Best of Both Worlds
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story of how a wife comes to cheat on the husband she loves, and who loves her so much, and how the affair comes crashing down around her.

For a long time, in fact for close to a year, I really thought I had the best of both worlds.

I'm married, and have been for 15 years to Bill. He is the most wonderful man and greatest husband I could ever have hoped for. I couldn't have asked for anyone better. There is no doubt that he worships me, and that he would do anything for me. And I have felt the same way about him.

I'd like to think that I'm attractive, after all what woman wouldn't. I'm five foot five, with medium length reddish hair, and green eyes, and quite slim. I'm not overly busty, but what I've got is all natural. Fortunately, after the birth of our daughter, I regained my figure, and a little more up top. Due to my hair colour, I tend to get freckles when I'm out in the sun, and always worried that they made me less attractive. From the time we met, Bill picked up on my concern and constantly teased me about the freckles, but in such a way that I had to laugh, and forget my fears.

Bill and I met when he moved into my neighbourhood when we were in grade three. While we were both part of the gang, the two of us quickly became best friends. Despite the fact that we always seemed to be together, the thought of dating each other never occurred to us. Instead, we dated other kids in high school, though we often would get together and discuss our dates, and it seemed, our frustrations with the dating game. Neither Bill nor I ever seemed to go out with anybody for a long period, and we would often moan about the fact that nothing developed into a serious relationship, while many of our friends seemed to have found 'the one'.

Two months before our junior prom, Bill's girlfriend of the moment broke up with him. Despite his looking around, it appeared he would be without a date for the big night. I commiserated with him, but was relieved to know that I would be going with Jamie, who was a dependable, 'nice' guy, but not the 'love of my life'. Then just two weeks before the prom, he broke up with me because I wouldn't put out. Now I didn't consider myself to be a prude, but I wasn't about to give it away unless I knew it was right. Sure, I'd done my share of heavy necking, letting Jamie and a few of my other dates caress my breasts, but only through my clothes. Jamie had even gotten further than most, as I'd let his hands under my shirt, but outside of my bra. One night, he kept trying to get his hand under my bra, and when he wouldn't quit, I'd slapped him. I guess in his mind, that was the last straw, and he started to look for someone else to pay attention to.

Soon after Jamie had delivered the news, I found myself crying on Bill's shoulder. As I poured out my tale of woe to him, he made the appropriate sounds, but then he shocked me, suggesting " hey, why don't we go together. That'll give Jamie something to think about, when he realizes what he's missing." I don't know why I'd never thought of it, maybe because he was my best friend and neither of us had wanted to risk that. But the more we talked about it, the better the idea sounded, and soon we were making plans.

Now I know that most of you are expecting to read about how magical prom night was, and how we made mad passionate love til daybreak, but that isn't how it ended up. Yes, the night was fantastic, and if Bill had pushed me, we may have made out, but both of us were still afraid of wrecking our friendship. We knew we needed to sort out some things before to much happened, so despite the feeling that grew throughout the night, we restricted ourselves to holding hands, with some pretty hot kissing when he took me home.

It took a while, but the passion built, while the friendship remained strong. Then one day we drove out to a nearby lake, for a party with some friends. We all had a lot of fun, fooling around in the lake, visiting, and doing some drinking. Bill was quite careful about not drinking too much, because he was driving and new that my parents wouldn't let me stay there that night. After a while we thought we'd sneak off on our own, and went for a short drive to a quiet, secluded area.

As we sat there kissing, Bill started to caress my breasts. The feeling this caused, along with our duelling tongues, caused me to moan with pleasure, and made me kiss him harder. Encouraged, Bill slid his hand under my tee-shirt, and started to play with my tits through my bra. I'm sure he could feel my nipples as they threatened to burst through the cups of the bra. Even though others had played with my breasts, the feelings had never been so intense.

I'm quite sure I shocked him when I reached down to grab the hem of my shirts, and yanked it over my head. The look on his face as he stared at me was priceless, making me glad I'd worn one of my sexier bras that day. "Go ahead" I told him as he reached behind me and fumbled with the clasp on my bra. Just when I thought I might have to help him out, he finally got it and pulled the straps away. As he leaned back in to kiss me, his hands roamed over my now bare breasts. I could feel the sparks fly in my stomach, and was sure that my rock hard nipples must be burning a hole in his hands.

Somehow we shifted our positions, and he ended up on top of me. I was sure that that erect cock I could feel pressing into me was going to burst out of his shorts and burrow its way between my thighs. Soon he lowered his mouth to my breast, and started to lick and suck the solid knob that was my nipple. As he did, I reached down and felt his manhood for the first time with my hand. He shifted to allow me better access, at the same time unsnapping my shorts, and sliding his hand over my bikini panties (remember this is about 20 years ago, well before thongs were invented). I couldn't believe how soaked my panties were. I immediately started to pull of his shorts and underwear, allowing me to look at his cock, which was far bigger than I had anticipated, even when I'd felt it against my legs as we'd necked before. At the same time, Bill was ridding me of my shorts and panties.

