Few Changes

by sooper

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Father, Daughter, Light Bond, Bestiality, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: The Starke family make a few changes in their lifestyle.

Author's Note: This is the first ever story I've written about bestiality, and I would really appreciate any and all feedback about this. Gettig your response is the only way I can improve my writing.

Characters (in order of appearance):

  • Ralph Starke, handsome man in his mid-to-late thirties. Has only one hang-up, and that's his daughter.

  • Max, a large dog with a proportional dick and modern morals.

  • Stacy Starke, attractive and innovative. Thinks with her pussy.

  • Maya Clarke, who doesn't turn out to be a hypocrite.

(I have dispensed with specific descriptions. Use your imagination to form them into whoever turns you on. Personally, I prefer a blonde as Stacy and a redhead as Maya, and Max a... )

Ralph Starke smiled to himself as he pulled into his driveway. He could feel it in his bones that it was his day and nothing could go wrong. He had spent months going over his plan, modifying and refining it, until he was sure it couldn't be improved upon. Today, he would complete Phase One of his self-styled "Operation Exchange," as he had named it.

As soon as he opened the door, Max, the three year old family dog, bounded across the hallway with a loud woof and jumped up. Ralph was a strong man; a weaker man would have fallen down under the dog's weight. The excited animal licked his master's face lovingly, and Ralph laughed pleasantly, pushing his face away.

From the kitchen, he heard his wife call out. "Ralph, is that you?"

"Yeah," he answered, removing his coat and unbuttoning his shirt. He walked into the kitchen barefoot, wanting to surprise his wife. She had her back turned to him, baking something. His hands circled her waist and pulled her towards him. She yelped, and then tried to twist around in his arms. He was too strong for her, though, and she ended up pinned against the cabinets.

"Hmmm," he said, nuzzling her neck, "Where's our daughter?"

For a second, Stacy froze, her hackles raised. Her husband seemed to be obsessed with their daughter, although as far as she herself knew, he had never laid a hand on Maya. Stacy knew a lot of her insecurity stemmed from her own jealousy about her daughter's good looks and the fact that she had her father wrapped around her thumbs.

"Cheerleading practice," she shot back curtly. "She'll be spending the night at her friend's place."

She supposed he would be disappointed; she was surprised when he said, "Good. That means we have the house to ourselves tonight, don't we?" A shiver coursed her body when he nibbled her earlobe. "All to ourselves," he repeated as he pinched her nipple with one hand and fondled her pussy with his other.

"What's with the kinky act, darling?" she asked him, feeling his hardness against her ass.

"Not an act," he replied, pinching a nipple so hard that she gave a small whimper. "We've got a lot of catching up to do."

Truer words had never been spoken, Stacy thought to herself. It had been over a month since they had had a big fight over something which neither of them even remembered, and he had spent every night on the couch in the living room. At first, Stacy had even thought that it was all a ploy to seduce their daughter Maya, but all her fears had proved unfounded. She felt ashamed that she had even suspected her husband of trying to get into his daughter's pants. He seemed to know the difference between fantasy and reality even better than she did.

"Yeah," she agreed, "It's been too long."

The next thing she knew, she was thrown over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. As he carried her, she protested weakly, just as a formality, that she had to make dinner. He pretended not to hear her as he carried her all the way upstairs to their bedroom.

She was drawing shallow breaths when he flung her on the bed, and then he jumped on top of her, and they were rolling around, kissing, arms locked around each other. Even as their lips were still locked together, Ralph managed to clamp his hands on the neck of her blouse and tore it off. His wife obliged by removing her hands from around him just long enough for him to get her blouse completely off.

Her thin excuse of a bra followed the blouse.

She moaned loudly when he moved his face down to her breasts and started suckling them, not bothering to lower her voice. Ralph did not mind that - in fact, he wanted her to let go of all her inhibitions. So far, his plan was realizing well, the fast seduction and Stacy's horniness as he had wanted.

He felt no guilt that while it was love and sex for his wife, it was purely objective for him. Fucking her was a part of his plan, and nothing more.

