Part 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Science Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow, Caution,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Part 1 - Steve needs a pair of bodyguards, but the ones he can afford on his budget don't offer much hope of keeping him alive - until he meets Mei and Wei. This is more an exploration of a concept than a sex story, but it IS one of my stories, so there IS sex in it, and those of you looking for stroke material shouldn't be too disappointed. I'm omitting one or more codes to avoid giving away the 'surprise' so pay attention to the caution tag.

SPLAT! The paintball smacked square into the center of my stand-in's forehead, signalling yet another successful assassination.

I was losing patience and my hair. This pair, for God's sake, were former Secret Service agents! They had been trained to protect the biggest target in the world, but without the enormous manpower and high-tech communication gear of the agency, they were ducks out of water!

I was beginning to think I'd never find suitable bodyguards! The technology my company was developing was so far beyond anything the DOD, the NSA, or any other tech firm had, that everybody in the world would want it BAD as soon as I announced it, and since I was about to announce a minimum bid of five hundred billion dollars, most of them would be willing to kill for it. I NEEDED excellent protection before I could make the announcement.

I had two things in my favor: 1. To get the plans, at least part of the assassination team had to be close in, since that briefcase would always be cuffed to my wrist, even in the shower! That should put them within reach of competent bodyguards. 2. The only other copy was kept in a maximum security vault, whose location even I didn't know. It could only be gotten upon my death. That meant that killing me would not give whoever did it exclusive use of the technology.

THAT little part of the plan was known to only one other person, my CTO. He stood to gain as much by the sale as I. I couldn't imagine him having a desire for money beyond his generous salary and stock options, much less an extra 250 billion. More than that, though, I trusted him. God never put a more honest, straightforward man on this earth!

Oh, there were employees building parts of the system, and others writing code for it, but Bob and I had divided the work up so that no one but he and I knew the whole picture. We had spent a LOT of time picking out the pieces that nobody else could be allowed to know and he had done those himself - hardware and software - and he had done the final assembly and testing of the prototype. Now it was my turn.

The trick now was to find somebody who could keep me alive until the sale, and time was running short. I needed to make the announcement by the end of the quarter, or we would be flat broke! We couldn't reveal what we were working on, so we couldn't get funding, and our assets were just about dried up. The quarterly tax payments were coming due, and our checking account had just enough to cover them and most of the bills, then they'd be after us.

That was part of the problem. I couldn't afford to pay very much, so my hopes of hiring reasonably competent talent were very slim and getting slimmer.

I had one more pair to interview, and if they didn't work out, it was Pinkerton or whoever came up with the lowest bid. DAMN! We were SO close.

My spirits weren't improved when I opened the door to call the last scheduled pair of the day, and two identical Chinese girls, looking like they were just out of high school, walked in wearing traditional Chinese dresses: High collared, embroidered silk that buttoned up one side of the front and just brushed the ground. One was a royal blue, the other brilliant red, and each was slit from hem to waist on one side. As they walked I caught glimpses of shapely legs. They couldn't have been more than a couple of inches over five feet, even in heels!

"What can I do for you ladies?" I asked, wearily.

Red dress answered, in flawless American English, "We think we may be able to help you with your problem."

I sighed, "And what problem is that?"

"You need someone to guard you." Blue dress answered, also in good American, "We need someone to guard."

"I hate to disappoint you, ladies," I said, trying to be polite, "but I've just spent the last three days eliminating virtually every pair of professional bodyguards around. What makes you think you can do better?"

"We were genetically engineered to be bodyguards." Red dress responded.

Blue dress continued the pitch, "And we have been a team since birth."

In spite of myself, my interest was piqued "What do you mean, 'genetically engineered'?"

Red dress fielded the question, saying, "The People's Republic of China has been breeding and training bodyguards for its high ranking officials for years. With the advent of the technology for genetic engineering, they performed an experiment in hopes of taking it to a new level."

