I Needed That

by Tabooteller

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Wife gets angry as she watches husband have tryst but then learns why he did it and decides she wants what friend got.

Writer's Note: Hopefully this story is in better shape than some of my others. This is similar to Temptation but with one major difference. Some who like Temptation may not like that difference but it's still good. :) So ENJOY

Susan stomped through the house. She wondered where her husband had gotten off to, then she remembered that he had called out saying that he was going next door to help Becky. She had gotten divorced four months ago, and every now and then asked both for help. Susan had gone over a couple of times to help as had Kyle. They had known Becky for three years total; just before her marriage to Dan, who she had just divorced. He had been one of those who had acted one way while courting her, but another way once they had married. It turned out that he was a lazy jerk. She ended up divorcing him. They helped her every so often out of friendship. Not that she needed a lot of help; now and again, she needed something. Her husband had been getting a bit lazy lately also, and Susan wondered if Dan's laziness had been catching. Kyle had said he would get something for her that was in the back yard, but he hadn't. Come to think of it, he seemed to be doing less for her; she would have to talk to him about that.

Susan changed her course, now aiming for the sliding class door leading to the back yard. She slid it open, walked through, and closed it making sure it didn't lock. She headed toward the tool shed they kept some house stuff in and as she neared it, she heard some noises. It sounded a lot like groaning. The thought came to mind that someone was in pain, but even before that idea completely formed she knew the person wasn't hurting.

"So someone was getting some, another woman it sounded like." She wondered which neighbor it was; it could have been any of the one on the right side and the three behind them. As she got closer to the shed, she was surprised to hear it more clearly and realized it was coming from the left side or Becky's house. She wondered who was visiting Becky then remembered that her husband had gone over there not long ago and, as far as she knew, was still over there.

Her eyes opened wide at the thought and she changed course again, this time she hurried over to the fence separating the two backyards. Now she could hear the groans more clearly and they did sound like Becky's voice. And now she could hear male moans and they sounded... she couldn't believe her ears, but they sounded just like the ones her husband let out while they were making love. Her anger rose as she stopped at the fence. She tried peeking through the slats but couldn't see enough. Then she realized the noises were coming from the space between Becky's house and her garage. So Susan scooted over and found a wider opening between slats. She bent over and peeked through. She could barely make out two figures lying on the cement, actually on some type of towel, a few feet from the fence. They were inside actually but the door was open. She gasped and almost screamed her rage. The figure on top humping the one on the bottom was her husband.

"How long had this been going on?" She wanted to know. She could tell her husband was close to having a climax and Becky, that tramp, sounded like she might be close too. She stood there in shook and anger and Becky got a bit louder and said she was cumming. She shook and bucked against Kyle and finally relaxed. He was still going strong not having cum yet. Susan was about to interrupt his climax when she heard Becky say something that surprised her.

"Stop and cum on my boobs."

Kyle looked at her with puzzlement and she repeated the request ending with, "I want it on my boobs."

"No wonder he was surprised, he had never done anything like that." Susan thought.

He fucked in and out of her for three more strokes, then pulled out and hurriedly maneuvered himself so that he was straddling her stomach. Susan watched as he grabbed hold of his shaft and began to stroke it. Hard and fast, Becky reached for it and helped him by stroking it herself. Within seconds, he was groaning and said, "I'm cumming big time oHhhhaaaaa Gggghhh."

A second later spouts of man cream shot from the tip of his shaft, landing on her breasts at various places as he jiggled his manhood as he came. He let out one more groan that was half sigh in relief and looked at what he had done. Her breasts were covered by his stuff; even both nipples had a glop that was beginning to drip down each huge mound of flesh that made up her boobs.

Susan thought, "maybe that's why this is happening; it's about her Becky's large breasts and my smaller ones."

She couldn't see everything through the fence but she could see that her husband just froze after he came. It looked like he was staring at Becky's boobs. Soon he let out a small yell and scooted down back into the position he had. The move was so fast that Susan almost missed it when she blinked. After the move she saw him move his hand to his front, even though she couldn't see what he was doing she thought he was holding his shaft. A second later, he moved forward on top of Becky and a second after that he removed his hand and thrust forward.

