In Debt up to Her Rear

by Nicolo Parenti

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Fiction, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Would you sell your wife's or girlfriend's ass to save your own? You may never face that choice, but Billy did. Now he's living with his decision.<br>This is the first story I wrote, and it shows. I only hope it leads you to my later stories.

Copyright© 2002 by Nicolo "Loco" Parenti

Author's note

You'll notice a complete lack of concern in this text for disease and contraception. That's because it's FANTASY, dude, and that stuff just gets in the way. In real life, you'd be nuts to engage in these acts without protection.

When I write for fun there's no editor to give me feedback, so informed criticism is always welcome. Enjoy, and please write with comments and opinions.

This may be just for fun, but it is copyrighted, and reproduction for profit is forbidden. Any distribution must include this note and the author's email address.

Laura Hayes was waking up, but it didn't feel like a typical weekend morning. She wasn't coming out of a pleasant dream. She couldn't hear the usual stirrings of her westside Cleveland neighborhood. Billy wasn't spooned against her with an insistent hardon; her bed seemed harder and smelled... odd. She didn't seem to be wearing her nightgown. And she couldn't move.

Laura wasn't at home, and it wasn't morning. Her sleep wasn't the slumber that comes after a day of honest work and play. It had been induced with a careful blend of a fast-acting soporific and a longer-acting hypnotic, to put her out fast and to keep her confused, pliable, and mildly amnesiac once she awoke. She'd eventually remember everything that was done to her (well, almost everything) but for now her world was limited and hazy.

As a teen, Laura (then O'Malley) was somewhere between cute and stunning -- not a classic beauty or a fashion model, but still, most men gave a look when she passed, and most then looked again. Five-four and 110 lbs, with grey-green eyes and softly curled blonde hair, she was a '60s California surfer girl in a Ohio time warp. Her 34B-22-34 body didn't ooze sex, but she had a freshness and spirit that made her seem just a little bit more alive, more present, and which hinted that if you were the lucky one, you were in for a joyful and enthusiastic ride.

Her boyfriend Billy could vouch for that. They'd been neighborhood friends since grade school, and grew closer in their teens. Billy was a year older, and after he broke up with her older sister, he and Laura drifted together until they were a couple. Billy wasn't the star quarterback or the captain of the debate team. He was just a guy who liked a little beer, a little dope, and a good time. And to everyone who knew him he was never William or even Bill -- just, you know, Billy.

Their first time was a classic story -- both a little stoned, fooling around in the back of his mom's van after an evening of cruising. Though neither spoke it, each sensed that something was in the air. As they kissed, his hand cupped her breast; her fingers brushed his boner. It had all happened before, but this time her hand did more. It pressed, it squeezed... tonight she wanted that cock where she could see it.

For his part, Billy went beyond caressing her pert braless breasts. He kneaded and tweaked them and rolled their rigid peaks with his palms, and when his hand drifted lower, Laura didn't resist. Her legs parted to invite him to her itching crotch, which he, as deftly as possible for a 16-year-old virgin, did his best to unsnap, unzip, and uncover. She fumbled with his pants, eager to explore the knobby rod that until now only her fingertips had known.

And soon they were naked. Laura was fascinated by his penis, and Billy by, well, just about everything. As she grasped and pulled and stroked his erection, he explored her tits, giving extra attention to her stiffened nipples, then kissed his way from her neck down to her navel, and beyond.

Billy was no fool, he knew that his best shot at pleasure was to please his woman first. Plus, he wanted Laura as hot as he could get her. Though a stranger to the act, he still knew plenty about eating pussy from reading and from locker room talk. So after a decent amount of nipping and sucking at her B-cup tits, he dove.

Her blonde muff was already moist as his tongue licked and probed her outer lips, teasing them open to get at the sweet nectar within. His fingers and tongue found her sopping entrance, and even made a foray toward her puckered rosebud. To Laura, it was all good, and it was driving her crazy. She humped and moaned and pulled at her nipples; he poked and slurped, and when he hit the spot he'd heard so much about, Laura let him know he'd arrived at her clit by shouting, convulsing and shuddering with the first orgasm she'd ever had with someone else.

