One Slip: The Aftermath

by Tabooteller

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Wife tells hubby of One Slip. What happens to her, their realtionship and the guy who tried to blackmail her. ending for Patricia51's One Slip

Writer's note: This here little story is a continuation of one Patricia51 wrote. "One Slip". She wrote it without a ending allowing others like me to do our own. You need to read hers first to get the full impact even though I think you could read this alone and understand what was happening. If you have not read any of hers do so. She is an excellent writer and can come up with interesting plots. Her "Busted" is very good as well as "Nightlight" which is now one of my favorites. That last might be her best writing but it is an excellent story well told. So read it. :) Her football and butch story is fun and exciting also, And of course don't miss out on the To Serve and Protect series. Their about Mike and especially about his beautiful wife. Some good and different stories in that one. Of course I would like comments :)


Donna walked into her husband Steve's office in a manner that suggestedboth bravery and shame. Steve looked up and saw her than then stared for a couple of seconds, wondering why she had a look of shame and determination on her face.

"Hi, honey, what's up?" She saw him look up at her and a look that seemed to akin to fear crossed her face quickly followed by shame than then back to determination.

Why would she be afraid of him, Steve wondered as she spoke.

"I have something to tell you and something to show you." For the first time he Steve noticed the manila envelope in her hand. Warning bells went off in his head and butterflies appeared in his stomach. He couldn't say why, but her expression and her tone indicated something was wrong and part of him suspected what it was, even though there was no evidence of that yet. Why that thought should come to mind now, - it was a thought he never entertained, - he didn't know.

She Donna placed the envelope in front of him and said, "I... I... I can't say it."

She paused took a deep breath and said, "I did something I shouldn't have done. You will understand when you look inside," she indicated the envelope.

As he picked up the envelope he found himself hoping it was something like being conned into signing a contract to give away the house or some such. But as he felt what was inside the envelope the butterflies grew and took flight. He flipped the flap open and reached inside. His face was calm as he drew the contents, but even as he saw the top edge of the first picture he was in turmoil inside. In his mind he gasped "She did, Oh no... Why?" That last word would have been said in an almost wailing tone if he had spoken it.

Donna stood there looking down at her feet as he quickly went through the photographs. Steve finally looked up at her, studying her stance and the look on her face. The fear was back as well as even more shame. He thought there may have been a tear in one eye but he wasn't sure. He now understood the fear.

He said, "This isn't private enough, we need to discuss this at home... now!"

He sounded calm, unemotional but that only made it worse for her. She looked up at him and said, "Okay."

He got up, grabbed his coat and walked out the door without a backward glance at her. She quickly turned and followed.

Once outside he said in the same tone,"Darlene, a family situation has come up. I'm leaving now, cancel any appointments and tell anyone that comes by that I am unavailable."

Darlene looked up sharply at the words and his tone wondering what the situation was that would make him react like that.

But as he headed for the door with out even looking her way Darlene just said, "Yes sir."

Donna stopped for a moment and said, "Could you give me a telephone number to reach your brother?"

Darlene looked at her in surprise and curiosity but only quickly flipped through her adderess book. She wrote the number down and gave the paper to Donna, and said to just ask for Lt. Mike Gibson. Donna took it, nodded her thanks and hurried out the door. Her husband was already in his pickup and had the engine started. She got into her vehicle and started the engine as he drove out without even a glance in her direction.

She winced at that thought but got her car going.

Before she pulled out of the driveway Donna stopped, got her cell phone out and dialled the number Darlene had given her.

Once she was talking to Mike she said, "I am Donna. Darlene, your sister works for my husband, Steve."

Mike said that he met her husband once or twice but what did she want.

She said, "I am not sure how to say this but I want to bring charges against Gil Gentry for trying to blackmail me and for taking pictures of me without my knowledge. He has done this to other women."

"And what did he try to blackmail you for?"

"He wanted me to become his sex slave. To have sex with whomever he chose, whenever he wanted me to."

There was a pause and he said in a voice that was still professional sounding but now had a touch of anger, "Do you have any proof of this?"

"I, or rather my husband has the pictures Gil took, and if you check out his office you should be able to find at least two hidden cameras. He's probably in the process of removing them right now."

"I can't promise anything but where is his office?"