"So that's what he's doing, guiding himself back into her... Boy", thought Susan "he must be horny, he's hardly ever done that to me", of course she knew him well enough to figure that seeing his stuff on her large boobs probably helped make him even more excited.

As soon as he was in, he raised her legs a bit, then started thrusting in and out fast. He levered himself up on his two hands so he could fuck faster. She raised her legs even more and began to encourage him.

"That's it. Harder, faster! I need it hard. I need it again, do it. Harder, God, Hard!"

There was a pause in her words as she just grunted, every time that Kyle slammed in. Susan was wondering when she should interrupt them by letting them know she knew what they were doing. She could imagine the look on her husband's face when she climbed over the fence and confronted them. She thought she could climb over she certainly was angry enough to do that, rather than taking the time to go around.

At the same time, she was fascinated by the sight. She had never seen her husband fuck anyone and definitely not like this. He was slamming her hard and as fast as he could, but Becky seemed to desire it.

After a time Susan wasn't sure of Becky started up again, "That's it. Speed up Kyle. I want it hard, I need it hard. Bruise me."

Susan was amazed not only by the words, but that her husband did increase his speed. She thought he was already going his fastest. He was slamming his manhood in not only fast, but hard. Hitting Becky hard enough to cause her to grunt each time.

"NAaaa, Yessss bruiseme... Goooooo d HIT ME!"

"With her legs up like that he must be going in deep also." Susan noticed that he was trying to push his bottom half down more, which helped to allow him to go even deeper, or so it looked that way to her.

Suddenly Becky cried out, "Yes, I'm almost there. Keep going, keep pushing harder. Bruise me good. Fasssterer Kyyyylle. UIIII EEE, Yes, (Moan) It's... Close (Groooan)."

Kyle was breathing harder with each thrust and at the same time, his groans were coming faster. It was a race to see if he was to reach his climax before his strength gave out. But he still managed to go even faster, hitting her pussy with even more force. His hands were on either side of her and pushed his arms up even more, arching his back so he could get more speed. Even though his wife couldn't see his face she knew he was grimacing in ecstasy.

Suddenly Becky cried out again, this time with an almost soundless scream. Quickly followed by an "EEEEIII Yes, Now!!"

The last was through gritted teeth as her orgasm hit. She bucked Kyle even deeper, and her head went back as her mouth opened in the soundless 'O'. Susan had never seen that either. Even in her anger at her husband cheating on her like this, she was fascinated with what she was seeing.

As Becky relaxed, she began to grunt as Kyle continued to hit her hard she said, "Keep it up, I want to feel you shoot inside me."

There was a pause as she looked up in her lover's face and she said, "That's it cum for me. I need to feel you fill my pussy with your wonderful cum. Fill me with you hot juices Kyle."

Susan had never heard of anyone saying that and she had never even thought about saying it to her husband, but it was affecting him. He grunted out something that sounded like "I'm trying." and somehow increased his speed even more. A second later, he bellowed out a grunt as jammed in as far as he could go. He froze for a couple of seconds, then switched to a very short, quick rhythm for about half a minute. Even before Becky almost shouted that she was feeling him shoot, Susan knew from her experience with him that he was cumming.

He finally relaxed, and fell partly on Becky as he kissed her hard. He then slid off onto the floor. He was panting from his exertions. While he caught his breath, his wife thought seriously about climbing the fence to confront them.

After his breathing was almost back to normal, well enough so he could carry on a conversation

Becky said, "Thank you I needed that. After the frustrations of the last couple of months, I needed a good fuck to clear out some of the emotional junk that had built up. And I got two."

She paused and said, "But I think you needed it too."

He didn't say anything for a moment then spoke, "I needed it too, but I'm not sure if I want to thank you... I mean it was good and you are sexy but I... I never... Uhm."

"Never cheated on your wife before?"

"Yes, this was the first time... and it will be the last time too."

Susan was pleased to hear this was not an ongoing affair, but it didn't do much to cool her anger even with his declaration. She still wanted to climb over the fence to show them she knew, and once over on their side she would let both of them have it... big time.

Her contemplation of that event was interrupted by something that surprised her.

"But as you said you did need it. I know that Susan has been acting like a bitch lately."

