Claire Converts
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a side story off of Tired of Being the Nice Guy. When Claire discovers that her daughter was submitting herself to slavery, it sends her life off in a direction that she had not expected.

Amy and I were shopping with our girls. We had been best friends for years, and our girls had grown up together. Our houses were just down the street from each other and my daughter Becky and Amy's daughter Jamie were virtually always together. Amy and I were together quite a bit as well; one of us was usually at the other's house for coffee and we liked to shop together. We often went out together with our husbands as couples.

We hadn't been into the city for a while, and I was a bit surprised when Becky called me and offered a day out. Now that we had been shopping with them for a bit, my feelings had changed from surprise to suspicious. Jamie came along with Becky as did Cindy, Amy's younger daughter; Cindy had been staying with Becky and Jamie for the last week. Jamie and Becky were acting quite nervous, though I couldn't figure out why. Amy picked up on it as well, asking me, "What do you think is going on with the girls, Claire?" I shrugged, not knowing myself.

We went to lunch with them and finally I decided to end it. "OK, are you going to tell me about it?" I asked Becky.

At first Becky tried denying that anything was wrong, but she quickly broke down and told me, though she was very nervous as she spoke. As she explained it, she and her boyfriend had not been getting along. She said that she had thought that she had him pussy whipped. I didn't think that there was anything wrong with that, so she asked me how I would feel if the situation were reversed, as she put it, if she were cock whipped.

I smiled as I told her she would probably like having him pussy whipped better, but she told me that while that might have been the case, he didn't like it at all, and he had, in fact, broken up with her.

"I'm so sorry, dear," I told her. "When did it happen? Why didn't you call me?" I asked. I was very surprised that she hadn't told me. She didn't tell me about every breakup, but she had been dating him for a long time. I had met this one - I liked him, and she knew that.

"The story doesn't end there, mom," Becky continued. She told me that he had explained to her that he was no longer happy in a relationship where the woman had him whipped. Instead, he was going to look for a relationship where he was in control. She went on, "After he told me that, I realized that he was right, I had been a selfish bitch, and it drove him away."

"He called you a selfish bitch?" I shrieked, outraged. My opinion of him was quickly dropping.

"No, mom, he didn't," she said calmly. "I called myself a selfish bitch, because it is what I was. I cried all night and thought about what he had said. The next day I called and begged him to let me talk to him. He didn't want to, but he relented and he took me out to dinner to talk. Mom, I begged him to come back, I told him that I could change, but he didn't buy it. He said that I could not change into what he was looking for.

"I knew that he was wrong, mom. I love him, and I was not willing to let him go. So I made him an offer."

"What was your offer?" Amy asked Becky.

"I offered to turn the relationship upside down," Becky explained. "Before it was all about me; I offered to make it all about him. I demanded to be his slave."

His slave! What was she talking about? "What do you mean, 'his slave'?" I demanded.

"Just what it sounds like," she told me. "I agreed to obey him completely; I agreed to carry out his every wish. I agreed to deny him nothing, ever."

I couldn't understand what she was saying. "Do you mean like a sex slave?" I asked.

"That's part of it," Becky said. "But I meant a slave in every respect. I offered myself to him completely. If he accepted, he would own me; he would have complete control of every aspect of my life. If he told me to quit my job, I would. If he told me to have a baby, I would. If he told me to sleep with his boss so that he could get a promotion, I would. I would do anything and everything that he asked."

"You said 'If he accepted'," I said, a ray of hope emerging. "Did he accept?"

"No, he didn't," I said.

'Whew!' I thought to myself. If she wasn't going to do it, though, why did she tell me the whole story?

Becky explained that he didn't believe that she could change. He told her that she might be able to behave differently for a while, but it wasn't in her nature to be that way permanently. So she made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

"Try me for thirty days," she had told him. "If at the end of thirty days I still wanted to be his slave, and if I had proved that I would be a good slave, then he would collar me, mark me and own me."

Collar her. Mark her. Own her. My daughter was scaring me. I knew from this conversation that he had accepted, and she acknowledged that he had.

"When did he agree?" I asked carefully.

"A month ago," she said quietly, "and next Saturday I am going to kneel at his feet and offer myself to him as his lifelong slave. I want you to be there, mother."

