Kim Models for Soccer Players

by solentboy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: Young Kim wants to be a model, and begs Soccer player to take a video of her. The 3 soccer players bring a lovely red-setter to the shoot, and Kim learns the pleasures of canine sex.

'Clip, clip.' went the scissors round his young neck and he could feel his dark locks falling away, but he trusted her, as he had been to this salon before and had been pleased with the results. He was also pleased with the way that the young body moved around him as he sat in the chair, watching in the mirror in front of him on the wall. Only a thin white house-coat separated the lithe, curvy body from indecency but it was tight enough and short enough to show off the wonderful breasts and the shapely, tight arse that fought against the material. It was obvious there was nothing on underneath.

'I suppose now that the season's over, you'll be going home to France for the summer, will you?, ' said the dark haired 22year old woman, who had surreptitiously undone the top couple of buttons on her coat to give tantalising glimpses of her breasts to her customer.

'Only for a few weeks but yes, I'm going next week.' Kim had graduated from college and was a full-time hairdresser now and hoped to own her own establishment before too long. She had thrown her boyfriend out--the useless jerk--and was buying her own flat on the edge of town. Her customer had, earlier in the year, given her a good fucking and taken naughty pictures of her and, ever since, she had been trying to entice him back into her bed. After all, he was the star soccer player of the local premier league team and also a handsome Frenchman, and he had lodged with her Dad and step-Mum at one time. To no avail though. In the salon, it was difficult to come on too strong to him as there were three girls working in there as well as the other customers, but she took every opportunity to get near him and show off her young assets.

'How's your step-mother?' asked the footballer trying to change the subject.

'Oh, very well, thankyou, ' she grinned. 'You must come round and visit us again at the flat, ' a twinkle shining in her eye. She aspired to be a model and on that evening a number of months ago, her step-mother, Wendy, also opened her wonderful thighs for the hunky Frenchman, a rewarding evening for all 3 of them. Nothing had come of the photos that Jacques had taken that night, but Kim was undeterred and went on, 'and I'd love you to take some more photos of me. Would you Jacques?' and pushed her long legs against his side as if to remind him of the experience. The season was over for Jacques and he was going to take a well-earned rest. He would go to his home in France for a few weeks to see his girlfriend and then return to get ready for the start of the following season. The soccer team had finished second in the league and now they wanted to go one better as well as take part in one of the big European competitions. He still had a long time to go on his lucrative contract and was enjoying life in England, especially now that he had bought his own house, a beautiful detached place out in the country. 'What the hell, ' he thought. 'A little fun before going to France.'

'Why don't you bring mum over to see the house one evening, when you are both free, ' he said suddenly, 'but I'm leaving next Wednesday.'

'Ooh, yes please, thank, you very much. I'll find out when mum can come and then I'll give you a ring. Is that OK?' Kim was excited now and went all dithery as she brushed his clothes down as he rose from the chair.

'And, ' she whispered, 'will you take some more pictures of me, please.'

'Only if you're a good girl, ' grinned Jacques.

'I'll try to be a very good girl, ' she smirked as he made his way to the door of the salon and was gone. Jacques' detached house was about 3 miles out of the city, along a little country lane, and it was just what he had been looking for. He had taken his time in finding it as it had to be just right, but he was really pleased with what he had got and had furnished it and done the garden just to his taste. The nearest neighbour was nearly 100 yards down the lane, and Jacques very rarely saw him either, and no-one overlooked the house or the garden--perfect seclusion and peace and quiet, just what he wanted after the hectic and public life of being a star sportsman. The house had 4 big bedrooms, a study, lounge, dining room, as well as a wonderful garden with trees and bushes, and Jacques had put in a small fish pond near to the patio and often sat out there with a beer watching the little gold and red fish swim and jump about. He loved the house--well worth the fortune he paid for it but then again, he was almost a millionaire. The big double garage housed the BMW sports car, and still had room for another car, and on this evening he was sat by the pond in his shorts and T shirt waiting for his visitors. The Volvo stopped in the gateway in the lane and when Jacques arrived at the front door, he could see Wendy, Kim and Charles coming up the path. Charles was the husband and father of the two women and Jacques had lodged at their home when he first came to the club, so they all knew each other well. They were also fanatical supporters of the team and Charles looked on Jacques as sort of his super-hero--a good job really considering what Jacques had got up to with his wife and daughter.