Donna gave him the address and which floor then they each said bye and hung up. All too soon she arrived home. Steve's pickup was in the driveway parked straight, which surprised her. She parked, turned off the motor then sighed and got out of the car. When Donna got to the front door she found it open which didn't surprise her. Steve was sitting at the kitchen table looking at the pictures. His expression was unreadable.

She sat down across from him. He looked up from the pictures and said one word. It was a question, the one she had been fearing the most, 'Why?"

She looked down trying to sort things out in the jumble that were her thoughts. After a minute she looked back up to him, determined to look him in the face as she explained.

"I... I this is hard, I..." she stopped grabbed a Kleenex and blew her nose than tried to start over, "I... I. God, this is hard... I"

Steve just looked at her and said, "You said that already."

Tears formed in her eyes as she tried again, "I can't say why," the tears overflowed and began to trickle down her cheeks, "Everything just sort of came together and I..."

She paused again and Steve spoke again, "can't or won't say why?"

"I can't say why, I don't know why" that last was said in a wail, but she continued after swallowing hard, "maybe I had too much to drink, maybe I was mad at you."

He just looked at her with an almost angry, and disappointed look.

She said, "No, I'm not blaming you. I made the mistake. I just don't know why"

"Tell me what happened."

"It was the night I went to the office party without you."

He nodded for he had figured that out already,

While she explained what had happened he had been lazily flipping through the pictures. He seemed to be stuck on two of them always going back to those two and just staring at them. Donna couldn't see which two but she was sure it was the same two each time. She ended her explanation with her meeting with Gil at the restaurant.

As she finished Steve mumbled something, part of which sounded like "so easily??".

He just looked at the picture in his hand for undetermined amount of time.

She thought about asking what he was thinking but from the unemotional look on his face she thought it would be better to let him process what she had told him.

Finally Steve looked up at her. For a moment there was a look of pain mixed with anger on his face. Her heart broke as she saw it but then the unemotional mask slipped back into place.

He said in a flat voice, "I am going to see Gil to see if all this is true. I can't believe he would do something like this. I know he's a lady's man but to seduce my wife and to try to blackmail you?? To own you?? That is not the Gil I know. But then again the wife I knew wouldn't give in like that either."

"I think it would be best if you weren't here when I get back. You can take whatever you need, go wherever you want just don't be here when I get back."

God that hurt, Donna had expected it but at the same time she had hoped his love for her would allow him to forgive her right then. She could only nod in response as fresh tears dripped down her cheek.

He paused for a moment then asked something she hadn't expected. "are you becoming a slut now?"

She let out a strangled noise and said "No!!" in a half wail. She wanted to ask how he could think that but she couldn't. She just sat there with a hurt look on her face as the amount of tears increased.

Steve looked at the tears, watching them as they rolled down both cheeks and dropped on the table. For a moment compassion appeared on his face - but only for a moment. He just gave his head a slight shake, got up and headed for the door.

Before he got to the door Donna asked, "Please don't tell the kids why I'm not home anymore... what I did."

He stopped and without turning his head Steve said, "I will think of something to tell them"

She stayed where she was until he walked out the door, closing it behind him. She then got up and started to walk to the stairs, but stopped and went back to gather the pictures. Donna wanted to put them someplace the kids would not be able to find them. As she gathered them she looked at the last two pictures he had been looking at. The ones he had kept going back to. One was of her pulling Gil's cock out of his pants- of her pulling his cock out of his pants- and the other was her voluntarily sucking his cock. From the expression on her face it looked like she was enjoying what she was doing to another man.

God, how could she have done that??!! In her head she had gone over the whole night more times than she cared to count but she still there was no clue to why she had let herself go like that. Donna had been tempted before by other men but had always said no. She had never even kissed another man before. As she thought over that night again she hurried up the stairs to go to their room and start packing. Their room... It wasn't theirs anymore, now it was just his room. That hit her so hard she almost threw up right on the spot. She managed to get to the bathroom before anything came up but by then her emotions had calmed down enough so most of the nausea left. After recovering she put the pictures in one of Steve's drawers then packed. He had said she could take anything she needed so she packed two suitcases and hurried down the stairs. Once outside she put the suitcases down and stared at her car for a minute then decided she did need it so she could get around. She placed the suitcases in the car and drove away, looking in the rearview mirror with tears streaming down her face, as she did.

