The Eternal Search for Completion of the Soul
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Science Fiction, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Captain Esmerelda Petersen is known as "the Ice Queen"...until she finally learns to love while in command of a ship in orbit around a black hole. However, when one of her lovers is trapped in the gravitational well of the singularity, Esme risks her life to save him... only to find that she's brought something back to the ship that may change the future of mankind... if it doesn't kill them first!

Captain Esmerelda Petersen stared out the porthole glass, watching for one of the occasional bursts of light that came from the event horizon of the singularity. That was about as exciting as a day on the United Expeditionary Forces science station Arthur C. Clarke ever was. And she had only herself to blame.

Her first love had always been science. From the time she had been old enough to pick up a test tube for the first time, she had been hooked on exploring the mysteries of chemistry, physics, and biology. At 20, she had graduated from the University of Arizona with degrees in both physics and chemistry, as well as minors in biology and astronomy. She could have had any job she wanted with any research or technology firm on Earth, and the recruiters had dangled interesting incentives in front of her during her last semester in school. She pondered and considered, and tried to imagine where she'd be in 10 years, in 20 years, if she accepted any of the offers. Most of the time, those thoughts ended with her in a white lab coat, injecting mice with yet another version of some cure-all drug or youth formula. Despite the temptations of perhaps finding something that could completely revolutionize the human condition... she found the idea of sitting in a laboratory for the rest of her life extremely boring.

So she had reached for the stars.

The U.E.F. did not actively recruit scientists, at least not to the extent that Dupont or Merck did. Yet, less than two weeks after she had sent her application for entry into the service, she received a letter back from U.E.F. headquarters in Washington.


So she sold all of the belongings she had gathered in her few years as a student, packed a small bag, and boarded a bus headed to Las Vegas, where she would rendezvous with several other potential U.E.F. initiates, who would then be ferried to the service's groundside training headquarters in the Nevada desert.

Her mother had looked so small and frail that day, standing by the bus, knowing she wouldn't see her daughter again soon, if at all. When Esmerelda bent over and wrapped her arms tight around the woman who had struggled, alone, to raise her, she could hear the thought behind the return embrace.

'Don't leave me.'

But as much as she loved her mother, she loved science more. And the chance to explore solar systems, to find new life forms, to add to humankind's knowledge of the chemical and physical sciences... the thought of that pulled her from her mother's embrace and into the U.E.F.

Into what now was eighteen months of watching a black hole do nothing but what a black hole does... suck things into nothingness.

She felt Marcus' arms slip around her waist, his lips touching her neck just under the jaw line. "Good morning, beautiful."

She ruffled a hand through his hair absently, still lost in her thoughts.

"Ahhhh, I see the 'Ice Queen' has returned to duty," Marcus said mockingly.

She couldn't help but smile at that. Through a year of training and tests at the U.E.F. Academy, her calm during emergency situations had earned the nickname "Ice" from her instructors.

After a year of spurning offers from any man who asked her out, even for coffee, that had been modified to "Ice Bitch." Esme was far from unattractive; at 5' 8" and 135 pounds, she had delicious curves in all the right places, especially when emphasized by a jet-black U.E.F. jumpsuit. Her blonde hair and vaguely Nordic features added even more to her "icy" reputation. For the four years of continuing training and research in Earth's solar system during which she was promoted from ensign to first lieutenant, the nickname had followed her wherever she had been stationed, and she secretly had to admit that she was proud it had. To her it meant two things: one, that she gave as well as she got from the chauvinistic men, both superiors and subordinates, who tried to give her grief because she knew her business and refused to meet their image of what a woman "should be"; and two, that she had never, ever let herself become entangled in any kind of personal relationship that might complicate her goal of getting a long-term assignment outside the solar system.

With her promotion to captain and assignment to helm the Arthur C. Clarke, the nickname changed again. Because she was believed to be the first female captain placed in charge of a U.E.F. science station, she moved from "Ice Bitch" to "Ice Queen." As Marcus' hands moved up her naked torso to fondle and squeeze her breasts, she smiled at the various ways the handle did and did not suit her now. She had indeed had to be "iced," or placed in cryogenic suspension for the trip outbound. And she had been rather icy to the crew when she had arrived, given what she saw as the sloppy nature of both their attention to their jobs, and their attention to doing things by the book.

And then, six months had passed in unending boredom, watching an invisible hole in space-time swallow things like a frog with a very, very long tongue. And the ice began to melt.

After one too many 10 hour shifts with nothing to do but sit in a chair and listen to everyone else complaining about having nothing to do but complain, she entered her cabin and broke open one of the few "exempt" items she had been allowed to have ferried with her to the Clarke: a bottle of Irish Whiskey given to her by her last Captain as a going away present. His note was still stuck to the label inside the box - "In case of emergency, break seal, pour into, not onto, Ice. Repeat as necessary."