He spent a little time on her breasts before uncovering her pussy. She was already wet, ready to receive him, and before his wife realized what was happening, he was shoving his cock into her cunt. For a second, as her eyes widened, he thought she would stop him; his fears proved unnecessary when she bucked her hips forward, meeting him midway into his push.

It took him just a few seconds to start spraying, especially as he had no intention of waiting for his wife's orgasm. He pounded her ferociously. Stacy was surprised by the single-mindedness he showed towards his own release, and rather than blow it out of proportion, she willed herself to cum.

In less than five minutes since they had started, they had finished. Stacy was disappointed, and it showed on her face as she studied her husband's face. What was it about him that seemed to be so different today, she wondered. There was an intensity that was usually absent...

Ralph continued fondling her breasts for a few minutes, and her mind was distracted from bringing anything else up as her body responded to his overtures. Ralph's next target was her pussy. With his practiced hands, he had his wife thrashing about in little time, and as she came on his fingers, he pulled out of the drawer the large vibrator that she had bought a fortnight ago.

He had planned everything to the smallest of details, and it seemed more and more as if Fate was on his side. His wife was proving to be a pushover beyond his wildest optimism.

He inserted the vibrator into her pussy silently, jamming it in all the way until only the plastic balls were visible. Satisfied with his work, he jumped up and ran into the living room, returning before his wife had even realized that he had left her briefly. In his hand, he held two strips of nylon rope and a pair of handcuffs.

Even as her movements subsided, even as his wife felt the orgasm fading, he pushed her over on her side and clamped the handcuffs on her wrists. The locking mechanism sounded its success with two metallic clicks, and when he tested them by pulling her hands, he found them perfectly incapacitating.

Using the two strips of nylon, he looped her ankles and tied her spread-eagled on the bed, her wet pussy bared, to the posts at the two corners. Then he pulled the vibrator out and threw it into the bedroom, where it crashed to the floor and broke, spilling its batteries out. And then, nonchalantly, as he waited for her to wake up - she seemed to have passed out - he pulled on an old robe of his over a thin t-shirt and shorts and lit a cigar.

He didn't mind waiting. He wasn't going to spoil his success by rushing things. And it pleased him that it didn't take too much to push his wife over the edge.

Presently, she woke up. It was quite a disorienting experience for Stacy to wake up with her hands and legs immobilized, and for a few seconds, she wriggled her limbs to escape. Ralph's knots were too good for her.

"Don't bother, honey," Ralph said, still seated. "They won't come off that easily."

"Ooh," Stacy cooed, misunderstanding his intentions, "The Big Guy wants to play tough, eh?"

"Kind of," her husband replied off-handedly. "How do you like it?"

"Like what?" Stacy retorted saucily, putting on a bad-girl pout. "Being tied to our bed? Helpless and naked? Alone?"

"Oh, don't worry about being alone." He gave a sharp whistle. "Not for long, in any case." With a patronizing smile on his handsome face, he stood up and walked over to the bed. Stacy tensed in anticipation; Ralph felt her tension. He leaned over and nibbled one of her nipples, causing her to moan softly.

Stacy felt a hand on her ass, lifting her; with his other hand, Ralph reached over her head and grabbed a pillow. He slid it underneath her before covering it with a towel he had retrieved from the bathroom. The pillow caused her crotch to stick out, the vaginal lips glistening with leftover fluids, and a very strong odor of her sex permeated his nostrils.

Stacy had never experienced any sort of bondage, but the terror of the unknown was not within her at that moment. With her own crotch blocking her vision, she could see only the top of the doorframe.

Ralph turned around as he heard the sound of pattering feet, grinning when he saw the dog looking at him, it seemed, with a grin on its face as well. He signaled the dog to sit; one-hundred and thirty pounds of muscle and flesh obeyed him respectfully. Max sniffed the air once, and then, even as Ralph watched, stared at the exposed sex on the bed. His cock started to emerge from its sheath.

Ralph turned towards his wife with a naughty smile. "Close your eyes, hon, I've got a surprise for you."

Stacy closed her eyes, wondering as she did what her husband was up to. Although she hadn't seen him, she knew Max was also in the room, but they had never allowed the dog into their room when they were having sex. Ralph had been adamant about that.

