2 Minds Meet

by Uther Pendragon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, .

Desc: Sex Story: "Jonathan"? Melissa thought, weren't all male tops addressed as 'Master'?

"Miss Brandon," her secretary's voice came through the speaker on Friday, "you have a call from a Jonathan Quirk." She picked up the phone.

"Melissa," he began, "would you have dinner with me tonight?"

"I'd be honored."

"Five o'clock at your office?"

"That would be fine."

He met her at the office and walked her to his car. "Are you wearing the stockings I gave you?" he asked when he was in traffic.


"Have them at home?"


"We'll go there first then." He parked in a guest slot under her building and waited while she signed for it with the evening guard. When he was in her condo, he said, "No panties. Diaphragm. Change clothes if you want, but something with a skirt."

"Where are you taking me?" she asked. There was no sense pretending she had a choice.

"My place."

"To eat?"

"Sure. I won't starve you."

His place was a one-bedroom apartment in a rental building. It hardly competed with hers, not even having a doorman; but it was no slum. The meal was Korean take-out. "Now," he said when they had finished, "I've been thinking. I'm used to contracts. This isn't enforceable, and I won't pretend that it is. But I think we need to have our relationship down in writing."

"Relationship?" she said. "Who says we have a relationship?"

"Melissa! You act coy at the weirdest times. Would you really let a man tell you to put in your diaphragm if he didn't have a relationship with you? Now, let's adjourn to the living room."

She sat on the couch. He handed her a document and held another copy. He sat backwards on a straight chair facing her while she read it:

Contract Between Jonathan Quirk and Melissa Brandon

Melissa Brandon (Melissa) needs and desires direction with respect to her private life. Jonathan Quirk (Jonathan) undertakes to provide that direction. This contract will not apply to the decisions she makes for her employers, but will govern all her other decisions.

In return for that direction, Melissa agrees and promises that:

  1. Melissa will obey Jonathan in all things.

  2. Melissa will keep herself sexually available to Jonathan and sexually unavailable to all other persons.

  3. Melissa will speak respectfully to Jonathan at all times. Melissa will address Jonathan as "Jonathan" except that,
    (A) She will address him as "Mr. Quirk" when she is aware of being overheard by someone of whom she reasonably believes Jonathan is unaware.
    (B) She will address him as "sir" when Jonathan has given her specific permission to do so.

  4. Melissa will tell Jonathan the truth at all times.

  5. Melissa will provide Jonathan with a key to her condominium and to any outer doors for which she has the key.

  6. Melissa will store a diaphragm to her prescription and any necessary ancillaries in Jonathan's apartment.

  7. Melissa will wear stockings and a garter belt whenever she knows she will be on a date with Jonathan unless he has told her that other garb is appropriate for the date. Melissa will not wear pantyhose or panties unless the situation before the date requires that she do so. If Melissa wears either or both of these when going on the date, she will change at the earliest convenient moment. She will keep at least one garter belt and pair of stockings in her office in case Jonathan invites her out when she is there.

Jonathan will decide everything else having to do with Melissa's relationship with him. Jonathan may suspend or revoke any of these rules when he chooses to do so.

There was a space for both their signatures.

He handed her a pen. She signed the copy she was holding and, when he'd handed her the other, that one. She noticed that he'd already signed the copy he'd been holding. Last, he signed the copy she'd read first.

"Now," he asked, "do you have any questions?"

"'Jonathan?' not 'Master'?" That was strange. Every dominant man was called 'Master.'

"'Master' is a bit much. Play acting. Besides, somebody in earshot won't get suspicions about your calling me 'Jonathan.' Anyway, it's my choice; and you've signed a contract saying that my choice goes." Yes, she had.

"Will we meet here?" Let's hope. Her condo was getting a little close to her business life, and her office was worse. She tried to keep a distance between her work life and her private life.

"Among other places. The people at your office know I'm an acquaintance of yours. I've picked you up there for dates. How good an acquaintance, they don't know -- and it's none of their damn business. You'll need some other things here -- not much, and some of them I'll give you. A change or two of clothing, toothbrush and hairbrush, that sort of thing. I've cleared off one shelf of the medicine cabinet for you." He got up and joined her on the couch.

His first kisses were gentle. When his tongue explored her mouth, his hand explored her naked vulva. She was highly excited when he suddenly stood up. "This will ruin that skirt," he said. "Here." She took his outstretched hand, and he helped her up. He led her into the bedroom. His bed was stripped to a bottom sheet. Something less than a foot on the right side of the bedroom closet was empty.

"The right side of the closet is for your things," he said. "You see that there is space on the shelf above it. Leave on your shoes." And, with him watching her, she stripped and hung up her clothes. She put the bra on the shelf. "Put the earrings on that shelf, too." She put them and her watch where she'd been told to.

"Now," he said, "my clothes. You can put them on that chair." She removed his shirt. "Shoes first," he said when she reached for his belt. She knelt, conscious that she was wearing only shoes, stockings, and garter belt. She untied his laces, helped him off with shoes and socks, and stood again. When she unbelted and unzipped his trousers, he stepped out of them. His erection was tenting his boxers. She could see it quiver as she lowered the shorts. He took off his own wristwatch.

He took her shoes when she lay down on the bed. While his tongue invaded her mouth, he stroked the insides of her nylon- clad thighs. As his mouth strayed lower, his hand strayed higher. She had her first orgasm while he was sucking a nipple and stroking her clitoris. The only respite he gave her was to switch nipples.

His finger brought her second orgasm by rubbing the top of her vagina. She was nearing her third when he climbed between her legs. His stroke drove him all the way into her. Pressed deep inside, he moved back and forth against her outside vulva while shifting his hands to reach her breasts. He teased her nipples while stroking in and out.

On her third orgasm, he pinched both nipples. She rocketed higher while he continued to stroke within her spasms. He shifted his hands back on the bed and raised his upper body. He finished like that, driving in and out of her while staring into her eyes.

After she saw his grimace and felt him throb inside her, he bent one arm and rolled off her. Minutes later, he turned off the overhead light from beside the bed. Then he pulled a sheet and light blanket up to cover them both.

When his alarm woke them, he climbed out of bed without a word to her. She heard the toilet flush and then the shower run. "Time to get up," he said when he returned. "You don't need those," he said when she headed towards the closet. "You do need a shower."

When she got back from her bathroom time, he was dressed in slacks and shirt. He was still barefoot, though. "Here," he said and handed her an apron. "I'll get you the bacon and the eggs. Mine are two, over easy."

"I don't cook." She did put on the apron, though. It covered her very thoroughly in front but left a gap in back.

"That's all right. Anybody can cook bacon and eggs. Bacon first." Actually, she needed less instruction than he gave her. She was conscious during the entire process that he could see her vulva through the gap in the apron. "Hang the apron on the hook over there by the door," he said when she brought the two plates over. They ate across from each other at his kitchen table, she stark naked.

After breakfast, he had her bend over with her back parallel to the floor and her hands on a chair while he ran a carpenter's tape measure from the floor to her navel. He didn't explain why. "Bring your handbag here," he said. Then, when she had, "Which of these credit cards has the largest outstanding balance?"

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