Forgotten Dream

by Max

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cuckold, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Cream Pie, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Middle age mother, first time cheat and affair, with understanding hubby.

"Pam any chance of a tea pal?"

That's me Max; I'm lying in bed shouting down to the wife of 18 years.


That's Pam, blonde and petite with green- brown eyes, mother of two teenage sons who were at a school camp, when the boy's started going on holidays without us we learnt quickly to grab as much time with each other as possible, Pam works as an accountant in an office and has the week off, I work as a manager in retail also have the week off but I have promised to go in today to sort a few orders out.

"Cheers pal"

"Max you've got to go to work"

"I know but a wee quickie eh?"

Pam had just put the tea down at the bedside table I was lying there with cock in hand, always had an erection in the morning, Pam had a wicked grin on her face now, she had a thigh length white cotton night shirt on, I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh and gave her pussy a soft rub, Pam always amazed me her pussy was always moist.

"That's nice pal"

I motioned her onto the bed, Pam lifted her nightshirt and slowly lowered her self onto my cock, I will never tire of that warm, moist feeling when Pam lowers herself onto me. Pam rarely bucks up and down on me, but prefers to impale herself fully on me and then rock back and forth increasing the pace.

"Oh fuck max"

"That's it pal fuck me, are you meeting your lover today?"

"Oh fuck yes, I'm going to have that big cock buried deep in me today"

Pam had started to increase her pace.

"When are you meeting him pal"

"As soon as you go, he watches for you going in the morning"

I have to tell you at this moment, I have always been fascinated in watching Pam fuck another man, but after years of pestering her with the idea I gave up a forgotten dream, to Pam it was just fantasy, so for the last two years when Pam fucks me she has took a stream of different lovers with different scenarios and to be honest it works for me, and she is rather good at it. The beauty of fantasy is that you get to explore areas you normally wouldn't get into, right now it's creampies for me I love the idea of Pam being fucked and coming in with the cum dripping out of her.

"He made me fuck another guy the other day Max"

"Oh fuck Pam, how did it happen? Where?"

Pam was riding me hard now; she loved the fantasies as well

"It was in the woods Max, he had me bent over and fucking me hard from behind, he hadn't even took my knickers off, when he noticed this other man watching us, I tried to pull away but he just grabbed me round the thighs and fucked me harder, he motioned to the man to come over, he had his cock out and shoved it my face"

"Was he big"

"Yes I could only take about a half of him in my mouth, I started to cum Max it was fucking glorious, I felt John cumming as well and I was sucking franticly on the other guy's dick as soon as John had finished the other guy took his place, John made me clean the cum of his cock with my mouth"

That was enough for me; I started shooting my load up and into her, as soon as my orgasm had subsided she had lifted herself off me and planted her pussy on my face and mouth.

"Now suck there cum out Max, that's it suck it"

Pam was close to her orgasm, grinding her pussy down hard on my mouth; I could taste my own sperm.

"Yes Max yes lick there fucking cum out of me"

And there she blows; Pam was now rubbing her clit just above my face and spraying me with her juice.

"That's it Pam cover me in it"

Do you know the only reason I keep a goatee beard? when a woman cum's on your face you can walk about all day and catch that woman's scent and permanently walk about with a semi.

"That was lovely Pal"

"It was beautiful Pam, but I better get to work now"

"What time are you expecting to be finished"?

"I'm not really sure, it's that Chris that's on this week and he doesn't know his ass from his elbow, I expect to be there all day"

"Right okay"

Within 15 minutes I was dressed in the car and pulling out of the drive and on my way to work, I even checked to see if any of the blinds twitched with the neighbours, I loved taking my fantasies seriously.

Well what a judge of character me, Chris had everything under control so I just spent some time going through some paper work, it was only 10-30am when I decided to call it a day, I had just pulled into the street when I seen the white plumbers van pull out of the drive, I had forgot all about them, we had recently tiled the bathroom but couldn't get the radiator back on, the tiler was pulling at the pipes to get it to fit but it was just to tight so it was call in the expert's time.

When I opened the back door I heard Pam call out.


By the time I was about to reply I was already entering the living room.

"Hi pal it's only me"

Pam was sitting on the settee with her dressing robe on and her knees hunched up to her chest, I hadn't clicked yet but there was a look of fear on her face.

"Pam you ok"

She just looked at me and burst into tears, I was starting to get frightened

"Pam are you ok! Listen to me Pam are you ok!!"

I had to lift her head up as she had her face buried in her knees and chest, the penny was finally dropping the plumbers van the nightgown, oh fuck she's been raped.

"Pam listen to me are you hurt?"

