Kim Models for Soccer Players

by solentboy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: Young Kim wants to be a model, and begs Soccer player to take a video of her. The 3 soccer players bring a lovely red-setter to the shoot, and Kim learns the pleasures of canine sex.

'Clip, clip.' went the scissors round his young neck and he could feel his dark locks falling away, but he trusted her, as he had been to this salon before and had been pleased with the results. He was also pleased with the way that the young body moved around him as he sat in the chair, watching in the mirror in front of him on the wall. Only a thin white house-coat separated the lithe, curvy body from indecency but it was tight enough and short enough to show off the wonderful breasts and the shapely, tight arse that fought against the material. It was obvious there was nothing on underneath.

'I suppose now that the season's over, you'll be going home to France for the summer, will you?, ' said the dark haired 22year old woman, who had surreptitiously undone the top couple of buttons on her coat to give tantalising glimpses of her breasts to her customer.

'Only for a few weeks but yes, I'm going next week.' Kim had graduated from college and was a full-time hairdresser now and hoped to own her own establishment before too long. She had thrown her boyfriend out--the useless jerk--and was buying her own flat on the edge of town. Her customer had, earlier in the year, given her a good fucking and taken naughty pictures of her and, ever since, she had been trying to entice him back into her bed. After all, he was the star soccer player of the local premier league team and also a handsome Frenchman, and he had lodged with her Dad and step-Mum at one time. To no avail though. In the salon, it was difficult to come on too strong to him as there were three girls working in there as well as the other customers, but she took every opportunity to get near him and show off her young assets.

'How's your step-mother?' asked the footballer trying to change the subject.

'Oh, very well, thankyou, ' she grinned. 'You must come round and visit us again at the flat, ' a twinkle shining in her eye. She aspired to be a model and on that evening a number of months ago, her step-mother, Wendy, also opened her wonderful thighs for the hunky Frenchman, a rewarding evening for all 3 of them. Nothing had come of the photos that Jacques had taken that night, but Kim was undeterred and went on, 'and I'd love you to take some more photos of me. Would you Jacques?' and pushed her long legs against his side as if to remind him of the experience. The season was over for Jacques and he was going to take a well-earned rest. He would go to his home in France for a few weeks to see his girlfriend and then return to get ready for the start of the following season. The soccer team had finished second in the league and now they wanted to go one better as well as take part in one of the big European competitions. He still had a long time to go on his lucrative contract and was enjoying life in England, especially now that he had bought his own house, a beautiful detached place out in the country. 'What the hell, ' he thought. 'A little fun before going to France.'

'Why don't you bring mum over to see the house one evening, when you are both free, ' he said suddenly, 'but I'm leaving next Wednesday.'

'Ooh, yes please, thank, you very much. I'll find out when mum can come and then I'll give you a ring. Is that OK?' Kim was excited now and went all dithery as she brushed his clothes down as he rose from the chair.

'And, ' she whispered, 'will you take some more pictures of me, please.'

'Only if you're a good girl, ' grinned Jacques.

'I'll try to be a very good girl, ' she smirked as he made his way to the door of the salon and was gone. Jacques' detached house was about 3 miles out of the city, along a little country lane, and it was just what he had been looking for. He had taken his time in finding it as it had to be just right, but he was really pleased with what he had got and had furnished it and done the garden just to his taste. The nearest neighbour was nearly 100 yards down the lane, and Jacques very rarely saw him either, and no-one overlooked the house or the garden--perfect seclusion and peace and quiet, just what he wanted after the hectic and public life of being a star sportsman. The house had 4 big bedrooms, a study, lounge, dining room, as well as a wonderful garden with trees and bushes, and Jacques had put in a small fish pond near to the patio and often sat out there with a beer watching the little gold and red fish swim and jump about. He loved the house--well worth the fortune he paid for it but then again, he was almost a millionaire. The big double garage housed the BMW sports car, and still had room for another car, and on this evening he was sat by the pond in his shorts and T shirt waiting for his visitors. The Volvo stopped in the gateway in the lane and when Jacques arrived at the front door, he could see Wendy, Kim and Charles coming up the path. Charles was the husband and father of the two women and Jacques had lodged at their home when he first came to the club, so they all knew each other well. They were also fanatical supporters of the team and Charles looked on Jacques as sort of his super-hero--a good job really considering what Jacques had got up to with his wife and daughter.