"You want me to come watch my daughter be humiliated like that?" I shrieked. I was definitely losing it. My daughter was making herself subservient to a man in the most absolute way possible, and she wanted me to accept it, no, bless it. She wanted me to watch her give herself to her boyfriend.

Just then Amy broke in, asking, "What do you think of this, Jamie?" I knew by that quiet tone of voice that she knew the answer to her question.

Then Jamie explained how she was at first appalled by what Becky was doing, so she hung around with them to protect Becky. Then she realized that Becky was truly happy in her new situation. She told us that Becky was, in fact, forcing him to dominate her more than he had expected to, that she was finding him other women to sleep with so that he wouldn't get tired of being just with her!

I was about to blow up again when Amy asked her daughter, "Should I be concerned that you and Becky have recently become roommates again, especially given that she will become her boyfriend's slave next week?"

That's when Jamie dropped the next bomb: while she was trying to protect Becky, she instead became jealous of her! Jamie told us, "To my shock, amazement and gratitude, they offered to share it with me. Mom, next week when Becky bows before her Master and offers herself up as his slave, I will be kneeling right next to her, making the same offer to him."

Amy and I sat shocked for a while looking at each other. Finally, we both just exploded. We yelled and screamed and railed at the girls. Neither of us could believe that they were doing something that stupid! Amy lowered her voice and I realized that everyone in the restaurant was looking at us, so I lowered my voice as well, but we both kept at it.

Becky and Jamie began to cry, and then Cindy said, "Would you two shut up?"

We both looked at Amy's baby girl like she had grown another head, but she continued hotly, "I spent a lot of time tagging along with them when I was a kid, and I've been pretty close to Jamie since then," she said. "And in all the time that I've known them, I've never seen them so happy. I just spent a single day with them, but I realized immediately that they all love each other madly, and if, as their mothers, you cannot appreciate that and put their happiness first, then you are hypocrites, and you don't deserve to be invited to witness their love." She sat back and glared at me and Amy. I thought about what Cindy said. I realized that I should at least talk about it some more. I apologized and told my daughter that while I might not necessarily approve, I was willing to think about it and discuss it. We talked a little more and the implication of what Jamie had said sunk in. I started to freak again when I asked about their relationship.

"Yes, mother," Becky said with an exasperated tone. "It turns out that both your daughters are bisexual. And since we loved each other anyway, it wasn't such a large step to sleep together."

I tried getting my mind around that revelation as we continued our conversation, and something else that Jamie had said popped into my brain. I asked Jamie, "You said that Becky found other women for him to sleep with. You are OK with that?"

"Yes, it's only fair," Jamie answered. "You see, Becky and I and a number of other women go out on Tuesday nights, and Becky decided that she did not want him to be lonely, so each Tuesday night we find him someone to keep him company while we are gone."

That seemed like a pretty thin rationale to me. "It doesn't bother you that he is cheating on you?" I asked.

Becky blew up at me, explaining that he was not cheating, that he was completely faithful. He did sleep with other women, but only when Becky and Jamie knew about it in advance. That is when she let it slip that she had cheated on him with another woman, and that he had read the riot act to her for it. In fact, she described the incident in fairly graphic detail. I was both uncomfortable and aroused while listening to the story, especially when she explained how her 'Master' was going to punish her.

I joked with her, "Maybe I should ask him if I could see him punish you. Lord knows I wanted to take you over my knee for a good spanking many times when you were growing up!" I don't know what came over me to say that, and I was even more shocked to realize that I was a little moist thinking about that picture.

"Does that mean that you approve of my relationship?" Becky asked.

"NO!" I said emphatically. "However, it does mean that I might be able to accept it. I love you, sweetheart, and I do want you to be happy. Plus, I know how stubborn you are. It amazes me that he is able to control you at all. I do want to talk to your 'Master' though, and make sure that he understands that I will not tolerate him abusing you!"

"Not even if I want the abuse?" she asked.

"Don't start with me, young lady!" I rebuked.

Jamie asked Amy if she was OK with it, and Amy expressed concern that she was rushing into something very serious with a man that she had known for a far shorter time than Becky had. Jamie, however, reassured her mother.

