Road to Teaching a Virgin
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Fiction, Cheating, DomSub, FemaleDom, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story about a couple, Lena and Steve, fulfilling their fantasies. Here they are getting ready to take a virgin and teach her about sex and all the great things it has to offer. This is only the begining as Lena and Steve have all summer to teach Gina, and want her to enjoy it all and have many plans for her.

Steve and Lena had been getting together for sex for the last year or so. Over this time Steve and Lena had discussed their fantastys and had lived out a few. They had this one they had planned on fulfilling this summer. Teaching a virgin and showing her all the great things about sex and hopefully a little of the kinky side of sex as well. They had come up with their plan and now it was time to put it into action.

Steve decides to come to Lenas place, and stay for the long weekend in May, and help out where he can. Steve knows that she will be busy running things in the campground and getting people settled for the weekend and summer months. This is one of her worst weekends of the year... people wanting to party and celebrate summer and all that is to come. The campground is full... mostly yearlys but a few weekenders to fill the place up. They know that we will be up for most of the weekend either stopping partys or hopefully doing other more enjoyable activities.

Friday night arrives and this is the night Steve comes out. Steve shows up about 9pm with his bag in hand. Lena is busy in the store getting campers registered and directing them to their right stalls... Lena tells Steve to put his stuff in the bedroom and make himself comfortable.

Steve does this and comes out to the store to see if he can be of any help. At this moment Lena has a couple of campers and is not sure where to put them... she asks Steve if he could take them for a walk and show them the empty sites that she should have. Steve says, "Sure, would love to do that, a short walk would be nice right now". Steve leaves, with the people following him, and then Lena gets busy with other things going on.

Steve takes these two couples out showing them the sites that are open... as these couples are discussing amoung themselves, he sees the young girl sitting by the campfire by herself, just staring into the fire. Steve thinks to himself, there she is, and make plans to come and talk to her later. He thinks that she looks so lonely sitting there by herself, while all around in other areas there are couples and children laughing and playing. But then Steve comes back to the present and listens to the two couples, and they tell him that, yes, they will take the sites. Steve walks back with them, bringing them to the store to register and pay for the sites for the weekend.

As the campers leave, and the store emptys out, Lena have a few minutes to talk with Steve. He tells her about the girl, Gina, sitting by the fire by herself. Lena replys "yes, I know. What do you think of her?" "Do you think she will be interested Steve?Do you think we can make her interested in what we want to do with her?" she asks.

"Well", Steve says, "I am interested for sure, and will make sure she is interested also. I think we can teach her and have lots of fun this summer" chuckling, thinking to himself of what all could happen in the next few short weeks.

"Well, then," Lena says "why don't you go out and sit with her for a while, and I will come out later after I am done getting things finished here." "I will make sure to check and see what you to are up to before I make myself visable to you to" Laughing. Lena smiles more to herself thinking of her own plans for the summer months. Even tonight will be fun for Steve and me. And Gina will make it just that much more exciting once she is ready to participate. I have no doubts that Gina will be willing, as Steve has the charm and gentleness to bring out Ginas desires and sexual interests, Lena thinks to herself.

"okay, I am out of here, and will see you out in the campground in a bit" Steve says. and gives Lena a long lingering kiss before he leaves.

"Hmmm", Lena says "that feels nice, I could go for more of that". Just then a customer walks in.

Steve leaves... its now just past past 11:00pm. Lena locks up the store and get things ready for the next day.

Steve does a slow walk through the campground, making sure the music and noise is not to loud and then ends up at Gina's Campsite. She is still sitting by herself in front of the fire. Steve walks up to her and asks if he could sit beside her for a while before he goes and does the next walk through if it is needed.

Gina says, "Yes, I would enjoy your company. I have seen you walk around through here before with Lena and seen you in the store a couple of times". Steve walks through the gate and sits in the chair beside her. Both Steve and Gina look into the fire, watching as the sparks float up into the night air and disappear. The night is calm, with a little chill to it, and the fire gives off a nice soft heat. Gina says "It always looks bright and exciting when looking into a fire, its always different and never the same."

Steve responds saying "yes... it is... you don't know what color or flame will come next. The way the flames lick all around the loggs. The way it flares up and then back down depending on what part it goes licking after next."

"Yes, I enjoy watching the fire. its always changing, like it hyptotizes a person" Gina says. "Are you the owners boyfriend?" I have seen you two out together around here a few times."