Until now. And that puzzled Stacy.

Puzzled her until her befuddled brain somehow managed to put everything into context, and then she realized with horror the fate that awaited her.

The bastard...

She opened her eyes to see a long tongue touch down on her wet pussy, and the words that were about to be shouted died in her throat. Instead, even as she shook with revulsion, her pussy tingled strangely. In spite of herself, she started to laugh uncontrollably as she felt her lips being tickled by his rough tongue.

A loud moan escaped from her lips, and she could not stop herself from crying out immediately afterwards, "Oh, Max... oh, shit, that's it, baby!" As if he had needed to hear those words, Max started to relish her cunt with even rougher, slower strokes of his tongue.

Stacy was as ashamed of herself as she was aroused by her dog. For one brief moment, she wanted to push her dog away and lunge at her husband, but that thought was quickly removed from her mind when Max stuck his nose - Oh my God, she thought, his goddamned fucking nose - into her pussy and rubbed it around her clit.

There seemed to be nothing else for her to do but give in, and she realized at that moment that her fate was inevitable. Her life would never be the same ever again, and she was surprised that she wasn't worried about her future. Perhaps it was the taboo of a dog mating with her, but all she knew for sure was that it wouldn't be the only instance of intimacy between herself and her dog.

With her barriers broken, Stacy no longer had to fight herself from enjoying the situation. What could she do, after all, with her hands cuffed behind her back and her legs tied spread-eagled, and with two powerful males in the room, one her husband, the other their dog, both of them intent on the same thing?

She no longer cared if she appeared sluttish or sick, and bucked her hips upward to meet the dog's mouth. "That's it, Maxie, oh baby, that's it! Lick me, you son of a bitch -" Ralph found that funny, "- shove that tongue of yours into my pussy. You like Momma's pussy, don't you?"

Max continued slurping away at his mistress's pussy, finding himself turned on by the heat of the female. She was menstruating, he sensed, or was very close to her periods. Of course, he didn't understand why he was just licking her pussy when he could have been just fucking it as hard as he wanted, but for some reason his master had placed a restraining hand on his collar and that was reason enough for the pet.

Ralph couldn't believe his wife - he had expected her to give in, yes, but at the end, after a long battle of wills. He had never expected her to be so free with the dog, but he wasn't complaining. He had known this was his day, and he was starting to find out really how well it was turning out to be. He looked at the thrashing form of his wife, wondering whether he should prolong the tease or just go for the kill.

He removed his hand from his dog's collar and patted him once on the head. "Get her, boy," he commanded.

Max did not need telling twice - in a flash, with a single fluid movement, he jumped up on the bed, his paws landing on either side of his mistress. Stacy felt the bed shudder under the impact of the dog's weight, and opened her eyes to the sight of his underbelly hovering above her. A drop of his saliva fell on her forehead, and she giggled when he started to lick her face madly, finding the smell of her own juices a tremendous turn on.

Then she saw it, and her reaction was written across her face. Max, she saw now, had a huge cock. Pink and fleshy, ugly yet attractive, it protruded from its sheath, dangling heavily over her stomach, a thick drop of pre-cum on its head. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw her husband reclining in his favorite chair, his cigar dangling from his mouth, watching the scene as nonchalantly as if it were a video of the Vatican.

She didn't know for certain any more whether she hated him or not. He was responsible for the situation she found herself in, but she didn't know if it was really as bad as she had initially thought. Already her dog had made her cum once, and she knew that they would have pushed the boundaries further apart by the end of night. There was a killer instinct somewhere within her, though, and she didn't want to give her husband the satisfaction of being entirely predictable.

At that moment, as her dog shuffled a step ahead, she saw its dick hanging over her mouth, and made her decision.

As she tried to lift her upper body off the bed, Ralph thought she was trying to get into a sitting position. Anticipation turned to amazement as he watched her crane her neck forward midway and licked their dog's cock. Stacy met her husband's eyes. You didn't expect that, did you? she mocked him silently.

