Oliver Brown
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Science Fiction,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the story of Oliver Brown, the Druid that replaced John Carter as the Grand Druid. It is a story of love and duty.

Oliver Brown made his way through the jungles of Columbia. The lush green vegetation hid thousands of insects, snakes, and spiders. He stopped after pushing his way through another mass of branches to wait while another of the snakes moved out of his way. Unable to see the whole snake, he couldn't tell if it was poisonous or not, but with snakes down here you didn't take chances. He would have killed it, but it was here for a purpose that the Goddess had not explained to him. All creatures were on the earth for a reason. He touched the medallion around his neck with reverence.

The snake finally made its way through the brush. As the last glimpse of the snake disappeared, a flash of light caught his attention. He stepped forward, careful not to touch it. Kneeling, he examined the wire stretched across what was laughingly called a trail. One end was tied to a tree. Tracing the wire to the other end, he saw that it was set to trigger an explosive. He whispered to a butterfly, "Someone doesn't want me here. I think that's a very good reason for me to be here."

He carefully stepped over the wire and made his way forward. Keeping low and using the vegetation was a habit; his way of staying out of sight. Each step was taken with deliberation. It was the only way to avoid snapping branches, tripwires, and dangerous creatures of the jungle. He had no idea what kind of other traps were out here, but he knew there would be others. At a small break in the jungle, he looked out over a small valley below. Nestled in it was a building. It was surrounded by plants that grew in the kind of order that suggested cultivation. It didn't take him a minute to realize that they were coca plants. He had found his quarry, a cocaine farm.

He retrieved his binoculars from his backpack and used them to search the area. There were guards and patrols everywhere. So far, his skill had kept him from being caught. A truck drove up to the building, parked, and then unloaded a bunch of women that were herded into the building. A number of other women came out of the building, emerging naked and dressing only after they took a shower. Oliver watched as they washed and dressed themselves. Once all of the women had finished, they were taken to the truck. He realized that he had seen the women that worked in the extraction process. They worked naked so they couldn't steal any of the finished product.

He was about to move when he heard two male voices originating about fifty feet away. Lowering himself to the ground, he listened as two men passed with ten feet of him. Busy talking with each other about their families, they didn't notice his presence within the branches of the plant. Oliver thanked the God for his help.

He had to decide what action to take next. He could return to Bogota and let the embassy know what he found. That would be the easiest thing to do, but with the degree of corruption in the area, the entire operation at this site would probably be shutdown before any measures could be taken. That it would be shutdown wasn't bad, but the people involved would just move on to another area and the drugs here would never be found. What does one do when the people that carry out policy are corrupt and political reality prevents elimination of that corruption? Service to the Gods usually meant consulting, but in some cases it was necessary to take a more direct approach.

He returned to the deep jungle to think about his options. He traveled taking care not to step on any traps. The God had blessed him with an innate warrior sense and the Goddess had given him jungle sense. Between the two gifts, he was a formidable opponent in jungle warfare. It still paid to be careful, as in all other matters of life and death.

Oliver looked at his surroundings realizing that he was surrounded by the most dangerous creatures in the world and that he could use them to his benefit. The site itself included many weapons that could be turned against it. He could use the explosive traps to destroy buildings, trucks, and other assets. The first order of business was to get armed. Towards that end, he started carving a blowgun and darts. With a little luck, he would be ready by sunset tomorrow.

As he worked, his mind drifted back to his sixteenth birthday. It was an exciting day, as it meant he could get his drivers license and wouldn't have to depend on his brother or sister for rides. Rising early that morning, he got ready to go to the department of public safety and take his drivers test. Stepping into the living room, he immediately sensed that something was wrong. His mother was on the couch crying. His father looked furious and appeared to be barely restraining himself from killing his brother. His brother was saying over and over, "I didn't mean for it to happen."

He had asked, "What happened?"

His father lost what little control he had over his temper. In three steps, he had crossed the room and picked up his brother. Screaming in terror, his brother was afraid that his father would beat him to death. Oliver stood there, unable to decipher what was happening. Throwing his brother out of the house, his father had screamed, "You're never coming back here!"

He looked outside, seeing his brother on the lawn crying. He asked, "What happened?"

His mother looked at him with tears in her eyes and said, "Your brother killed your sister last night. He gave her some drugs and she died."