"I've always liked him," Jamie said, "and of course I love Becky. I didn't go into this expecting to fall in love with both of them and end up this way. You're wrong, though, mom. I did fall in love that quickly, and I believe that he loves me as well. He might love Becky more, but he loves me too, and I can say that I feel completely comfortable and happy with our relationship."

"You fool!" Becky told Jamie emphatically. "Of course he loves you as much as me. He probably loves you more; you are a much better slave than I am!"

"Well I want to meet this person as well," Amy said.

"He anticipated that," Becky told us. "He should be home shortly and he is willing to sit down and talk things over with you."

And that is when Becky dropped the last bombshell, or rather, Jamie did. Becky was too nervous to tell us, so she asked Jamie, "Can you tell them?"

Jamie leaned over and kissed Becky! They said that they were sleeping together, but seeing them kiss was something else. While they did not slobber all over each other's tongues, it was not a friend's kiss; it was a lover's kiss.

Then Jamie explained that in the course of experimentation, Becky came across this woman whom she had made her slave. We were once again shocked. Not only was Becky going to become a slave, she had one of her own, a woman named Chrissy.

We didn't know how to react, and Cindy piped in with, "She's a very nice woman."

I couldn't believe it. My world was so normal this morning. What had happened? "I don't know what to say. Are you saying that you now live in a house with a Master and three slaves?"

"A Master with two slaves, and then one more slave that belongs to me," Becky clarified.

"Oh, that's much better!" I said sarcastically. This was spinning way out of control.

"I'll admit, we don't have a traditional relationship," Becky said, and I snorted. That was an understatement! "But we are happy the way we are. Can't you just accept that and be happy for us?"

I thought about it, but it was still too much! "I'm still working my way through this," I said, "but I do want you to be happy. Let's go meet this new master of yours."

"OK," Becky replied, "but all of you had better be nice to him!"

We all got up and headed back to their house. On the way, I pulled Amy to the side and asked, "What do you think of all of this?"

"I have to admit, I'm a little freaked out!" she said. "On the other hand, I've known people in 'alternative lifestyle relationships', and while some were screwed up, there were quite a few that were normal."

I couldn't believe that Amy knew people who lived alternative lifestyles! She never mentioned it to me. Amy continued, shaking her head. "I guess I just never thought that my daughter would find one. Something that I do know about is rebellion. And I'll tell you right now that if we reject this, they will go ahead anyway and we will lose our daughters."

I thought about what she said, and I realized that she was right.

As we approached the house, Becky said, "Please don't freak out with what happens inside. We'll try not to embarrass you too much, but we do have certain rules that we have to follow."

That sounded a bit ominous, but I was going to take Amy's advice and go in with an open mind. We walked up to the door of what looked like a very nice residence. Jamie opened the door and we followed the girls in. I looked around, and the thought I had outside was confirmed by the inside: this was a very nice house. Then my attention was distracted by the twin sights of Becky and Jamie removing their clothes and Becky's boyfriend walking into the room accompanied by a nude woman.

The woman walking into the room was a young blonde, not much older than Cindy. She had large breasts and her pussy was completely shaved. I quickly saw that it was a pattern in this house as Jamie and Becky revealed their shaved privates as well. I giggled to myself, wondering if he was shaved as well.

"I'd imagine that they have been shocking you most of the afternoon," he said to me and Amy, as the girls went over and kissed and hugged him. The nude woman (well, now there were three of them, but the one that was not one of our daughters) said, "Good afternoon, ma'am, I'm Chrissy. Can I get you a drink or a snack?"

"No thank you," Amy said.

"I could use a strong screwdriver," I said.

"Yes, ma'am," Chrissy said, and went to get the drink.

"Would you like to come have a seat in our study?" Becky's boyfriend asked. "I imagine there are some things that we need to discuss." We followed him into the large study.

"Nice place," I said.

"Thank you, it's Chrissy's," he told me. "We were looking for a bigger place and Chrissy convinced us to move in with her."

"Is this one of the privileges of owning a slave?" Amy asked. "You own her property as well?"

"I suppose it could be," he said, "but that is not the way that it works. First of all, I do not own Chrissy, Becky does. Secondly, we are all paying her rent, though admittedly not the market value of this place. Nonetheless, we live like a family, so it is not that I own what was the girls', but rather that we jointly own everything together. And that is by agreement alone; legally, we each own our own things."

