New Sex Companion

by Devil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Squirting, Water Sports, .

Desc: Sex Story: A story about a couple having new sexual experiences. Here Steve and Lena get a new dog and bring him into their sexual fantasies. It's always been Lena's desire to have sex with a dog

I think to myself...

Tonight could be the night I get to fulfill one of my fantasitys. I can feel my body getting excited and aroused just thinking about it, as I have wanted to try this for a few years, but had not found the right partner to do it with until now. And to actually have my lover involved in it also, what more could a women want.

I had just gotten a call from my bodyfriend, Steve, saying that he had finally found what we had been looking for and was bringing it over to my place in about a hour. Good, I think, that will give me time to get ready for the coming evening.

I go and have a quick shower, get myself cleaned up from the day, and get dressed, putting just shorts and a t-shirt on as we had made plans on going for a walk down to the lake once Steve gets here. I also get the bedroom set up with a few candles and a few toys close at hand, if needed for later. I make the bed and make sure there are fresh towels in the bathroom.

Steve shows up with our new friend... and hopefully new sex companion.

He is a collie, golden lab mixed male dog. He jumps out of Steves car as he opens his door, and comes straight towards me. "He looks like a very nice friendly dog" I say to Steve as I look up at him, as he now gets out of his vehicle, and the dog starts to lick my face. "I think he will do very nicely." as I now look into the dark liquid eyes of the dog. The dog is of medium build, and has golden colored short fur. He is not a big dog nor a small one, as I study him as closely as the dog is studying me.

Steve looks to me and replys "yes he is nice, the lady at the pound said that his previous owner was a older female, but she could not take him with her where she was moving to, and thats why he ended up at the pound. They said he is very mild tempered, loves kids and especially females and he is about 4 years old." "Oh, and his name is Rex"

"Well, lets take him for a walk so we can all get aquainted better and get him use to us". Lena replys. "I really do like the looks of him, and it looks like he likes us", as the dog first rubs against me and then against Steve looking for attention and getting rubs and pats from both of us.

"Even driving down here, he just sat on the seat like he belonged there" as Steve pets him. "And every so often he would lay down and put his head in my lap and just lay there, looking up at me with trust and compassion in his eyes" Steve says. Even when I first saw him at the pound, I knew he was the right one for us."

"Hello Rex" I say, crouching down to his level looking into his dark brown liquid eyes, and he starts to lick me with his tongue on my face. "My name is Lena", as I stare into his trusting eyes, rubbing my fingers behind his ears and moving my hand down to scratch his belly. He continues licking my face, his short tail wagging. I feel his soft golden hair, and feel myself liking Rex right away. "Lets take him down to the lake and see if he likes the water. If he does then he can have a shower with us later, and then we can get ourselfs really aquainted with each other." as I think of the fun that will be then.

Off we head walking down towards the lake, going slow, Steve and I with our arms wrapped around each other with Rex inbetween us on his leash. Rex is excited and explores as much as his leash will allow him, checking out the bushes and sniffing all the wonderful things only a dog can smell. Steve and I feeling each others heat and desire as we walk and talk of our days past, since the last time we chatted. Rex comes back towards us for a pat and rub every so often, as we continue our walk. "He really does seem like the perfect dog for us", I say. "I am looking forward to trying him out later tonight, and hopefully other nights as well as I look first at Rex and then up at Steve. Whom do I want more I think to myself as I look into Steves eyes seeing his own excitement reflected there. I feel my body almost turn to mush looking into his eyes, and thinking of the fun to be had.

We now reach the lake shore and Rex is pulling on his leash, all excited wanting to go into the water. I laugh, seeing Rex pull Steve into the lake. I follow, enjoying the coolness of the water, cooling my body down and making me enjoy the moment for what it is.

"Lets let him off the leash to play a bit" Shawn says. "Here is a stick we can throw for him to play catch with us". Shawn walks into the water more. I follow, going deeper into the lake. The water is fairly warm, even though it is only the end of May but the weather has been fairly hot the last couple of weeks.