'Hello, Jacques, this is a nice place you've got here. We had a bloody hard job to find it though, right in the middle of nowhere.' greeted Charles.

'Hello, hello, ' said Jacques, 'come in and have a drink and look round.'

'I can't stay--I've got to go to one of my 'business' meetings, but I'll have a quick look round and then be off. Wendy and Kim will get a taxi home, if that's OK with you.' The four went in and Jacques showed them all round the house and then took them into the garden. The warm May evening still cast the sun onto the grass and trees, and it was only just turned 7o'clock as Charles said,

'Well, Jacques, this is beautiful, and I wish I could stay but I've got to get going over to town so I'll say cheerio and see you another day. You two girls, behave yourselves now and I'll see you later on tonight, Wendy, but don't wait up if I'm late.'

'Thanks for dropping in, ' replied Jacques, 'I'll see you when I get back from France, ' and he saw Charles out to the gate and watched as he turned the car round and went back off down the lane towards town. Now to concentrate on the two women. At the patio table Wendy and Kim were sipping the wine from glasses that they'd started earlier. They both looked superb and Jacques admired them both in their summer clothes. Wendy, who by now was 40 years old, had a lovely figure and since that evening all those months ago when Jacques and his colleagues had put her through a number of hours of sexual pleasure, she had made sure that her figure was well looked after. She had put on a black blouse, red flared skirt and red, high heeled shoes and, even though it was summer, she was also wearing nylons which enhanced the beauty and shape of her legs. As she sat crossed-legged at the table, her skirt was up, mid-thigh, just hiding the secrets that lay beyond. Wendy smiled and sipped her wine and was already feeling heady and relaxed in the country air, and she was pleased that she had made the effort to look good in front of Jacques. She sat comfortably in the chair and made no attempt to hide her shapely thighs. Kim was a different 'kettle of fish' altogether. She was 'upfront' and never backward in coming forward. She wanted to be a model and, quite frankly, was willing to do anything to get noticed. Even in the hairdressing salon, she would wear erotic and revealing clothing all the time and tonight she had really gone to town, even though her step-mother was present. She had a pink boob tube on, which showed off her more than ample breasts and also her belly button, and she'd put on a pair of very tight, white shorts, zipped up at the front. The legs were cut away at the thighs almost to the join of her legs and waist and, as she had been walking earlier, Jacques had noticed that at the back, the shorts revealed the bottom inch or so of the wonderful cheeks of her arse. Her feet tottered on high, white stiletto heels, and she looked dirty and raunchy.

'Are you going to take some more pictures of me, then, Jacques, ' asked Kim. 'You said you would.'

'I didn't promise anything. What does your Mother say about it, eh Wendy?'

'I don't mind if that's what Kim wants.'

'I insist that we do them out here then, on the table and in the garden, ' grinned Jacques, 'there is nobody else here and no-one can see, OK.'

'Ooohh, yes that would be nice, ' giggled Kim. Jacques knew that Kim was up for it and would do anything that he asked and actually she was putty in his hands, but it was her mother that Jacques wanted to get to grips with--the demure, shy, succulent curves of this mature woman who, when aroused, would go to new heights and lengths to please a man. 'Look, Kim, ' he started in that wonderful French accent of his, 'in order to be a model that gets noticed, sometimes you have to start at the bottom and project yourself in an arrogant and naughty manner.'

'Ooohh yes please, ' she giggled.

'I think it would be best if I took some photos of you this evening and then tomorrow, in the morning, you come back here and we make a video film of you, so that you can express yourself--how does that sound?' Mum grinned at the idea, but said nothing. 'I'm leaving tomorrow night but if I picked you up at your flat about 11, you could come back here and have a few hours in front of the camera in the good sunlight.'