And in her second attempt, she managed to swallow the tip of her dog's penis and locked her lips over it. The dog stood shock-still, allowing her to slide more of his cock into her mouth. She pulled her face backwards slowly, not wanting to harm her dog. As if guided by an invisible hand, the dog took another step forward so that his mistress could lie back and take him in her mouth.

Stacy felt the dog respond to her and was thrilled at the way they seemed to know what each other wanted. There seemed to a connection between them, a connection that she and her husband seemed to have lacked over the last few months, and Stacy felt, in a perverse way, a sense of belonging. Her dog's cock was slimy and ugly, and his cum tasted warm and salty, but she started to suck him off with a passion that even she herself found surprising. She had never been much of an oral lover, but she found herself trying to swallow as much of his dick as possible.

Stacy knew that her job would be twice as difficult as she couldn't use her hands, that if he slipped out, there was nothing she could do about it, and so started deep-throating her dog. On his part, although he seemed passive, Max started to sway his hips back and forth, as if fucking her mouth. Stacy found that terribly sweet of him.

Ralph retrieved his digital camera from his briefcase and started taking pictures, glad that he had recently doubled the capacity of his memory chip. Stacy saw him but was too preoccupied with Max to stop. Besides, it gave her an extra thrill that her husband was saving the moment for eternity. It reminded her of Kodak moments, and she decided she actually liked being caught on film.

There were times when she took him in so deep that she almost gagged, but so determined was she to let her husband know how much she was enjoying herself that she suppressed the feeling and continued to work her mouth up and down his shaft. It was harder as she couldn't use her hands on his balls, and it took her twice as long as it had taken him to make him cum in her mouth. She tried to swallow all of it, but Max was in full form by then and spewed more than she could manage. She ended up with his cum all over her face, on her hair, cheeks, eyes and nostrils, but she was satisfied with her efforts. Practice, she promised herself naughtily, was all she needed.

Her dog looked at her, and she looked back. "What next, darling?" she asked her dog playfully. As if answering her, Max took a couple of steps backwards until his dripping penis brushed her naked skin. Absently, she tried to push her ass higher into the air, towards his crotch, reveling in the delightful sensations of touch and feel.

Abruptly, Max locked his front legs at her side. Stacy had just enough time to say, "OH God," before he started to hump her wildly, trying to get his cock into her pussy. It wasn't easy for either of them, being the first time, and all that Max managed to do for close to a minute was bang his balls against her lips. The slapping sound was, however, drowned out as Stacy shouted instructions to her dog, frustrated that she could do nothing else.

"Ralph, you pervert," she gasped, throwing pride to the wind, "Help us out, won't - oh, sweet ungghhhh!" It had happened : Max had managed to stick the tip of his cock into her. She gave a whoop of joy as she felt his cock slide into her.

It was a giddy feeling for Stacy. She had heard about bestiality in high school, when a girl in their group had proudly admitted that she and her dog regularly had sex, but at that time, she had found it dirty and repulsive, never imagining in her wildest dreams that one day, she would be humped by her own dog.

She started to thrust her hips upwards, but discovered soon that her dog was too fast for her to match. It didn't matter that she couldn't match him stroke for stroke - for Max seemed to hit her cervix every time. Her head started to spin at the plethora of emotions that she felt - lust, humiliation and pain all at the same time - and she closed her eyes. She was moaning quite loudly now, and although Ralph had blunted his dog's nails only a couple of days before, he was concerned enough to move over to her and see if Max was hurting her.

He was relieved to see that other than a few red scratches, she was quite all right. In fact, he even saw tears run down her cheeks, which he knew happened when she was imminently close to an orgasm. Sure enough, Stacy started to scream even louder as she experienced an orgasm so intense that the blood rushed to her ears, causing her to feel even more light-headed.

Tremendous staying power, Ralph thought with a small pang of jealousy as he watched his dog and his wife consummate their union. Max continued to fuck his mistress with the same tempo even as she thrashed about wildly, as if presenting, it seemed to Ralph, the perfect contrast between discipline and wild abandon.

