Dangerous Dog
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, DomSub, Bestiality, Lactation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Herein lies the continuing episodes of Jan Taylor, a small woman mid twenties, blond, curvaceous as hell and afflicted with a pathological fear of the outside world. She has fallen victim of the training of Buster, a huge German shepherd, who was trained to assume a position of mastery over human women at the command of the woman saying the words, "I AM A BITCH"

Sister Myriam was driving the convent station wagon to take her pet, Buster, a full blood German Shepherd, to the vet's for his annual checkup. She was unfortunately distracted at a critical intersection by some of Buster's antics in the back seat. Buster was not a very good passenger; he despised the noisy smelly automobiles and they always made him very nervous, especially when he was in one. He let out a howl of panic when a large truck let loose a blast of its air-horn preparatory to pulling out into traffic.

Sister Myriam looked up at the mirror to check on her precious pet and, because her attention had wandered, ran a red light. Her car was hit on the driver's side of the station wagon by another truck going at a respectable rate of speed. Poor Sister Myriam was killed instantly. The wagon came to a stop on the far side of the intersection, still mated to the front of the truck. Its radiator had burst and steam and scalding water obscured the front of the wagon. The body of the wagon was deformed and the passenger-side rear door had popped open.

Buster was in a panic due to his having been hurled about the wagon's interior. However, due to the cushioning of the plush interior of the vehicle, he was uninjured. He spotted the open door and quicker than thought rushed out of the smoking, steaming vehicle. Buster was petrified of the sounds of the noisy metal creatures all around him and in a panic ran from the intersection and continued to run until he was in a quieter section of the city.

Buster had always been well treated at the convent by the nuns there and especially by his owner who had bucked the rules of the order on pets, so this was extremely unpleasant to him. He wandered about this section and then on out of the city to a quiet area, with many trees and the scents of strange animals all around him. He came upon a little farmhouse in the waning light of the day and collapsed at the front door in exhaustion.

Jan Taylor was getting ready for bed when she heard a faint whimpering coming from the open window of her bedroom. She looked out the window but was unable to see Buster due to the porch roof. She again heard the whimpering, louder now. She hurried down to the front door and opening it spied poor Buster on her front porch. Seeing the bedraggled animal for the first time she exclaimed, "Oh My God, You poor thing!"

Jan had a soft spot in her heart for any creature in distress and rushed out onto the porch to tend to him. Her heart went out to the obviously owner less pooch (his collar had become entangled in some underbrush and he had pulled his head from the loose collar).

Jan tried to drag him into the house but he was too heavy. Buster rallied some strength and got up and slowly allowed himself to be led into the warmth of her home. Jan got some water in a bowl and placed it in front of Buster who, not having had any water since early that morning, proceeded to noisily slurp it up. Jan knew enough not to overdo it with the water for awhile and only gave him sparing amounts of it so that he did not become sick. The water revived Buster immensely.

"Poor thing", Jan thought as she petted and soothed his furry body. "I wonder what happened to you?" Jan checked her refrigerator for something for the dog to eat and saw some leftover meat loaf from her dinner.

"I always make too much these days," she ruminated. Jan had recently lost her husband of only 5 years and was very lonely. They had had no children and she had no friends (she did not get out much due to her very shy nature. Her almost pathological fears of the outside world had made her almost a hermit).

Jan placed the bowl on the floor and Buster wolfed it down, demolishing the adult portion of the meat loaf in seconds. She checked to make sure that he wasn't injured and except for a few scratches on his nose he appeared to be in the best of health, barring his apparent exhaustion, thirst and hunger of course.

Buster took stock of his whereabouts for the first time. No smelly noisy cars around here, clean water, good food. Then he checked out this new bitch who was taking care of him. He looked up at her.

She was a lovely blond haired bitch like his last owner. She didn't have on the concealing furs that his last owner seemed to prefer almost all the time. Of course it was night time and his previous owner did divest herself of those coverings then. Buster was tired though and did not want to go to work tonight. He hoped that she would let him have the night off. He walked to a corner near a heating vent and curled up in a ball and fell asleep.

Jan watched him make himself to home and thought, "Well looks like I've got a room mate! Just what I needed too. I was getting very lonely."

She cleaned up the mess Buster had made on the floor and went to bed for the evening.

The next morning, Buster was up bright and early. Completely recovered from the previous day's exertions, he set about exploring the farmhouse. He wandered into the bedroom upstairs through the partially open door. On the bed lay the new human bitch who had been so nice the night before. She was slightly entangled in the bedclothes except for a leg and her hips; the other leg was still partially covered. She wore none of the coverings that humans usually wore.

Was it time he wondered. No the signal had not been given. Still he might as well get to know her better. He hopped up on the bed and licked at her ankle. The tickling sensation caused the sleeping woman to move her leg away from the sensation which caused her legs to open. The dog sniffed at her crotch then licked it once, then once more, and again.

Jan's body began to get excited in her sleep. Blood began to flow into her nipples and her pussy began to swell in anticipation. She began to dream of a handsome man who was licking her pussy.

Buster tasted the juices that began to flow and eagerly anticipated her giving the signal. He slurped and slurped at her creaming pussy.

Then she had an orgasm and she screamed which frightened the dog off the bed. His previous owner had never done that! Jan awoke right after she had screamed and thought "Wow that was the most... real dream I've ever had. I came to a dream!" She got up and saw Buster looking through the door. "Good morning! Did I scare you Hun? Hmmmm what am I gonna call you... how about Wolf! You kinda remind me of a wolf."

Buster looked at her wondering if she was gonna give the signal. He was hard and had anticipated the fun he would have... but no the human bitch did not give the signal so he turned away disappointed. Jan saw the bright eyes he had when she called him Wolf. "OK Wolf go on now I gotta get dressed."