"Still, you must be a happy camper," I said. "You have three naked girls running around, and from what I understand, numerous girls on the side."

He laughed and told us he would be crazy if he didn't enjoy it. "But I like to think that they are getting something out of this relationship as well," he said.

I asked what they were getting out of the relationship, and Jamie replied, "I have a freedom that I've never had before. I do whatever my Master tells me, and there is no guilt or remorse. If it feels good, and it almost always does, then I can enjoy it without worrying about whether it is right or wrong; if he tells me to do it, then it is right!"

"The same is true for me," Becky added. "But for me, he also made me realize that I was not a particularly nice person. When he showed me what I had become, I realized that I wanted to be someone different; someone that is kind and loving; he is helping me become that person. Plus, I really have fun trying to come up with new ways to please him!"

I told them that was enough personal details, and I asked him what he had planned for them. He explained that, if they still wanted to, he was going to take them as his slaves next Saturday. He asked for our blessings, but he also explained that if he didn't get them, they would still go ahead, just as Amy had predicted.

"We are hoping that you can accept us, and how we want to live," he explained. "We want you in our lives."

"So you just want to be a normal part of the family? And when you come over for a holiday dinner, you'll bring your three naked slave girls?" Amy asked.

"Yes, I want to be part of your families," he responded. He explained that they both felt a strong connection to their families and he wanted them to remain part of their families. "It would make me very happy to be part of that as well.

"As for holiday dinners," he said with a smile, "I think I can allow them to wear clothes to those occasions. And if we have big family dinners here, I will allow them clothes as well. But if you are just coming by for a visit, then they will be naked, and they will remain naked, because that is the way that we live."

I pointed out that he was still wearing his clothes.

"That is correct," I said. "First of all, I would not want to offend you by being naked in front of you for this meeting. Second, I feel vulnerable enough just having this conversation; I don't think I could possibly have done it naked. Third, being the top dog has certain privileges. It is true; I make these girls run around naked for my benefit while I remain dressed. It excites me, and I believe it excites them. But whatever the reason, in our house, it is my decision, and this is what I choose. Whether you like it or not, that is the way that it will be."

Amy and I sat quietly for a few minutes, soaking it all in. I realized once again that Amy had hit the nail on the head. If we stomped off, condemning their lifestyle, we would lose our daughters. We really had no choice, and that frustrated me, but I realized that these were grown women, much as we wanted them to be our babies.

"I can't say yet that I approve of this situation," I told him, "but I love my child, and I can see that she is determined to go through with this. I don't want to lose her, so we will have to go along with it. Frankly, as I told her earlier, I am very impressed that anyone can get her to do what they want, so there must be something to you!"

"A lot of love and some painful discipline," he said, smiling at Becky.

"And what about you?" he asked Amy.

"I guess that I have to agree with Claire. She knows you better than I do, and she clearly doesn't think you are a raving lunatic, so hopefully things will work out. But I have to warn you, if you hurt my daughter, I and my husband will come after you and kill you, do you understand?"

"I do, ma'am, and I agree with you," I said. "I might hurt her in little ways; that happens in every relationship. However I would never do anything to seriously injure either of your daughters. I love them both too much."

"I think I'll take that drink now," Amy said.

"How about champagne all around?" he asked, and Chrissy went off to get some.

The girls then told us that they would be having their wedding next Saturday, and they invited us to attend. Before we could accept, however, their 'Master' warned us, "This will not be a traditional ceremony. These two beautiful women will be offering themselves to me, and I will be accepting. The relationship is something more than a traditional man and wife, and I will be displaying my ownership of them. By the end of the ceremony, they will be nude and on display. We would very much like you to be there, but I need you to understand what it will be like so that you are not surprised."

I looked at Becky and I realized something. "You expect me to break this to your father, don't you?" I asked. Becky didn't look directly at me, but she nodded her head.

"Well, I didn't raise any dummies," I sighed. "I'll tell him, but I think he will want to meet with all of you before this 'ceremony'."

"Yes, mother," Becky said quietly.

"Well that's a first!" I said. "You are definitely making her a more obedient girl!"

"You have no idea," he said.

"I don't want to know!" I replied, laughing for the first time in a while.