Blue dress picked up the narrative from there, "They took fertilized eggs from two of their best bodyguards and, through a secret process, modified their genetic structure to optimize it for the work of the bodyguard. Once an egg was modified, it was allowed to divide once, and the two cells were separated."

Red dress again: "The cells continued dividing normally, and produced identical twins with all the desirable characteristics, and none of the traits considered undesirable in a bodyguard."

Blue dress: "Two pairs of prototypes were produced. They were made female in appearance since most officials are male, though some male pairs were planned. Once the twins matured enough, they trained together. From the moment of their birth, a pair was never allowed to be apart for more than a few minutes."

Red dress: "The bodyguards were designed and programmed to be loyal to their designated employer above all else. It was assumed that each official assigned bodyguards was loyal to the People's Republic, so the bodyguards needed only be loyal to him."

"So, I'm guessing that you two are one of these engineered pairs, right?" I asked as they wound down.

Both nodded.

"And you must have been assigned someone to guard, right?"

Another pair of nods.

"So why are you here?"

They looked at each other before Blue Dress replied, "Our employer died of a heart attack while in this country. Unfortunately, the circumstances of his death, had they been made public, would have brought dishonor on him, his family, and his government, so, as our last act of loyalty to him, we departed, after arranging the scene of his death to tell a different story."

"Why didn't you stick around and make up some story to tell the authorities?" I asked.

"We cannot lie to persons in authority," Said Red Dress, "except to protect the LIFE of our employer. Even rearranging the scene was difficult for us, but we were able to rationalize it by telling ourselves that no authorities were present."

"I see." I didn't really, but..."So why don't you go back to China? Sorry, dumb question! You'd have to talk to the authorities about his death, wouldn't you!"

Their reaction to that was odd. They looked at each other, then smiled, before turning back to me and nodding.

"Well, you came," I said, "the course is set up, that guy wearing the goggles..." I pointed through the glass into the course, "is me. Everyone else is either a bystander or an enemy. Let's see if you can protect me long enough to let me get from that end of the course to this end. Any questions?"

Again they gave each other that odd look followed by a smile.

I gave them their choice of paint guns. They hefted them, and tried them on for balance, then declined. I offered goggles, but they declined those, as well.

silently they entered the course and joined my double at the far end of the course. As the trio moved forward, they looked like two tiny bimboes trying to entertain their date. The binoculars, however, told me a different story.

They chatted animatedly with the guy, but their eyes were never on him, even when their faces were turned in his direction. Red dress, on the left, seemed to be watching the right. Blue dress, on the right was covering the left, and without speaking to each other, they took turns looking front and rear! Talk about 360 degree coverage! In a minute I would find out how good that coverage was.

As they entered the sniper's field of fire, Red Dress fell back as though looking at some flowers along the path and pointed out something in the flower bed to my double so that he bent over to look at it. This casual exchange effectively put her between the target and the sniper. When I swept the binoculars back to the path, Blue Dress was nowhere to be seen! I panned toward the sniper's location just in time to see his body come hurtling out of the tree!

By the time I got the lenses back on the target, Red dress had drifted around in front of him, facing him, chattering flirtatiously, and doing kind of a teasing dance. I was mystified by this until I realized that it gave her a wide view to the target's rear and sides, while making it difficult for any shooter ahead to get a clear shot. Blue dress fell in beside them and Red dress drifted back to her position on the left.

When the martial arts guys attacked, I thought sure they'd be overwhelmed, but both girls became blurs! I saw a star weapon snatched out of the air and sent back in the direction of it's thrower, embedding itself in a tree branch by his left ear. Neither he nor I doubted that it would have been in his forehead if this were anything but an exercise.

These guys were all black belts, or the equivalent, in various forms of martial arts, but the girls seemed to have superhuman speed and strength. They were everywhere and nowhere. Sometimes the two of them worked together on an attacker, and sometimes separately. By the time they rejoined 'me' on the path, there was a litter of black clad men around them.