"No" Steve replys, "Not in the sense that we are exclusive to each other" "We are more like friends that get together to help each other out and enjoy having sex with each other"

"Oh" Gina responds, "I thought different. I thought you two were a couple?"

"I guess in a way we are, but not in the sense that most would assume" Steve responds. "We have a relationship built around sex and fulfilling each others fantastys. We have the trust and respect for each other and help each other out there. We both like trying new and different things and not all people are into what we like trying."

"Cool" Gina replys, now decideing to be a little brave and lays her head on Steves shoulder, as they are sitting side by side. "You two must have a lot of good times then? I wish I could find someone like that. I am still a virgin but want to experience sex and all that there is. I am just not sure how to find it."

The thoughts that went through Steves mind at this moment, as she said these words. This is what he had been hoping and waiting for. He knew now that the summer and his fantastys would come true. Both for him and Lena, and he knew they could teach Gina a lot of things. He could feel himself becoming aroused thinking of it all. Steve places his arm around Ginas shoulder and gives her a little hug.

Gina moves in closer to Steve, her head placed on his chest. He moves his hand slowly down using little circular motions, and a little pressure, almost like a massage. Gina tilts her head up and looks into his eyes. Steve can see the passion, the shy deer like emotions in her eyes, and gives her a soft kiss on her forhead. Her eyes are a light blue, the flames from the fire reflecting in them. Steve says, "Well, I can help you and would love to show you the passion and joy of sex". I will be gentle and bring out your womenhood to full blossom". "Thats something I have always wanted to do, is show a beautiful young women like you the intense shared pleasures of sex". "Lena and I have discussed this before, and she is the one that thought of you."

"Really and would you?" Gina replys, with a note of excitement and wonder in her voice. "what about Lena?" "Is she going to be with us also?" "Can I see and watch you two? I have read a lot of books and there is a lot I want to try and do. I would like so much to learn with a couple that I like. And I have known Lena since I was a girl and I have always liked her and want to be just like her". "And you seem so nice also" as Gina puts her head back down on Steves chest.

"Yes, to all those questions" as Steve laughs softly, resting his head on top of hers. "We would like to teach you all that you want to know and then some."

She feels his heat radiating off his body and can feel his chest hair through his thin t-shirt. Gina thinks to herself that she will finally get to feel a man and yes a women also. And Steve is a good looking man, with his dark hair, hazel blue eyes and muscular body. She had had these desires for a long time and was now looking forward to the summer on the lake. She had to admit to herself that she is a little scared and apprehensive, but could also feel herself aroused and a tingling sensation running through her body. She says, "This could be a fun summer for us all. Now I am looking forward to it, and I am going to be here by myself for most of it."

Steve says, "Yes, I do believe it will be" and kisses the top of her head, moving his lips down and nibbles on her earlobe, smelling the fragrence of her silky soft hair. He moves his hand down more, coming closer to her breast, realizes that she does not have a bra on under her shirt, which arouses him more. He moves his other hand over to her hand and brings it over and places it on his leg, his hand still on top of hers and runs it up and down his thigh. He then moves his hand off of hers and puts in on her leg and starts rubbing her leg, slowly up and down. He can feel the heat from her body through her jeans.

Now with his hand that is near her breast he goes in slow circles and slowly moves his hand down towards her breast using the same motion. As he gets closer to her breasts she give a little moan... He looks at her and asks if she is alright?

She says, "yes... its just feels nice to sit here by the fire with you and enjoying the night with no real thoughts of anything. Except that now I have a summer to be excited about."

So, Steve continues to move his hand slowly down, using the same motions of masagging circles, and reaches her breast, and then starts changing the motion... he starts to move around her nipples with only his finger... working his way to them slowly... almost a figure 8, going around both breasts now. Slowly he puts more pressure on and works closer to her nipples. She gives another little moan of pleasure... And Steve knows she is enjoying it... he continues working and playing with her breasts with his one hand. The other hand rubbing her thigh, moving up more and more to her middle.

Slowly he does this and feels her body reacting. He feels her nipples getting harder under her light shirt as his fingers play with them now, the palm of his hand lightly brushing her nipples as he goes around in circles. Now he starts lightly pinching them, and flicking his finger back and forth on her nipples. "Oh, Steve that feels wonderful. It feels like little electic shots going throught my nipples" Gina says. "The feeling goes all the way down my body to my insides making me want more."

