A True Slut's Tales

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Introduction - Wife takes on black men for voyeur husband's pleasure on their honey moon.

A true slut is willing to try anything once. I've heard more than one guy say that they'd drag their balls through a mile of broken glass just to see up my skirt. Oh sure I've got breasts that, like my ass, are more than a hand full. And my waist is tucked in so that most men's fingers touch when they use both hands. But seriously, so what? I'm sure I don't understand this battle of the sexes bullshit, or the Mars, Venus crapola. I'm a person, just like everyone else, and being human, once my older brother by two years raped me, as a teenager, and broke my cherry, I knew that I too loved sex. Okay, so I'm still uncertain as to whether I seduced him, or that he actually did rape me that first time, but it was fun nevertheless, even if it did hurt at first. In any event, I was on the pill already, and never got pregnant by him, however it did bend my mind just enough to make me feel sluttish from that point on.

So when the time came I helped pay for my college tuition by becoming a part time stripper, and part time female escort before meeting my second true love: Black cock. Before Joseph, my hair was a mousy brown, but since he had a thing for blonds I dyed the hair on my head platinum blond, and shaved the rest completely bare before waxing it all away later. He started pimping me out to his black friends soon after our one-month anniversary, and that ended that relationship. I had no real problem attracting every black cock within a 50-mile radius all on my own, but none of the men connected to those black cocks had more than a weekend in my bed on their minds at the most. And then I met my third true love, Arthur Hillcrest, III.

"I'd eat a bucket of her turds just to see where they came from," Arthur said one day just as I passed by outside of Chemistry 101.

I stopped dead in my tracks then with Trina my best friend giggling beside me, and with a half turn towards him, and his group of friends said; "That CAN be arranged, you know."

Having the richest boy on campus crawling around behind me at every turn isn't the worst way to finish the freshman year. And becoming engaged to him in my sophomore year at the age of 18 pretty much made me the hottest babe, popularity wise, from then on. Seducing his father on our first weekend at his family's estate pretty much insured our wedding plans, and finding out afterwards that Arthur had watched the whole thing from a hidden two way mirror while jacking off set the life style for our future as a married couple. I knew then that this was true love as my future husband was a natural born cuckold. Hell, he hadn't even fucked me yet. Nor was he going to until we officially tied the knot. But I changed my hair color to a Strawberry blond just to show my commitment to the family, and by his father's request. After all, the man had a juicy big cock that any black man would have applauded, and an inherited kinky nature with a frog tongue that any woman could cherish.

Okay, so I like to fuck! And maybe I am a little submissive with the right guys. So sue me. I'm no different from you, and if you're reading this then you think about sex as much as I do. Like I always say, if fucking didn't feel good then why are there over 4 billion people on this planet? If I don't conform to your idea of the typical girl next door, with all that romantic horse shit cluttering up my mind, well then tough shit. Move to another neighborhood. I spread my legs for anyone I want to. Just because I'm a female doesn't make me a tramp for doing that. If I was a guy they'd give me an award, or at the very least a great nickname, right? Maybe something like Cunt, or Cock hound? Personally, I like them both. My first black lover, Joseph, use to call me his little white Nigger Pussy, but I think that suggests ownership, and I'm nobody's person, but myself. I am woman, hear my vibrator roar, and sniff my crotch, Period!

I continued fucking Arthur's father George Hillcrest for the next two years, and right through my graduation from college, and Arthur's passing of the bar, and right up to and including just before Arthur, and I were legally wed. In fact by the time Arthur put his 7-inch dingy up my slit for the very first time on our wedding night he was getting sloppy fourths as his father, his father's father Arthur II, the chauffer, and the black bartender who was part of the catering crew at our wedding reception had already fucked me.

I'll give Arthur this he was great at eating out all of that toxic slime dripping out of my love canal. Though he did get shorted on the dick side as his father, and grandfather had much bigger cocks, he had inherited their talented tongues, and the Hillcrest's kinky nature. Believe me, no woman could have had it better off than I did marrying a rich natural born cuckold like Arthur Hillcrest the third. There's nothing he likes more than to watch me fuck some other man's cock, especially as I was about to find out, a black man with a big cock with plenty of cum in his balls. And there's nothing I like more than pleasing that twisted side of the Hillcrest nature.

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