We play with Rex, and he seems to be in his glory taking turns bringing the stick first to Steve and then to me. I call Rex to me and rub his head and he rubs up against me, his nose inbetween my legs. I can feel his hot breath against my bare leg, and it sends exciting chills throughout my body.

We continue to play with Rex and also with each other, splashing and getting totally soaked. I sneak up behind Steve when he is not looking and splash him all over his back with water hitting the back of his head and the water running down his face. He laughs, saying, "I'll get you for that" and chases me and splashes me.

I almost slip saying "ohhh" and fall but Steve catches me with his strong arms and brings my body against his. He reaches down and kisses me deeply, making my body tingle all over. He pulls me closer to him more and runs his hands to my breasts, making my nipples hard and erect, sending little shocks of tingling sensations through my body. I put my arms around Steve and return his kiss, letting the pleasure flow through my body, feeling his body against mine.

"Hmmm, that feels wonderful", I say, looking into Steves eyes. "Lets go back home and have a shower and see if we can get Rex aroused with us" My mind thinking of what all is to come. I have always wanted to try having intercourse with a dog, and could feel my body getting even more aroused imagining all the possibilitys to come. I call Rex back to us. He comes bounding up right away. We put the leash back on him and start walking back to my place.

Steve asks "Are you ready for this?" We have our arms around each other, enjoying the closeness and heat radiating from each other, not feeling the chill of the coming night even though we are still wet from the lake. "I know I am, I have been looking forward to it since we first started talking about it."

"Yes, I am, and I know my body is all aroused just thinking of tonight." Lena replys. "This is my fantasity we are fullfilling tonight."

Rex is still full of energy, and shakes himself off, spraying water on both of us. We laugh as we are already soaked, and give Rex a pat on the head and we near my place. "Yes, " Steve says, "I think this summer is going to be our time to live out a few of our fantastys." We will have many fun times. He says with a small chuckle, and brings my body closer to his, with his arm tightening around my waist.

Steve and I arrive at my place and head directly to the bedroom, and into the attached bathroom, bringing Rex with us.

We slowly undress each other, kissing and caressing as we remove each others wet clothes. I feel my body responding to Steves kisses and then he slips his finger down to my throbbing clit and rubs and slowly slids it inside me. I moan and say, "oh that feels wonderful, if you kept that up for another minute I will come right away"... I feel my muscles contract and feel myself getting wetter as he continues to rub and move his finger in and out.

I kiss his neck, and earlobes then move my head so our lips meet, in a long lingering kiss, our tongues playing with each other. I move my hand down and stroke his hard shaft. Rex moves his body close to us and starts licking me, first on my leg and then moves his tongue slowly upward and finds my ass. His tongue feels rough and smooth both at the same time, and sends tingling goosebumps where his tongue touches me. I feel both Steve and Rex's tounges. Rex moves his tongue closer to my pussy and I spread my legs a bit for him to get a taste.

Steve removes his finger from inside me, and brings it to my mouth. I take his finger that was just inside me and suck on it, looking into Steves eyes smiling. He then take his hand and moves it to my breast, slightly squeezing first one and then the other. My nipples harden in response to his touch and I can feel his hard manhood against me. I feel his heat and his wet precum on my belly. I can feel his throbbing matching my own.

Steve moves his body away from me, and starts the water running in the tub. Rex is still licking my ass, with a few long licks reaching my pussy. I move my body around so I am facing him, and crouch down so I am level with Rex. Rex moves his head back to my spread legs and starts licking me again, trying to get his tongue inside of me, now playing with my pussy. I feel his wet cold nose against me and his warm tongue lapping up my juices. I rub between his ears, and along his back, moving my hand down so it is inbetween his back leggs. I stroke him on his belly and then move my hand to his shaft. He is not hard yet, but he seems to enjoy it, and I feel him starting to come out of his protective sheath.

I now stand back up and all three of us get into the shower. Rex, is in the middle and faces Steve. Rex starts to lick Steves balls with his tongue. I see Steve harden more, and notice the skin of his balls contract. I look up into his eyes and see that he is enjoying it, with a suprised smile on his face. "I think both of us are going to enjoy having Rex around us", Steve says. "I never though I would enjoy the pleasure of this experience".