"That is the purpose of it" Steve says. He continues rubbing her leg, moving his hand to her middle and starts rubbing her pussy through her jeans. He feels her body now starting to move along with the motions of his hand, reaching to keep his hand to her middle and pleasure spot. He can feel her getting damp, and starts putting more pressure on her clit. His other hand keeps playing with her nipples. Now he has the right nipple inbetween his thumb and first finger, slowly, lightly twisting it back and forth, making it harder.

"Oh", Gina says, "please don't stop. I feel like I could stay like this, with these feelings going through my body forever. "Please do more, make me cum." her body now reaching and arching to meet his hand. She can feel the pressure building in her body, something, needing some sort of release and knowing she was close to it. Her hand that is on his leg, now moves to his manhood, rubbing and stroking it, feels the hardness through his jeans. She so wanted to feel this inside her, to feel the hardness in her. She could feel her insides throbbing, pulsating stronger with each movement of his hand.

"Well," Steve says, "let your body go, enjoy it, there will be more to come yet". He feels her hand stroking him, and feels his own precum wetting his jeans. He would like nothing better right now than to undress her and slip himself into her, to feel her barrier holding him back, to feel her vigin muscles contract around him, her warm wettness. Then to give a thrust and enter her fully and completly for the first time. He can feel himself getting harder, feels her hand rubbing and grabbing softly around him through his jeans. He feels his own throbbing, feels the skin around his balls getting tighter, but holds back as he know that the time for that will come. So, he continues with his hands, rubbing her harder on her pussy, feeling her wettness, feeling her nipples hard and erect with his other hand and knows that she will soon be coming.

"Oh... oh please rub me harder, faster, I need something, please". Gina mumbles, her eyes closed. She feels her muscles all contracting her body straining, a tenseness in her body, getting ready to explode. Then she feels it, her whole body shaking, her virgin muscles contracting, and throbbing as she comes. she feels the intense pulsating as the release comes. She feels his hand and fingers working on her making her spasm trying to get them inside her as her whole body shakes. "Oh, that feels so wonderful, its like falling off a cliff, going through the air and being caught before you hit the bottom, and knowing thats how its going to happen" Gina says. "I have caressed and been caressed by boys before, but with you it feels so much better." "It must be that I know that you are older and want to teach me and know that soon all my desires will be experienced."

Steve looks at her, sees her dilated pupiles, and contented smile, and knows that she is pleased and relaxed. He is still hard and knows that he is going to need some release himself soon. He also knows that she is going to be a fun willing pupil to teach and show this coming summer. And he is looking forward to showing her how to please a man, and a few other things as well. "So, you enjoyed that?" Steve asks.

"Yes, oh, yes" Gina says. "But you did not get much out of it though.", her hand still stroking his manhood, as she looks into his eyes. She feels his hardness and the throbbing through his jeans, still thinking of how wonderful it will be to feel that inside of her. And she knew that she would very soon, and almost couldn't wait, giving her little shivers of ancitipation.

"I enjoyed it very much, as you can feel with your hand" Steve replys smiling, kissing her forhead. "And I will enjoy more with you very soon. We will have plently of time for lots of experiences this summer. There is no rush, and I want you to enjoy it all fully with no inhibitions". "So now, if you will excuse me, I should go and take a walk through the campground as the owner requested" as he laughs quietly. "But I will see you again soon. Have a good restful sleep and dream fun exciting coming thoughts". "And think of what all you want to learn and experience."

Steve gets up, but gives Gina a slow lingering kiss, running his tongue gentley around her lips, and then nibbles her neck before he leaves. "Steve, I am really looking forward to you and Lena teaching me. I can feel my body tingle just thinking about it all" Gina says, with a passionate look on her face, as Steve starts to walk away.

Steve starts walking back to the road and heads towards the house where he knows Lena will be if he can't find her in the campground. Suddendly Lena jumps out at hims and says "boo", and reaches up to kiss him startling him, wrapping her arms around his neck giving him a deep kiss on his full soft lips.

"That was fun to watch... I say most of it, and heard most of what both you said". Lena says. "It was great and fun to watch and made me totally aroused watching you work your magic on her". "I can feel that you are still aroused yourself"... and Lena laughs softly, as her one hand is stroking the front of his jeans... "And guess what, I am near ready to come myself watching you working on her so slowly and softly."