Stacy was still recovering from her orgasm when she felt his knot press against the entrance to her pussy. Until today, she had known only vaguely about the mechanism of canine sex, and she remembered something about the knot keeping the dog and and his bitch together for quite some time before they could pull apart.

She wondered if it would happen to her and Max. She wanted it to.

Max slapped his knot against her pussy a couple of times more, as if asking her one last time if she wanted to proceed. Then, with one tremendous shove of his body, he mounted her completely, his knot sliding into her. Stacy was quite wet, but that couldn't mask the pain of her dog's entry, and she gave out her loudest moan until then. She could feel nothing else in her pussy but the burning sensation of her lips and the stuffed feeling from within.

And then he was banging it inside her. He was actually rubbing his knot all over inside her pussy, and she let out a blood-curdling scream at the top of her lungs. It resounded through the house but Stacy never heard it over the buzzing in her ears. Max didn't slow down for a few minutes more.

She knew it was coming, she could feel his balls retract and expand, and knew that this was the final act of passion. It was hardly a romantic setting, but she couldn't remember a time when she had loved Max more. She was suddenly in a world that was belonged only to her and Max, a world that had only the two of them in it. And she wished, although she knew it would never happen, that he would knock her up.

There was silence all around her except for the whirring of the camera's lens, but she heard the roar of his nuts popping as loudly as if it were a volcano. He flooded her with his sperm, and she came, and even as she came, she felt the incredible heat of his cum coursing towards her womb. She felt as if her pussy was being scalded, but all she cared about was his cock in her.

She felt his knot spasm a few more times, each time sending forth a fresh wave of dog-sperm towards her human womb. Somewhere in the midst of swirling thoughts, she prayed that his knot would not shrivel, and breathed a silent sigh of relief when she felt him still within her, his knot still as big, tying the dog and his bitch together.

"Yes," she mumbled as the thought struck her, "I am your bitch, Max."

And then she passed out, exhausted, locked together as one with her dog.

Stacy had no idea how long she had been unconscious, and her first reaction on feeling the soreness of her pussy was one of bewilderment. She tried to move, and discovered that she was still tied up; that reminded her of everything. Of being tied to the bed, of having sex with her dog, of being manipulated into the whole situation by her scheming husband.

Hearing the sound of someone tapping the keyboard, Stacy twisted her head around to see her husband sitting at their computer. She took in the digital camera beside the screen, saw the wire connecting the camera to the computer, and understood what her husband was up to.

"You bastard," she called out, although she did not feel as bitter towards him as she had initially. "You set this up, didn't you?"

Ralph turned around, grinning like a school boy. "Sure did, my wife. I set you up as Max's bitch." He gave a chuckle. "Although I have to admit I never thought the two of you would go at each other the way you did. Priceless."

"I suppose that's why you are uploading shots of us into the net."

"Not all of it," Ralph said, protesting. "Just a few sample shots. If anybody wants to see the entire thing, they've to pay for it. After all, it's not everyday that you come across an attractive woman doing the nasty with a dog, is it?"

In spite of herself, Stacy smiled. "Flattery will get you anywhere, my husband."

"He's downstairs."


"Your husband. Max."

"Oh," she said, understanding. "Max is my husband now, is he? What about us, Ralph?"

"I don't think Max would like it if I made a move on his bi- woman now, would he?"

"You can call me bitch, Ralph, it's not so derogatory any more." She paused. "This is about Maya, isn't it?" she asked softly.

Ralph took his time answering, not because he was flustered, but because he didn't think he would ever be able to explain himself satisfactorily. "Yes. I am -"

She interrupted him. "I understand, but was this all necessary? Getting Max to screw me? What did you think you could do then, blackmail me into helping you seduce her?"

Ralph shook his head when she finished her question. "Not to seduce her. Just to keep you in check, you know, to make sure that you wouldn't run interference."

Stacy believed him. "Whatever gave you the idea, though?"

Ralph shrugged. "Animal Planet."

She laughed, and it made him smile. He could no longer claim to love this woman, for his feelings for Maya were too powerful, but he hadn't wanted to lose her either.

"They don't show bestiality now, do they?" she asked, pretending to be serious.