As Rex continues to lick Steves balls with gentleness, and also his ass, with his long tongue. I crouch down and start rubbing Rex inbetween his legs, and slowly move my hand to his sheath. I feel Rex getting hard and his shaft starting to come out more.

Rex then turns around and start to lick me and my pussy, I can feel his shaft coming out more, as the water from the shower falls on us. I look up to Steve and smile, and he smiles back at me. No words are needed at this moment. I take my other hand and play with Steves hard manhood. I think to myself that this is pure enjoyment, playing with two cocks at the same time.

With the water running down on all three of us, I shampoo Rexs hair, and Steve shampoos mine, as I am crouched over Rex. I stand up and do Steves hair and then take the bar of soap and rub it all over Steves body slowly moving my hand down to his hard shaft. I crouch down onto my knees and take his shaft into my mouth and down my throat as far as I can. I feel his precum and throbbing in my mouth and throat. I move my head back some and run my tongue around his head and hole tasting him more as I bring him more into my mouth again. Then as I withdraw him from my mouth I taste his sweet precum again and lick his shaft all around, and run my tongue down to his shaved smooth balls. I feel his balls contract as I move my head and run my tongue around his ass.

Now I stand up and lean my body into Steves. I Look into his eyes and say " I need to take a shower, and it really can't wait." Rex is now licking my ass as he is behind me.

"Hmmm", Steve says, "The best of the showers to have, let me help you out" as he crouches down and put his mouth and tongue against my pussy and legg.

I feel myself letting my water go, I feel Steve with his tongue lapping it up and running his tongue all around me, his hands caressing my ass and leggs. I feel my body, my own heat going into and onto Steve, and marval at how this turns me on. I then feel Rexs tongue joining Steves, and the feelings and pleasure I get from this is unreal, its not so much a cumming sensation, but a fullfilling erotic pleasure. Its like giving your body up for whatever may come, and just enjoying the sensation of the body with no inhibitions. I slowly finish and let myself come back to reality.

"Can you shower for me?" I ask Steve. I look down at him "I could use a litttle drink myself" as I bend down and kiss him slowly on the lips. Steve stands up, as we still kiss.

"I think that can be arranged" as he moves away a bit and nibbles my neck.

I kneel down, and stroke his leg with my hand. Steve slowly lets his water go. I lick his shaft, feeling his heat, and move my tongue to his hole. I taste his stream as I flick my tongue back and forth, it running into my face and hair. I enjoy the pressure of his stream hitting my tongue and mouth as he slowly finishes letting go. I stand back up after he is done and kiss his nipples and run my tongue around each one.

"Enough of the shower" Steve says, "lets climb into bed and get to some real action", as he looks first at me and then at Rex, whom is still licking my pussy and my ass. I can see Steves excitement and know he sees mine also in my eyes.

We shut the water off and get out of the shower. Rex goes to shake himself off, but I catch most of it with a towel I had thrown over him just before. I dry Steve off, admiring his strong muscular body as I do this, his hairy chest that I can feel rubbing against my nipples, as I lean my body into his, drying his back. Steve drys me off also, his arms around me his mouth nibbling my neck and ears as he does this.

Rex is bounding around us as we dry each other off and now we move to the bed.

I cuddle up to Steve laying my head on his shoulder and enjoy the heat his body radiates out, warming me up. He wraps his arms around me, and we turn to each other and kiss deeply, running our hands all over each other, both of us warming up quickly with passion and desire and the need of wanting. I feel my nipples being tickled from the hair on his chest, and feel his hard shaft pressed against me throbbing and pulsating.

Rex jumps onto the bed with us, and tries to wiggle inbetween us. His fur is still damp and is cool against our now hot bodies. We laugh, and we both look at Rex. He returns our stare, his dark brown liquid eyes, full of trust for the two of us even though we have only met. Steve says, "I think Rex is as excited about this as you and I are".

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