Soon we were both naked, with me stroking his erection, and his fingers gliding over my well lubricated pussy. I pulled him onto me, spreading my thighs, staring at the glistening purple head of his cock, wondering how it could ever fit inside me. As he slid into position, I felt it rub up and down my slit, then pushing its way inside, until the crown was up against that barrier. I gasped and he stopped, looking all concerned, but I told him to go ahead. He thrust hard and burst through my maidenhead, making me cry out. Just as quickly, I told him to keep going. Yes it hurt, a lot more than I expected, but as he started moving again, the pain turned to pleasure. Unfortunately it didn't last, as he came after about 4 or 5 strokes.

As he pulled out, I could tell he was upset because he'd cum so quickly, so I hugged him and told him how much I loved him, and how full he'd made me feel. Then I reached out and ran my hand over his penis, watching with wonder at how quickly it reacted. I really did stare at it as I ran my hand over it, after all this was the first hard cock I'd ever seen.

We started kissing again, and Bill was playing with my pussy, teasing my clit, even pushing a finger up inside. Meanwhile, I hadn't let go of his prick, running my hands up and down that hard shaft. Almost hesitantly Bill asked if I wanted to try again. This time when he slid his cock deep inside me, it felt wonderful. After a few tentative thrusts, I started to move my hips up to meet his down stroke. Quickly we matched our pace. As he fucked me, the feeling kept growing. I'd masturbated myself to orgasm a few times, but never had the build up been so intense. Suddenly I found myself cumming harder than I ever had before, and as I did, I could feel my pussy squeeze his cock. That must have done it for him, for he thrust hard and shot his spunk deep up inside me, groaning as he did.

While I think we knew it before, I know we both felt that night that we would be together forever.

Before long we were making up for lost time, our passion growing each time we were out together. It wasn't long before I gave him a first for both of us, a blowjob. I'd been playing with his cock, watching as a drop of liquid oozed out of the slit on top, when I decided I had to taste it. I stuck my tongue out and ran it up and down over the glans, getting bolder with each lick. Then I leaned over, opened my mouth wide and let it slide over the head. At first I only got a little bit inside, but as I started to move my mouth up and down, I gradually took more and more of it into my mouth. At the same time, I kept a hand wrapped around the base of his cock, sliding it up towards my mouth and then back down. I looked up at him and saw a look of pure pleasure on his face. If I'd wanted to stop, that look was enough to keep me going. Being the special guy he is, Bill warned me when he was about to cum, allowing me to pull my head away and watch as his sperm shoot into the air and fall on his stomach.

I found that I enjoyed sucking his cock, and it became a regular part of our fooling around. Eventually, after talking about it with some of my girl friends, I convinced myself to try swallowing it. When the first spurt hit the back of my throat, the volume caught me by surprise, but I kept swallowing until I'd gotten every last drop. To my surprise, and his delight, I found that I liked it.

As well, I got to enjoy the thrill of him eating my pussy, which thankfully he enjoyed doing as much as I enjoyed receiving. I had thought his fingers running over clit and sliding inside me was great, but it paled in comparison to the thrill I received from the orgasms produced by his talented tongue. The first time he sucked on my clit, I screamed in pleasure, a pleasure that only intensified as he pushed his tongue in as deep as he could get it, before coming back out and licking and sucking my clit until I almost suffocated him as I came.

Bill and I were an item from then on, and it was only a matter of time before we got married, which we did soon after we graduated from university. Our love was deep and strong, and we both knew in our hearts that we were meant for each other. As time went on, we were blessed with the birth of a daughter, who as I tell this story, is 7 years old. Our sex life remained great, though some of the mad passion ebbed as time went on, but neither of us ever felt we needed anything more than what we could give each other.

That is, until I met Jacques Hamel. It was about ten months ago. While we live in the suburbs, we both work downtown. One day I'd finished work early, and decided to go and check out a little shop a friend had told me about. It specialized in special glass ware, such as figurines and stained glass. Apparently the fellow who ran the shop was a glass blower, and made many of the items sold in the store. As I was looking about, he approached me to ask if there was anything special I was looking for. I was immediately taken by his voice, soft yet husky, and with a delicious French accent. For some reason, I could feel myself getting turned on as he talked to me. The fact that he would innocently bump into me, or touch my arm and back may have had something to do with it, as was the fact that he was very complimentary about my taste in items, and my appearance. I knew I shouldn't feel this way, but to an old married gal, it felt nice to have somebody who was at least ten years younger hitting on you, even if in a subtle way. In fact, if it hadn't been subtle, I probably would have been offended. As I finally broke away, and paid for my purchase, he told me to come back and see him again.

