Wedding Day Cuckold

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, MaleDom, Humiliation, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Pamela was one of the most attractive and most popular girls in her high school. But, on her wedding day, she finds out that decisions made in the past come back to haunt her as Larry, a guy she'd jilted in favor of Bill, comes to her wedding even though she hadn't invited him. And he leaves behind his gift.

Pamela had been one of the most popular girls in her high school. She been in the high school girls' sorority, served as one of the varsity cheerleaders and she'd been voted as "Most Popular" by nearly all the guys and girls in her class. There was no question that Pamela was one of the most attractive and sexiest girls in the school as well and the only problem with Pamela was that she knew she was hot, she knew she was in high demand and she knew she could have her choice of any guy in the school. That was what got her into trouble in the end. Who could blame Pamela for thinking those things about herself -- she had a nice figure, she had a beautiful head of naturally blonde hair and her tits were nicely shaped and round high on her chest. She'd been one of the first girls in her grade to start getting tits and wearing bras and Pamela had always made sure her mom bought her the kinds of sexy bras and other lingerie that helped her look her hottest.

Pamela had never really settled down and gone steady with any one guy until the last few months of school and then she mostly dated either Larry or Bill. Bill was the nicer of the two guys and Larry was the muscular macho jock who thought he could also command the attentions of any girl he desired. When it became apparent that Pamela was going to favor Bill in her dating in lieu of Larry, that pissed Larry off so badly that he resolved he would one day get even with Pamela and Bill both.

Then, in the summer after their senior year of high school, Pamela and Bill got engaged and their wedding date was set for one Saturday in August. They quickly got all the preparations completed for their wedding and sent out the invitations to all the people they wanted to have in attendance. Pamela made sure all her best girlfriends from school were bridesmaids and Bill had an equal number of guys in his wedding party. For their own reasons, both Bill and Pamela agreed not to invite Larry to the wedding because of some of the threats and things he'd said late during the school year.

Wedding day arrived and Pamela was sequestered with her maid of honor and her bridesmaids and she made sure that Bill wouldn't see her at all that day until she came out on the arm of her father there in the church foyer. She'd orchestrated the entire wedding day so that she got to the church in plenty of time to do everything she needed in final preparations and then her bridesmaids began to help her get dressed to go out and get married to Bill. They started with Pamela's foundation and the girls were all ooohing and aaahing at the sexy thong panty and hot demi-bra and stockings and garter belt that she'd personally picked out to wear underneath her sexy looking white bridal gown. They all knew that Pamela certainly wasn't a virgin, but then no one gave up wearing a white bridal gown just because they'd already lost their virginity. Sure, she didn't have her cherry anymore but it wasn't like she'd been fucking every guy she went out with. She had never gone on birth control, and she'd always insisted that the guy had to wear a condom when they fucked.

After Pamela had finished all of her pre-wedding preparations and she had her lingerie and her dress on, all of the bridesmaids left to go get themselves dressed and even after a few minutes her maid of honor ensured that everything had been taken care of and she excused herself and left Pamela alone with her thoughts and her own inner preparations for the most important day of her young life. She was about to marry Bill.

As Pamela sat there on the chair where the other girls had left her sitting alone, she suddenly heard some sounds of someone coming into the room. She decided not to turn around and look since she figured it must be her maid of honor, Beth, coming back to check on her. When the person who entered the room didn't say anything, Pamela finally stood up and turned around to see if she'd just been imagining the sounds of someone entering her bridal waiting room.

There stood Larry in a tuxedo as though he'd come to attend the wedding that he hadn't been invited to.

"What are you doing here, Larry?" Pamela asked as she felt her heart leap into her throat. "You weren't invited."

"I know I wasn't, Pamela, but you really should have invited me, you know. Now I've come to give you a wedding gift and I'll let you enjoy it for the rest of your life," Larry said as he walked over and stood right in front of Pamela.

"You see, Pamela, you've been such a bitch in all the time I've known you," Larry said, "that I've decided to give you a little pre-wedding surprise," and with that, Larry reached up and cupped his hand over the rounded curvature of Pamela's right breast as it nestled there inside the bodice of her wedding gown. "Mmmmmmmm, nice tits, Pamela," Larry said as he squeezed gently, enjoying the feel of Pamela's tit under his hand.

"Larry, leave right now. I demand that you get out of here and leave," Pamela said in an angry voice, hoping that Larry would not challenge her bluff.

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