Carmen: My New Secretary

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom hires a new secretary, Carmen, and finds out that she's much more skilled than he'd first thought.

I'd been through several secretaries in recent months -- they'd always leave and go somewhere else for a variety of reasons. So, I'd gone through the process of advertising, interviewing and selecting another new secretary to help me out in the company. I actually had a very difficult time picking the right woman because I didnt' just want a sex-minded bimbo who couldn't do the work. I wanted a woman, first and foremost, who was competent in her secretarial skills and could help me make the company work better administratively. Carmen was my choice and I felt very confident that she'd work out perfectly.

Her first day of work, however, I immediately wondered if I'd made a mistake when I saw how Carmen dressed for work. Most people might have taken her outfit as being very mature and very professional -- very what she had on screamed "Fuck me" so loud I could hardly think of anything else. Carmen had on a black skirt that was very snug around her trim figure and she was wearing what I was sure were either dark pantyhose or maybe she'd even gone sexier for me and was wearing a garter belt and dark stockings with it. She had on a very nice jacket and under that a rather see-through white blouse that I was sure wouldn't conceal anything when it was removed. With the jacket unbuttoned, I could see that Carmen had on a demi-bra underneath her blouse that was nicely holding her rather full sexy C-cup breasts. I hadn't expected this sort of dress from Carmen but my immediate reaction to what she had on was a rapidly hardening cock in my pants.

I knew that Carmen was married and had a couple of kids but that didn't phase me at all with her dressed as she was. I figured she was a big girl and if she'd chosen to dress that way to my office and her workplace, she was certainly old enough to know what she was doing. Did I think Carmen knew precisely what she was doing when she dressed in such a sexy and suggestive way? Absolutely!!! I think any woman who's got a good mind knows precisely what she's doing when she picks out an outfit that shows off her figure, her ass, her legs and her nice shapely breasts in such a visible and clearly public way. Anyway, whether she knew what she'd done by the way she'd dressed that morning we'd soon find out. I wasn't a rapist and I wasn't going to force myself on Carmen, so if she said "stop" and it was obvious that she meant it, we'd blow the whistle and I'd back off in a heartbeat.

I walked over to Carmen's desk and stood there, very openly and obviously taking in how hot and sexy she looked as she sat there. She looked up straight into my eyes and I noticed the instant our eyes met in a very blantant gaze at each other that her breathing became slightly faster in response to my standing there so close to her. It wasn't hard to see the rate of her breath with the top and the sexy bra she was wearing. I felt my cock grow instantly harder as I saw Carmen's full sexy tits in her demi-bra rising and falling with each breath she took in.

"Carmen, you know I'm not blind and you also know that nothing was said during your job interview about anything other than your normal job duties, but if you're going to dress like this, you're obviously sending me some very open and obvious signals that convey other intents besides the duties we agreed on for you here," I said. I made no effort to hide the obvious erection pressing out hard against my pants and obviously I hoped Carmen could see the effect she was having on me.

"Oh, and what other duties would that be, Tom?" Carmen asked as she turned in her chair, moving her sexy stockinged legs out from under her work desk. "You're right, we really didn't talk about any "duties as assigned" but I'm open to any suggestions you might have on other areas where you'd like my assistance," Carmen said as she opened her legs slightly as she sat there in her chair. I looked her up and down from head to toe again and felt my cock growing very engorged and very horny to be insdie her pussy as I loved the sexy way she was dressed. I love women in every degree of dress or un-dress but my imagination can do plenty with a sexy mature woman like Carmen when she's dressed in provocatively sexy clothes even as "proper" as hers seemed to be.

"Well, Carmen," I said as I leaned forward, covering her right breast underneath the material of her blouse and bra with my firm muscular left hand, "it's been obvious since the day we first met that you're a very sexy woman and I'd really love to see what you look like without your clothes on as much as I'm enjoying the way you're dressed right now."

"Mmmmmmm, Tom, your hand feels so good on my breast, touch me, please, touch me and do that some more," Carmen moaned as her eyes fluttered shut and I felt her breast swell underneath the grasp of my hand on her body. My cock was pressed hard against my pants, and I wanted to throw Carmen up on her desk and sexually ravish her then and there. I can't tell you how sexy I thought the outfit Carmen had on was, and she'd gotten a desired result -- I was hornier than fuck and my cock was tenting hard against my pants.

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