'Oooh, brilliant, ' gooed Kim., 'I should be at work but I'll call in sick. oooh yes.' He'd got her and would give her an experience to remember in the morning--the dirty little bitch. That evening he took some photos of Kim for about half an hour--on the lawn and the table, naked from the waist up, showing off her large breasts and nipples, unzipping the shorts to snap the pubic hair peeping out, turning her round to see the shapely arse bending over. Kim was loving every minute and would've carried on had not Jacques brought the session to an end as the sun went down.

'Back home now and I'll pick you up in the morning, ' he insisted, and the three of them eventually piled into the BMW and made their way along the lane. Wendy was in the front next to Jacques and on view next to him were her wonderful, nylon clad thighs which did a lot more for Jacques than the brazen openness of Wendy's daughter. He could smell Wendy's perfume and admired the legs which she had not bothered to cover up when she got in the car, and Jacques fully intended to drop Kim off first and then make his way back to Wendy's bungalow.

'See you tomorrow, about 11 then, ' he said as they drew up outside the flat. 'Wear what ever you like, ' he grinned as Kim opened the door to get out. After the goodbyes, Kim was gone and it was just the two of them driving along the roads towards Wendy's place. 'Pull your skirt up higher, Wendy. I want to see your gorgeous legs some more.'

'Oh, you are awful, ' Wendy giggled as she drew the skirt up her thighs to show off her suspenders and the tops of her shapely legs. She wore black panties and Jacques' hand strayed over to caress the top of her leg and make it's way onto the warm triangle of material between her legs. Wendy closed her eyes and her legs fell apart, just an inch or two, voluntarily, as the long sturdy fingers began to caress her.

'Are you going to invite me in for coffee?' asked Jacques as he ran his middle finger straight down the warm crease of her cunt and heard Wendy sigh--he knew she was going to be receptive. 'If I do a video of Kim showing off her body and being naughty, then the only way it's going to do any good is if it's shown around the picture agents and film people. Are you happy with that Wendy?' enquired Jacques after they had entered the bungalow together.

'She is a big girl now and she does what she wants to do, ' replied Wendy. 'I don't really want to know what she is doing but if she is happy doing it then, really, it is nothing to do with me.'

'I just wanted to make sure with 'mum' before I took any liberties.'

'What about me, though, Jacques? Charles does tease me about you, and I know it excites him--he would love to see me in my own video -that would really excite him. What about doing one for me --oh please Jacques!!!''

'Not tonight, Wendy, it's late and I haven't got the camera or anything, have I? When I come back from France, I promise you, we'll do one of you, but you mustn't say anything--it must be a surprise--is that OK?'

'Do you promise?'

'I promise, ' and by this time they had reached the kitchen where Wendy turned and smiled up into Jacques dark eyes. He moved towards her and put his arms around her neck and pulled her head up to meet his lips. Their mouths kissed passionately, tongues squirming round each others, and their lips opened and closed like goldfish taking in the air. Jacques was undoing the buttons on her blouse and feeling the beautiful breasts in the soft bra as they became accessible, and as he did so, he turned Wendy round to rest her arms on the fridge. He began to lift her red skirt up from behind until it was over her back and then he caressed the cheeks of the wonderful arse through the thin panties. Slowly he pulled the blouse from her shoulders and then undid the bra and allowed it to drop to the floor, and then he was able to put his arms around her and play gently with the hanging orbs. Jacques teased the nipples out until they were like stoppers and, again, Wendy began to sigh and her breathing became louder with enjoyment and excitement. His hand went underneath to feel the wetness between her legs and now Jacques slowly took the elastic of the pants and began to drag them down Wendy's legs. As the pants lay discarded on the kitchen floor, the Frenchman undid his zip and took out his rampant cock which was more than ready for action.

'Do you want me to fuck you, Wendy?'

'Oh yes, you know I want you to, don't you?' and she wiggled her bottom a little as though confirming the request.

