Island of Hernando Rodriguez

by Ben Herr

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Fiction, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Four beautiful sisters take a vacation at a Costa Rican jungle lodge. A handsome stranger easily befriends them and invites them to his private island.

He watched them as they sat sipping their colorful drinks and flirting with male guests and hotel employees alike at the Garden Cloud Lounge. They were undoubtedly four sisters, all in their late twenties and thirties, and attractive. They were obviously American, and they laughed as they tried what little Spanish they knew on the young waiters. He had seen groups like this many times. Their often affluent husbands allowed them to have "Girl's Time Off" now and then. It worked out on both sides. The husbands at home found babysitters and enjoyed their freedom. Their wives got a chance to once more flirt and act single.

He approached the women with his most charming grin. His accent was Spanish, but he spoke well. "You must be sisters, but it is impossible for me to tell which of you is the oldest and which is the youngest! You all look so young!" The sisters giggled approvingly. "Can I buy you lovely ladies the next round of drinks?" he asked. They gladly accepted his offer, and in moments, were chatting and laughing with their new found friend Hernando Rodriguez. One sister would wink at another when his head was turned away to indicate that he was a catch, at least for the duration of their ten-day vacation at the Costa Rican Tropical Forest Resort.

Each sister shook the handsome man's hand. He was in his fifties, tall and tanned, with dark eyes that seemed to defuse any woman's inhibitions. His tight white shorts displayed strong athletic legs, and his silk white shirt was opened enough to reveal a muscular chest. He had the look of a rich plantation owner. The women, too, were casually dressed for the tropics.

He guessed that Janette or Jennifer were the older sisters. Both seemed a bit more cautious then the other two, Lisa and Heather. Janette had long dark brown hair, and was wearing a dark blue shirt and jeans. "Nice tits!" Hernando observed to himself.

Jennifer had shoulder-length brown hair, wore a dark blue top and khaki shorts.

"Nice legs!" Lisa and Heather were both sexy thin foxes, with light brown hair that reached almost to their hips. He guessed that Lisa was the "baby," but they were close in age. Hernando liked very young women. They excited him. All four sisters excited him.

It was just after noon, and Hernando offered to show them some sites. They piled into his white Lincoln Continental convertible and took off. After about an hour of sight seeing and bar hopping. He returned them to the lodge. "Tomorrow, I would like to show you my private island," he said. I can pick you up tomorrow morning if you like. Bring along some extra clothing and your cosmetics. You may decide to stay overnight!" The ladies eyed each other and laughed at their impending adventure! "Oh my God!" said Janette, the oldest. "We shouldn't!" But the youngest, Heather, giggled and said, "but we will!"

Arriving at their lodge in an older but gleaming white Lincoln Continental convertible, Rodriguez was stylishly dressed in a mock sea captain's outfit. The four sisters all wore white tank tops and shorts, and carried overnight bags. He drove them down to the yacht basin and they collectively gasped at his large polished wood cabin cruiser. "Ready for a trip to the island of Hernando Rodriguez, ladies?" he asked. "Actually, I like to refer to it as Paradise Island!". He lead them to the cabin, and introduced them to Juan Pablo, the boat pilot and Hernando's personal valet. Juan was short and swarthy, probably in his forties, and where Hernando mesmerized the woman with his eyes, the valet always averted anyone's gaze. Before staring the powerful engine, he poured them each a drink.

The trip to Hernando Rodriguez' island took about three hours, and the pretty ladies, although not wet, were considerably dampened and relaxed. Alcohol had flowed readily during the trip. They weren't really drunk, just feeling very good. They oohed an aahed at the lush vegetation and sparkling white beach as the boat approached the dock. "I have owned the island for three years," he announced. "It is a continuing work," he said, as he eased the craft into its berth at a small dock. He unloaded their things, and they found themselves facing a gate at the end of the pier. Juan Pablo took a "remote" from his pocket and pressed a button, and the gate swung open. "This is the only way in and out of this island," he said. "We are not always here," and I do not want strangers coming to loot."

"But, can't they just anchor their boats anywhere, like off the beach, or near the trees, and come here?" Jennifer asked. " You have seen those electric devices called 'invisible fences'?" he asked. "Yes," Janette answered. My neighbor has one for his dog. Brandy wears a collar on her neck, and if she crosses the invisible fence, she gets a shock!" "She learned pretty quickly!" Lisa exclaimed!

"Of course I cannot put a collar on the neck of every potential intruder," he said. "Therefore, I have installed on my island the latest technology in safeguards. Concealed in various places are electrical conductors that an intruder most cross or step over. When he does, he will receive not a minor jolt, as does your neighbor's dog Brandy, but a severe shock that will completely immobilize him for a long period of time. In fact, under some circumstances, it could be a fatal shock! " The sisters shifted their feet nervously. "Of course my trusted friends on the mainland are fully aware of this system," he continued. "And I have placed signs around the island, in English, Spanish, and French, explaining the danger. When workmen need to do work for me here, I deactivate certain areas. When I first purchased the island, some intruders did come here, steal some of my valuable equipment, and damage my property. It will never happen again."

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