Coming down from an amazing high, Laura was suffused with love for her Billy. She wanted only to give him as much pleasure as he had given her. Like Billy, she knew the theory of oral sex, and now wanted to put into practice what some of her friends had giggled and whispered about. She cupped his balls with one hand, grasped his root with the other, and began her days as a cock sucker.

She started by licking around the head, enjoying its earthy aroma and spongy feel. She was intrigued by the slit on the tip, and probed it gently to get a taste of the liquid it exuded. Tentatively, she moved her lips over the crown and slipped an inch inside, then two, then more. She knew about watching her teeth, lest she ruin the moment for her lover, so she sucked carefully as she pistoned the end of his prick into and out of her lovely ovalled lips, caressing the fleshy underside with her tongue. She tried for more, but couldn't take it all without gagging.

With no direct experience of men, she wasn't aware that she had a big one on her hands, and now in her mouth. Billy was a respectable eight inches with a distinct upward curve and a proud purplish head. He was also about two seconds from blowing his first load ever into a girl's face. He cried out a garbled warning, but it didn't matter. Laura felt his balls tense as his dick swelled and the first jet of semen blasted into her sweet mouth.

She knew what to expect, but she didn't know just how much. In surprise she let him slip from her lips, but the gouts of sperm kept coming, and before she could recover, her nose, forehead and blonde curls were sticky with the stuff. As quickly as she could she took him back into her mouth to get the rest.

As you might imagine, "the rest" was considerable. A horny 16-year old with an 8-inch prick and a bloated scrotum had enough left to fill her cock-stuffed mouth to overflowing. She swallowed some (not bad, she thought), and some leaked out and dripped onto her lovely young chest.

Laura moaned and sucked as Billy's prick softened in her mouth, not wanting it to end so soon. He fell from her lips with a soft pop, and they collapsed onto the van's carpet in post-orgasmic bliss. But this wasn't the end of the meal, it was just the salad course...

Billy's hands and mouth never left Laura's slim young body, caressing and tonguing her everywhere he could reach as they relaxed in a warm afterglow, even kissing away some of the spermy goo from her face and tits. Laura was busy too, pulling and stroking his limp member and giving it an occasional sloppy kiss.

Laura was jazzed. She wanted more, she wanted it all. She needed to feel this prick do what she knew it should. And Billy began to respond. With the vigor of youth on his side -- not to mention a sexy blonde teenager sucking his dick -- he rose to the occasion again.

This time his pussy-licking had a new aim -- to get her nectar flowing so his stiff curved rod could ease into what he instinctively knew would be the tightest fit of its life. A few nips at her clit, a grand tour of the inner lips, and a gentle probing of both her nether holes soon had Laura squirming and begging for Billy to hurry up and put it in. She wanted to fuck, so fuck her he did.

Snapshot: Laura flat on her back in the rear of the van, her legs up and bent at the knees, spread as far as the car would allow. Snapshot: Billy resting on his elbows above her, the tip of his cock nestled in her curly blond muff, poised at her oven-hot opening. All it needed was a push, and it came from both of them at once, as Laura thrust upward to meet Billy thrusting forward. Her cunt yielded to his cock, and just like that the head was fitted into the snug and silky sheath it was made to fill. Forward and inward he pressed, inch by precious inch into the depths of his first fuck, his wonderful Laura.

For Laura there was no pain, only a fabulous sensation of fullness. No hymen blocked Billy's progress, thanks to a few overly enthusiastic sessions with the handle of her hairbrush. All there was, was the amazing feeling of his bulbous cockhead parting places she hadn't known she possessed, with the rigid shaft behind it keeping her open, and stuffed. He was in her up to his balls.

Then it was being withdrawn, and for a moment Laura knew a great sense of loss. But only for a moment, as Billy pushed back in, working up to a rhythm as old as man and woman. If asked they might have said they were making love, but in truth this was just plain fucking: he was fucking her and she was fucking back.