Moving on down the winding path of the course, they fended off knife, handgun, shotgun and every other attack the 'enemy' could throw at them with seeming ease, so, just for the hell of it, I got on the two-way and told the 'enemy' to send in the terrorist bomber.

The bomber opened his coat no more than five feet in front of them and reached for the trigger. They never hesitated. Blue dress whisked the target behind a pile of boulders (NOT the nearest, most obvious pile, mind you!) while Red dress went after the bomber. Before he could even think of activating the bomb, she had done something that seemed to disable his arms. Next thing he knew, both hands were tied behind him, around a tree trunk, while Red Dress ran a cord from the detonator to another pile of rocks. Crouching in their shelter, she yanked the cord and the 'bomber' thanked his lucky stars it was only a flashbang, as he was the only one who would have been blown up.

The ladies weren't even breathing hard by the time they got back to the interview room.

"Well, ladies," I said enthusiastically, "You certainly seem capable. As far as I'm concerned, if you pass the background check you've got the job!"

"Not so fast!" Red dress said.

Blue dress picked it up from there, "There is a discussion we need to have, but it must take place in a more private setting."

Was this a setup? Were they sent to get to me early? I couldn't imagine why. My copy of the plans was in my safety deposit box. Then an idea occurred to me. I went to the door and asked one of the policemen whom the city had sent down to keep order outside, to please step inside. I fed him the questions and he turned to the girls.

"Are you here to kill, or in any way harm this man?" he asked.

Both answered, "No."

"Do you intend to coerce or otherwise induce him to do anything he would not normally do?"

They looked at each other, then Red dress answered, "We don't know what he would normally do. We do not intend to use any form of physical coercion, extortion, or any other illegal means to induce him to do anything."

"What is your purpose here?"

"We seek employment with this man." they both answered.

Well, they could have been lying about their inability to lie to authority figures, I suppose, but I decided to take a chance.

I thanked the policeman, and ushered them into the office that had been set aside for me to use while I was renting this facility (on my personal credit card!).

As I locked the door and turned to face the girls, I said, "You two are amazing! I'm guessing that some of those desirable traits included strength, stamina, speed, etcetera?"

"Yes, but there were some concessions made to the natural order of things to achieve those results," Blue dress replied, "And that's what we need to discuss with you."

"Our bodies produce a LOT of hormones to achieve the results you saw." Red dress continued, "As a result, our need for sex is very great."

"But," Blue dress picked up the monologue, "if we have sex outside our employment, it places us, and subsequently our employer at risk. We alleviate this when necessary, by having sex with each other."

Red dress: "Perhaps you can imagine: We know each other so well, that having sex with each other is more like masturbating than real sex. That leaves us only one other outlet for our libidoes..."

Blue dress: "... our Employer!"

I puzzled over that for a bit, then a light came on, "The, uh, compromising situation under which your previous employer... ?"

They gave each other that look, smiled, then turned back and nodded.

Red dress: "But that is not the point of this discussion."

I shrugged, "If you're saying that you'll want to have sex with me, I actually think it's a great idea! You're both very attractive, I'm single, unattached, and, in this situation, would be stupid to become attached."

Again the look and smile routine.

"There is one other detail you need to know about us," Blue dress said, "before the three of us can make a final decision."

Red Dress: "In order to achieve some of the gains in strength and aggressiveness we've been given, our bodies need to produce more male hormones than women's bodies are normally capable of."

Blue Dress: "So our scientists compromised."

My eyes followed the silken slide of red and blue dresses as they fell to the floor, revealing two tiny, perfect, female figures, with one gigantic flaw.

Each of them sported a large, raging hard-on and a hanging set of balls!

"You're... GUYS?!" I gasped, falling back a couple of steps.

"Not really," said the one standing in the blue pool of silk, disappointedly, "we were created as true hermaphrodites, with sex organs for both sexes, but with balls. These, though," she indicated her enormous boner, "are our primary obstacle to gainful employment, and the principle reason our government dropped the program after having made only two sets of prototypes."

