Few Changes

by sooper

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Father, Daughter, Light Bond, Bestiality, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: The Starke family make a few changes in their lifestyle.

Author's Note: This is the first ever story I've written about bestiality, and I would really appreciate any and all feedback about this. Gettig your response is the only way I can improve my writing.

Characters (in order of appearance):

  • Ralph Starke, handsome man in his mid-to-late thirties. Has only one hang-up, and that's his daughter.

  • Max, a large dog with a proportional dick and modern morals.

  • Stacy Starke, attractive and innovative. Thinks with her pussy.

  • Maya Clarke, who doesn't turn out to be a hypocrite.

(I have dispensed with specific descriptions. Use your imagination to form them into whoever turns you on. Personally, I prefer a blonde as Stacy and a redhead as Maya, and Max a... )

Ralph Starke smiled to himself as he pulled into his driveway. He could feel it in his bones that it was his day and nothing could go wrong. He had spent months going over his plan, modifying and refining it, until he was sure it couldn't be improved upon. Today, he would complete Phase One of his self-styled "Operation Exchange," as he had named it.

As soon as he opened the door, Max, the three year old family dog, bounded across the hallway with a loud woof and jumped up. Ralph was a strong man; a weaker man would have fallen down under the dog's weight. The excited animal licked his master's face lovingly, and Ralph laughed pleasantly, pushing his face away.

From the kitchen, he heard his wife call out. "Ralph, is that you?"

"Yeah," he answered, removing his coat and unbuttoning his shirt. He walked into the kitchen barefoot, wanting to surprise his wife. She had her back turned to him, baking something. His hands circled her waist and pulled her towards him. She yelped, and then tried to twist around in his arms. He was too strong for her, though, and she ended up pinned against the cabinets.

"Hmmm," he said, nuzzling her neck, "Where's our daughter?"

For a second, Stacy froze, her hackles raised. Her husband seemed to be obsessed with their daughter, although as far as she herself knew, he had never laid a hand on Maya. Stacy knew a lot of her insecurity stemmed from her own jealousy about her daughter's good looks and the fact that she had her father wrapped around her thumbs.

"Cheerleading practice," she shot back curtly. "She'll be spending the night at her friend's place."

She supposed he would be disappointed; she was surprised when he said, "Good. That means we have the house to ourselves tonight, don't we?" A shiver coursed her body when he nibbled her earlobe. "All to ourselves," he repeated as he pinched her nipple with one hand and fondled her pussy with his other.

"What's with the kinky act, darling?" she asked him, feeling his hardness against her ass.

"Not an act," he replied, pinching a nipple so hard that she gave a small whimper. "We've got a lot of catching up to do."

Truer words had never been spoken, Stacy thought to herself. It had been over a month since they had had a big fight over something which neither of them even remembered, and he had spent every night on the couch in the living room. At first, Stacy had even thought that it was all a ploy to seduce their daughter Maya, but all her fears had proved unfounded. She felt ashamed that she had even suspected her husband of trying to get into his daughter's pants. He seemed to know the difference between fantasy and reality even better than she did.

"Yeah," she agreed, "It's been too long."

The next thing she knew, she was thrown over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. As he carried her, she protested weakly, just as a formality, that she had to make dinner. He pretended not to hear her as he carried her all the way upstairs to their bedroom.

She was drawing shallow breaths when he flung her on the bed, and then he jumped on top of her, and they were rolling around, kissing, arms locked around each other. Even as their lips were still locked together, Ralph managed to clamp his hands on the neck of her blouse and tore it off. His wife obliged by removing her hands from around him just long enough for him to get her blouse completely off.

Her thin excuse of a bra followed the blouse.

She moaned loudly when he moved his face down to her breasts and started suckling them, not bothering to lower her voice. Ralph did not mind that - in fact, he wanted her to let go of all her inhibitions. So far, his plan was realizing well, the fast seduction and Stacy's horniness as he had wanted.

He felt no guilt that while it was love and sex for his wife, it was purely objective for him. Fucking her was a part of his plan, and nothing more.