He collapsed on the floor, shocked that his beautiful sister was dead. How could that be? Shaking and crying in grief, he realized the true magnitude of his loss. The next few days had passed in a haze. They had the funeral for his sister and then a week later, he learned that his brother had died of an overdose. His parents refused to go to the funeral, but allowed him to attend. Even to this day, he didn't know who paid for the burial. His sister had a beautiful coffin with a silk lining; his brother had a simple pine box. His sister's funeral had been attended by her whole school. He and two other people were the only ones at his brother's funeral.

While watching the pine box get lowered into the ground, he declared war on drugs. He had fought them in school. When he graduated, he had joined the police to fight them on the street. Then one weekend, a hike in the middle of summer changed his life forever. He had encountered the God, who gave him better tools to carry on his war. His zeal for going after drug dealers was soon noticed and a real war followed. Life became filled with drive-by shootings, attempted assassinations, and death threats in the middle of the night. Shootouts with drug dealers were a weekly activity. He had barely survived, but his efforts had significantly impaired the ability of criminal organizations to move drugs through his part of the state.

When the woman had broken the chain on his medallion, he had gone to the woods again. This time, the Goddess had given him the gift of jungle craft. Quitting his job, he moved to South America to carry on his war there. Getting rid of the distributors had only slowed down the flow of drugs. He knew he had to go after the source. Since then, he had been tramping through the jungle, living off the land, and closing down every operation he encountered. He had encountered many of them. Those that he had called in help to eliminate had been moved before help had showed.

He finished his blowgun and looked up at the sky. It would be getting dark soon and time for him to hunt the frogs in the trees where they lived. He would boil them to extract the poison from their skin. The result would be a deadly brew that could stop a man in his tracks. The natives had used them against the Spanish Conquistadors to great effect. What had worked in the past, would work again.

He climbed a tree and waited for dark. The frogs would emerge from the crevices in which they hid during the day. He cut off a pair of sticks and trimmed them to use like chopsticks. The sticks would allow him to catch the frogs since touching their skin with his bare fingers could kill him. He got out a small leather bag in which to put the frogs once he caught them and then waited patiently knowing the Goddess would provide.

In the morning, he climbed out of the tree and stretched to restore his cramped muscles. Fishing out a small can of Vienna Sausages out of his backpack, he looked at it unwilling to open it. It was his emergency ration in case he was harmed and couldn't hunt for food. Necessity demanded the can, so he opened it and ate a simple breakfast. When he was finished with the sausages, he drank the juice they were packed in. His motto in the field was not to waste anything that had nutritional value.

Oliver went to the stream and rinsed out the can. Filling it with water and taking it back by the tree, he scrounged the surroundings for wood to use in a fire. It wasn't long before he had a nice little fire going. He set the can on the fire, piling branches around it to burn and heat it evenly. Once the water was boiling, he opened the leather bag and used the chopsticks to drop a frog into the water. He waited a minute before dropping another one into the boiling water. Setting aside the chopsticks, he up-ended the sack and shook it until the third and last frog fell out. He stood back and watched the water boil for another five minutes before pulling the can off the fire for it to cool down. A very thin oily patch floated on the surface of the water. Dipping each dart into the oil, he placed each one in the pouch that he had used to hold the frogs. The ends of the darts stuck out the top of the pouch, the little patches of fibers on the ends served dual purposes. They marked the safe end of the dart and they allowed the darts to be fired from the blowgun.

Once he was finished, he carefully emptied the can into the fire where it would dry without giving off stream. He set the small can on the fire to allow it to burn the inside clean. Dealing with such strong poisons was not something to be done lightly.

He climbed a tree and hung his hammock well above the ground. Carefully he lowered himself into the hammock and let the wind rock him to sleep. The day was beginning to get hot and he would sleep through the heat of the day. Tonight, he would engage in the next battle in his personal war on drugs.

He woke when the afternoon rain started. Swearing softly at having overslept, he slowly worked his way out of the hammock and then took it down. He packed his gear and got ready to break camp. After pissing on the place where he had built a fire, he threw some dead leaves over the spot. The can was buried in a small crevice at the base of the tree. Only the most experienced person in jungle survival would have been able to detect that a man had passed this way. None would realize that he had camped here.

He walked away, catching various insects and popping them into his mouth as snacks to hold him over until he found something better to eat. This was his normal way of traveling, eating whatever he found that was edible as he moved. It didn't matter if it was beetle, grub, worm, or fruit; if it was edible, he ate it.

