3 Pussies On One

by Devil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: a women finds herself with three cats that want to please her

The day had seemed long at work, even though I usually enjoy dealing with the public and owning my own business. But now all I wanted to do was go have a hot relaxing bath and then curl up with the current book I was reading.

I walk into my house and see a note from my kids saying they were gone to their uncles for the weekend. Great, I think to myself, I will have the house to myself and can relax all weekend. I don't have a boyfriend or lover at this point in my life, but my toys had always kept me satisfied when the need arouse. I think to myself that I might just make a special weekend all to myself, my book, and my toys.

I make myself a sandwich, check my mail and see nothing that prompts me to look further than the envelopes with their return addresses.

I have three cats, two males and one female. They all come up to me as I am eating, hoping to catch anything that I might drop or feel inclined to give them.

The cats all sit there in vain as I eat all my sandwich with them only able to watch... I laugh, look to make sure they have food and water, which they do and I decide to go start my bath.

I strip off my clothes as I walk to my bedroom and the attached bathroom, letting my clothes fall as I go leaving them there.

I reach my bedroom, almost totally naked. I go into the bath and start the water, pour in some bubble bath and decide to have a glass of wine as I unwind from my long day.

I go back to the kitchen, get the bottle of wine out of the fridge, grab a glass and take it all back to the bath with me. I realize that I forgot my book, so I go back out again, and retrieve my book.

By the time I get back to the bathroom again, the tub is full of bubbles and nearly full. I check to make sure the temperature of the water is right with my hand. It feels good, so I slowly enter and lower my body into the hot water. It take me a couple of minutes to adjust to the hot water, but then I am ready to lean back and lose myself in my book.

I open my book to where I had left off, and prepare to lose my self in the story. I did not close either the bedroom door or the bathroom door. I look up as I turn a page in my book and see the three cats sitting on the edge of the tub looking at me.

I have to say it kind of gave me the creeps to suddenly see them there, but they were only watching the bubbles and swatting at them as they slowly dissipated.

I go back to my book, read for a few more minutes, and decide I had had enough of the tub. I wash my hair and turn the shower on to clean my self off completely. I get out of the tub, dry myself off and go into the bedroom.

I decide not to put any pjs on since I am by myself and can enjoy the luxury or doing as I please. I climb onto my bed, staying on top of the covers and reach for my book again. I am laying down, my legs partly spread and working on losing my mind to another world and place with my book.

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