Marooned on Gronk

by Finc

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Fiction, Science Fiction, BDSM, MaleDom, Light Bond, Humiliation, Sadistic, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: With no hope of rescue what is a girl to do but accept her new role in life. Nasa heroine becomes sex slave to great alien lord. Capture, dungeon interogation and finaly concubine

Woman on a weird planet, surrounded by aliens mounting beasts

Chapter 1

The Major just couldn't see a thing. The cockpit was a blinding orange even the flight visors struggling to diminish its brilliant intensity. The bird rocked around like a bronco pitching and banking the major wrestling with the controls. For the first time in her distinguished career she had doubts that she was up to it. A space shuttle was still just a glorified glider even now after so many years in use; you just couldn't put it down anywhere.

The nervous shouts of the flight crew were drowned out by her thoughts. Was it better they didn't make it down? She pushed those thoughts away, she gripped the controls tighter steal determination at hand; she was Major Jane Reborsky captain of this crew, first woman on the moon and the second on Mars and she had a ship to land.

Jane looked to the ceiling the sweat pouring down her face recalling what had happened that day. The memories of the crash seemed to play over and over she remembered the orange haze turning to green fields below as they descended The Major desperately searching for an open space. The impact had been enormous it must have been hours before she awoke to drag herself from the carnage.

She'd found the young McGuire outside the smouldering hull. The brave girl had tried to pull one of the crew clear before collapsing herself. It had been a waste of her energies everyone was dead apart from the two women.

Jane thought back to pre launch; the front cover of Esquire the title something about babes in space. She'd just gone along with it for NASA's sake, oh and her husband had thought it great too. At 38 she still looked fabulous and along with her young blonde co pilot they had made a quite professional cover girl edition.

Like that day the crash now seemed so far removed. It had only been a few days ago surely? She struggled to tell time in this dungeon. The heat of the room was intense and she glistened with sweat. Her short tightly curled brunette hair was almost black with grime her high cheek bones and tight bronzed skin giving her that sensuous mature look. Her eyes gave a piercing stare across the room to her captors. long lashes and pouting full lips still retaining her that vision of loveliness the magazine photographer had captured in that distant memory.

Why had it happened? Even now in her predicament the professional astronaut took over, she had to go over every last detail.

The loss of power. The worm hole. Was there such a thing? Her crew had talked about suicide rather than running out of oxygen just before this planet had come into view. Maybe a rescue party would have followed them. But as the planets gravity slowly drew them in, they had no choice but to crash land.

She tried to relieve the pressure on her stretched arms. Looking up they were bound together with rope suspending her on to tip toes. Not that she could see below her ribs. The large wooden vat she was in stunk to high heaven her naked body gently stirring the warm contents as she wriggled. The fire below kept the vat at a hot but bearable temperature the white slimy liquid clinging to her tummy dripping from her toned firm olive breasts like she'd been dipped in cream.

How many bull type creature it had taken to fill this she couldn't guess but her captors were not averse to adding their own load of semen to the mix from time to time.

The inquisitor entered through the iron door his minions stopping for a moment before continuing their attentions on the cells other occupant; the moaning Kitty McGuire. The inquisitor reached out to caress Jane's defiant face.

"Have we a confession yet?" He giggled looking into her long lashed eyes.

"We crashed here in our ship!" She spat back having answered this so many times.

"Oh of course you come from another world." He laughed sarcastically. His firm skin crackled as his arm moved to her breast his pointed talon hands caressing her fabulous hard domes. "My Lord thinks otherwise."

Jane winched at his firm but gentle grope. "But just look at us," she said rationally but forcefully. "Surely we're not from your world?"

The inquisitor admired the flesh and diminutive bone structure. Both these creatures were soft and fragile but had an exquisite arousing beauty. No wonder his Lord needed to know the truth.

