Crystal's Maze

by Robin

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Zoophilia, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: Cyrstal has to escape the maze before her next birthday, but the organisers have a few surprises in store. Futuristic story set in a ravaged war torn world.

She had to get out of the maze somehow. Crystal was sure she was almost there, but her pursuers had caught up with her and now she had the Great Dane's cock down her throat for the viewing public's pleasure while his twin had her clasped in locked forepaws while he buried his cock up to his balls in her stretched cunt.

His short spiky fur rubbed on the tip of her nose as he bucked his hips to drive his twitching cock as far down her throat as possible. She had had the sense to grasp his swollen knot before that too was forced between her parted lips, but even so, his length was rasping her deep. She had long ago ceased to gag on his weapon and the urge to throw up over the dog had passed. Now it was a question of getting the dog to shoot his load as quickly as possible and then try to find the exit from the maze and freedom beyond.

"Don't just wank him with your tongue bitch, he likes it sucked good and hard. Dontcha boy?"

The dog took no notice of his trainer who was holding the heavy leather leash, his sole purpose at this time was to fuck this woman into next week and complete the process by cumming deep within her.

Crystal grasped his scrotum a little tighter, acting like the muscles of a bitch's cunt. She pumped her hold on him in a palpitating rhythm, hoping that it would get the brute off. Her efforts were rewarded as with a mighty shove, the dog thrust his hips forward and shot a huge and continuous wad of dog sperm into her stomach. The volume of the thin, watery and very hot semen was a little too much for her to handle, it leaked from the side of her mouth. The floating drone camera picked up the scene as it dribbled down her chin and relayed it to the screens for those in the audience who wanted a close up.

Satisfied, the dog pulled away from her grasp and began to clean his dick that even now, was fully extended in a purple and angry looking spike of torture.

Crystal now knew what it was that was filling her cunt in such a brutal pounding. She relaxed her muscles and instead of fighting the intrusion and the bruising it engendered, allowed the brute his reward. It was enough for the dog's knot to pass her outer lips and then, with the next vicious thrust, blast into her, passing all resistance and lodging inside her. It swelled and his thrusting ceased. Thinking it to be over, Crystal hung her head in exhaustion, but she was mistaken. With a few final heaves that felt as if she would split asunder, the dog shot his red-hot cum deep inside her, splashing against the walls of her womb and filling her belly with air and dog semen. The sudden rush of heat from his cum brought her to a shuddering and debilitating orgasm that was totally unwanted.

She was so loose from the pounding that he managed to pull out of her fairly quickly, his knot popping out with a loud squelch. Crystal fanny farted the forced air and sprayed dog cum all over the wall behind her. It produced a roar of laughter from the audience.

The tannoy hissed and a disembodied voice announced "One minute Crystal." It was her cue to prepare for another headlong dash to find the exit before she was fucked into submission by whatever the producers wanted to throw at her or gain her freedom from the games, as they called the weekly spectacle, and a new life outside of the biosphere.

At twenty five, Crystal had to either make the winning post or be assimilated into the living plasma screen that protected the mini-biocosm that had been her world since her inception from the glass birthing tubes. Her component parts added to the flux of living fluids that covered the growing fields that fed the populace. At twenty-five, she could only make twenty-six outside. In this age of post war, perfection was the key to survival. A small birthmark had sentenced her to a life in servitude to the biosphere and its produce that fed the freemen. That small birthmark on her shoulder was likely to be her doom.

"GO!" The tannoy screamed at her and Crystal took off nakedly at top speed in the direction she had been following before she was caught by the trainer and his charges. The rejects, those babies rejected by the donor parents, had been allowed to watch the thousands of escape attempts in the past. Harrowing scenes of young men and women who were trying to do exactly as she was now, being caught by the trainers. Some of them were lucky and got caught by a trainer with one of the large cats. Tigers were the best because the killing stroke or bite was almost instantaneous and the runner wouldn't suffer for much longer than a scream. The dog and horse handlers caught those less fortunate. The dogs were not so bad, usually a quick fuck or suck and the runner was off again, although weakened by the experience, but the horses were bad. The human body is not designed to accommodate something as long as half a metre, but the horse wasn't about to be careful and no restraints were used. Many, too many runners, found them selves bent over a hobbyhorse and fucked to death by the monstrous beasts while the galleries of freemen howled their appreciation for the blood and gore.

Crystal's legs pumped, her feet flying over the packed earth of the maze. The assembled crowd cheered or jeered as their allegiances lay, but she hardly heard them. It might have seemed like a headlong and random dash, but Crystal had studied the maze, watching hundreds of hours of re-runs, the dogs had been a small miscalculation, but it wasn't a critical one. Two more lefts and then a series of rights should bring her to the fabled terminal and safety. Nobody had ever come back to tell them what was there and no contact had ever been made with a runner after they got out.

A piercing scream rent the air followed by a roar from the baying audience. Crystal guessed that her co-runner had run into an abrupt conclusion to his bid for freedom. She redoubled her efforts and skidded around the next right and aimed for the right afterwards. It was a right turn too many. Suddenly, a trainer confronted her, with a huge brown bear on the other end of a chain lead.

Several things happened in the space of a heartbeat or two. Crystal, realising her mistake, tried to stop and her heels dug in as she threw her body into a backward lean. The huge bear, sensing some excitement, reared onto his hindquarters, standing more than head and shoulders above his trainer. The audience, anticipated a short and bloody end, hushed and held their breaths. The trainer urged the beast forward to attack the girl.

Crystal began to back up, keeping her eyes upon the massive shaggy bear until her back came up against the wall. Only a few feet separated her from her nemesis and her retreat was blocked. Somehow, she must have twisted and missed the corner.

A moment of perfect quietitude followed. Her breathing stopped, as it seemed, did the breath of the bear, the trainer and the entire audience. Utter silence ensued only to be shattered by a roar from the deep chest of the bear, in a challenge to her. A shout from the trainer galvanised the bear into action and in a deceptively shambling gait covered the space between them in a few strides.

A massive paw, armed with wickedly curved claws swung at her head, aiming to snap her neck in a single blow, but Crystal was not there. Instead of standing frozen to the spot, she had rushed in a low crouch and at the last second, fell backwards in a slide across the packed earth, that took her between the bear's legs. She kicked up and out and the heel of her foot connected with the bear's testicles. In a scream of rage, the bear swung again, but missed her by some margin, but the arc of the swing threw the bear of balance and continued beyond the intention, stopping only when the cruel claws met resistance as they buried themselves into the trainers chest, knocking him flat on his back. In total shock, the trainer sat up immediately and then, almost comically, looked at the damage to his ribcage, before blood bubbled up from deep and foamed at his mouth as he slide sideways and the light left his eyes.

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