'It's a little dry, Wendy, I wouldn't want to hurt you, ' he teased. 'Perhaps it needs oiling, ' and he turned her around to face him again, and she knew what he wanted. Wendy went to her knees slowly and held the great cock in her hand, and then lowered her head down before opening her lips and taking the end of the weapon in her mouth. Jacques caressed her hair and neck as Wendy began to bob her head up and down on the wonderful tool that she had been desperately missing since the last occasion

'You suck cock beautifully, Wendy, you are wonderful, ' and this inspired her to take even more into her mouth and go deeper with each stroke--down up, down up, down up, but now Jacques wanted her back on her feet and over the fridge again. He lifted her and placed her gorgeous body in position over the fridge, lifted the skirt over her back once more and then slid his warm and now very wet cock into the waiting and willing cunt. He started slowly but went in deep with each stroke, feeling the warmth and softness of the inside of Wendy's body. He held her waist with both hands and pulled her onto him with each thrust, going harder and harder and making her sigh and groan in rhythm with the strokes.' On to the table Wendy, ' and he turned her round towards the oblong, pine, kitchen table that was against the wall. Jacques lifted Wendy up and sat her on the edge of the wooden table with her legs dangling over the edge. He had rucked her red skirt up and opened her legs wide as he brought a chair up and sat down in front of the waiting treasures immediately in front of his face. Taking Wendy's lovely, stocking clad legs and placing one over each of his shoulders, Jacques moved his head forward and buried his face in the wet and inviting area deep between the willing legs. He ran his tongue up and down the open cunt lips and across the prominent clit that seemed to demand attention and, once again, Wendy started to moan and groan with excitement, and rested back on her elbows for support.

'Oh yes, Jacques, that's wonderful, ' and she tried to open her legs even wider in order to get the tongue deeper up into her. He was eating her, biting and nibbling her cunt, licking her juices and pushing in as far as he could get and she was throwing her head back in ecstasy, moaning more loudly and urging him on. Jacques stood up as he wanted to fuck Wendy hard now, and he held her legs in the air and guided his giant cock towards the red, wet and wide open entrance to Wendy's cunt. She assisted by gently holding him and placing him at the entrance and then Jacques pushed himself in up to the hilt.

'Aaaghhh!' sighed Wendy as she felt herself being totally filled up, and the motion of the fucking began--in out, in out, in out--she was on her back on the table, now, and Jacques was holding her legs high in the air as he plunged into her--nothing fancy, just plain, hard fucking. In In In In In

'Ooooggghhhh! Yes, Jacques, yes, fuck me fuck me harder, yes! Oh, I've missed your wonderful cock.' Wendy's head thrashed from side to side as Jacques kept up the assault, and on it went. Wendy seemed to be enjoying little orgasms as the Frenchman enjoyed the delights of this willing woman's body, and then he could feel the sap rising in his own body and he quickened his own pace. Faster, faster, faster moved his cock in and out of her until the 'cum', rising up in his body, shot from him into the warm receptive chambers of Wendy's insides. Wendy could feel it entering and splashing around inside of her and she felt wonderful, this gorgeous hunk now giving her fabulous sensations and taking her to another planet once more. Oh, how she wished it would go on for ever, but they both slowly subsided and eventually lay still, Jacques still inside her. Cuddling and snogging at the front door a few moments later, Wendy kept on at him about when he returned after his trip to France.

'You will come and spend more time with me when you get back, won't you. Not just half an hour, you promised.'

'Yes, yes I promise.'

'And you will make a film with me Jacques, won't you?'

'Yes, I said so didn't I.' It was unlike Wendy to beg for more sexual activity, but she was infatuated with the gorgeous Frenchman, and she did so much want to have visual surprise for her husband, Charles to watch. 'A very special film for you and Charles. But I have to go now--I'm going to France tomorrow and Kim is coming over in the morning isn't she, so I have to go now. I'll see you when I get back.' A few moments later he was on the main road back to his house and a good nights sleep. He was going to shut Kim up once and for all tomorrow and wanted to be refreshed to do so. He pipped the horn outside of Kim's flat dead on 11 the next morning. It was hot, sunny and a beautiful spring morning with hardly a cloud in the sky. Ideal. She came bounding down the couple of steps from the flats looking like the vamp that she was, and when she climbed into the BMW, Jacques could immediately smell the heavy perfume all over her body. He could almost also see the whole of her body as she had on a simple summer flower-printed frock, elasticated at the tight waist and open at the very deep neckline in the V of her breasts. Her short dark hair was 'gelled', her eyes were deeply made up and she had obviously spent ages doing the rest of her face. She looked good, Jacques admitted to himself, and he admired the long legs that emanated from the very short frock and which went down to the white stilettos that she had put on again.

