nice.

I took off all my clothes in front of the large mirror. My boucy boobs, with their pink little nipples. My sexy legs. My bald pussy. My sweet ass. I was hot for myself, for Christ's sakes. I stated petting myself lightly, over my hips, arms, thighs and buttocks. It was then that a funny feeling came over me. An odd feeling. I turned my head sharply. Standing in the doorway was Chris, drooling from his mouth like a sicko peeping tom. I screamed, grabbing my pink shirt and stretching it to cover my frontal nudity.

"Hey," he said, lie some dull teenager. "I was just--"

"Yeah, I know what you were JUST," I said. "How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not having sex with you, Chris."

"Ah, come on, Rachelle," he said with a pathetic whine. "We've been friends for years."

"Distantly," I added. "Besides, we're half-cousans! That would be... incest!"

"Ah, come on. You have sex with Rex."

"REX turns me on. He's a hot body-builder!"

"What about me?" came Chris. "I'm... hot."

"No. No offence Chris, you're not. I'd rather have sex with Uncle Joe's DOG than you."

Chris' eyes broke open. "WOULD you?"

"NO!" I shouted. The hell with it, I thought. I pulled my shirt on, and my jean shorts and black boots. My underclothes lay scattered over the floor. I grabbed my purse and headed quickly for the door.

"Where you goin'?" he asked.

"To the bar," I said with a fierce grin. You see, Chris was affraid of bars. The single women, beer and roudy men were too much for him. I was free!

I was all ready on my forth beer, and Rex hadn't finished his first. Not only was he cheap, despite his parents being rich as hogs, he was a modest drinking. We spotted a couple hot chicks in the back. French blondes, but before long they were covered by a drooling pack of wolves. Of course I was just pretending. It was a guy that I wanted. Rex, mostly, but by this point ANY guy would do.

A sexy guy came in on his own. He was shy, modest and private-natured, but very, very hot looking. He was what you might call a girly boy, but there was nothing feminine in his character any more than there was masculine. He was somewhat thin, with brown hair, bi brown eyes and light skin. He wore a dark brown sweater, and light gray pants. Pretty hot, despite his wierd garb.

"He's a virgin," I whispered. Rex nearlly spat out his drink. I had a gift for reading me, and especially for eyeing virgins. I always loved being a guy's first. I had had many. "Maybe, no... DEFINITELY bi-curious." Rex sized him up carefully. He didn't want anyone but me to see him. "Wanna go chat with him?"

"I don't know."

"Come on! I can see you're crazy about him."

"He is hot. I don't know why." He turned to my wide smile. "I'm not gay, Rachelle."

"I know," I said. "He doesn't. What could it hurt?"

We went over, introduced ourselves, and had a few drinks. It turns out he was an artist, and not so shy once he got to know you. His name was Aaron.

"I'm currently working for the hotel," he said, finishing his second glass of red wine. "I am helping design a wall of historical art, to commemorate the hotel's involvment with the old west shoot out between the Mcbane and Pierson families. The Shootout at Kenson Lane."

"Oh yeah!" I bursted. "I FORGOT about that! Cool."

"Would you like to come up to our room?" asked Rex. "We could discuss it further."

"Yeah," said Aaron, a bit anxious. "Sure."

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