We had our drinks and made arrangements to have dinner together on Wednesday night. When we made the recommendation, he said, "That works for us."

As we got ready to leave, Becky began crying and thanking me for being understanding. It was a little uncomfortable having my fully grown daughter hugging me while she was stark naked, but I could see she needed it, so I let her.

We left and headed home, each of us quietly thinking about what had happened. How was I going to break this to my husband?

I didn't talk to my husband Jake about the day as soon as he arrived home. I was very nervous and not quite sure how to put it. I was not happy that Becky had dumped this in my lap, but she was probably right; it would be better for me to break it to him in the peace of our house, rather than have him blow up in person. I would have put it off for longer, but I knew that Amy would be talking to her husband Jim soon, and they would compare notes.

After dinner I told him that we had to talk.

"What's up," he asked.

"Well, it's a good news, bad news thing," I told him.

"Uh oh, something tells me I won't like this," he said.

"Becky's getting married," I blurted.

"What? Is that the good news, or the bad news?" Jake asked.

"The good news," I told him.

"Your tone of voice tells me that I am not going to like the bad news," he said. I knew that he was right. I didn't really know a good way to break it to him.

"What do you know about alternative lifestyles?" I asked him.

"What does that have to do with Becky getting married?" he asked. He was not making it easy for me, so I thought I'd just spit it out.

"Becky and Jamie are both marrying Becky's boyfriend, and they are both going to be his slaves," I said in a rush. There, it was out.

He looked at me like I was insane. "Do you want to run that by me again?" he asked in a deceptively calm tone of voice.

I slowly repeated, "Becky and Jamie are both marrying Becky's boyfriend. And they are both going to be his slaves."

"What the hell does that mean?" he demanded. "How can two people marry the same man? And what do you mean by slaves. Clair, tell me what is going on this instant!"

So I did. I told him about the day and its revelations. I told him how Becky agreed to be his slave. How Jamie did as well. That his beloved daughter was bisexual. I told him everything, not leaving anything out. And amazingly, he did not go ballistic. Oh, he was upset, he was very upset. But he took it in stride, and he thought it through.

"If we try and stop this, she'll just ignore us and go off with him anyway, cutting us out from her life," he said, with the same insight that Amy had.

"I think that she will," I told him. "It doesn't make sense, but they both love him very much, and he loves them as well."

"Then there is really nothing to do but support her," he said. "It's not really the end of the world; she'll still have a loving family, and it sounds like she is having fun."

We kissed and hugged, and now that we were over the initial shock and on the road to acceptance, we started talking about it with more humor. "He really has her obeying him?" Jake asked.

"Really," I told him. "He explained that he used a combination of reward and punishment and she certainly seems to be taking to it." I grinned at him and said, "I told him that he should let me see him spank her, because she deserved a good spanking on many occasions when growing up."

"That would certainly be embarrassing for her, especially if I watched as well," Jake chuckled.

"Especially since I'm sure it's a bare bottom spanking!" I countered.

"The only kind there should be," Jake said with an evil grin.

"Don't even think about it!" I said nervously.

"Why, haven't you ever done anything to deserve a good bare bottom spanking?" he asked.

I looked at him for a minute and then bolted. He was up in a flash after me, and I almost made it to the bathroom, but he grabbed me at the last second and flung me over his shoulder.

"No, stop, don't!" I said, struggling, though I don't think he believed me for a second.

He took me to our room and flung me down on the bed. I tried crawling away but he pulled me over his lap and yanked my skirt up. He gave me two sharp spanks on my panties, then started pulling them down. I continued struggling until he slipped his fingers between my legs. He bent over and whispered in my ear, "I'd believe your struggles a little more if you weren't soaked."

I dropped my head in shame, because he was right. I don't know why, but between the day's revelations and his threat to spank me, I was positively gushing. He got my panties most of the way down my legs and raised his hand to continue my spanking, this time on my bare butt.

He spanked me about ten times, not too hard, before he pushed me off onto the bed. He stood up and started removing his clothes, and I was surprised to realize that I was disappointed that he had stopped. As he pulled his underwear off he said, "Maybe Becky's boyfriend has the right idea; having a slave around here would certainly be fun!"