'All ready, then, ' he said, smiling at her as she got in.

'Oh yes, Jacques, I am, ' and the car set off in the direction of the country.

'You're happy to do a film which is liable to be shown to film and modelling agents, to do as you're told and show off your lovely curves, are you Kim?'

'Oh yes Jacques, anything you say.'

'I thought it would be better without Mum being here-then you can let yourself go, can't you?'

'Be even naughtier, do you mean?' she giggled again.

'Perhaps so, ' said Jacques, 'can you be even naughtier, then, Kim?' and he looked into her eyes briefly to gauge her reaction.

'Perhaps so, ' she said, trying to be coy, but Jacques could see her excitement at what might be and decided to leave it there. The car drew towards the entrance to Jacques house, and they could see parked in the front drive a gleaming black Jeep, but there was nobody in it and no-one waiting in the garden. Jacques knew who it belonged to and was expecting it, but he didn't know where the owner was. He pulled up beside it and he and Kim got out of the BMW and walked round to the back of the house. Still no-one there but it didn't seem to worry Jacques as he explained that a friend was probably popping by to see him.

' It belongs to one of the other players, Jake, you know him, don't you?'

'Yes, yes I do, ' beamed Kim, 'that gorgeous hunk that wears number 4, will he be here?'

'You don't mind, do you? I expect he's having a walk down the lane.'

'No, no, I don't mind at all, you naughty boy, Jacques, ' she laughed, and she sat down at the table on the patio as Jacques went inside and opened a bottle of red wine. He made himself a cup of coffee and poured a huge glass of wine for Kim, and took the drinks out to the table.

'Have this, Kim. It will give you 'Dutch courage.'

'I don't need Dutch courage but thank you anyway, ' and she took a large swig from the glass before leaning towards the Frenchman to say,

'Ready when you are. How would you like me?' A few minutes later Jacques was stood behind the tripod which he had set up on the patio, and he could hear the film gently whirring away in the video camera.

'Put your sunglasses on and stay at the table for a few minutes enjoying your drink--just relax and be natural.' Kim took a swig as she was told, and made a point of showing off her long legs in the direction of the camera. She crossed her legs and slyly pulled the hem of her dress right up into her waist, so that all of her thighs and the sheer white panties were peeping through, and at the same time she ran her fingers across her chest, breathing in to accentuate the breasts. After further instructions, Kim rose from the seat and began to slowly walk from the patio onto the lawn and make her way down the huge garden, pausing every now and then to bend over innocently. She stopped by the pond and crouched down to look at the fish but she made sure that her thighs were on view and, after a few seconds, she ran the fingers of one hand up the insides of her thigh and let them come to rest on the transparent pants.

Then Kim rose, but kept the hem of the dress round her waist and faced the camera with her feet slightly apart.

'Lovely Kim, ' smiled Jacques. 'Carry on playing, ' and Kim's fingers continued to caress the material between her legs and then she pushed her fingers into the top of the material so that she was able to get at her body, inside her pants, without hindrance. Jacques ran the camera up and down the length of her body taking in the far away look on Kim's face and the sexy shape of her thighs and calves, and then zoomed onto the fingers that were toying with the pubic hairs and soft wet skin that was her cunt. Just then, Jacques could hear footsteps from the front of the house--more than one pair but this didn't surprise him.

'Just relax, Kim. I think our guests have arrived, ' and he went round the side of the house as Kim let her dress fall back into place. She was randy now and almost carried on playing with herself, but thought she would wait and be on the safe side. 'Morning Jake, morning Ronnie, we wondered where you'd got to.'

'Morning. We just went for a walk down the lane to give 'Red' a chance for some exercise and to relieve himself. Everything going OK?'

'Yes, brilliant, come round and I'll introduce you.' The three men walked round the side of the house to the rear, Jake holding 'Red' on a leather chain--he was a beautiful red-setter and bounded along with his master. He was still a youngster and obviously enjoyed all the exercise he could get. 'Kim, let me introduce you to Jake and Ronnie, two of the players from the club.' She knew them both by sight and shook their hands and smiled.