"I understand your predicament," I said, "really I do, but..."

"We have a proposition." the former Red dress said, "We realize this is an... unusual situation, and one that's difficult for you to accept."

"But won't you please try, once," the former Blue dress joined in, her usual smooth, competent exterior cracking a bit, "and see if you like having sex with us? No one outside this room will ever know, either way, unless you tell them."

Former Red dress, almost pleading: "We have screened a number of prospective employers, and you're the first that we've felt we'd be happy working for. We both find you quite attractive."

Now, understand, I have never even entertained the idea of sex with a guy. Just the thought of kissing someone with a beard, or worse yet, stubble, turns my stomach! On the other hand, former girlfriends and I have experimented with strap-ons, and while the girls didn't get much out of it, I found it quite erotic to feel tits flattened against my back while their owner reamed my ass.

Now, here before me, were two lovely ladies with automatic, built-in dildoes, made of warm, velvety flesh instead of cold, hard plastic!

Before I knew it, the idea was growing on me (and in my pants), and all I could think to say was, "Now?"

Lo and behold, even as they nodded, I felt my own magnificent member (So I'm proud of it! It's given me and my lovers many hours of pleasure, so what? At least I haven't named it!) rising in my trousers.

I loosened my tie, and suddenly, there were six hands undressing me. When I realized they were better at it than I, I left it all to the lovely ladies.

In a flash, my clothes were gone, and I felt warmth envelope my straining cock. Without their dresses, I had no real way of telling them apart. Well, that's not quite true. Up close I noticed that one had two rings in her left ear and the other had two in her right. I wished I had noticed that BEFORE they undressed! Anyway, it was Lefty who had her mouth around my cock, while Righty licked and nipped at my nipples!

As if reading my mind, Righty looked up and said with an impish grin, "Hi, I'm Mei!"

With a wet pop my cock slipped from Lefty's mouth and she said, "And I'm Wei!"

"Uh, pleased to meet you," I mumbled, mind in a fog, "I'm, uh I'm..." Damn! Why couldn't I remember my name? Oh yeah! "... Steve! Steve Hastings!"

"Hi Steve!" they said, in harmony, before returning to their tasks.

Their teamwork at sex was as seamless as at guarding bodies, and they soon had me flying high! Lips, fingers, tongues, teeth: everything they did seemed to magnify my arousal! I felt Wei's nose against my pubic bone and looked down to see her gazing up at me with my cock buried deep in her lovely throat!

Without losing contact or breaking their rhythm, they maneuvered me to my hands and knees on the carpet, with my cock still embedded deep in Wei's throat. I opened my eyes to find myself staring down at her bobbing erection, pre-cum running down its sides. As if in a trance, my mouth opened and my tongue flicked out to taste that clear fluid! The taste was... well, bland! Not bad, not good, just... there. So, naturally, I bent lower and took the head of her cock in my mouth. Unlike mine, her glans was actually smaller around than her shaft. Perfect for opening virgin orifices!

I let it slip further in, experimenting to see how far I could go. Meanwhile, I felt Mei's hot tongue probing my anus, while her sister's mouth did wondrous things to my engorged member.

I was just starting to get my gag reflex under control, when Mei adroitly (Yes, 'adroitly'! I know that word sounds strange here, but it's the best I could come up with to describe how she... ) slipped her cock into my ass, with barely a ripple of the expected pain! In my amazement and appreciation for the differences between warm flesh and cold plastic, I forgot all about the rod in my mouth, and the next thing I knew, my nose was buried in Wei's scrotum! As I started to come up for air, my nostrils were inundated with a familiar scent. With one hand, I reached around her slender thigh, and sure enough, my middle finger sank easily into a hot, wet, female crevice!

I slipped my finger in a little further and found Wei's G-spot. When I caressed it with my fingertip, I got the expected lurch upward of her hips, but something was missing! I couldn't quite put my finger on it for a second, then it hit me! The silence was deafening!

