Trysting with Lauren and Dimitri

by Robyn Graves

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Humor, Cheating, Oral Sex, Petting, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A romantic story about two married cyberlovers finally meeting and enjoying ach other physically for the first time.

Lauren crossed York Avenue, reading the sign at the entrance to the park. She proceeded into the park as directed, noting the landmark, a yellow-sided low building, and continued eastward toward the gate at the far side of the park. She saw the back of a man wearing a blazer and cap, looking out over the drive and the river and wend to stand near him, just not too close. Glancing to the side she saw him smile slightly.

"Lauren?" he quietly asked.

"Only if you are Dimitri" she replied, smiling out of nervousness.

He reached out a hand along the rail, covering a bit more than half the distance between them and waited, not yet looking at her. She extended her hand along the rail until they touched. Dimitri put his hand over hers and tentatively grasped it, squeezing gently. When she did not pull back he turned to look at her. He saw a middle-aged woman with shoulder-length brown hair and a pretty face, attractive and pleasant to the eye. She saw a handsome man with a neatly trimmed, full beard that seemed to be prematurely graying. In their correspondence he had told her his age. No, the gray was not premature but the beard was backed by youthful features and twinkling eyes.

Together they took in the scene, the highway below the gate with the low roar of the cars rushing north and south and beyond the drive, the East River, with Roosevelt Island in the middle. It was a sunny, cool day and the large boats plying the river allowed them to maintain their shy silence without discomfort, masking their awkwardness.

After a few minutes, a tugboat came by, shoving a huge barge of trash. The spell broke, Dimitri and Lauren looked at each other and burst out laughing. "Well, this IS New York, after all" he chuckled. "Come, let's go someplace more sanitary."

He gestured her back toward the street side of the park and they walked back across York Avenue. She noticed he did not hold her hand on the street. Cautious, she supposed.

Dimitri led the way to a townhouse on East 94th Street. She missed the name but she caught the "Bed & Breakfast" part of the sign. The clerk nodded to him recognition but, to her relief, paid no attention to Lauren.

When they entered Dimitri's room, he locked the door and they looked each other in nervous anticipation. She smiled and said "We both know what we're here for. We might as well get to it." He nodded, stepped into the bathroom and started the bath. When he came back out she had just finished removing her shoes and he sat on the easy chair and removed his shoes and socks. Then Lauren started, tentatively again, to unbutton her blouse. Dimitri stopped her. "Second thoughts?" she said. "No, let me do it." She understood his intentions, or so she thought. "OK, he wants to undress me."

Dimitri slowly unbuttoned the blouse, kissing the skin he exposed as he moved his hand down. When the buttons were all undone he slipped one sleeve slowly off her shoulder, kissing her shoulder, her arm, the inside of her elbow, the inside of her wrist, he palm and finally her fingers. Then he did the same with her other arm. When her blouse fell to floor he stood back and admired her, in her ordinary Maidenform bra. Then Dimitri dropped his blazer over a chair and stood with arms out. Lauren understood again and gave him similar treatment, kissing down his arms a she removed his shirt.

His turn again, he did not go for her bra. He embraced her and reached behind to unzip her skirt, which he lowered slowly, kissing her beautiful thighs, the backs of her knees and down to the tops of her oh-so sensitive toes. This last kiss set a chill through her. Again, he again stepped back to admire her in her underwear, ordinary stuff, no lace, no bikinis; just ordinary off-the-table panties. Strangely enough, he did not grab a feel through the panties and she remembered he had also not grabbed a titty-feel through the bra earlier. "He's certainly taking his time" she thought.

Her turn again to remove his garment; She went for his pants, lowering the zipper but noticing the tenting in front of his pants. She lowered the pants and tried to kiss him the same way but with his hairy legs they both broke out in childish giggling. She settled for a feather-touch caress around his ankles. Now he stood in his t-shirt and boxers. Ordinary stuff, except for the pulsing tent at the front.

He embraced her again, fumbling a little at her bra hooks in back but getting them open in a few seconds. Again, he did not go straight for the breasts. Instead, he ran his fingers lightly along the shallow welts left by the bra strap. She shuddered again as her nipples began to crinkle and stiffen. He shifted his caress to the undersides of her breasts, finally cupping them and licking each nipple. He then blew on each wet nipple, causing them to stiffen even more. He stood back with his arms up for her to pull the t-shirt over his head. "Men's underwear is just not romantic enough" he complained with a smirk. She licked and kissed his nipples as well, blowing on them as he had shown her. "He certainly doesn't lack for imagination" she thought.