"I didn't say that." Susan's anger increased by their neighbor calling her a bitch, but gratified that her husband disagreed. However she was taken back when Becky continued, "I have seen her in action a couple of times when she let you have it outside."

"I still won't say that about her." "I know you won't but I can, I'm not married to her. And I have heard her get after you a few times in the past couple of months. There must have been even more I haven't heard or seen. Most of what she bawled you out about didn't seem all that important."

Susan was shocked when she heard Kyle sigh deeply and then say, "You're right, she has been acting like a... well, uh, acting like that. I don't why."

There was a bit of desperation in his voice as he said the last.

"But now after what we did you feel better?" when Kyle nodded she continued, "When was the last time you guys had sex?"

"Uh, well its been over two weeks."

"And the time before that?" "A couple days before that, but it was only a quickie. Susan has been busy."

"Too busy it sounds like. But maybe she could use a good fuck also?"

"Well, uh I wouldn't know."

"Could be she has had a lot of frustration build up also. She needs a good release of tension just like you and I did."

"Maybe so but how?"

Susan thought about what she just heard. "My husband really thinks I'm a bitch?"

After a pause something was said she didn't catch and then she heard, "You're that positive it will never happen again? You just might get extremely horny again."

"Yes, It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. I was caught by surprise when you took off your sweater."

"I was caught by surprise when you noticed I wasn't wearing a bra and mentioned it."

"In that sweater you were wearing it was obvious. I'm surprised I hadn't noticed it immediately."

Sounding embarrassed Becky said, "That wasn't planned, I forgot I wasn't wearing one. Then when you noticed, I was flattered and I wanted more. It's been a long time since a man noticed my boobs. So I... I well I just wanted you to see and like my boobs. You told me to put it back on and tried to turn away but that fired me up even more."

"You didn't let me turn away," he said sounding a bit accusative.

"Like I said your reaction fired me up even more. Suddenly I wanted you to touch and to taste them and I wasn't going to take no for an answer."

"And I gave in and put my hands on them. Then I had to taste them, so I did."

"God, that felt good. I didn't say it out-loud but I thought then that was just what I needed. I wanted more- your hands on my butt."

"That's why you started to push your shorts down?"

Becky nodded and said, "You tried to pull them back up, but I pleaded with you to touch my butt."

"I knew what would happen if they were down. I still didn't want it but as you begged me to caress your bottom with your breasts hanging out like that, I'm... I'm afraid I let my horniness rule my actions."

"I was surprised that once you had your hands on my butt that it didn't take long before you moved one hand to the front and between my legs. You kept one hand carressing my butt cheeks but the other soon found its way to my pussy."

"I kinda surprised myself," he said in a quiet reproachful tone. "Like I said I knew what would happen so afterwards I just went with the flow."

There was a pause then he continued, "I found it exciting to have you respond to my touch like that. Susan hasn't for a while and to feel a woman's slit like that was beyond my ability to withstand at the moment. You were already wet when I touched you. My fingers just slipped in and as I probed deeper, you spread your legs allowing me more room. God, that alone would have been enough to get me to fuck you. I never realized how arousing it could be to have some respond to my touch and to want more..."

"You moved faster than I thought you would but once I could feel your fingers pressing against the side of my pussy I wanted more. I love that feel. I wanted them all the way in and I wanted something bigger in."

"I reached in as far as I could from that angle and rubbed the side trying to find your G-spot."

"You found it, didn't you feel me humping against your hand trying to encourage you to rub harder?"

"I think so but I as rubbed I wanted to feel my fingers move in and out so I pulled them out. You grabbed my hand thinking I was going to stop but I just pushed them back in all the way. I knew I was doing good when you squealed in ecstasy."

"When you shoved them back in I couldn't help myself. It felt so good, I hadn't had any guy do that for so long I wanted more, I needed it more."

"So that's why you really started humping against my hand, but it was what came next that sealed my doom you might say."

There was a pause and he said, "You pulled my fingers out and sucked on them. I could feel your wetness on my fingers and they glistened when you brought them up to you mouth... you still sucked all that wetness off."

"I saw your mouth drop open and decided by that the time I was ready, as I said I needed it. As I dropped to the floor, and onto my back. I knew you would do it."