Steve meanwhile had headed toward the building where Gil's office was. Half way there he decided that his wife must have been telling the truth about Gil. Someone took those pictures and from the angle it was most probably a hidden camera or two. He picked up his cell phone but had to think for a moment to remember the number he wanted to call. He had met Darlene's brother Mike a couple of times, so he thought Mike would know who he was. Darlene had given him the number if he ever needed to call.

Steve called and got a hold of Mike. After Steve introduced himself Mike asked what he wanted.

Steve said, "I think you need to get over to... ," he gave the address of

Gil's office,"before someone gets beaten up."

"Who is going to be beaten?"

"Gil Gentry."

"And who is going to be doing the beating?"

"I am."

Steve imagined Mike's eyebrows going up at that.

All he said though was, "Don't take the law into your own hands."

After a pause Mike said in a more gentle tone, "I know how things can feel but you should let us take care of it. Your wife doesn't need you in jail."

Steve thought that was a strange response - it was as if Mike already knew all about what Gil did.

All Steve said was,"You better get over there fast then, I'm almost there."

Mike warned him again about taking the law into his hands then wanted Steve to keep talking, but Steve hung up and stepped on the gas. His tires squealed as he turned into the parking garage that fed the building Gil's office was in. As soon as he found an empty slot he parked and rushed to the elevator. Once inside he thought some more of what had happened and he outwardly became like a rock. Steve managed to wait till the door opened all the way then calmly walked to the right office.

Once he reached it he didn't bother to knock, even though the door was closed, he just opened it and walked in. He found Gil on a step ladder busy pulling something out of the air shaft. Another something that looked like a small rectangular metallic box was hanging from a hole that had been behind a ornamental wall sculpture. The thing looked like a flat tangled mess of metal string. No wonder Gil liked that ugly piece of modern art Steve thought, it provided a clear shot for the camera hidden behind it.

"So Donna was right after all."

Steve had entered the room so silently that Gil didn't hear him. When he spoke Gil jumped, almost hitting his head on the top edge of the open duct. He recovered and turned around quickly.

Gil just stared at Steve for a moment and was about to say something like "Hi buddy" when Steve began to advance into the room. He turned right, walking around the walls instead of going straight across the floor. Gil must have seen something in his friend's face for he hurriedly got off the step ladder and started backing away from Steve.

Finally he said, "I don't know what Donna said, but it isn't true."

Steve waved at the cameras and said "This stuff and some certain pictures say otherwise."

"Hey now, no need to do anything foolish."

"You already did something very foolish and you're right, there was no need for it. That is one piece of forbidden fruit you are going to be very sorry you bit into."

Gil was still moving backwards from the slowly advancing, angry husband who used to be his best friend.

After a few steps he said, "Hey, I did you a favor."

Steve looked puzzled over that but didn't stop.

Gil went on speaking very quickly, "I showed you that your wife is a slut. I mean..."

He stopped speaking for a moment because he almost tripped when his heel caught one of the wheels of his desk chair.

After he recovered he continued with, "I mean... it was so easy to seduce her she must have done it before."

That did give Steve pause for a second. Pause in his thinking that is, not in his motion. He was significantly closer to Gil and was almost in arms length.

He said, "You really don't want to make me any angrier then I am Gil. I may not be a navy Seal but remember I am a Marine. I can still do nasty, painful things to your body."

Gil swallowed hard with a fearful look on his face. After a minute Steve reached out and grabbed Gil's shirt front. His ex-friend yipped.

Steve's expression turned very cloudy and he said, "Its bad enough that you had sex with her but you were also going to turn her into your personal sex slave and OWN her?"

Each word of the second half of that sentence was angrier and deeper than the last one finally the word "own" had been said with a very menacing growl.

Steve spoke again with a slightly less menacing tone. "I lost a best friend as well as a wife today and I am not in a very good mood."

Gil swallowed again and tried to say, "Hey we can still be friends, I still got things to offer you."

"I never knew you. The Gil I knew would never have 'owned' a woman like you do, which means the Gil I knew was a fake. I have been conned all these years. I do not like being conned and I hate men who use woman for their depraved pleasures. Remember we have talked about that a few times over the years? - while you were pretending to be something you're not."

At that point they had still been backing up, but now Gil bumped into a wall. As Steve finished the last statement he lifted Gil up off the floor and shoved him into the wall. He didn't hit the wall all that hard, but there was still a thud and Gil winced. He opened his mouth to say something but Steve just repeated his action but this time Gil hit the wall a little harder then the first time.