I was looking into her tear stained eyes.

"Pam are you hurt"

She shook her head no, I remember thinking over and over good, good she's not hurt she's not hurt.

"Pam did they rape you"

This time she looked up her self and said no, there seemed so much pain in her eyes, I was confused but the penny had finally dropped she had just had sex with one or both of the guys I seen in the van, it was at this stage that I understood that I loved this woman instead of feeling anything for myself, I just wanted to take her pain away, the pain that was in her eyes the pain that she couldn't now look at me.

I once more lifted her head to meet my gaze.


I moved onto the settee beside her.

"Pam I love you pal and I don't care about what's happened today"

She moved forward to put her arms around me and I remember thinking she was such a delicate little thing, I was cheek to cheek with her and I was now speaking into her ear.

"Listen Pam please believe me when I say that I'm not upset, but I'll only be upset if you tell me they hurt you or you weren't willing to have sex, please Pam please we have to get rid of this guilt your feeling right now, Please Pam trust me and tell me you enjoyed it, Please!!"

Christ I was pleading now I just wanted this to be all right, Pam pulled away from my cheek and turned to look me in the eye, she was wiping at her face with her hands I could see she was trying to pull her self together, she nodded yes to me.

"Oh great pal fantastic"

I was kissing her cheek her eyes her forehead I was starting to get a hard on, Pam now spoke her first clear sentence since I had came in.

"Max you really don't mind?"

"Pam I really don't mind, Pam I've got a raging hard on right now just knowing you got fucked today"

I suddenly paused for a second.

"You did get fucked right?"

There was a quizzical smile on my face as I said that and suddenly there was a beautiful smile broke right across Pam's face she was beautiful.

"Yes Max I did get fucked"

"Oh you beautiful creature you Pam, you have to tell me everything pal how did it happen? What one was it?"

There was a slight hesitancy in Pam's face.

"Oh shit it was the two of them, who's been a naughty girl?"

I was starting to tease her now; she was actually blushing now with a broad smile across her face.

"Yes it was the two of them"

She was positively radiating now.

"Pam before you tell me can I see her?"

As I was saying this I was undoing my trousers and sliding off the settee to the floor in front of her, I know it sounds childish but we call Pam's pussy her and my cock him. We were looking into each other's eyes now, and mine were pleading with hers to open her legs, she let out a giggle and a smile.

"Oh fuck max!"

I was slowly stroking my cock when she placed her hands on either side of her knees and slowly opened her legs.

"Pam she's beautiful, come forward a bit pal"

Pam slid around and forward to give me a full view of her in all her glory, I had butterfly's in my stomach, I will never forget this moment with the site in front of me, her pubic hair was matted with cum her pussy was a deep purple red and extremely swollen, oh shit her arsehole was all puckered and bruised with a thin line of wetness in the middle, I was stroking faster now, and rubbing my cheek on the inside of her thigh and giving her gentle kisses.

"Pam it's beautiful"

Suddenly Pam opened her legs wider and arched her back a little, brought her hand down and opened her pussy lips for me and squeezed.

"Oh shit"

A small stream of milky white cum oozed out of Pam, down over her now protruding anus, and forming a small puddle on the blue leather settee, I couldn't help it, I was like the moth to the flame, my tongue went straight to her anus and licked from there straight up to her open pussy and sucked Pam's clit, I started to rub my nose, cheeks and forehead all around her pussy the smell was so intoxicating all the while Pam was moaning loudly with a few oh fucks.

"I can't hold it any longer Pal, I need to cum"

With this I stood up and started to masturbate furiously over Pam, she had opened her night robe and was now playing with her open hole, slipping a finger in and out and rubbing her clit.

"Cum on me Max, oh fuck max cum on me"

With hearty groan I shot my cum all over Pam and what a load, six or seven times I spurted on Pam with a small yelp from Pam each time a load hit her, I remember standing there shaking with no power left in my legs head bowed and slowly collapsing on to the settee besides her, I put my arms around her and we just held each other for a while, I was thinking fuck me within the space of ten minutes I had just found out that my wife had been fucked by two guys, enjoyed it, I had sucked her out, enjoyed it and came all over her, life's fucking strange.

"Max I want to go for a quick shower pal"

"Ok while your in the shower I'll make a cuppa"

Always loved a cuppa after a good session, we both got up from the settee, Pam went off upstairs and I went and put the kettle on, I realised I needed the toilet.