"Well perhaps we will have to do something about that" Steve replys looking at Lena with his arms now wrapped around her and holding her close, as they stand on the dark roadway. "Lets see if you and I can find a little secluded spot somewhere here and take advantage of this beautiful dark night. There has to be some where close by here in the night for you and I".

"I was hoping you were going say that" Lean replys looking up into his eyes, and seeing the passion there, with a little look of mischeif around the edeges of his eyes. "I know just the spot and its just down the road from here, follow me". Now lena has her hand around his waist, working it into the back of his pants, rubbing his skin feeling his hairs tickling her upper arm.

"So, you got to see most of it did you?" Steve asks. "I like Gina, she seems like a sweet girl. She is very willing and open on her thoughts and I am looking forward to us teaching her."

"I got to see most of it" Lena replys. "I saw how she was moaning and moving in her chair and seen how hard her nipples got as you were stroking and rubbing her all over." "Now I want you to do the same to me, but I want it all" as Lena smiles knowling, feeling her body becoming more aroused. "And I want it hard and I also want your tongue in all the right places. It really got me turned on watching you work on her like that. I can still feel the deep pulsating deep inside of me."

Laughing, Steve says. "I have no objections to doing that, I am near ready to come as it is just thinking of you and now knowing for sure the fun we will have this coming summer. We can teach her all that we want to, and all that she is willing, no doubt there."

Steve and Lena reach their destination. A site with a few bushes, a picnic table and no campers too close by. Its now almost 2am in the morning and seems most people are in bed. The night is quiet, with only a odd voice being heard in the distance. They come up to the picnic table. Lena sits on the top with her feet on the seat. Steve leans close to Lena and starts kissing her neck and slowly moves to her mouth. His hands are caressing her back and slowly move up and slowly moves her t shirt up and over her head. He places it on the table, beside her. He can feel the little goose bumps rise on her skin as the cool air hits her bare fleash, as his hands caress her and reach for her breasts. He is thinking that this feels wonderful, tasting her sweet soft lips, feeling himself start to get hard again after the walk here.

"Hmmm", Lean moans, as Steve moves his lips down and starts playing and suckling on her breasts, flicking his tongue back and forth, making Lena's nipples hard and erect. Lena runs her hands across his back and runs her hands through his hair, bringing his head closer against her, making him suck harder. She feels her body react and feels her insides throbbing, anticipating feeling Steve inside her.

He moves his hands down and unbottons her jeans and slids the zipper down. He moves his hand inside and start to stroke Lenas clit. He can feel her heat and moisture, as he slips his finger inside her. He feels his own desire building as he feels her insides pulsate and her muscles contract around his finger.

Lena moans softly, "Oh, I have been waiting for this all night." "You don't know what its like to have to serve customes knowing that in a short while I get to watch you with Gina and then I get to have you to myself." Lena kisses steve first on his lips and then nibbles on his neck and ears. She works on the belt and zipper of his jeans, undoing them and sliding his zipper down. She runs her hands around and down the front feeling his hardness through his pants yet. Lena takes both hands now and slides his jeans down leaning forward. She rubs her hands on his backside, caressing his ass and then moving them to the front to feel the hardness of his shaft.

Lena can feel her body responding, feeling herself getting wetter with his hands stroking her. Lena lifts her backside in the air a bit and Steve pulls her pants and panties right off. Now lena is sitting on the wood picnic table totally naked, she welcomes the cool night air against her hot and inflamed body.

Steve moves down and spreads Lenas legs apart with his hands. He now sits down on the bench his body between her legs. Steve moves his head forward, his hands on her thighs and slowly takes his tongue and licks her from hole to hole. Steve moves his tongue to her clit and twirls it all around. He then moves it down and slids his tongue inside her. He wiggles it around, going in and out slowly tasting her sweet juices. He takes his one hand and strokes her ass with his fingers, slowly working one finger in her.

Lena feels herself getting wetter and feels the contrast of his hot moist tongue, and warm breathing compared to the cool air. She feels his tongue exploring her all around and inside her. She feels the deep aching, wanting need start deep inside her and working its way throughout her body. She runs her hands over Steves back and hair, leans forward and kisses the top of his head.