'Do you go to the matches then, Kim, ' asked Ronnie politely.

'Oh yes, I often go with my mum and dad if I'm not working, ' she coyly replied.

'So you want to be a model, then.?Jacques told us he'd promised to make a film for you. It's a beautiful day for it, isn't it? Do you mind if we stay and have a drink at the table while you carry on. We won't interfere, we promise, will we Jake, ' and he laughed, 'but not very often do we get a chance to watch a gorgeous lady give a private modelling session.' Kim grinned at the two men and watched their eyes twinkle, but waited for Jacques to return. He had gone to fetch a bowl of cold water and he put it down on the patio, and they all watched as Red started lapping away as though dying from thirst. Kim walked over and stroked the soft red coat as he drank-

'I bet he needs brushing every day, doesn't he, what a lovely soft coat, ' asked Kim.

'Yes, ' replied Jake, ' he takes a lot of brushing and he needs a lot of exercise as well. He certainly keeps me fit.' Jacques had also brought out with him a folded blanket which he put on the table.

'Are you happy to carry on again Kim, or have you gone shy now that the lads are here? If you want to we can wait until they've gone if you like.' Kim was already randy and wet, the sun was beating down on her and the red wine was taking effect. She also fancied the idea of displaying herself to these three hunky footballers. 'No, no, it's Ok' she grinned. 'Please let's carry on, ' and she seemed game for anything. Jacques took the blanket down the garden while the two other men sat at the table and drank some of the wine, and Red lay down in the shade panting from his walk. The blanket was laid down on the grass towards the far end of the garden, near some mature bushes, and was only visible to people in the rest of the garden--none of Jacques garden was visible from outside and certainly not from the lane. He went back and retrieved the camera and placed it a few yards away from the blanket before turning to the excited young woman.

'Start on your feet again and progress in your own time to laying down on the blanket.'

The sun shone on her frock and her skin as Kim began again by facing the camera and easing the short frock up to her waist again to reveal her panties. She turned round and eased the back up too, then bent forward a little to jut her shapely arse towards the camera. All the time her fingers were in her pants playing between her legs and the more she went on, the randier and more brazen she became. The sheer material was pulled slowly down from her cheeks to mid thigh and Kim widened her legs so that they held the panties taut just above her knees. Then she bent forward some more and ran her fingers up and down between the cheeks of her arse, and then further to feel the moistness between the lips of her cunt. The two other men were enjoying the view from the patio and watched some more as they could see Kim bent over with her legs open, playing with her cunt. Her arse looked wonderful in the sun and, as she played her fingers up and down her wet lips, her other hand was on the cheeks of her arse, kneading them and pulling them apart to show off her tight little anus. Kim lay down on the blanket and took her pants completely down her legs, over her shoes and off. She pulled the frock up to her waist again and, with her legs bent and open wide, her hands went between her legs again and she started to caress the wet area in earnest. She was certainly taking to this modelling game like a veteran. One hand held the lips open while the other pushed deeply within her, pushing and pushing right up inside her cunt.

'Push Kim, that's wonderful, let's see you push harder, ' urged Jacques, and she did too. She attacked her body with relish and began moaning and sighing out loud and it attracted Ronnie and Jake down the garden, and soon all three men were stood close to her, watching the camera concentrate on the threshing body on the blanket.

'Turn over Kim, on your knees, and carry on. Play with your arse, ' encouraged Jacques, and the girl obeyed by turning onto her knees and pointing her arse towards the three men. Her fingers crept in between her open legs again and began to caress the lips of her cunt as well as run up and down the crevice between her cheeks. They hesitated on her anus and Jacques felt she needed a little more prompting-

'Go on Kim, play with your arse, show us your beautiful bottom, ' and she concentrated, as told, on the hard pink spot. She ran her fingers round it and pulled at it, then she pulled either side of it with both sets of fingers and then she attempted to slide a finger into her body. She licked a finger to make the task easier and returned it to her pink anus, and this time she pushed in a fraction. Her arse looked wonderful and Kim's sighs and grunts made wonderful viewing. 'Turn over on your back and do it, Kim. Carry on, harder, enjoy it and relax and let yourself go, ' and as Jacques spoke Kim turned onto her back and pulled her legs up into the air, and her fingers went straight back to caressing her now wet anus. She pushed in again, only this time her finger went deeper and the groaning got louder and louder, and her other hand rubbed hard at the clit at the top of her cunt.