'Hello, Jacques, this is a nice place you've got here. We had a bloody hard job to find it though, right in the middle of nowhere.' greeted Charles.

'Hello, hello, ' said Jacques, 'come in and have a drink and look round.'

'I can't stay--I've got to go to one of my 'business' meetings, but I'll have a quick look round and then be off. Wendy and Kim will get a taxi home, if that's OK with you.' The four went in and Jacques showed them all round the house and then took them into the garden. The warm May evening still cast the sun onto the grass and trees, and it was only just turned 7o'clock as Charles said,

'Well, Jacques, this is beautiful, and I wish I could stay but I've got to get going over to town so I'll say cheerio and see you another day. You two girls, behave yourselves now and I'll see you later on tonight, Wendy, but don't wait up if I'm late.'

'Thanks for dropping in, ' replied Jacques, 'I'll see you when I get back from France, ' and he saw Charles out to the gate and watched as he turned the car round and went back off down the lane towards town. Now to concentrate on the two women. At the patio table Wendy and Kim were sipping the wine from glasses that they'd started earlier. They both looked superb and Jacques admired them both in their summer clothes. Wendy, who by now was 40 years old, had a lovely figure and since that evening all those months ago when Jacques and his colleagues had put her through a number of hours of sexual pleasure, she had made sure that her figure was well looked after. She had put on a black blouse, red flared skirt and red, high heeled shoes and, even though it was summer, she was also wearing nylons which enhanced the beauty and shape of her legs. As she sat crossed-legged at the table, her skirt was up, mid-thigh, just hiding the secrets that lay beyond. Wendy smiled and sipped her wine and was already feeling heady and relaxed in the country air, and she was pleased that she had made the effort to look good in front of Jacques. She sat comfortably in the chair and made no attempt to hide her shapely thighs. Kim was a different 'kettle of fish' altogether. She was 'upfront' and never backward in coming forward. She wanted to be a model and, quite frankly, was willing to do anything to get noticed. Even in the hairdressing salon, she would wear erotic and revealing clothing all the time and tonight she had really gone to town, even though her step-mother was present. She had a pink boob tube on, which showed off her more than ample breasts and also her belly button, and she'd put on a pair of very tight, white shorts, zipped up at the front. The legs were cut away at the thighs almost to the join of her legs and waist and, as she had been walking earlier, Jacques had noticed that at the back, the shorts revealed the bottom inch or so of the wonderful cheeks of her arse. Her feet tottered on high, white stiletto heels, and she looked dirty and raunchy.

'Are you going to take some more pictures of me, then, Jacques, ' asked Kim. 'You said you would.'

'I didn't promise anything. What does your Mother say about it, eh Wendy?'

'I don't mind if that's what Kim wants.'

'I insist that we do them out here then, on the table and in the garden, ' grinned Jacques, 'there is nobody else here and no-one can see, OK.'

'Ooohh, yes that would be nice, ' giggled Kim. Jacques knew that Kim was up for it and would do anything that he asked and actually she was putty in his hands, but it was her mother that Jacques wanted to get to grips with--the demure, shy, succulent curves of this mature woman who, when aroused, would go to new heights and lengths to please a man. 'Look, Kim, ' he started in that wonderful French accent of his, 'in order to be a model that gets noticed, sometimes you have to start at the bottom and project yourself in an arrogant and naughty manner.'

'Ooohh yes please, ' she giggled.

'I think it would be best if I took some photos of you this evening and then tomorrow, in the morning, you come back here and we make a video film of you, so that you can express yourself--how does that sound?' Mum grinned at the idea, but said nothing. 'I'm leaving tomorrow night but if I picked you up at your flat about 11, you could come back here and have a few hours in front of the camera in the good sunlight.'

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