He eased his way back towards the spot he had come across the day before. Pausing on the way, he spread dirt on the exposed parts of his body and affixed leaves to his clothes to break up his outline. The closer he got to his target, the more invisible he became. His step became softer as he became one with the jungle.

He glided up to the wire without leaving a trace of his passing and without making a sound. The God and Goddess guided his step. Taking apart the trap, he put the explosives in his backpack before going on to search for others. He took his time, happy that he wasn't on any schedule but his own. Dismantling the traps as he encountered them, he finally ended up with nine of the explosive devices.

During one of his frequent pauses in which he stopped and listened to the environment around him, he heard two men were coming down a path. They were moving and making the kind of noise that indicated that they belonged. They weren't afraid of being spotted or heard. He readied the blowgun and waited for them. They passed within five feet of him, too busy talking to notice him. When they passed, he fired a blow dart into the one on the right. The man collapsed almost immediately. His buddy stopped and laughed at him thinking he had tripped and fallen. Oliver readied another dart., firing at the second man when he bent down to check out the first. In seconds they were both on the ground.

Oliver waited where he was for a moment, listening to the sounds of the jungle around him. He moved over to the bodies and stripped them of their weapons, taking them with him. Easing towards the road, he set up half of the explosive devices along the road. A truck moving down the road would set them off and explode.

He moved through the field, taking great care to avoid the few traps they had within it. These guys didn't trust anyone, even the people that worked for them. He slowly made his way to the building. The smell of chemicals hung heavily in the air. The building was too small for processing all of the plants in the field. Oliver realized that it must be an entry point for an underground facility and rigged a trap at the door of the building.

There was a truck parked near the building that he rigged to blow as soon as it moved. He had only a couple more explosives and wondered what to do with them. He decided that he would not use them yet since there was a chance that he would be required to set more traps before the night was over.

Stashing his pack amongst the coca plants, he waited nearby. Two men showed up near the building having finished their security watch. He took careful aim and fired several rounds at them. They both collapsed without getting off a shot. He changed his position, taking the time to move fifty yards away. He was in position before anyone was close enough to fire. Gunfire emerged from several places around the property as other guards converged on the site he had been.

He waited until the guards were close together and opened fire. This time, they did return fire. He hugged the ground hoping not to get hit. At a lull in the action, he returned fire, taking down more of the men. After a few exchanges, all of those that were charging towards him had been shot. The door of the shed swung open as more men started to charge out. It exploded and created a huge fireball that shot high into the sky. The building had been full of ether.

The ground heaved with the force of an earthquake. Oliver watched in amazement as fireballs emerged from various places around him; the charge had set off explosions throughout the underground structure. He moved again wanting to get away from the building to where he could watch the road that led to it.

Three trucks carrying armed men came rumbling down the road. The first one in the caravan hit one of his traps and exploded. There were two more trucks behind that one. One stopped and the other drove on around it. He prepared himself to fire on the one that stopped. The truck that had passed the first exploded when it hit the next trip wire. Oliver opened fire on the stopped truck. Men scrambled out and approached his position. After several exchanges of fire, he had wiped out the handful of men that had actually made it off the truck.

He waited in the silence that followed, watching the flames lighting the dark at several points around the field. The flames continued to spread, appearing further and further away. He was shocked when a huge explosion sounded further up the valley. A fire ball rose from almost a half mile away. Even at this distance, he could see burning people running away from the flames. The fire lit up the field and it was time to move. He returned to fetch his backpack and then moved away from that place until he found a dark spot where he had good cover.

Oliver used the cover to hide while he checked his weapons, discovering that he was almost out of ammunition. Carefully approached the truck that had stopped, he encountered the dead men on the ground and paused to pick up their weapons and ammunition. Keeping to the shadows, he moved up the valley following the fires. He moved slowly, pausing frequently, to keep from being seen or surprised. The sounds of men shouting instructions to each other floated on the wind.

He listened and used the knowledge of what they were doing to move to locations where he could ambush them. When a group of four or five men came into the open, he fired upon them. After assuring himself that he had stopped them, he moved on to another location. It was a true guerilla war and Oliver wasn't going to allow himself to loose. Well before dawn, he moved to higher terrain and climbed a tree where he could watch what happened below with little chance of being seen.

