Bouncin' Bobby

by Jimbo Gymtoy

Caution: This Gay Exhibitionism Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Gay, Fiction, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Gay Exhibitionism Sex Story: A well-hung exhibitionist joins an-all male nude dance show and the reader shares in his erotic adventures on and off stage.

An Erotic Stage Fantasy

This is the story of a young, exhibitionist, Robert Greco known as "Bouncin' Bobby" who finds his true calling as a nude dancer in an all-male erotic review. But Bobby's not alone in finding erotic satisfaction displaying his manly genitals. Other young men with similar drives, as well as their distinctive sexual appendages are explored in detail in this tale of young men driven to parade their bare butts on stage.

This cast of characters includes:

Bouncin' Bobby with the Bulgin' Basket (Robert Greco)

Matty, in tight jeans, seated next to

Oscar, in business suit and dick tenting against cold zipper

Old Man Mainz, of the ballbag to the knees

Jivin' Jay, African-American in chinos, getting sucked off by curly haired blond kid.

Sidney, bank teller, black polished cotton pantss and glazed half-moon balls, stoned on grass

Dick, in Navy blues, pumped tomato balls

Whopper Wally, dancer with big club dick

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