Suddenly there was knock. Gil glanced at the door and Steve put him back down.

He said, "For your sake I hope that is the help I called."

Gil just looked at him strangely then shouted, "Whoever it is come in now."

"Its Mike Gibson of the Jackson County Sheriff's department."

"I don't care just come in."

The door opened and a no nonsense looking man wearing in a suit came in. He identified himself again and as he did Steve backed up a step.

Gil turned to the new comer and said, "You need to arrest this man he was threatening me."

"Oh? I didn't see or hear anything threatening."

"He was and I want him arrested."

"Hmmm, I have a slight problem. You see I can only arrest one man at a time and I will have to choose who has the biggest offense"

Gil looked stunned then said, "I want to call my lawyer."

Steve said, "He catches on pretty fast for a slime ball."

"People like him usually are smart. Smart enough to think they are above the law or won't get caught."

Mike then turned to Gil and said, "You can call your lawyer from the station."

He handcuffed Gil, read his rights to him and took him downtown where he was charged with enslavement, blackmail, recording somebody without their consent and a couple of other minor charges.

Two weeks later as the case progressed and the trial date got closer Steve went to see Lt. Mike. They shook hands and Mike invited Steve to sit.

"Did you have something to say or did you just come by to see how the casewas coming along?"

"I came to ask you two things."

"What are they?"

"How did you know what to charge him with?"

"Your wife called me before you did and explained what he did. That was how I was able to get there so fast, I was already on my way."

"That would explain your response to me over the phone about my wife needing me."

Mike nodded and then asked, "what was your second question?" "Does my wife need to testify in court? The media has gotten hold of this story and the publicity has grown since Gil was arrested. That means Donna will have to say in court when she did and... I... was wondering if she could be spared from admitting that in public, wher ethe media would get a hold of it."

"You know your wife is a brave lady. Not only to say no to Gil under those circumstances but to be willing to tell you and then to be willing to testify in court like that. You should be proud of her."

"I am. She has always had a special spark."

He paused for a moment then shook his hea das if to clear it then said, "Donna has been through a lot already and I was hoping to spare her the public hearing of what she did."

"You still love you don't you."

"Yes... I do. I've thought about it a lot and I do love her."

"Have you told her?"

"No, we haven't spoken much since she told me."

There was a pause and Steve took a deep breath, "I'm afraid I said something I shouldn't have. I was in shock. It was bad enough she told me about it but those pictures just made it so much more real. I couldn't keep my eye off them, especially two of them. I wanted to stop looking at them but I couldn't. A part of me wanted to scream, to shout and throw things, to tear up those pictures but as I said I was in shock. All I could do was sit there and stare at the pictures as she told me what happened."

Another pause and he said in a queiter voice, "I told her I was going to see Gill and that I don't want her there when I got back, I didn't care where she went or what she took just not be there."

Mike nodded for he knew they won't living together at the moment, "I know something like that can be a shock but if you love her you can get past it, it's possible. One Slip shouldn't destroy a marriage, all those good years you two had."

(Sigh)"I know but its also what Gil told me that day. He said that it had been so easy to seduce her she probably had done it before. I know it turned out that he's a liar but what if there was a touch of truth to it?"

"I have something to tell you I probably shouldn't," Mike said, "but as a husband I can relate to what you are going through. Before I tell you though I have to say that you will have to take my word for it. The proof is evidence and I am not allowed legally to show it to you."

Steve nodded with a mystified look on his face. He understood what Mike was saying about not being able to show him evidence, but didn't know what that had to do with him.

"Did you find some more pictures of my wife?"

"We found pictures of various victims. Gil liked to save them, probably as reminders of his conquests. But when we searched his house we also found a journal he kept. In it was a description of each of his victims and how he seduced them, as well as what he made them do once he had them under his control."

Mike paused for a moment and Steve looked at a puzzled expression on his face.

"Gil had lots of entries concerning you wife. This is what you are going to have to take my word for, since I am not allowed to show you the journal, as I said. Gil, according to what he wrote, set his sights on your wife a year ago."

Mike paused again and obviously anticipating a question he thought Steve may be thinking he said, "It doesn't say why he took so long to set out to seduce your wife or why he choose then to do it. It does say, however, that it took him the whole year to accomplish his goal."