"Hold on Pam I need the toilet"

I got upstairs and did the toilet, I heard Pam in the room opening the window, the first thing that hit me as I entered the room was the smell, it was like a smack on the face a strong pungent sweet smell, I immediately felt a stirring in my cock then I noticed the bed there was a wet stain on the centre of the bed of about two to three feet wide, I looked at Pam she tried to avoid my gaze, I went straight to her.

"Pam it's cool I'm cool with this I'm actually starting to get another hard on"

She was now firm with me.

"No Max I'm going for a shower and I'm feeling a bit tender"

"Right ok pal but when you have your shower tell me everything that happened, ok and don't leave anything out"

I winked at her; she had a small laugh and said ok.

It was about half an hour before Pam came downstairs and into the living room in that half an hour I had imagined all sorts and hadn't realised that I had constantly been groping myself for the full half hour.

"How are you feeling?"

Pam came and sat besides me

"I need a cuddle Max"

I cuddled Pam for about five minutes, all the time all I was thinking about was wanting to fuck her and to hear how it all had happened, but I could tell that Pam was still confused and didn't no how to really feel about what had happened.

"Listen Pam there's no need to feel confused about what happened just keep it simple you enjoyed it I'm sure they enjoyed it and I certainly am enjoying it"

"No I know Max it just seems to have happened so quickly"

I tried to inject some humour.

"What were they not that good, in and out merchant's?"

She realised the humour in it and gave me a mock slap on my thigh.

"Oh god no they weren't that"

"That's it girl you go girl"

Another mock slap

"Its just that everything, I don't know how it all happened"

"Well tell me, tell me from the beginning, take your time, relax and talk it through, what happened after I left this morning?"

"I decided to do the housework before going for a shower, I had just changed the bed linen"

"Well that was a waste"

Another mock slap

"Do you want to hear this or what?"

"On you go, no more interruptions from me"

"I had just finished changing the sheets when I realised I was feeling really hot, horny, I was in the bathroom and I lifted a leg onto the bath and started to play with myself"

"Fuck you've got me going already pal"

Another mock slap

"I was starting to get really hot when I remembered that vibrator you had got me"

"Do you use that on yourself when you play with yourself?"

"No that's the thing I have only ever used it for you, but I was feeling that I needed something more than usual, I had got it from the drawer and was in the bathroom and was really starting to get into it"

"Were you giving yourself a good fuck with it, tell me?"

I wanted to know now I was starting to really visualise Pam with the vibrator.

"Yes I had started to plunge it in and out of me, I was so wet, I had one leg up on the bath with one hand pulling at one side of my pussy and fucking the thing in and out of me, I came all over the bath mat, I was thinking I'll need to wash that"

Both of us burst out laughing, Pam was more relaxed now and was starting to enjoy the experience.

"Trust you Pam"

"What, that was the reason I wasn't on the bed I had just changed the sheets"

We burst out laughing again, I was going to give an amusing little quip but I wanted to hear the story.

"Go on pal you were fucking yourself with the vibrator what next?"

"I had came Max but I was still really hot and I wanted to cum again the whole area down there it was as if it was on fire, I felt a strong feeling from my anus, I put a finger in my pussy to get it wet and started to rub my backside I finally got a finger in and rolled it around inside and it slackened off before I knew it I had two fingers inside me, fucking at my backside, I was starting to come from just fucking my fingers in and out of my ass, my hand was soaking, that's when I heard the back door going, I had forgot all about the plumbers this morning, I ran into the room and threw my dressing gown on"

I have to say at this point in Pam's story, my balls were ready to burst, my beautiful wife mother of my children, fucking her fingers in and out of her ass, fucking fantastic.

"How did you feel having to answer the door?"

"Oh I was embarrassed, I remember answering the back door and as soon as I saw them I'm sure my face was bright red"

"Tell us pal what did they look like, I never really saw them just a glimpse as I came down the street?"

"The young guy, Jack he was about twenty not much bigger than you Max he had a Mediterranean look about him, quite cute actually"

"Right starting to get jealous now, only kidding pal carry on"

"Tom the older man he was taller and slim, thin, sharp features on his face, Max they were really nice made some jokes as they came in about catching me off guard, cracked a joke about being typical workmen and always starting with a cuppa, they had a docket asked if it was the bathroom radiator, I said yes and off both of them went off upstairs with two bags of tools"

"What did you do?"

"I made them a cuppa, I had just poured the hot water in the cups when they shouted me upstairs they had finished, when I went upstairs the young lad Jack was standing at one end of the radiator and was telling me that it was just a bit tight but that it went on without any problems, that's when I felt the presence of the older man Tom, I turned to face him, he was smiling at me, it was a warm smile, oh fuck Max that's when I looked down he had the vibrator in one hand and his cock in the other"

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