'Yes, yes, yes, yeeeees, oh Goooo... ' she groaned, and her back arched up off the blanket and she had obviously orgasmed. Her legs shook, her fingers froze within her body, and Kim had certainly crashed over the top of her thrilling exploration. This was too much for the two watching men, and Jake and Ronnie moved in to the writhing body. Kim grinned, now game for anything, and Jake and Ronnie held her legs apart, and started themselves to finger her body. They eased her dress over her head and now she was totally naked.

'Do you want fucking, Kim?' enquired Jake and he didn't wait for an answer as he positioned his body between her legs and then entered her easily. The camera whirred in motion as Jacques followed the action from all angles and closed up on the big cock that was fucking hard into Kim's body. The two men fucked her in turn for at least half an hour until she lay panting and sighing on the ground.

'My God, that was brilliant, ' she sighed. Jacques let her have a cigarette and then went on,

'Let's carry on Kim, this is wonderful. Do you want to carry on?'

'Oh yes please, just carry on, I feel really horny now.' 'I want you to get up and walk back up the garden, slowly, and sit at the table and have a glass of wine. OK?'

'Certainly.' agreed Kim and she got to her feet, tottering on the high heels. Her breathing was heavy and her breasts moved up and down from the excessive fucking she had just received and now, dressed only in the high stilettos, she walked slowly, her naked body looking glorious in the sun, and Jacques trained the camera on every nook and cranny of her curves until she reached the table where she poured a glass of wine, sat down and took a sip. She crossed her legs high over one another and jutted out her chest, the nipples prominent in the fresh air. She was rampant and was enjoying displaying herself to the camera and these three older men. 'Red, ' the beautiful setter, had had his rest and was wandering round the garden, sniffing out the bushes and trees and then came and stood on the patio, watching the events. He lay down on the patio and his eyes followed his master as they all watched the young woman sitting in the sun at the table, showing off her superb body.

'Play with your breasts, Kim, really jutt them out at the camera, ' and she proceeded to hold her breasts out with both hands, pulling the large nipples, pushing the two big orbs together and holding them firmly, like two melons on a fruit stall. Ronnie moved towards her and stood at her side gently caressing her head, and he brought it round towards the giant cock that he was now offering up to her. Kim eagerly took the hint and took her hands from her breasts and lowered her face and hands down and onto the glistening weapon. Her lips enveloped the cock and she began to suck, up and down, up and down, and Ronnie held her head tightly in place offering Kim no escape--not that she wanted any-

'Suck it Kim, go on, suck this big cock all the way down into your throat.' She was really into the blow job with relish, she went deeper and deeper down into Ronnie's groin and he was holding her head down as she groaned and gagged on each thrust--he was certainly getting to the back of her throat and she was certainly enjoying doing it. It went on and on and Jacques was getting the oral sex in close up as Kim was licking and sucking, using both of her hands to assist.

Jake was watching the action from a few yards away and he thought that now the time was right to introduce Kim to more initiation. He winked at Jacques and moved towards the young woman sat on the seat-

'Open your legs wide Kim, really wide, ' Jake instructed, and she did not break her movements up and down on Ronnie's cock, but moved her legs open on the seat of the chair, so that they were accessible to the big dark haired man. Jake crouched down on his haunches and played with Kim's pubic hair and with the lips of her cunt, and then he held her open thighs and pulled them forward gently, so that the cheeks of Kim's arse were resting just on the edge of the wooden seat. Still this did not put Kim off her stroke and she still continued the relentless sucking of Ronnie's cock, albeit helped by Ronnie's firm grip on the back of her head. Her legs were wide open at the edge of the chair and her cunt lips were also wide open, wet and inviting. Jake looked round as he played with the cunt and snapped his fingers just once-'Red' got to his feet and moved over to his master's side-

'Good boy, good boy, ' and Jake intimated the wet opening in front of them. The dog moved an inch or two to reach, and then his long red tongue snaked out to lick the soft wet skin that was on display to him.