Steve is enjoying his exploration of her, noticing that she must have shaved recently, as she is soft and smooth from top to bottom. He loves the smoothness of a completly shaved women, getting more feeling, and enjoying the bareness and texture against his tongue. Steve feels his own arousal getting stronger, and knows he can't wait much longer. He continues to run his tongue all around her clit and bottom hole, feeling the swell of her muscles. He moves his tongue and wiggles it against her bottom hole, slowly slipping it inside. He feels her muscles contract around his tongue, and also against his finger that is inside her hot well. He enjoys the taste of her and moves his tongue back up to her hot well, licking all around and inside.

"Oh Steve, this feels so wonderful. To be outside and enjoy each other like this. It almost feels like we are the only people around" as Lena feels his tongue and her muscles pulsate with each lick of his tongue. Steve continues to move his tongue all around her, feeling her throbbing muscles and hot moist insides. He feels his own throbbing matching hers and thinks to himself which hole he wants. Front or back, he knows she will enjoys either. He moves his fingers to her insides, thrusting them in and out, and feels her shudder and knows that Lena is near ready to come. He feels her muscles contract around his fingers inside her, and feels her spurt of wettness. Lena moves her body in time with the strokes of his fingers and tongue, moaning softly.

His other hand is playing with her breasts, lightly pinching them and feeling the nipples hard and erect. Lenas hands running through his hair, and caressing his neck and ears. Steve sucks on her clit and feels it swell in his mouth and feels her muscles pulsate and try to bring his fingers into her deeper. Steve knows that Lena is coming and sucks harder on her clit, and pushes his fingers as deep as they will reach.

Lean moans and pushes her body against Steve more and arches her back. "Yes, Oh yes", as her body shudders and shakes as her pent up desires are released. All her muscles contracting as Steve continues his motions with his tongue and fingers. Finally Lena starts to relax and comes back to the present. "I needed that, seems like its been so long" as Lena smiles as she looks down to Steve, and then kisses him, tasting herself on him and enjoying the sensations of this. Lena runs her tongue around his lips and then kisses him more fully on the mouth, playing with his tongue and feeling her body relax but starting to heat up more thinking of having Steve inside her yet.

Steve mumbles against Lenas lips, "I enjoy watching you come like that." "It always arouses me to feel your muscles pull and contract around my fingers and tongue."

Lena reaches down with her hands and feels his hard throbbing manhood and the slippery wettness at its tip. She runs her fingers around it and brings her fingers to her mouth and sucks on them tasting his sweet precum. She leans towards Steve again, and kisses him more, now feeling her body starting to respond again and in new ways, as she knows she will soon have him inside her.

Steve stands up and now sits on top of the picnic table. Lena moves down to the seat and kneels inbetween Steves legs. She wraps her hand around his shaft and brings her warm moist mouth and takes him in. Lena runs her tongue all around and sucks on the tip, tasting his wettness. She moves her mouth up and down, trying to take him fully in her mouth and throat. She gets close, but can't quite get his thick throbbing shaft all the way in. Lena continues to suck and stroke Steves shaft, playing with his balls also. She moves her mouth down and licks and sucks on his balls, noticing how tight they are and knows that Steve is soon going to need his release. She smiles thinking that he has had to hold back a lot this night so far, but knows that he has and is enjoying it all. Lena thinks that he will have plently of moments coming this summer to release his own pent up desires.

Leans, slowly moves her mouth down from Steves balls and moves to his hole. She runs her tongue around and slips the tip inside him. She feels his muscles contract around her tongue and feels a shot of precum on her hand that is stroking his shaft. She can feel his throbbing and the heat radiating off him. Lena feels her own body react along with his, feeling her own arousal. She continues to play with his butt, moving her tongue in as deep as she can go. She feels Steve shudder and his body tense, as she wiggles it back and forth, and sucks at the same time. Slowly Lena removes her tongue, and licks him all around, moving up and sucking on the skin his tight balls.

Now Lena moves her head up more and takes his hard, throbbing shaft back into her mouth, tasting him again, and feeling her body pulsating, near ready to come again. Lena marvels at how smooth and soft his shaft feels, and enjoys the shot of precum as she trys to take him all into her mouth and throat again.

Steve runs his hands through Lena's soft blonde hair and lightly strokes her neck and ears. Almost a tickling sensation, he feels goosebumps raise on her skin. He feels himself near ready to let loose as her fingers move down and play with his ass. One of her fingers slowly working its way into him. He shudders, and almost lets go, but holds himself back. He pushes himself more into Lenas mouth and feels himself going down her throat, and feeling her warmth.