"Unfortunately no," replied Ralph, "Though I suppose at this rate of extinction, that'd be the only way to save some rare species. Actually, it was a colleague of mine who had told me a long time ago of a client of his who managed to screw his wife out of her alimony by threatening to go public with pictures he had taken of her."

Stacy wanted to get rid of her bondage, but for some reason - perhaps it was because Ralph had turned her over to the family dog as if she were but another dog - her wounded pride would not let her. She tried to struggle out of the cuffs, but her effort was to no avail.

It did, however, draw Ralph's attention to her. "Want some help with that? I thought you'd want to be taken again."

"I do," Stacy answered with a straight face, "But I'd like the use of my limbs when it happens, you know."

"You probably want to throw your legs around him as he fucks you."

Stacy blushed. That was exactly what she had wanted.

As he walked over towards her, Stacy asked him, "So how do you propose to carry out the second part of the plan?"

He stopped inches from her. "Seducing Maya? I have no idea how I am going to do that. Guess my plan wasn't as complete as I thought."

"I can help," offered Stacy. "After all, you did help me with Max, even though I have never asked for it."

"Thanks," Ralph said gratefully.

"As long as you promise," his wife added with a twinkle in her eyes, "That you won't pull the same stunt on her. I don't want to share Max with anyone else, understand?"

"Don't worry." Ralph cut the ropes that he had used to tie her legs. "I don't want to share Maya with Max either."

Once she was completely freed, Stacy stretched her limbs, finding herself sore all over. She felt the abrasions on her hands and shoulders, scratches made by Max when he had mounted her, and was relieved to find that although they stung, she wasn't bleeding. Her legs still felt weak from the pounding and she had a little difficulty steadying herself at first. She could feel her dog's cum seep down the inside of her thighs.

Ralph watched her wobble towards their bathroom, leaving a trail of cum behind her, before returning to the computer. He resumed designing their site, whistling happily to himself.

Stacy took a long shower, feeling quite strongly that she deserved it. The hot water relaxed her body and she felt her muscles loosen up. Her pussy still throbbed dully, and she idly rubbed her lips, feeling their raw texture. Her dog had literally fucked her to the skin, and she discovered that she did not mind the pain one bit. Suddenly, she felt incredibly horny once again, and wondered if she should just finger herself.

Oh no, she thought, closing her eyes and imagining her dog claiming her again, not when she had the services of a stud like Max at her beck and call. She wondered if she could call him into the bathroom but decided against it, fearing it would set a precedent for Max to fuck her every time she entered the bathroom. Then she hesitated - she knew she wouldn't mind it if Max wanted to hump her any time anywhere in the house.

Sighing, she drew her hands away from her pussy and turned on the cold water, yelping softly as the jets pounded her body. Just a few more minutes, she promised herself.

Wrapping a towel around herself, she stepped out of the bathroom and pirouetted before her husband, who grinned at the sudden youthfulness of his wife. "Ready for round 2?" he asked, gesturing towards his camera. "I've promised to update at least twice a week."

"That reminds me," Stacy quipped, glancing at the image on the screen. It was a close-up shot of her swallowing the dog's cock while a thin trail of cum leaked from her mouth. There was incredible detail in the picture, right down to the small birthmark just in front of her ear, and she watched Ralph place an ad over her mouth, asking prospective customers to pay five dollars to watch the entire series.

"How much do you expect to get?" she asked him.

"A few thousand," he admitted. "With limited content. Of course, if we offered videos as well, we could earn a few more."

"What's my share? After all, you can't have this site without me, can you?"

"Fifty-fifty," offered Ralph, "That should be fair enough."

Stacy giggled. "You can keep it all," she replied, "Use it to woo our daughter. What use would Max and I have for money? We don't even have to use protection." Absently, she rubbed her pussy, finding it wet and sticky already. "Come on," she told him, turning around even as she was speaking, "It's getting late."

She bounded down the stairs, calling out for Max. Max answered with a deep "Woof" as he ran to her from across the room. He jumped on top of her, his hands on her shoulders, and although Stacy managed to keep her balance, her towel slid to the floor, rendering her completely naked. Stacy laughed as she felt his tongue on her face, and shouted, without meaning it really, for him to stop.