"Don't be ridiculous, Jake!" I told him. "You know I'll do anything for you without being a slave!" I pulled him onto me, and then into me. He made love to me, but I couldn't help but realize that my poor little pussy had gushed when he joked about making me his slave.

Jake must have been as excited about the day's events as I was, because he was pounding on me, and I was slamming right back at him. We were both animals, and his cock felt bigger in me that it had ever felt before. I usually took a long time to build up and cum, to the point that Jake sometimes had to use tools on me after he got off, but not tonight. Tonight I was cumming within seconds of him entering me, and I could not stop cumming. I don't think that I came more than once, but that one time lasted for minutes, until Jake's cock finally swelled and spat his seed into me.

Even after he had cum, I felt the aftershocks for as long as he laid on top of me, his softening cock slowly slipping out of me.

"Wow," he said, "if that is what it's like to have sex after I spank you, you are not going to be comfortable sitting for a long time!"

I punched his arm halfheartedly and said, "It wasn't the spanking!"

"Then what was it?" he asked. "The thought of your daughter being a sex slave? Or owning a sex slave? Or having her best friend as a sex slave with her?"

"Stop saying sex slave!" I said.

"Methinks the lady doth protest too much," he whispered as he kissed my neck and snuggled into me. He fell asleep soon after, but I was up very late thinking about the day.

On Wednesday night, Jake, Amy, Jim and I showed up at the restaurant looking for our daughters. We had talked together, and we all agreed that there was nothing that we could do to stop them, and if they were happy in this relationship, so be it. Amy and I commiserated about not having big weddings to help plan, but at least Amy still had another daughter left.

We walked up to the small group that they formed and stood a little awkwardly until Cindy walked up to Jim and turned to the group saying, "This is my father, Jim, and you know Becky's Dad, Jake."

Becky's boyfriend shook Jake's hand and kissed my cheek, doing the same with Jim and Amy. Jake cleared his throat, and Becky said, "Sorry. Everyone, this is Chrissy. She's mine."

Chrissy stepped forward and curtsied to us. "Sir, Ma'am, Ma'am, Sir, I'm pleased to make your acquaintance."

"She is certainly polite," Jake said to Becky.

We were soon seated at a long table, with Jim, Amy, me and Jake on one side, Cindy on the end next to me, and Becky's party arrayed across from us.

We ordered drinks and our food, and then Becky's boyfriend told us that our daughters were very nervous and he asked us how we were all feeling about the situation.

I thought that I'd put his mind to rest, so I said, "First, let me tell you that I don't think that anyone will come to blows tonight. We've all sat down and talked about this situation and everyone will be happy to know that we will go along with whatever makes you happy."

"Oh, mom!" Becky screamed and jumped out of her chair and around the table. She grabbed me and Jake in a big hug and squeezed us tight as she cried, and Jamie did the same with her parents.

Our husbands queried the girls to make sure that they really wanted this, though I already knew the answer. Jim said that he didn't want to see his daughter hurt, and he received the reply, "I may hurt her occasionally; that happens in any relationship. However, I love her very much, and I would never do anything that I thought would seriously hurt her."

Jim then asked Cindy what she thought, since she had spent time with all of them. She wholeheartedly approved, so Jim, convinced for himself, told Jamie, "Well, I'm not sure how I'm going to explain this to my friends and the rest of my family, but I'll give you my blessing." Jamie popped up out of her seat again and ran to her father.

Becky looked expectantly at Jake, who in turn looked at Chrissy and asked, "Would you care to explain what you meant when you said that Chrissy was yours?"

"Mom explained to you that Jamie and I have offered ourselves as slaves," Becky explained. "While we were getting into this new relationship, we came across Chrissy, and she has agreed to be my slave. That is what I meant when I said that she was mine." As she said that, she reached over and took hold of Chrissy's leash.

"Interesting jewelry," Amy observed, looking pointedly at the collars that each of them was wearing. Suddenly I realized that my daughter was wearing a collar and a leash! Becky pulled her leash out and handed it to her boyfriend, and Jamie did the same.

"This is getting a little intense," I said, but my panties were unaccountably soaked.

He took Becky's leash and slipped it back into her dress, and did the same for Jamie, and said "The girls are just nervous, and Becky is trying to put on a brave front. However what Becky said is correct. Chrissy is hers, not mine. This Saturday Becky and Jamie will be mine, but Chrissy will remain with Becky."