He spent a little time on her breasts before uncovering her pussy. She was already wet, ready to receive him, and before his wife realized what was happening, he was shoving his cock into her cunt. For a second, as her eyes widened, he thought she would stop him; his fears proved unnecessary when she bucked her hips forward, meeting him midway into his push.

It took him just a few seconds to start spraying, especially as he had no intention of waiting for his wife's orgasm. He pounded her ferociously. Stacy was surprised by the single-mindedness he showed towards his own release, and rather than blow it out of proportion, she willed herself to cum.

In less than five minutes since they had started, they had finished. Stacy was disappointed, and it showed on her face as she studied her husband's face. What was it about him that seemed to be so different today, she wondered. There was an intensity that was usually absent...

Ralph continued fondling her breasts for a few minutes, and her mind was distracted from bringing anything else up as her body responded to his overtures. Ralph's next target was her pussy. With his practiced hands, he had his wife thrashing about in little time, and as she came on his fingers, he pulled out of the drawer the large vibrator that she had bought a fortnight ago.

He had planned everything to the smallest of details, and it seemed more and more as if Fate was on his side. His wife was proving to be a pushover beyond his wildest optimism.

He inserted the vibrator into her pussy silently, jamming it in all the way until only the plastic balls were visible. Satisfied with his work, he jumped up and ran into the living room, returning before his wife had even realized that he had left her briefly. In his hand, he held two strips of nylon rope and a pair of handcuffs.

Even as her movements subsided, even as his wife felt the orgasm fading, he pushed her over on her side and clamped the handcuffs on her wrists. The locking mechanism sounded its success with two metallic clicks, and when he tested them by pulling her hands, he found them perfectly incapacitating.

Using the two strips of nylon, he looped her ankles and tied her spread-eagled on the bed, her wet pussy bared, to the posts at the two corners. Then he pulled the vibrator out and threw it into the bedroom, where it crashed to the floor and broke, spilling its batteries out. And then, nonchalantly, as he waited for her to wake up - she seemed to have passed out - he pulled on an old robe of his over a thin t-shirt and shorts and lit a cigar.

He didn't mind waiting. He wasn't going to spoil his success by rushing things. And it pleased him that it didn't take too much to push his wife over the edge.

Presently, she woke up. It was quite a disorienting experience for Stacy to wake up with her hands and legs immobilized, and for a few seconds, she wriggled her limbs to escape. Ralph's knots were too good for her.

"Don't bother, honey," Ralph said, still seated. "They won't come off that easily."

"Ooh," Stacy cooed, misunderstanding his intentions, "The Big Guy wants to play tough, eh?"

"Kind of," her husband replied off-handedly. "How do you like it?"

"Like what?" Stacy retorted saucily, putting on a bad-girl pout. "Being tied to our bed? Helpless and naked? Alone?"

"Oh, don't worry about being alone." He gave a sharp whistle. "Not for long, in any case." With a patronizing smile on his handsome face, he stood up and walked over to the bed. Stacy tensed in anticipation; Ralph felt her tension. He leaned over and nibbled one of her nipples, causing her to moan softly.

Stacy felt a hand on her ass, lifting her; with his other hand, Ralph reached over her head and grabbed a pillow. He slid it underneath her before covering it with a towel he had retrieved from the bathroom. The pillow caused her crotch to stick out, the vaginal lips glistening with leftover fluids, and a very strong odor of her sex permeated his nostrils.

Stacy had never experienced any sort of bondage, but the terror of the unknown was not within her at that moment. With her own crotch blocking her vision, she could see only the top of the doorframe.

Ralph turned around as he heard the sound of pattering feet, grinning when he saw the dog looking at him, it seemed, with a grin on its face as well. He signaled the dog to sit; one-hundred and thirty pounds of muscle and flesh obeyed him respectfully. Max sniffed the air once, and then, even as Ralph watched, stared at the exposed sex on the bed. His cock started to emerge from its sheath.

Ralph turned towards his wife with a naughty smile. "Close your eyes, hon, I've got a surprise for you."

Stacy closed her eyes, wondering as she did what her husband was up to. Although she hadn't seen him, she knew Max was also in the room, but they had never allowed the dog into their room when they were having sex. Ralph had been adamant about that.

Until now. And that puzzled Stacy.

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