When the sun rose, he examined his surroundings. There were several cleared sites at this end of the valley. At one site, a very large house stood amidst some cleared land. It was surround by men and was a bee hive of activity as other men came and went. He watched the action through his binoculars, realizing he had stumbled on the headquarters of a major producer, perhaps the largest in this part of the world. He looked over the site and wondered how he could attack it. Counting people and stopping when he reached fifty, he realized that he was facing an army.

He looked at where he had been last night. There was no activity at this time, but he watched to see what would happen. A truck came rumbling down the road from the main house carrying a dozen armed men. They carefully drove around the first and second exploded trucks. Stopping before hitting his other trip wire, he swore as they dismantled his trap.

He watched as they reached the place where the small building had stood. The only thing left was the truck. A couple of men got out and entered the truck. A few seconds later there was another explosion. The men fired in every direction, blindly reacting out of their fears of an ambush.

Oliver moved down from his tree and returned to the first exploded truck. He reached in his backpack and set up another trip wire on the part of the road they had just covered. They wouldn't expect traps to appear behind them. Slipping back into the jungle, he moved towards the large house further up the valley. It was time to bring the war to the warlord in the big house.

He stopped twice more and set up trip wires to stop any trucks from moving up the road. They wouldn't expect it along the heavily traveled portion of the road. He had one charge left and chose to save it. An explosion sounded as the truck back at the first site hit the tripwire he had set up. Moving into the jungle, he stopped in a spot that provided good cover. He took a moment to assess his camouflage, finding that it had become battered over the course of the night. He tied fresh leaves and branches to his clothes. Taking a little soil in his hand, he spat onto the soil turning it to mud. With deft movements, he applied it to his face and hands. Taking three deep breaths, he became one with the jungle.

As he approached the house, the hairs on the back of his neck started rising. Oliver stopped to listen. While he couldn't hear anything, he could sense danger in the area. He turned to face the direction from which he sensed the danger and lay on the ground Slowly rising in a push up, he moved a limb forward, and then lowered himself. His progress was slow, but anyone would have to know exactly where he was in order to spot him. He had gone about thirty yards in an hour when he heard someone shift their position in a tree ahead of him. A man with a rifle and scope searched the area, but Oliver spotted him first.

Oliver slowly readied his gun and then fired. The man in the tree had no idea what hit him. Oliver stayed still, waiting for any sign of reaction from anyone that might be in the area. When there wasn't any, he moved over to where the man had fallen out of the tree. A rifle lay on the ground beside the body. It had an excellent scope that suggested this was a weapon of great accuracy.

He took a faster approach to the large house, checking for traps as he went. He encountered a few traps and dismantled them taking the explosives with him. Reaching the edge of the jungle, he looked over the house through the scope of the rifle. A young man of about twenty was in front giving orders to the other men gathered around him. Oliver took aim and fired. The young man went down in a heap, dead before he hit the ground.

The other men ran charged his position, but Oliver had already blended back into the jungle. He set up trip wires behind him and then headed off to the side towards the road. He stopped when he heard a tripwire trap explode. There was no telling how many men had been there when it exploded. For the rest of the day, he slowly whittled down their numbers. He ate bugs and plants as he encountered them. He paced himself so that he never got hungry or over tired.

He had nearly reached the road when he heard a car moving down it. He watched from his position as the car hit one of his tripwires. The car went through undamaged, but ran off the road and into a tree. The driver got out of the car with his gun ready, but Oliver watched him. The man moved around looking for a threat while Oliver readied his automatic.

It took some time, but the passengers finally got out of the car. One of them was clearly the head of the operations here. He wore an expensive suit, gold jewelry, and moved with authority. The man looked like an older version of the youth he had shot giving orders. Staying in the bullet proof car until they were sure the coast was clear was the smart thing to do. Their leaving the car had been event for which he was waiting. When they had traveled about ten yards from the car, he opened fire on the group.

For the rest of the day, he moved through the forest choosing the time and place for confronting the men. When night finally fell, he was exhausted. He moved into the deep jungle and climbed a tree. Spreading his hammock, he slept through the night.

In the morning, he undid his hammock and climbed down from the tree. He moved slowly back to the house. Everything was quiet. No one moved. All of the trucks were gone. He watched the area until sunset and then moved up to the house under the cover of dark. The house was empty, much of it had been looted.