As I drove home, I felt quite strange. Never since that junior prom, had another man made me feel that way, and I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. There was no doubt in my mind, that nothing would happen, after all, I love Bill so much, and how could I risk what we had. But on the other hand, some innocent flirting couldn't hurt, after all it was good for my ego. That night, I showed Bill my purchase, and briefly mentioned the store keeper, and how exciting his voice and accent were, then laughing about it. Later that night, as we made love, I couldn't help but think what it might be like to hear Jacques whispering the terms of affection that were coming from Bill's mouth.

Over the next few weeks, Jacques kept popping into my thoughts, but just as quickly I would forget about him. Then I needed to get a birthday present for my best friend, Susan. After trying to think of what I might get her, I realized something from Jacques's shop would be perfect. I was quite sure he had forgotten me the moment I'd left the store, and was therefore quite surprised when he called out my name as I entered, "Sarah, I thought you weren't going to come back to see me, you must look at this, I made it for you." I was amazed as he brought out an exquisite figurine, and insisted that I take it, refusing to let me pay. "I won't take money, but come and join me for a coffee, I need a break and the pleasure of your company will be payment itself". With that he put the closed sign in the window and led me to the back. As we sat there, talking like old friends, I could feel myself reacting to his voice, and the gentle touches of his hands on my arms, shoulders or legs.

He must have noticed the effect he was having, for he suddenly leaned forward and kissed me. To this day I don't know why I didn't pull away and slap him, telling him I was a married woman who loved her husband, but I didn't. I leaned into him and melted as his lips touched mine. The intensity of the kiss grew, until suddenly I felt him unzip my dress. I let him pull it off my shoulders, until I was standing before him in my rather plain bra and panties. I know Bill was disappointed as I'd shifted to simple underwear instead of the sexy stuff I used to always wear, and that moment, I wished I'd followed his wishes.

I could feel my pussy gushing as he skilfully unhooked my bra, and sucked my nipple into his mouth. As he slid my panties off, I undid his trousers, pulling them down along with his boxers. His cock jumped up, searching for my touch. I couldn't help myself, and dropped to my knees to examine it close up. In reality, it wasn't any bigger than Bill's, though it was a little different. I leaned over and ran my tongue over the purple glans, licking the precum that was leaking out of the end, then taking it into my mouth. Bill had always told me what a good blow job I gave, and I put my best effort into devouring this gorgeous creature. As I sucked on it, I could hear him moaning, and whispering in that glorious voice and accent of his.

Soon, I could feel him tense, then shoot deeply into my mouth. As I swallowed, I realized that this was the only cock other than Bill's that I had tasted, and that the taste while similar, was different. Before I knew it, he pushed me back onto the couch, and his tongue was going up and down my slit, delving deep inside, and then back up to my clit. Suddenly, I felt a finger slide inside me, then one from the other hand. It pulled out, and I felt it rubbing against the tender bud of my anus, then push deep into that tender hole. I had never let Bill do this, telling him it was dirty and refusing him to touch me there. For some reason, it didn't feel dirty now, especially as he was bringing me over the edge. Just as I was coming down from that orgasm, I felt his cock push inside me, and it beginning to thrust deeply into my vagina. Just as he spilled his seed inside me, a second, albeit smaller orgasm broke over me.

After lying there for a while recovering, I suddenly realized what I had done, I had cheated on Bill! Jacques could tell I was upset, and tried to calm me down, telling me it was okay, that I had done nothing to be ashamed about. Despite this, I couldn't get the guilt out of my mind, as I dressed, telling him that I had to go home. He told me again that it was okay, and that he'd love to see again, and would be there if I wanted to see him, and how beautiful and special it had been.

As I drove home, I didn't know what to do. I loved Bill, and knew that I always would, and that he loved me. I wanted to confess, and throw myself on his mercy, but I was afraid to, afraid of how he would react. As I watched him help our daughter with her homework that night, I couldn't help but think of how I loved him, and vowed to myself that I would never do this again. Over the next few weeks, I tried to spoil him as much as I could, without being obvious. I made love to him almost nightly, and even thought about how I might encourage him to try and play with my ass again, though I didn't know how I could explain my change of feelings.

I still wanted to confess to him, to have him forgive me and tell me he still loved me, but I still was afraid of hurting him, and of his possible response. The way that he treated me, and looked at me convinced me that his love was as deep as ever, and thus, maybe I should keep quiet. After all, surely I would never be unfaithful to him again.

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