"But I was around him most of the times he was with my wife. I never saw him do or say anything out of place. If he had attempted anything while they were alone she would have spoken up about it. Just like she told me about the, um, err, one slip."

"He had made a practice of seducing women subtly. It sometimes took longer but it was more satisfying to him. Here is one example of how he worked on your wife a few months ago. He 'happened' to meet your wife at the gym and they exercised together. Afterwards he went to your house with her."

"I remember that. I was home soon after they got there but everything was on the up and up."

"Not everything. You remember Gil giving your wife a neck message afterwards?"

"Yes, I watched him and he kept his hands where they should have been."

"You should have been watching his mouth."

"Huh? He never kissed her, well once on the cheek after he was done but it was quick and chaste."

"I wasn't talking about what he did with his mouth but what he said."

Steve looked puzzled again and Mike continued,"Gil had developed a way of talking that was hypnotic. He talked low in a voice only your wife would hear and it was in a friendly, peaceful tone. He complimented her on how well she looked, how well she did her exercises. Then, when she didn't react to that in a bad way, he went on to talk about how sexy she was, how he had always liked her body. Most of the time he was massaging her and giving her good feelings while he was telling her how good she looked."

Steve's mouth dropped open slightly and he looked incredulous.

He said, " he hypnotized her?"

"In a way. This hypnosis isn't like you would see on a stage show with post hypnotic suggestions or even as we have used a few times to crack hard cases. This was more subtle. It helped to get the words he was using into her subconscious without her realizing they were even said. Later they would appear in her conscious mind and she would think they were her ideas or suggestions. I need to add that she would be able to reject those ideas but if she thought they were hers she would be more likely to go with them. Especially if they were supported by good feelings and continual support."

Steve shook his head in disbelief, the guy who was his friend, who he had trusted, had done this.

"Did you see how he was dressed? He went to the gym that day specifically to find Donna, he knew what time she exercised and knew what exercises she did. He made sure that he was dressed in a muscle shirt and speedo shorts. When he found her he made sure he had a lifecycle then a treadmill right next to her. She was in a front row right in front of the mirror wall. Gil knew that when he was right next to her she would have no choice but to look at him in the mirror especially when he was talking to her at the same time. And he made sure his outfit showed off his, um, attributes. As I said, it was no coincidence that he just 'happened' to be there at the same time she was. Since he was a friend and trusted he could talk to her and get her attention on him and the way he looked.

After a pause with Steve's face again developing an incredulous look, Mike went on, "Remember the party you guys went to before this last one?"

"Yes, we both went to that one."

"Remember how Gil and your wife talked a lot?"

"Yes, they did seem to talk a lot but I trusted him so I didn't really think that much about it. And at one point I walked past them and they were talking about boring stuff about work and fixing a yard up."

"Well, intermixed with the boring stuff were more compliments about the way she looked and a description of how he looked."

Steve looked puzzled at this and was about to ask when Mike continued. "Gil wrote he was doing some redecorating in the back yard. Taking out trees and bushes and putting in new stuff. In the process he had to dig out some hardpan. He described how, since it was the back yard he took off his shirt and used a pick to break up the hardpan. He also described how hot it was and how sweat poured off his shoulders and back as he swung the pick. As Gil described how he looked it became easy for your wife to picture his muscles rippling as he swung that pick."

"The next day, Donna mentioned a dream she had where Gil took the place of a specific mythical hero on a certain TV show, during one scene like that. The actor had long hair and rippling muscles. A few times through the run of the show he would do some heavy work without a shirt, with sweat pouring off of him like you said Gil described. In the show and in the dream he poured a wooden bucket full of water on himself. I thought there may have been more to the dream than what she said but I wasn't that worried about it. That must have been Gil's hypnotic suggestions working on Donna"

"Or just the decription after seeing him in that outfit as he worked out, working on her libido. Those are just two examples of how he worked on your wife. He also stated that during these talks of his he added a suggestion that people who liked her should be rewarded. He didn't say when he added that suggestion, but I think the first time was while he was massaging her shoulders. And the next two times he reinforced his suggestion. Then a month later he 'accidentally' let it slip that he always liked her. In fact if she hadn't been married to his best friend he would be pursuing her. He dated a lot of women but none captured his attention or desires like she did. Yes, that sounds like a line, but he was supposed to be your friend, so it wouldn't be a line coming from him."