Except for the wet, slurping noises our body parts made sliding in and out of each other, there was no other sound! No moans, no sighs, no whispering, even, of nasty encouragements! Mei, was pounding passionately, urgently at my ass! Wei's movements indicated that she, too was feeling the lust, but neither of them, unlike my previous lovers, vocalized their arousal in any way! (I had occasion to ask them about this later, and they assured me that by not making noise they were better able to use their superior hearing to listen for possible attacks. Seems they were ALWAYS on the job!)

As I was mulling over this little tidbit, Mei toppled us sideways, then rolled to her back, pulling me with her - still impaled on her rigid cock!

Talk about new experiences! I've done this to women before many times, but to say my 200-plus pound body wasn't accustomed to being manhandled that way would be like saying I wasn't accustomed to flying mountains as I watched one spread its wings and lift off! This diminutive girl with the big dick and just flipped me as easily as turning over a playing card! Once I got over my shock somewhat, I began to marvel anew at the fact that, despite my body dwarfing hers, she seemed to be in absolutely no distress.

Before I had a chance to digest THAT little fact, her sister straddled my groin, and settled herself, with a beatific smile, all the way down on my rampant erection, her own cock slapping my stomach wetly as she hit bottom!

Ok, that was enough thinking for now! Wei's little pussy felt like a fresh young teenager's as she bounced up and down, heedless of the size of the rod impaling her! I started to moan my pleasure, and Wei instantly leaned forward and kissed me deeply, coincidentally shutting off my moans!

Between the two of them, Mei and Wei nearly pummeled my pelvis to powder! Not that I had any complaints, mind you! In spite of their silence, their tiny bodies oozed lust, and as their assault increased in intensity, so did my arousal!

When, suddenly, I felt a burst of warmth in my guts as Mei raised all three of us off the floor, I realized with shock another major difference between these girls and women with dildoes: They could ejaculate! And Mei was doing so - deep in my guts!

The idea of it, the feel of it, the tightness of Wei's demanding pussy, the very weirdness of the situation, all came together to wrest a tremendous blast of my own discharge straight into Wei's tight little pussy! She felt it, looked past my head at her sister's face with that SMILE, and blasted her own cum all over my chest, and face and a goodly area of carpet!

Now I don't know about you, but I kind of like to relax a little after sex and savor the waning spasms and twitches - sort of the non-smoker's equivalent of having a cigarette. Not Mei and Wei. Three seconds after Wei finished cumming, she was up, and I was dumped unceremoniously on the carpet as her sister followed. By the time I made it to my feet and started looking for my underwear, they were fully dressed, and looking as fresh as when they came in. Mei, by the way, wore the red dress, and Wei the blue.

As I struggled back into my pants, Wei said, "We can't pass your background check. We are in this country illegally."

"If you submit our fingerprints, photos, or other idenfication to your FBI," Mei continued, "They will either have no record of us, or we will show up as having entered the country as part of a diplomatic party who never left."

"You must have guessed, by now," Wei picked up as if they were a single person, "that we are not given to showing a lot of emotion, so you wouldn't be convinced, even if we attempted to tell you that the sex with you is the best we've had in a very long time, and that we've gotten quite attached to you."

"What we will tell you," it was Mei's turn, "is that we are intensely, unflinchingly loyal to our employer. We cannot be anything else."

Wei: "And if you hire us, you will never have cause to regret it."

I was starting to get used to the team talking thing. Basically, one had to listen as if to one person, sort of like a stereo where the sound keeps switching from left to right and back.

"How much do you charge?" Here was where I expected to lose them. They were clearly top talent and probably too expensive for my budget.

They did the look and smile routine again, then Mei answered, "We have no need for money. You will provide us with whatever shelter, clothing, weapons, food and incidentals we need, and we will share your bed whenever possible. That is the compensation we demand for our services."

"That's it?" I was astounded. I guess it made sense, if you bought their story about having been created as bodyguards, but DAMN! How lucky can one man get!