It didn't last as long as it seemed to the two teen lovers, maybe ten minutes, maybe fifteen. But during that time Laura came and came again, her pussy clenching and releasing in waves that, had he not just shot a gallon a few minutes before, would have sent Billy over the edge in seconds.

As it was, when his orgasm came it surprised them both, for its suddenness and for the quantity of semen he managed to produce -- again. It squished and frothed around her pussy mouth and flowed past her matted bush, down her crack and onto her asshole, giving her a tingle that hinted at joys yet undiscovered, worlds yet unexplored. They rested, they cuddled, they licked each other clean and then, ah wonder of youth, they did it all again...

But that was a long while ago, when she was still Laura O'Malley and real life was just a dream. In the eight years since, she and Billy Hayes graduated from college, married, and settled down near their old neighborhood. They tried for kids but something didn't click, so for now it was just the two of them, their jobs, and their weekends.

Sex was still good, great at times, and both had tested the limits of what their friendship, and then their marriage, would allow. There wasn't an act or position or even a combination they wouldn't try. At school he'd managed to take her ass, and a few of her friends', while she and those friends had discovered that Billy's cock was larger and more vigorous than a dozen others on campus.

Laura was the more ambitious of the two, while Billy was content with a more casual life, working as a truck driver, landscaper, and occasionally as road manager for one forgettable rock act or another. Billy's contacts in the music world assured them a steady supply of primo weed, and he wound up dealing a little on the side. Just for friends, you know, and just to supplement Laura's salary a little.

Their weekend lifestyle often saw them partying until dawn with like-minded friends and couples. The pot and booze encouraged a loose intimacy among their crowd, and while they were high nobody much minded if Laura blew Alex, or Billy cornholed Jessica, as long as it was out in the open, just for sport.

If the dope was a source of pleasure, it was also the root of Laura's current predicament. Billy's side dealing had grown almost without his realizing it until he was moving a pound a week. His laid-back, non-business style soon had him behind on payments, unsure where all the weed had gone, and drawing the attention of some sharks higher up the food chain. By the time he realized with dismay that he was 6 grand to the bad with the heavy boys, it was too late. The piper had to be paid, and the piggy bank was empty.

Would you sell your wife or girlfriend's ass to save your own? Most people will never confront that question, but as Billy saw it he had no choice. They had no savings, and certainly didn't own enough stuff to hock for $6,000. Their relatives might have helped some, but then they'd know what a dick he was. Besides, they'd never be able to help enough. No, as Billy saw it his one asset was a pretty face on a surfer-girl body, and a pussy that still dripped honey when it was stroked.

So Billy hatched a plan.

"She's coming around, I saw her eyes move." Laura heard the deep bass voice as if from another room. Her eyes were indeed moving, and soon they fluttered open. Focusing was still a few minutes away, but she could tell that she was in a dimly lit room and that she wasn't alone.

"'Bout time. I'm bored with fingering a dead pussy, I need one that knows I'm here," said another man, much closer by. Oh my, Laura wondered, what's all this?

"Hey, that pussy knew it was getting some love, or it wouldn't have been juicing like that," joked a third. "It's the rest of the girl that I want. Gotta try that ass."

"C'mon, chickie, join the living. Wouldn't want to miss the party, would you?" coaxed a fourth. Good god, she thought. How many of them are there?

Well, there were twelve. A dozen naked guys of every size and hue, and as her vision cleared and her muscles started to respond, Laura strained to see them.

She was on her back in a queen bed, none too clean if the odor of dried semen was any guide, in a good-sized room. There were windows, but they were covered by heavy drapes. What light there was came from a few flood lamps trained on the bed -- on her, on her nude young body, spread and vulnerable and displayed for a dozen pairs of eyes, available to a dozen cocks and mouths.

Chairs lined the walls, and most of them were occupied by men. Some were reading newspapers, some were smoking or nursing drinks, some were just sitting and watching Laura. A few were idly stroking erections as they watched and waited. A couple of them were on the bed with her, tweaking this and probing that. One man had his thumb in her pussy and two fingers working some lube into her ass -- he held her essence like you would a bowling ball.

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