'Good boy, good boy, ' encouraged Jake again, and he stroked the dog's neck as Jacques moved closer to record the wonderful sight. The wetness of Kim's cunt kept Red's interest and he continued to lick now with more fervour, pushing his tongue all round Kim's open legs. Kim stopped her sucking and looked round to see what was happening--she knew really, but it had come as a shock and she didn't know what to say--briefly she closed her legs but Ronnie held on to her head and Jake continued to caress the now closed thighs.

'Carry on Kim, ' encouraged Jacques, 'relax and enjoy it, you look incredible and you know you've got a wonderful feeling between your legs, don't you? You know we can always take it out of the film later, if you want to. Just relax and you'll really enjoy everything. Go on.'

Kim smiled her coy smile and then she stroked the dog and tickled him under the chin, on his beautiful red coat. She ran her hands all over his back and over his head and neck and then Ronnie, at her side still, took her head round to the side again and guided it down onto his still rampant and shining cock once more. Kim concentrated on the cock in her mouth again, and began the bobbing up and down and the sucking and the nibbling, and when Jacques instructed,

'Open your legs again, Kim, wide, very wide, ' she slowly but decisively moved her thighs apart so that the wetness between her legs was once again apparent, and on view. Jake stroked Red's collar again and guided the dog towards it's goal and, once again, the long red tongue began to explore Kim's wonderful cunt, lapping at the crevices and wet hairs surrounding the luscious skin. Kim now gave in to the feelings, and abandoned herself to having an animal lick between her legs. She thought it felt like very soft sand-paper being rubbed all round between her legs, and the feeling was now becoming erotic and she didn't want it to stop. She pulled her head and fingers away from Ronnie's cock and turned to concentrate on the animal lapping away at her, holding it's head in her hands and stroking the warm, red coat at the same time. In order to assist, Kim leaned back in the chair and lifted her legs off the floor and pulled them up, exposing even more the gaping hole between her legs. She pulled Red nearer and the dog moved in to get better contact with it's wonderful prize, and really began to lick and slurp, up and down the cunt, into the inner crevices and then all round the pubic hair--Lick, lick, lick, lick, it went on and on.

'Is that good, Kim, is that nice between your legs.'

'Oh yes, it feels fantastic, he's wonderful, ooohhhhhh! yes!, really good.'

'Are you horny, Kim, are you feeling really dirty, '

'Yes, yes, I am, ' and she continued to stroke the dog's coat and hold him at her cunt.

'Do as you're told then, Kim!'

'Oh yes, anything you say.' Jake teased her some more by holding Red away from her for a few seconds.

'Oh, don't stop him, please, don't stop, ' she pleaded.'

'You want me to let him carry on licking you, then Kim?' said Jake.

'Yes, yes, put him back, please.'

'So you'll do exactly as you're told will you?' She was too far gone to care now and would agree to anything--she just wanted the licking to continue.

'Yes, anything, anything, just let him carry on, please, ' she almost begged. Jake eased his grip on Red's collar and allowed the dog back into the area that Kim was holding open for him. 'Red' started to lick and lick again, and Kim was sighing and moaning and firmly holding the dog's head into her, guiding his head and stroking her spare hand along the top of his nose. She wanted his tongue up inside her and tried to push her cunt outwards so that her inner lips were easily accessible to her licker, and every now and then she let out a really long moan as the sloppy tongue lashed into the deep crevice. The men were using her now, and Jacques was recording every detail, and then Jake held 'Red' away from Kim's body again, frustrating both Kim and the animal, who was now enjoying his exertions as much as Kim was.

'Oohhh, don't let him stop, ' she sighed, but Jacques interrupted.

'Walk round the garden with him on the lead now, Kim, play with him and just walk round the garden. Do it, you horny bitch, ' and he smiled at her as she slowly got up from the chair and took the lead which Jake had put round the dog's neck. Kim began to walk onto the grass and make her way round the garden with 'Red' being frisky by her side. Kim was rubbing between her legs as she walked and Red kept trying to nuzzle into her upper thighs, and in the end it became too much for the randy woman and she stopped moving.

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