Methodically, Oliver searched the house and found several hiding places filled with cash. A false panel opened into a tunnel. Assuming the worst, he moved carefully through the tunnel until he came across a storehouse. Stored on rows of shelves were at least six tons of drugs in one kilo bags. He smiled to himself as he realized that was going to put a significant dent in the drug supply back in the states.

He returned to the house proper and continued to search it. Finding a satellite telephone, he picked it up and dialed the American Embassy. When they answered, he said, "This is Oliver Brown. May I speak to someone in charge?"

The voice at the other end of the line didn't recognize his name. She asked, "May I ask what is the nature of your call?"

He laughed and said, "I just found about six tons of cocaine. I could use some help disposing of it."

The call was immediately transferred to Fred Healy, an individual that he knew was a DEA agent. Fred answered the phone simply asking, "Is that you Oliver?"

"Yes it is, Fred. I have about six tons of cocaine here. You guys want to get credit for another raid?"

Fred snorted at the implied insult and asked, "Where are you?"

Oliver checked his GPS and gave him the co-ordinates. He asked, "So when can I expect you?"

Fred asked, "Is it hot?"

"Nope. All of the bad guys are dead or gone," replied Oliver.

Fred answered, "Okay, we'll be there in about an hour. Expect a helicopter full of marines."

"Well, I'll be in the house. I'm taking a shower and getting a bite to eat."

Fred appreciated the fact that Oliver was going to shower. He had experienced Oliver after one of these raids before he had showered and the smell of that occasion was sufficient to give him a head ache. He replied, "See you in an hour."

Oliver hung up the phone and wandered towards the master bedroom. Stripping, he went into the bathroom where he looked at himself in the mirror. Still he had no beard and his hair was short. Ever since his time with the Goddess, he had never needed to shave or get a haircut. The rest of his body had emerged unchanged. He glanced down at his cock, even flaccid it was large. That was the only body change that came from his experience with the God.

Turning on the shower, he got under the spray and thoroughly soaped himself. The water ran a dingy gray as it made its way to the drain. He inspected his body and pulled a leach off his leg. Opening the shower door, he threw it in the toilet. There was another on his back that he had a hard time getting off due to the awkward location. He threw it in the toilet to join the other one there. Further inspection revealed no additional blood suckers affixed to his body. Feeling clean after his first hot shower in three months, he got out the shower.

The towels were very soft and very large. He dried himself thoroughly and then returned to the bedroom. He searched through the closets for some clothes that would fit instead of the rags he had been wearing for a month. Not finding anything his size, he went to the next room and found a suit that fit. He put it on realizing that it probably cost the original owner several thousand dollars. The fact that his tough callused feet were bare undermined the entire look.

He returned to the main portion of the house and got his nearly empty backpack. Taking a quick inventory of his possessions, he said to himself, "I think this needs to be refilled."

He went to one of the stashes with money and loaded up his backpack with bundles of hundred dollar bills. Once that was done, he closed it up and set it aside. He went into the kitchen and rummaged for some food finding fresh steaks in the refrigerator. Steak in hand, he looked for and found a pan. In a few minutes, he had the steak cooking in fresh butter. The smell was outstanding and caused his stomach to rumble. Scrounging some vegetables out of the refrigerator, he started boiling them. The prospect of having a real meal for a change filled him with simple joy.

The food finished cooking in short time. Searching through the cabinets, he found a plate and filled it up with hot food. He had just sat down when he heard the sound of a helicopter. Digging into his food, he waited for Fred to find him here in the kitchen. That's where Fred always found him.

Fred entered the kitchen ten minutes later as Oliver finished his steak. With a frown, Oliver sat back and stared at the DEA agent. He fit the image of a government man; six feet tall, 190 pounds, polished shoes, and cheap suit. Fred didn't bother to greet him, just sat in the chair on the other side of the table as he said, "Looks like about a hundred bodies scattered around here."

Oliver nodded as he shoveled some of the boiled carrots in his mouth. After chewing and swallowing, he said, "That sounds about right. There's a suit on the road a ways down. He was in charge here."

Fred called out and a marine came into the kitchen, passed along the message of where the body was located. The marine was about to leave when Oliver stated, "Hey, you might want to be very careful out there. There are lots of trip wires strung out there. Some in places where you can expect traffic."

When the marine left the kitchen, Fred turned back to Oliver to ask, "So where are all the drugs?"

Oliver belched and pushed his plate away. "Come with me."