She followed his instructions to the letter, and it was a drunken Captain Esmerelda Petersen who thereupon called Second Lieutenant Marcus Bird to her cabin, where she asked him to join her in a snort... or two... or ten.

'Why Marcus?' she wondered. 'Was it because he was the highest ranking male junior officer that I could stand to be within 5 feet of?'

To this day, they still argued over who propositioned whom... but when all was said and done, they had wound up in bed together, neither caring about what would happen the next day when reality and rank came down upon their heads.

Except that the stark reality was that no one on the station particularly cared if she slept with Marcus or not. In fact, most hoped that, if anything, it might modify her attitude to one of acceptance and tolerance, or at least a little less rigidity.

'Speaking of rigidity... ' she thought, reaching back with her right hand to caress her lover's cock. She moaned as one of his hands slid down her torso and busied itself sliding an index finger between her pussy lips from her tunnel to her button and then back again.

Once she was sure that she wouldn't lose respect among the crew, the captain did relax... a bit. While the boredom was still there, being able to have Marcus there as well kept her more stable. And he was able to give her valuable insights into the personalities and motivations of the various members of the crew, which helped her tailor interactions with them to be beneficial both on a service and a human level. She knew she had been accepted as commander the first time she keyed her intercom and Dr. Porter had answered "Yes, Captain Esme?"

Tired of foreplay, Esme spread her legs a bit wider and backed onto Marcus' cock, letting him guide her by the hips until her ass was pushed firmly into his groin. Placing her hands against the bulkhead, she murmured "Full speed ahead, Lieutenant," to which Marcus laughingly replied "Aye, aye, Captain."

So slowly that it was almost torture, Marcus slid his 9-inch member out of her until only the head remained between her lower lips. Then, without preamble, he plunged his length into her, causing a cry to tumble from Esme's lips. She enjoyed almost any act of lovemaking, but, in their personal code, "full speed ahead" meant fast, hard, and right now. Marcus spared no time in subtleties, but bucked his cock into her like he meant to ram her through the wall into space. Esme rode each thrust with a slight rotation of her hips, as if trying to trap him deep within her but never being able to proceed.

"Wow that looks like fun! Can I get some of that?"

First Lieutenant Lucinda Watkins walked up behind Marcus and cupped his ass in her hands as he busily thrust into his captain. Panting, Marcus gasped out "The only way... you'll get any... of this... is if you go... 'below-decks.'"

'Cinda only smiled wider, and without hesitation dropped down to her knees and crawled underneath the arch of Esme's torso as Marcus drove deep inside her again. After timing his thrusts so that she wouldn't get clobbered by his forward momentum, 'Cinda slowly eased her head into position below Esme's pussy, and slid her tongue into place where Marcus' shaft was buried. As he pulled out, 'Cinda's tongue touched the underside of his cock, sending shivers of pleasure through his body. As he plunged in again, 'Cinda sucked on Esme's exposed clit, causing Esme to yell as orgasm overtook her.

However, Marcus didn't stop plunging deep into Esme's pussy, and 'Cinda kept right on sucking and licking them both. Soon, she was teetering on the edge of a second orgasm, and, knowing it was nearly time for all of them to report to duty, she started squeezing her vaginal walls together in time with Marcus' thrusts, in hopes of getting him to cum too.

Marcus was already close, and having Esme start milking his cock inside her finally pushed him over. He thrust deep, and felt his seed explode into his captain's tunnel; his explosion triggered her own, and he grabbed her by the waist as her arms went limp and she pitched forward on top of 'Cinda.

Marcus pulled her back toward him, his cock still buried deep in her, as she recovered from their joint release. 'Cinda enjoyed the taste of their commingled juices as she licked and sucked them both from below.

Finally, Esme felt enough strength return to push herself upright, sliding Marcus' cock from inside her in the process. 'Cinda seemed confused for a moment, watching Marcus slide down into a chair to recover, then pull Esme into his lap, giving her a deep kiss; then she returned to licking and sucking Esme's cunt, dipping her tongue deep, as if trying to remove all traces of Marcus' sperm from inside. Done with that, she started on Marcus' cock, licking the quickly drying rod from the tip of its head to the base of his balls. Once finished, she sat back on her haunches, licking her lips, for all the world looking like a cat that's just drained a saucer full of milk.

Esme shook her head in wonder. She'd gone from being "Ice Queen" to being at the top of the pecking order of a three-way relationship in only six months. 'Life is just full of surprises, ' she murmured to herself. Then, looking at the time, she stood up, frowning.

"We've got eight minutes to get showered, dressed, and relieve the night watch. Let's get moving!"

"Aye, aye, Cap'n Ice Queen!" Marcus and 'Cinda said in unison, snapping to attention... then breaking up in laughter.

Watching them, Esme did something she wouldn't have even thought about two months earlier.

She broke up in laughter, too.

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