"I knew what you wanted but when you spread your legs and said 'get in me' I just couldn't stand it anymore so I hurriedly tore off my clothes and climbed on top of you."

"I couldn't take you not being in me. It felt so good when you jammed your cock in, I almost screamed."

"For a second I thought I had pushed in too hard and hurt you, but then I realized that the noise you made was ecstasy. I was so turned on I had to jam in hard and fast."

"God, it felt so good feeling your hardness filling me like that and then you fucked in and out. But why did you slow?"

"After I satisfied my arousal some, I thought you might like it better slower. You let me know real fast that I was wrong."

"I wanted it fast I was so hot, slow was almost like not fucking at all."

"Even though I am sorry I did it I have to say that it was the second best fuck I have ever had."

"Susan was the best?"

"Yes, she has been the only one, but um, even if she wasn't she would still be the best. I don't want to imply that you were bad, it was enjoyable and I, uh, did need it."

"I understand... really."

"But I better get dressed Susan will probably be wondering where I am."

"Yeah, it won't be good if she came looking for you right now."

They dressed then Kyle sighed largely then said, "I need to go face the music."

Becky swung her head his way and said in a shocked voice, "You're not going to tell her are you?"

"I better."

"She will take it very badly, especially the way she is now."

"I know, but she has a right to know and if she ever found out another way it would ten times worse than if I told her."

"That might be true but she won't find out. I'm not going to tell her and there's no way else she could find out."

"I know you won't tell her, but wives have a way of finding these things out. It might be tomorrow or it could ten years from now but one of us could let something slip or, uh, I don't know but as I said wives have a way of finding these things out."

"I will be careful about what I say. It would not be good if you tell her."

"I know! But she is my wife and I still love her and I... uh, well you might be able to control what you say all the time but I'm afraid my conscience will make me slip up."

"You feel guilt about it already?"

"From the moment I got off of you. I... it isn't you; I'm the one that was controlling my actions. I..."

"I understand, I'm feeling a bit guilty myself, she is my friend after all and I enticed you even if it was by accident... but please don't tell her. Not only might it ruin our friendship but also it will take your relationship with her down even more. Especially now, it could do too much damage to your marriage. That would not be good."

Looking miserable, he just nodded his head. Susan decided it was time to leave before her husband left the house next door. She carefully backed away from the fence and noiselessly made her way back into the house. As she went, she thought about what she had seen and heard. She was still very hot under the collar about her husband cheating like that even though she was slightly mollified as she learned that it was not only a one time thing, but that it hadn't been planned.

What really filled her thoughts though, was what they had each said about her. Becky's comments about her had made her angry. Saying she was acting like a bitch, it was none of her business how Susan treated her husband, but when Kyle had agreed it had shocked her. He very rarely called anyone any name and he believed it was his responsibility as a husband to build up his wife not tear her down. If he thought she acting like a bitch, or as he would say a royal pain in the bottom, then she more than likely was acting that way. In fact, if anything she was acting even worse than he was willing to admit. He did tend to be overcautious about saying anything bad about her. It was part of his nature, he just didn't believe in putting people down especially his wife in public. Of course, he didn't do it that often in private, but he never did it in public. Maybe she did need, as Becky had said, a good fucking. It had been a while since they had sex and even longer, since they had any really wild hard sex, there had been a lot of emotional tension building up inside her. Maybe she did need a release of some type; sex would a most pleasurable release. Even if it didn't help that much, it would still be fun and would at least take care of any sexual tension that had built up. She would have to wait a while till his sexual tension built back up though.

A week later, about the same time of day she called Kyle to their bedroom. Susan was wearing a medium long skirt whose hem fell to just below her knees and was straight down, and a see through white blouse that had long puffy sleeves. It was very Latin looking. She acted a little angry, but after she made sure he had seated himself in the slightly stuffed chair they had in there she, instead of getting in his face as he expected, straddled him. She had her legs on either side of his, and was sitting in his lap facing him. Next, she smiled at him, took hold of his face, and proceeded to kiss him, long and hard. She could tell even though his face was covered by hers, that he had been taken by surprise.

When they finally came up for air she said, "I realized we haven't done this for a while, and I think we both need it. I know I do."

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