Steve's eyes narrowed and his face got hard.

Mike continued, "From what he wrote, not only was your wife not an easy mark but she was a real challenge. The night of the party hadn't been the first time he tried to have sex with her. Three months previous to that night he tried but it failed so badly she didn't even realize he was attempting anything. Then, when he saw that she was a little drunk and that she probably was a bit angry at you he decided to try again. Starting with another massage. He had already given her a couple with no attempts at getting fresh, and after all, he was safe - being a friend."

The detective shrugged his shoulders, "You know the rest of the story."

There was a pause then he said, "remember, Donna was dealing with an expert at seduction who has had a lot of practice, and she didn't even know he was taking aim at her."

Steve nodded and finally said, "I think it's good that bastard is in jail, for his sake."

Mike said, "I don't blame you for that statement. As a husband of a beautiful wife I can relate, but at the same time its never good to take the law into your own hands."

"I think I can wait till the law can punish him but the law can't stop me from being there when he is sentenced and applauding when he gets what he deserves."

"We have a good case against him but I warn you that sometimes you never know what a jury will do. I have seen it when we have had an open and shut, air tight case and the jury still found the guy innocent but then there are cases where we go to court not sure if we have any case and yet the jury goes our way. As I said one never knows."

"But in this case people will know what type of person that bastard is, what ever way the jury goes."

"With the publicity, I think you're correct. Speaking of the publicity and your original question, Donna may not need to testify. We want to keep her ready just in case, but with the publicity, two past victims of Gil's have come forward and are willing to testify. One I think you know, also we have his pictures and the journal I just told you about. Not to mention the cameras we found in his office. However, even if she doesn't testify some news hound could still find out who blew the case open, and what your wife did could still get out. It would make a good story about the brave woman who decided not to be a victim."

"I understand... about both things you mean, but I thank you for trying to keep her out of the spotlight and for doing what you can to get him sent away for a long time."

"As I said, not only am I a police officer trying to do his job, but I am a husband and I understand how you feel."

"One more question. Whatever happened to Gil pressing charges against me." "I'm not sure. Could be that during his arrest he just forgot, too many more pressing matters and I think his lawyer adviced him not to since it would look like he was just trying to get back at you."

They shook hands and Steve thanked him and left. Two days later after more thinking he called Donna. He asked her to come by the house and to make sure she brought her car.

Steve used the same unemotional voice he had used the day he told her not to be there when he got back from visiting Gil, and she wondered what he wanted.

She had received one phone call from Steve's lawyer and had kept expecting that he would have her sign some papers sooner or later. She was afraid it was time for her signature. The strange request for the car supported her thoughts.

With a heavy heart Donna arrived at the house hoping to see the kids, but only Steve was there. He had been expecting her and almost immediately, after asking politely how she was, told her to get in his pickup. She did, wondering what was up. Was he driving her to the lawyers to make sure she went there? Instead, though, they ended up back at the place she had been staying.

"Oh," she thought, "he has finally got around to wanting my car back".

She started to fish her keys out of her purse as soon as he parked.

Steve spoke first, "I have been doing a lot of thinking the past few days, but first I want to say that I'm proud of you for taking a stand against Gil. That took a lot of courage."

He paused as she looked at him funny, wondering what he was trying to say.

He continued with, "It's about time that Gil was stopped. He can't be allowed to destroy any more marriages."

Donna said, "From what Mike has told me, if Gil is convicted he won't be able to destroy any more marriages in the future."

"True, but I wasn't talking about future marriages he might mess up."

Donna looked at Steve and something that was almost hope appeared in her eyes.

Steve continued, "I had you come over and brought you back here not so I could take your car away, I, well, I..."

He looked down for a moment then looked back up straight in her eyes, "I overreacted the day you told me what you... what happened and I was in shock and those pictures didn't help. I'm not blaming you. I know the whole story now. You did good when you showed the photos to me and told me, I'm the one that overreacted."

There was a pause and he took a deep breath "I also have an apology to make to you about you and Gil. I spoke to Mike and he told me about some sort of diary Gil kept. It seems he was working on seducing you for about one year."

"What?" Donna interrupted, but Steve kept on talking.

"The bastard had perfected a whole routine, including some sort of hypnotic method, he used on the women he seduced. Donna, my love, you took far longer to break than any other woman Gil had tried to get."