It had been lieutenant Kitty McGuire who'd seen them first. A cock sure naval pilot even she had momentarily lost it when the creatures had found them still camped at their ship. Jane had backed under the side of the damaged hull a few feet away from the screaming girl. Four large humanoid creatures had surrounded the young blonde. Dressed in leather and iron they appeared like medieval troops their mounts six legged bull type beasts. Their armour was black and oily their faces like that of gargoyles on some ancient cathedral.

The Major saw the saddle troops throw a net over the blue flight suited Kitty the weight making her long legs crumple under her. Jane backed further away planning her next move. Suddenly there was blade to her throat and a claw grip around her waist onto her bust. She had met her first Gronk.

Both women were bound at their feet and arms before been carried in nets slung between two riders each. She'd tried to speak to them but with no effect they either couldn't understand or wouldn't reply. At closer range she realised that the black oily armour was in fact mostly there own rhinoceros type skin. Their sunken eyes looked evil but afraid the huge black and white craft they'd found like nothing they'd ever seen or imagined.

"Keep calm," Jane had shouted to her young charge as she lay bound in her net." They'll be someone in charge who we can negotiate with."

Negotiate! It hadn't worked out as she would have hoped.

The lord had watched from the balcony of his black tower as the huge white bird had thundered past. His lands were in turmoil his enemies plotting and now this sign of evil if ever there was one. He had immediately sent a search party to discover what he had seen. It had been the next evening before he had the two strange females presented to him; long enough for his fears to have grown ten fold.

The two women had stood before him as he admired their shape, their skin, breasts bulging from strange fabric clothes. The younger one had long flowing blonde hair like gold cloth. She was tall her legs thin and delicate her eyes piercing blue. The other, the one that spoke also had admirable curves her face commanding yet like a fine sculpture. Her green firm eyes looked straight into his and he felt himself bewitched. He looked toward to his inquisitor in surprise. As the woman had spoken the language coming from her lips was ancient and only recognisable to the educated few.

The Major saw his eyes light up in amazement. The huge Lord sat across his battle mount shield at hand his robed colleague standing at his side. He understood her words. Behind him the was terrifying black tower which dominated his land.

"A trick! Sorcerers, witches! He yelled. Vipers sent to seduce and betray!"

He bellowed in broken English only his inquisitor and the two women able to understand.

"Or perhaps a gift from the gods?" His inquisitor added his eyes lingering on the officers curves.

The Lord was a true Gronk; a breeder. This was a duty and a noble curse his appetite or stamina knew no bounds in carnal pleasure. His seed fathering 5,000 off spring. The inquisitor felt it his duty to always find his lord new mounts.

Both Jane and Kitty tried to speak but the Lord waved his hand and they were forced to the ground. He bent down from his battle beast pulling his inquisitor close.

"Even now their charms excite me. My loins are full they're bewitching manner filling me with desire to seed in them. I need to know, are they witches or a heavenly delights!

The inquisitor looked back at the two protesting women and gave a wicked slavering reply.

"That is a question which may take me some time to answer my Lord."

Chapter 2

The women were dragged towards the monstrous tower, its black stone glistening in the evening light.

"To the dungeons with them." The hunched inquisitor barked.

Once in the deep dark place the Gronk interrogator gave a wry smile his beak lipped mouth showing a pink lizard like tongue.

"You will remain here until it can be proved you are not witches."

Kitty gave a nervous murmur.

"But how can we prove that?"

The inquisitor caressed her hair tracing his claw over her heaving chest.

"No witch could survive the trials of the flesh. Only a creature capable of becoming a brood mare to my lord's loins would pass."

The captain shook her head still trying to reason.

"Please this is not right; we are visitors to your world."

The inquisitor signalled to his men to begin.

"If that is so rejoice for you will experience the carnal attentions of the finest breeder of his royal linage." Then he narrowed his eyes. "If not you will burn for witchcraft."

That's how it had begun two days ago. The women had been stripped, the creatures groping their tits, slapping their round asses binding their hands with rope. Kitty had been crying and sobbing, Jane more subdued all most like it was a dream. Both women had been lowered naked into the holding vat, the bubbling bull semen making Kitty retch.

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