Now the moment of truth for Lauren had arrived: The Panties. Dimitri softly went to his knees and pulled down the waistband of Lauren's panties but only halfway. As with the bra strap, the waistband had left a shallow welt around her waist and he stroked, kissed and licked his way all around her along the weld, lingering at the top of her rear cleavage to suck at the base of her tailbone. When he got back to the front he started to lower them all the way, kissing his way down through her brown curls, sticking his tongue out to give her nether lips a quick, teasing lick.

After she stepped out of her panties Dimitri stood back again and sighed in admiration. "You're so beautiful!" he remarked. Lauren had not thought of her 45-year-old body, 20 pounds overweight, as beautiful in a long time and Dimitri was probably being insincere but she loved hearing him say it that way.

He stepped back again for to remove his shorts. Lauren stroked the tent through the fabric of the shorts, spread the fly and quipped "Peek-a-boo" which broke the tension again. She lowered the shorts, giving the tent-pole a quick lick at the tip and another lick at the bottom of his balls, quickly lowering the shorts for him to step out of them. "Playful, once she warms up", thought Dimitri, "just as I had hoped for."

They embraced again, skin to skin, he erection getting a little in the way until they simply let it get squeezed between their bellies. The sound of running water finally reached through their distracted attention. Holding hands, they proceeded to the smallish hotel bathtub. "Sorry, B&B's don't come with Jacuzzis", he explained.

She didn't mind.

The soaped each other up, tickling and giggling and intimately caressing; there wasn't room to do much more but they were getting used to each other's touch. When they were all washed up they drained the water but were still too soapy to be comfortable so Lauren closed the curtain and turned on the shower. Standing, they had room for more caressing, he rubbing her clit under the running water, while she stroked and pulled his erection with soapy hands. Suddenly, his expression changed and she realized she had gone too far; his body stiffened and a few squirts of hot semen came shooting out of his penis, into her hands on onto her breasts. She was so upset at first she hadn't realized how far they had shot. At his age!

Dimitri could not control his laughter for a while. When he composed himself he assured her he was not upset. "Besides," he added, "we are celebrating our sexuality here, in all forms. You want perfect sex, see a dirty movie." He washed the sticky stuff off her breasts, licking off some of it in the process. Reassured a little, Lauren allowed Dimitri to wrap her in a luxurious towel and pat her dry. She somehow could not do the same for him. He smiled and dried himself.

Again, he took her hand and walked her to the bed. He sat her down on the edge of the bed, sat next to her and they hugged. Allowing themselves to fall onto the bed, they kissed as if they were lovers reunited after a long absence. In a sense, they were. They had both been looking for a playmate who would accept their imperfections and still find them sexy, who would do what they could to drop their inhibitions. So far it looked very promising.

Dimitri kissed Lauren behind he ear, worked down her jawline and neck, between her breasts and began to alternate kissing and sucking (always gently; most women don't like their breasts manhandled!) on one nipple while rolling the other between his fingers. When her breathing changed under this treatment, he changed to stroking the undersides of her breasts again ("How does he know to do that?") while, very predictably, kissing his way down her belly. After licking and penetrating her belly button (an outie) he got off the bed, kneeling at the foot of the bed, and pulled her bottom slightly off the edge, resting her thighs on his shoulders. This put her breasts out of his easy reach but he started stroking he hips, sides and knees. He also began nuzzling in her curls again, inhaling her fresh-washed feminine aroma. He moved down a a few inches and started kissing he upper thighs, coming closer and closer to her lips but somehow, always missing them on the way to the other thigh.

He was patient.

On one point Lauren shifted he hips, pushing her vaginal lips toward his mouth as he made the "jump" between her thighs. The signal he was waiting for. He showered on lip with tiny, light kisses and gave it a big kiss, just shy of hickey strength, before doing the same to the other lip. He licked her inner lips up and down between bouts of outer-lip kissing but kept stopping short of her clitoris. She understood his game now and shifted her hips down at the right moment, forcing her clitoris onto his tongue. He responded by kneeling up higher, pushing her thighs up and more apart. Now he was sucking gently on her clitoris, swirling his tongue clockwise around the base. It also brought her breasts back into reach of his hands and he was taking the best possible advantage of that. With one hand he stroked a breast and caressed its nipple, then moved to the other breast. With the hand he tried to stroke her thighs near her lips. But he was not that well coordinated. He pulled her hand toward her own breast, encouraging her with gestures to play with her own breasts. Thus freed up, his hands went back back to work lower down, to her sides and thighs.

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