He went on to explain what Mike had told him then ended with, "In the end I think it became an obsession with him. I'm sorry I reacted like I did. I think I even said to you something about 'the wife I knew wouldn't give in like that'. I should have realised how true that was. I should have known my wonderful wife didn't do those things, on her own. Please forgive me."

"Thank God," Donna said, "I have never been able to give myself a reason for what I did, let alone be able to explain it to you. It is a great relief in one way to know what happened, but I am still ashamed and sorry for what happened. Thank you for believing in me Steve. I need you so much".

Steve spoke again, "There's one more thing I need to apologize for. I'm sorry for asking you if you were going to be slut... God, that was a stupid question," he looked down in shame and said, "I'm sorry, even at the time I knew you wouldn't do that... all I can say ia that I was in shock."

She said, "I was in shook too."

After a short embrace Steve told Donna, "I brought you back here in my pickup because your car probably won't be big enough to carry all your stuff back to the house... where you belong... if you still want to come back home that is."

The last was said in a soft voice almost as if he was afraid of what her answer might be.

Donna was almost tempted to say that she would think about, just to tease him but decided she couldn't even pretend to think that way.

She reached across the cab and hugged him.

In the middle of the tight embrace she said, "Of course I want to come home. If you can forgive me for what I did I can forgive you for overreacting especially since it wasn't much of an overreaction. I love you, Steve."

He put his arms around her and pulled her across the seat until she was right next to him. "I love you too."

After a minute she said, "I'm not complaining, but what made you change your mind?"

"I've been thinking and there are a number of reasons. The upper most one is that I love you and it was just one slip. You were influenced by a master seducer after all. Among other reasons are that the kids miss you and they need you. Third, as I said it took courage to stand up to Gil and to bring charges against him. That should be rewarded."

He paused then said, "It took me longer to reach this decision than it should have. I, um, initially I had my doubts that this was the first time."

Donna drew back her head and looked shocked.

"I'm not proud of those feelings but after what some of the pictures showed and what Gil said, well". He stopped and shrugged his shoulders.

She said, "I know what the pictures showed, but what does what he had to say have to do with me?"

Steve went on to explain what Gil had said when confronted by Steve.

She said, "I have never done anything like that before, I've never even kissed another man since we were engaged."

Steve said he believed her but then went on to explain what Gil had told him that day. As Steve finished her expression was hard as she considered what she would like to do to Gil.

Steve finished his naritive with, "when Gil was saying it to me it sounded sort of reasonable. I know now it was all bullshit, but at the time it hurt me bad".

When her husband was done Donna said in a very angry tone, "Why that bastard, that son of bitch!"

"That's pretty much what I said and thought after Mike explained all that to me. If I had known all that the day I confronted him I would have done more than just shove him against the wall a couple of times, even with Mike arriving when he did. If he does get off I will go looking for him."

"If he does get off he better wish you find him before I do, but at the same time it wouldn't do the kids any good if either you, I, or both were in prison"

"I know, so in that case he better not get off for our sakes."

They hugged again and then at Steve's suggestion they got out of the pick up and loaded her stuff. They drove home and unloaded it all with Steve carrying most of it back upstairs. When the kids got home and saw that mommy was there they climbed all over her and told her they had missed her, while she was gone on business. Donna hugged each one and told each one that she missed them too. With tears in her eyes she looked at her husband and said thanks. He just nodded.

Later that night they went to bed and Steve said, "I missed you."

He started to say something but this time it was her turn to interrupt him, "I am sorry for what I did and not just because it came out in the open. I would have told you."

"I believe you."

At that he took her in his arms and kissed her.

He again said, "I missed you."

"I missed you too."

Steve looked at the bed again and said, ' 'I missed you in bed." He stopped for a moment then quickly added, "I don't mean in just that way, but I missed your companionship, your presence and you being here next to me in bed and in my life."

"I understand and I missed your presence too. And I missed you in 'that' way too."

They got to sleep late after having sex three times, to make up for lost time and to express their love for each other. The first time was soon after they declared how much they had missed each other.

There was a silence for a couple of moments, with both of them just standing there. Steve wanted her almost as much as he had on their wedding night but after what he had just said he didn't want to have Donna think he only missed her for sex. And on top of that he wasn't completely sure she would want to make love after what he had put her through.

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