Steve pulls on Lena's hair and lightly pulls her back from him. He has decided its time for some real action, and knows it will not be long before he has to have his own release. Steve looks down into Lena's upturned face and looks into her eyes. He can see that she is lost in her own pleasure, by her dilated eyes. He reaches forward and kisses her deeply, playing with her tongue with his own. "Come and sit up on the table at the end here" Steve says.

Lena complys, and spreads her legs, for Steve to enter her. But Steve moves his head down and licks her from top to bottom tasting her juices. He flicks his tongue back and forth a few times and feels how swollen, her clit and muscles are. He slids his tongue into her hot well and tastes her sweet juices, feeling her pulsating. Steve brings his head up and brings his lips to hers. They kiss long and deep, chasing each others tongues, and exploring each other mouths. Steve moves his body closer to Lena's and slowly Slides his throbbing shaft into Lenas hot well. Steve feels her muscles contract around his shaft, and almost lets go. He changes his direction of though for a moment to control himself. Now he slowly thrusts in and out, and then moving faster, feeling her muscles tighten more along with his own throbbing.

Lena has her arms wrapped Steves neck, her legs around his backside. She can feel her nipples rubbing against his chest hair, and the friction it creates. She feels his throbbing shaft deep inside her reaching her bottom and giving her exquist pleasure. Lena feels herself coming, as Steve seems to hit all her pleasure points at once. She feels her muscles tighten and contract around his shaft as he thrusts in and out, feeling his balls against her, tightening more with each movement. Lena knows Steve is on the verge of coming also, as she now reaches her peak, all her muscles contracting, and pulsating at the same time. She feels her wettness, as Steve thrusts in and out. The waves of pleasure keep coming to her as she feels Steve hit her bottom and beyond, and still her body tries to pull him in deeper, as she feels his fullness more with each contraction of coming. Lena moans as the pleasure continues, as she comes and feels her body heating up again wanting and seeking more pleasure.

Steve slows his motions down, knowing that Lena has come, feeling her muscles as they slowly slow their throbbing and pulsating motions, but also knowing that she will come again with a little more friction, giving her another orgasm. Lena feels his fullness inside her, throbbing and needing his own release, making her body respond to his again, and then Steve removes himself from her before he comes and herself as well.

Steve sits down on the seat "Come and straddle me, I want to enter your backside to finish myself off." Lena does as Steve asks and slowly lowers her body down toward his hard throbbing shaft. He enters her hot moist pussy first, feeling her heat combined with his own. Steve wraps his arms around lena and then brings his one hand down and plays with her back hole He slowly enters his finger into her, giving her new and different pleasuresas he slowly moves his finger back and forth and in and out.

Lena feels her need and desire of release building again, feeling Steve inside her and his finger in her ass. The friction of both with each stroke bringing her close to another orgasm.

Now Steve raises Lena's body and withdraws his hard throbbing shaft, and moves it to her backside. Slowly his shaft enters her backside, as she lowers her body back down onto his. Steve feels the tight muscles contract tighter around him, and then loosen a little as he now enters her completely, all of him inside her ass. He thrusts up and down, Lena meeting him with each stroke. Steve feels his pressure building and knows that he can hold off no longer. Steve comes, feeling the waves of pleasure going through his body as his hot seed shots from him into Lena. His body shudders and they both moan as their bodys reach the climax. He feels Lena muscles contract tighter around him as her own desire is released, almost the same time as his. He feels his body starting to relax as he reaches the end of his orgasm. He feels Lenas body relax also, her muscles still throbbing but with less force.

Lena feels Steves body start to relax along with her own, feeling his light throbbing as the last of his seed is released. She feels her bodys reactions slowing down also. "Hmmm, I have to say, that I will do again anytime" Lena says as she looks into Steves eyes and then kisses him softly on the mouth.

"I will agree with you on that. And we have the summer to do more of this again yet."Steve replys as he looks into Lenas eyes and sees her contentment shining through. Slowly Steve disengages himself from Lenas backside and feels the night air as he does so. Lena moves and sits on top of the picnic table and reaches for her shirt. Steve reaches down, hands her her pants, and puts his own back on.

As they put their clothes back on they hear a twig snap and look in the direction it came from. Gina walks out from behind a tree and smiles at Lena and Steve. "well, hello Gina," Steve replys "have you been there long? I hope you enjoyed what you saw?"

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