"What about time off?" I asked.

"We will relieve each other for bathroom breaks when it seems safe to do so," this from Wei, "Other than that we will be your constant companions - even accompanying YOU to the bathroom!"

My mother's training started me protesting before I realized that they were right. My most vulnerable times would be in bathrooms. So instead I said, "No, I mean vacations, weekends off, that sort of thing!"

Mei cracked the barest of smiles and said, "We'll take those at the same time your enemies schedule their time off."

Ok, so it was a dumb question. I was happy to discover they had at least a trace of a sense of humor.

I knew there must have been a million other questions I should have asked, but I had never had to hire bodyguards before, and these were the only two who seemed capable of handling the task.

I shrugged and stuck out my hand. "I guess you're hired!"

Their faces lit up briefly as they shook my hand, then they were all business. "Wait here with Mei while I retrieve our gear."

Wei disappeared out the door of the office and I tried to engage Mei in small talk.

"So, how old are you two, anyway?"

She never looked at me, but answered absent-mindedly, "Twenty-three or -four. We were never told our actual 'birth' date"

Her eyes roved every square inch of the room.

Wei returned carrying two duffle bags, each bigger than herself, without any sign of strain.

"Let's go to your house." Wei said, "We will use this evening to set up a suitable training room and update your security system. Your training will begin tomorrow."

"MY training?" I asked, more than a little surprised, "What do I need training for?"

Mei filled me in as we left by the back door, with them flanking me like they had my double in the exercise. God those eyes were busy!

"We are an effective team," Mei said, "but we will be even more effective if you know how to work with us to keep yourself safe. If we can depend on you to do the right thing in any given situation, we can give more of our attention to correcting the situation instead of getting you out of harms way."

"We will train you in the use of weapons," Wei continued, "self defense techniques, and evasion, either on foot or in any of a number of vehicles."

"We will also train you to get used to leaving one, but never both of us behind when you must evade." Mei added.

"Why one?" I asked, "Why should I leave either of you behind?"

"With one left behind," Wei answered, "She can slow or prevent pursuit. If both go with you, you're taking the problem with you as well."

"So why don't both of you stay and take care of the problem?" I asked, really wanting to know.

"Because a really good assassin never puts all his eggs in one basket!" Mei replied, "If you leave without at least one of us, you could be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. This is not television where if you don't get killed in the first attack, you can rest and lick your wounds before the next. That's why your evasion training will work very hard on finding non-obvious escape routes. If they're obvious to you, they're obvious to the enemy, and he'll set traps."

While Mei was talking, Wei had actually crawled under the limo and was working her way from front to rear, inspecting every square inch of the engine compartment and the underside of the car, while her sister kept one eye on the chauffeur and the other on the surrounding area.

"Is he an employee of yours?" she asked, jerking her head in the Chauffeur's direction.

"No," I replied, "He came with the car."

"Give him cab fare." then, turning to the uniformed chauffeur, she said, "You can retrieve the car at the address where you picked him up."

When Wei crawled out from under the vehicle, she climbed into the driver's seat, snatching the key from the driver's hand as she passed. She popped the hood and trunk and inspected the interior of each thoroughly, then went through the interior with a fine toothed comb. When she was satisfied, Wei seated herself behind the wheel and started the engine, nodding at her sister

"Hey!" the driver protested, "You can't take that car! I'll get in so much trouble!"

Mei touched him, seemingly casually, but he instantly fell silent and his mouth dropped open in apparent agony.

"Don't tell anyone!" she said, "Just take a cab and meet us. Your boss will never know!"

Still in shock, he nodded meekly. We climbed into the back of the Limo.

As Wei accelerated smoothly out of the lot, a sudden thought struck me: I had been in these ladies' company for a little over three hours, and had never once heard them utter a word or sound to each other... !

I wasn't sure what I had gotten myself into, but for the first time in weeks, I thought I might actually live through it!

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