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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: What happens when a divorced couple realizes there is some passion between them.

Margaret and I had been divorced about 3 years. Our marriage had been fairly average I had thought, even including the sex we enjoyed 2.4 times a week. It struck me hard when she told me after an argument that she was leaving me, and then did just that.

The divorce was fairly peaceful though, and we arranged a joint-custody agreement that the judge praised us for, as it was very liberal. Every weekend I would pick up our son and daughter, and spent the weekend with them. This continued for about 7 years, and Maggie and I had even become friends again, having family picnics and the like. Occasionally I would bring along a girlfriend (if I had one), and she never caused a fuss over that.

One night I was awakened at about 4am by a phone call. Maggie was crying, and told me that she needed to talk to somebody. I got dressed and headed on over, concerned about what was wrong. The kids were at her sister's for 2 weeks visiting, so I knew she was probably alone.

After we sat down, she told me that she had been laid off. She was a nurse, and I knew how hard the economy was at that time. After about 5 minutes, she started to sob. I gave her a long hug, and tried to reassure her. I told her that I knew many employment agencies, and would pull some strings to try and get her a job sooner. Plus I would give her some money to help ends meet. Because we each had the kids about the same amount of time (by this time I got 1 week a month, every other weekend, and half the vacations), there was no child support.

She thanked me, and got us both some coffee. We chatted, and before we knew it, the sun was starting to rise. We sat next to each other, sipping coffee as we watched the sun go up. "Mark, I forgot how we used to love to do this" she said, as she held my hand briefly. "Thank you for coming over like this."

"Heck," I said. "What else was I going to do, sleep?" We shared a laugh, and she went to get us more coffee. When she got back, she bent over to put it on the table, and I recognized the look on her face. I could tell without even asking that her back had gone out again. We had both been in a car accident years before, and both had back problems resulting from it. I took the cups from her, and told her to lie on the floor.

I knelt beside her, and proceeded to massage her back, to loosen it up. After about 20 minutes, I made the appropriate pretzel shapes of her body, and was awarded by hearing several loud cracks. I massaged her for another 15 minutes or so, until I was sure the soreness was gone. This was not unusual, as we did this for each other from time to time. The thanked me, then offered to return the favor.

As she worked my back over, she thanked me, saying that I was always great at that. After working my back in, she massaged me as we started to talk about other things.

"What ever happened to that little redhead you were seeing?"

"Oh, she is long gone now. She was always talking about wanting to go partying, so I told her to go ahead, but that was not my style. I still see her on occasion, but just for a little friendly sex."

She giggled at that, and said "I wouldn't have any idea about that."

I thought back, and was amazed. "You know, I can't remember ever hearing you or the kids talk about you dating. And I've never seen, or heard you bring up a boyfriend. When was the last time you were on a date?"

"Hmmmmmmm, probably about 15 years ago" she said playfully.

"15 years? That is when we were dating, before we got married!" I was stunned. Sure, at 37 she was a little past her prime, but she still looked good. 5'6", shoulder length brown hair, and a 38D-30-38 figure. A little extra padding across her middle, but heck, I had some of that also.

We started to chat, and she told me that after we split up, her desire for sex stopped. She would occasionally go out with some of her friends from work, but never anything more. I was a little amazed, and asked her how she survived.

"Oh, I get by. The kids keep me busy, and between them and work, I don't need anything more."

She asked me about some of my past girlfriends. She was amazed that I had so many of them. We counted through 10 of them. She was also equally amazed that I had only had sex with 3 of them. "Like you," I said, "I don't need sex much. I mostly date for companionship. A lot of them could not handle the kids though. They wanted your typical absentee father, not one that split the time between them and her."

"I know what you mean. I have had a few offers, but most decline when they learn I have 2 kids. They don't like the idea of ready-made families."

She lay on her side next to me, and we continued to chat. I was talking, and suddenly realized that she was looking at me funny. I asked her what it was, and she shook her head as if coming out of a daze, and said it was nothing. I tried to get her to fess up, but she refused.

"Tell you what, I'll wrestle you for it."

"You're on!" she responded. After a few minutes, I had her pinned to the floor. I laughed down at her, and asked her to tell me what it was she was thinking.

"I was looking at you, and was suddenly remember our chats in bed from years ago. Back then, it seemed that that was the only place we never argued."

I looked into her soft eyes, and told her that those were some very good memories for me also. I gazed into her brown eyes, and we slowly moved in to kiss. It was like the years were gone, kissing her again. It was the first time in many years.

Soon we were hugging tightly, and I moved down to kiss her neck. Maggie always loved that, and held me tight as I moved down to her shoulder, then back up to her ear. She was holding me tight, and I could feel her breasts pressing against me. It had been a long time since I had felt her like that, but I still remembered it well.

Her hands roamed up and down my back, in a well-rehearsed manner, one long familiar to us. I resumed kissing her lips, and caressed her back as well. We were still on our sides, and we made out there like that on the floor for around 45 minutes, enjoying the feelings, but neither of us moving to the next step.

Finally, we broke apart to catch our breaths. "Wow" was all she said. She said she needed to get to bed, and I helped her off of the floor. I was about to grab my coat to head home, when she asked if I would sleep here, and just hold her like I used to do.

I was surprised, but agreed. She told me to go ahead and get into bed, and that she would be there in a minute. I stripped down to my underwear and climbed into bed. Maggie came in a few minutes later, dressed in a long t-shirt. She climbed in next to me, and curled up in my arms. We were both feeling worn and tired, and were soon asleep, even though it was now daylight outside.

During the day, I woke up to a very erotic half-dream. As I woke up more, I realized it was not a dream. I was lying behind Maggie, our favorite sleeping position. My right hand was under her neck and cupping her left breast. My left hand was sliding over her panties, caressing her mound. I stopped and started to move my hands away, when she grabbed my wrist, and placed it back between her legs.

I quietly whispered her name, wanting to wake her up so she would know what she was doing. "I'm awake" she replied. "Please, don't stop. I don't want to get back together, but it has been SOOO long, and I really miss this."

I could feel the dampness between her legs as I moved my hand back, at the same time pressing my erection against her ass. I moved back as she rolled over onto her back. We kissed deeply like we used to, and I let my hands become familiar with her body, which I knew so well. One hand slipped under her shirt to caress her breasts as the other continued to caress her through her panties. She ran her hands up and down my chest, moving them lower with each pass.

I pressed my hard cock against her thigh as I pinched her nipple, and moved to kiss her neck. "Oh, we were always good at this" she moaned, and I whispered that we were into her ear, as I lightly bit and nibbled on her ear. Maggie moaned, and held me tight as I caressed her clit through her panties. I could feel them getting damp as I caressed her through them.

I moved my hand down to lift the hem of her shirt, and she moved up to help me out. Lifting it over her head, I lowered my mouth to cover her breast. Gently I suckled on her hard nipple.

Maggie loved this, having very sensitive nipples. There were a few times I even made her cum, just by sucking on her breasts. She held me tight, caressing my back and head.

"Ohhhh, it has been so long. You still know just what I like though."

I moved from one breast to the other, then moved back to her neck. My hand was still caressing her panty covered mound, but was now wet from her juices. Her panties were completely soaked, and clinging to her.

She was now caressing me through my shorts. Pressing in, she surrounded my cock with my shorts. I reached down, and slipped a finger under the waistband of her panties, and caressed her vulva.

It was like I shocked her. Maggie jumped, and pressed herself against my hand. Her hand on my cock slipped inside my shorts, and pulled my cock out into the open. "Ahhhhh, come here my sweet" she whispered as she held it in her hand, gently stroking it.

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