Fred followed him to the secret passage. When they reached the storage room, he whistled in amazement. He started to count packages, but stopped after he realized that was going to take all day. He swore, "Damn, I thought you were kidding. I've never seen so much at once."

Oliver said, "You should have seen the bang when the factory went up."

He followed Fred out of the house, watching as the man talked to one of the marines. The marine ran off towards the helicopter. Fred returned to Oliver and said, "You really got a big one this time."

A marine came over to Fred and said, "They found the bodies. One of them was Edwardo Mendez."

Fred said, "You got the big guy himself. There's a million dollar reward out for him."

The reward was the last thing that Oliver wanted. He said, "Give the money to a charity. Mendez has already paid me."

"Why did I know you were going to say that?"

"Because that's what I always say. I let the bad guys pay me for getting rid of them. I want the money from the good guys to go to a good cause. I serve the Gods and Goddesses, that is reward enough."

Fred didn't know what to make of Oliver and his talk of Gods and Goddesses. He asked, "So what now?"

Oliver answered, "I'll be on the first helicopter that heads back to civilization. I plan to have a little fun with my favorite girl."

"How long were you out this time?"

"Six months. It wasn't that bad. Took care of a few places, none of them were like this one."

The marine was standing there listening as a beetle landed on Oliver's suit. Oliver reached down and grabbed it. With deft movements, he tore the legs, wings, and head off it. He popped the body in his mouth, chewed a couple of times, and swallowed. The marine blanched at the sight. Oliver noticed and said, "It's an acquired taste. After about a thousand of them, you actually get to the point where you can swallow them without wanting to throw up."

Fred turned to the marine and said, "Don't mind him. He went native years ago."

Laughing at the expression on the soldier's face, Fred asked, "How many cans of Vienna Sausage did you take in with you?"


"How many have you got left?"


Surprised, Fred asked, "You actually ate two of them."

"I traded one for a canoe trip up the river. I ate the other because I needed the can."

Fred turned to the marine and said, "This guy goes into the jungle and grazes as he travels. He turns into a creature of the jungle. He doesn't even wear shoes."

Another marine came out of the house carrying his clothes. The marine stated, "Some one else has been here. They left these rags behind."

"Those are mine. You can burn them. I got a nice new suit today and won't wear them again."

The marine shook his head as he said, "There were two leeches in the toilet. I flushed them."

"I guess I'm a little more tired than usual. I pulled them off me when I took my shower. I guess I forgot to flush. You tend to get out of those habits when your bathroom is usually a tree."

The two soldiers looked at each other as Oliver asked, "So, when's the chopper leaving?"

One of the soldiers answered, "Three more are on the way. Once they get here, the first chopper will head back for more men."

"Well, the birds are riled up on the horizon. Something must have disturbed them and I'll bet it's the helicopters. If so, then they'll be here in about ten minutes."

Oliver went into the house and picked up his backpack. Carrying the backpack in an easy grip, he joined the three men standing there. He removed a leather pouch from the backpack and handed it to one of the marines as he said, "You'll need to destroy that. The darts inside are tipped with poison from the poison dart frog. Very dangerous. You get any of it on your skin and you'll be dead before you can walk two yards."

The soldier held the leather sack like it was a viper. He looked at Oliver and asked, "How do I get rid of it?"

"I would throw it into an incinerator. I wouldn't do it over an open fire, though. I've got no idea what would happen if you breathed in the vapor. I doubt it would be good for you." As more helicopters appeared over the property, Oliver headed towards the one that was on the ground.

Several hours later he was walking along the streets of Bogota, whistling to himself as he approached the nicest hotel in town. His way was suddenly blocked by a couple holding hands. The woman stepped up to him and grasped his medallion. Pulling it from his shirt, she stood there looking at it closely. The chain broke when she handed it to the man. The man looked at the medallion and said, "Very well done, Oliver. You took out a very important drug producer. I am really impressed."

Oliver stared in shock at the chain with the pair of medallions fused into one. It couldn't be removed except by one of the Gods or Goddesses. He looked up at the pair and noticed that the couple wasn't holding hands; they were joined at the hands. Taking a deep breath, he said, "I have done what I could to serve."

The woman said, "We'll see you in the same place on Midsummer's day."

"I will be there."

The man flipped the medallion in the air. Oliver caught it as the man said, "You might want to bring this with you."

Oliver stared at the medallion for a minute. When he looked up, the couple was gone.

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