When he didn't, she pretended to be indignant and grabbed his cock, feigning surprise at the camera in Ralph's hand as the organ started to grow. Within no time, she was holding a full-fledged erection in her hand.

Ralph shot picture after picture of his wife as she turned her back to their dog and shook her ass at him. Max did not hesitate at all; he mounted his mistress as if it were the most natural thing in the world. His strong forelegs pinned her hands to her sides before pulling them backwards as he tried to hug her around her waist. Standing on his hind legs, Max towered over her; he slammed his cock into her body, missing her pussy and almost entering her asshole.

Stacy tried to free her arms - at least one - so that she could guide him into her, but he was too powerful for a weak thing like her, and she could only struggle to keep herself from collapsing on the floor under his weight. "Get your fucking cock into me," she cried out at last, knowing fully well that it wasn't his fault.

When Max pulled back for one really strong push, she thought she had scared him. "Nooo..." she begged, only to scream out with her next breath, "Yesss..." when she felt him enter her, driving his cock to the hilt. She was surprised to feel his knot go into her pussy on the first attempt itself, and Ralph was able to capture the lustful expression in her face as she felt his knot start to swell inside her.

As she felt the first wave of her dog's cum rush into her, Stacy's knees buckled and she fell forward, pulling Max down with her. Her breasts bore the brunt of the fall, crushed under her weight as well as Max's, but it only fuelled her passion to feel her hard nipples on the carpet. She was cumming herself now, spasming around her dog's cock. She just loved the way he kept on fucking her as if there was no tomorrow, his rapid thrusts that no human male could ever replicate.

More than anything, she loved the stuffed feeling of his swollen knot, locked inside her, filling her with his seed. Once again, Stacy thought it was too bad humans couldn't get knocked up by dogs. She would have loved to feel her stomach swell with his puppies.

Ralph kept on clicking until he ran out of memory space. It was only then that he noticed that the fucking had slowed down considerably and that the two participants were panting for breath. Without a word, he closed the shutter and returned to the master bedroom.

On the floor, mistress and dog - or should it be master and bitch, Stacy thought idly - still lay coupled, perfectly content in having mated with each other. Stacy reached down between her legs and fondled his cock lovingly. The dog shuffled uncomfortably at first, but quietened down when she started to stroke him.

To her surprise, she felt his knot start to swell again. With her other hand, she scratched her dog behind his ears. "You just can't get enough of me, can you Max?" she purred, feeling herself get wetter between her legs. She couldn't believe how fast her dog was able to recover, and in a way, she smiled at the thought, it was quite scary : what if he was always erect? He would never be able to pull out of her.

And she wasn't too sure she wanted him to, either.

Somehow, between the two of them, they managed to stand up. She grabbed a nearby couch for support, bending over it, before Max, in his ferverent quest for mating, could do anything. Her fingers had just clasped the tip of the backrest when she felt his forelegs encircle her waist, pulling her even closer towards him. The heat she felt was immense, the sensations exquisite. For some reason, she felt it her duty to wait for him and cum together, but she was finding it too hard to keep herself in check.

Ralph was adding the finishing touches to the site when he heard the sound of a car pulling up to the curb. Probably one of the neighbors, he thought carelessly, back after a late night of partying. It was only when he heard the high-pitched voice of his daughter that he realized with a shock that she had come home. He rushed downstairs, knowing that Maya had a key herself...

"Hi folks, I am - Ma - MA!?!" Her voice rose to a shrill crescendo as she took in the scene before her.

Bent over a couch at one end of the living room was her mother, stark naked. Behind her, humping her, was Max, the dog. Her mother's moans filled the room, and she thought she was going to throw up.

"Mom! What the hell are you doing?" It was obvious that whatever had happened, her mother had been a willing party. "What if Dad catches you?"

It was at that juncture that Ralph made his entry, stumbling down the last two steps and falling flat on the floor. "Er, Maya!" he said, picking himself up, "What are you doing here? I thought you were staying at a friend's place."