"I don't understand any of this," Jake said.

"Sometimes I feel like I don't either," Becky's boyfriend said. "It is hard to understand unless you are part of it. Ask Cindy. She's been living in our house for a while, watching us interact, and she still doesn't completely understand why the girls are doing what they are. As I said, I don't always understand why they are doing this. But I do know that it makes them happy, and it makes me happy, and it makes Chrissy happy. I don't know if this will last forever, but I want it to, and I will do everything I can to continue to make all of us happy."

"I guess that is all any parent can ask," Amy said. "So will that make you our son-in-law?"

"For all intents and purposes," he said with a smile. "Shall I call you Mom?"

"Amy is fine for now," she replied.

We talked it over a little more, and then the food arrived. While we were eating, Becky asked Jake to walk her down the aisle. Before he agreed to it, we were warned again about the ceremony, including the fact that our daughters would be naked for parts it. When Jake nonetheless agreed, Becky again popped up to hug him, and Jim received similar treatment when he agreed to give Jamie away.

We finished dinner, and before dessert Jake said, "Why don't us menfolk go to the bar for a cigar and a brandy?"

As they got up to go, I pulled Jake close to me and said, "Becky is in love with him. Don't do anything stupid!"

Jake just whispered, "Don't worry!" and walked away, but I was a little worried.

After they were gone, we sat uncomfortably for a few minutes before Amy said, "I know it's probably silly at this point, but since you are getting married, is there anything that you think you need to know about anything?"

Cindy laughed and said, "Geez mom! She should be the one telling you about the facts of life!"

We all laughed, but then I told Becky, "Seriously, I know you are into this whole slave thing, but you need to think about yourself too! I know that you want to make him happy, but be sure that he makes you happy too."

Becky replied, "Don't worry, he makes me very happy!" I could tell that she was thinking exactly how happy he made her, because she was squirming in her seat.

In exasperation I said, "Do you ever think about anything other than sex any more?"

Becky said, "Why should I have to? I have a master to think about everything else!"

I didn't know how to reply to that! We ended up discussing the few details of the wedding that we knew about; Becky and Jamie were very excited now that they knew more about it.

The men returned shortly and when he sat down next to Becky, I saw her grab his hand and pull it between her legs. He was looking at me as she did that, and I dropped my eyes; I just couldn't look at him as he did that to my daughter. I should have been angry, but once again, all I could think about was my wet panties.

We finished dessert and said our goodbyes, then headed out to our car. We had come into the city with Amy and Jim, and we headed out in silence for a few minutes before Jim finally said, "Well that was different!"

"I'll say," Amy replied. "Are we all still OK with it?"

"I am," I replied. "They love each other, and they are going to do what they want. I raised my baby the best I could, and I am going to support the choices she makes in life. Lord knows she could have done much worse!"

"I agree," Jake said. "We had a nice talk with him, and I think he loves them as much as they love him."

"What was that all about, at the bar?" Amy asked. "Some sort of male bonding ritual? What did you talk about?"

"Oh, we just wanted him to understand that we would not stand for him hurting our babies. He agreed, and that was that."

"That's all you talked about?" I asked.

"Oh, maybe we discussed one or two more things," Jake said with a smile. "You know, it's a guy thing."

"Were you comparing the sizes of your dicks?" Amy joked, and we all cracked up.

We discussed the evening for a few more minutes when my cell phone rang. I answered it, and it was Becky.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Mother," she said, "I need you to do me a favor. Do whatever Daddy asks of you tonight... Don't worry, just do it for me. And also, tell Amy she should do what Jim asks..."

I didn't know what that was about, but I turned to Amy and said, "Becky told me to tell you that you should do whatever Jim asks tonight." She looked at me with a puzzled expression, but I just shrugged.

I heard Becky shriek into the phone, "Oh god, mother! I didn't mean in front of them. I'll talk to you tomorrow," and she disconnected.

I put the phone away and looked at Amy. I turned to Jake and asked, "Exactly what is going on here?"

He looked back at me with a patently phony innocent expression and said, "Not much. We'll discuss it at home."

Amy glanced at Jim and said, "You too?" He just nodded.

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