Maya stared at her father, wondering if he had gone mad. Her mother - and his wife - was fucking a dog within arm's reach, and he was acting as if the only thing out of place was her being home.

"Dad!" she squealed, pointing at her mother. "Can't you see that? Mom's fucking Max. She's fucking the dog, Daddy."

Ralph held up his hands in a placating gesture. "I know, dear," he said in what he hoped was a soothing voice, "It's quite all right."

Maya was sure that her father was crazy now. She turned towards her mother, her eyes blazing. "Stop it, Mom. Please. Just push him out, will you?"

"I can't," Stacy answered unwittingly, "Until he cums."

It was only when she saw her daughter's eyes widen that she realized how her comment must have appeared to Maya. Ralph was the first to gather his wits. "Maya... that's not what your mother meant -"

"You are sick," Maya shouted, "Both of you. Nothing - but - sick - perverts." Sobbing uncontrollably, she threw her purse at her mother. Fortunately for Stacy, the aim was bad, and the purse hit Ralph on his nose. As Ralph raised a hand to his face, Maya ran across the room and up the stairs, slamming her door shut and locking herself in her bedroom.

"She's pissed off."

"Understatement of the year," agreed Ralph. "Maybe I should -"

"No," Stacy interrupted, "I will. I have to."

"Not for some time, anyway," Ralph pointed out. "Not with Max balls-deep in you."

Stacy shrugged as a gesture of inevitability. "He should slip out in about ten minutes, I suppose. Go for a walk, Ralph, around the park or something. I'll talk to her as soon as I can."

Ralph stood undecided for a minute before coming to the conclusion that his wife was right. There was nothing he could do to improve the situation. He nodded resignedly. "Be back in half an hour," he said softly as he closed the door behind him.

It took Max a little closer to fifteen minutes than to the ten Stacy had predicted, and Stacy jumped away the instant his cock slid out of her with an audible squishing sound. She rushed up the stairs on weak legs, running first into her room to pull on a robe and a pair of panties. Hastily tying the sash, she almost collided into Max on the way out. "Sorry to fuck and run, boy," she told him, "It's an emergency."

As an afterthought, she decided to put him in the master bedroom. As soon as he had followed her into the room, anticipating another round perhaps, she doubled back and slammed the door shut. Then she hurried over to the end of the corridor, to her daughter's room.

"Maya," she called out, knocking softly, "Maya! Can I come in?"

"Get lost," her daughter shouted from within. "I don't want to see you."

"Please, Maya," Stacy pleaded, "Open the door, won't you? At least listen to my side. Things are not always as they appear to be."

There was no reply this time, prompting Stacy to consider another attempt when it was flung open. Maya, her blonde hair askew, stood her ground belligerently. "Oh, really? So you are going to tell me that you were actually fucking Daddy and it must have been my imagination that I saw Max in his place!"

"No," replied her mother calmly. "There's nothing wrong with your imagination. Max was screwing me when you walked in on us. It wasn't the first time nor is it going to be the last. But I want you to listen to me." Without waiting for an answer, Stacy snuck into the room.

"Get out of my room," Maya repeated, her voice shaking.

"It's as much your fault as it is mine, young lady," Stacy retorted with sudden feeling.

The unexpected outburst put Maya on the defensive. "What do you mean, my fault?" her daughter asked, her arms crossed over her chest.

Stacy thought her daughter looked just as pretty when she was angry as when she was happy. No wonder her husband lusted for her, she thought, Maya was sexy enough to get any man's blood boiling. Stacy had never been interested sexually in other women - her appraisal of her daughter was purely a woman's subconscious habit of checking out her competitors. She stabbed at her daughter's chest with her index finger. "Exactly what I mean, Maya. You are as much responsible for me and Max as I am."

"If you are finished dumping the blame on others," Maya shot back icily, "I suggest you leave my room."

Stacy realized then that she had been too antagonistic and backtracked. "Your father and I've had a very loving relationship for fifteen years," she said softly, "before you ruined it. Oh, I am not saying you are personally responsible, or that you had any idea what you were doing, and it should be sufficient enough to say that my husband found you a whole lot sexier than he had ever found me."

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