His eyes took on a disappointed look and Jan thought, "Wolf really likes me. He wanted to play. Well I will play with him a little later." She then went about her morning routine of a bath, makeup and dressing.

Jan stared at herself in the mirror. "One day I won't be so scared of life out there." She was safe here in her home. The insurance on her deceased husband had paid the mortgage and left enough to allow her to live a comfortable life in her safe haven for the rest of her life. The bank took care of all the bills and the closest food mart had a standing order that they filled for her on the first day of the week, every week. Speaking of which her order for this week should be arriving any...

A horn honked in the driveway. A young pimply-faced delivery boy drove up to the porch. He placed her food delivery on the porch and began to walk away.

Jan cracked the door and timidly called out to him.

His eyes got real wide as he turned for this was the first time he had seen the hermit lady. She was very pretty he thought, maybe 25 or 26 years old blonde and curvy as hell!! And standing at her side was a huge German shepherd!!! A mean one too. He saw that it was silently snarling at him and he wished to leave toot sweet.

"Could you add a case of your best dog food and some doggie vitamins to my order from now on please?"

"Yes ma'am I sure will do that."

"You want me to go get them now for this week too?" he asked.

"Yes please," she replied just before she closed the door.

"Well that takes care of that. No need to take chances like that again," she mused.

Buster lost the bristly look as the delivery boy drove off. He hated the smell and the sound of the delivery truck, the boy who was driving, and anything connected to it. OK now to play. Buster ran around Jan barking.

Jan giggled. "Awww he wants to play." She opened the door and Buster ran outside. Jan did not join him of course. She very rarely ever left her home. Buster ran around the yard out to an old barn that had seen better days. He looked around the barn nothing had lived in there in years. He ran around the yard again sniffing.

A while later Buster came back to the house, not having found anyone or anything to play with. The store's delivery truck was just leaving after having brought back the items Jan had requested and the door was opening. Jan reached out and snagged the box of groceries and pulled them inside. Buster wiggled into the house through the partially open door.

"Oh Wolf you scared me!" Jan exclaimed. Buster watched her on her knees picking up the cans of dog food that had spilled on the floor. He crept up to her rear, her ass in the air and saw that she was only wearing a pair of loose shorts. His tongue leapt from his mouth and scored on her naked pussy through the loose leg opening.

Jan let out a scream that would curl your hair, once again frightening poor Buster. "WOLF!! Never do that again. What do you think I AM, A BITCH?" Buster's head shot up into the air. "THE SIGNAL" The human bitch had given THE SIGNAL PHRASE-"I AM A BITCH." Buster's face curled into a snarl. His teeth grasped the back of her shorts and with one gigantic pull ripped them from her body.

Jan let out a scream and rolled onto her back looking up as that teeth filled muzzle shot out and grasped the front of her pull-over shirt and tore it into pieces.

Jan was now completely naked and pulling herself backwards on the floor. Buster paced after her, a measured stalk.

"What happened? What did I do to him? Why is he attacking me?" Jan wondered amid the panicky thoughts of escape she was having.

She looked around looking for an avenue of escape when, quick as thought, Buster's head shot forward, his mouth open, his teeth gleaming in the early morning sunlight coming through one of the curtained windows. His mouth closed on her throat, his teeth just denting the flesh encased in his huge muzzle.

Jan froze. "He's gonna kill me!" she thought. Jan did nothing.

Buster lightly squeezed her throat, the teeth denting the flesh a little more. Then he released her. He circled the girl.

She began edging backwards again. Buster again grasped her by the throat. Jan got the picture that time, "DON'T MOVE."

Buster again released her and once again circled her. Jan kept quite still laying on the floor, her hands at her sides, her feet together flat on the floor.

Buster went to her feet and pushed his muzzle between her feet. She understood, "OPEN YOUR LEGS." Her legs came open, slowly, unwillingly, but they came open nonetheless.

Jan still had no idea what was going on. She had been so nice to Wolf. He had been so nice. What had happened? Why had he changed? What was he going to do to her?

"OH MY GOD, NOT THAT!!" she screamed, as Buster's tongue flashed over her wide open pussy.

"Oh my God, he's licking my pussy." She started to put her hands on the dog's head to push him away from her now very wet pussy, but the growl that emanated from the huge powerful dog's throat effectively put an end to that. Buster's tongue laved her wet cunt with long strokes of his agile tongue. Unwelcome though it was, the intense licking had made her pussy tingle and spasm with pleasure. The young woman's nipples were now rock hard. Her breaths were getting faster and faster. Jan's legs began to tremble as the pleasure made them want to wrap themselves around the dog's neck.

"Oh no Wolf stop." she quivered. "Oh Lord I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum in a dog's mouth!" she howled!!!

"Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee", she screamed.

Her hips thrust up forcing the dog's muzzle almost inside her spasming pussy. Then her body fell back to the floor as she panted for air.

Buster just kept on licking. "NO, no, no, no, stop Wolf please."

Buster of course ignored her and kept licking. Then he forced his tongue inside the aroused blonde. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she exhaled. "Mmmmy God, again?" she whispered as once again she came in the dog's mouth, with his tongue as far up her furiously pistoning snatch as it could get.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she said when Buster finally took his tongue from her pussy. She was weak and barely felt the dog stepping over her.

She did feel it when he licked her breasts. LICK, bang on the nipple. Her body arched in pleasure again and she tried to roll away from the new attack on her body. Amazingly no growl was sounded as she rolled over onto her stomach.

She pulled her legs up under her and her hands under her to get up on her feet, not really realizing that she had just gotten into a perfect doggie position.

Her first realization that she had just made a very big mistake was when Buster's legs wrapped around her waist and she felt something battering on her flesh near her pussy.

"NO! You can't! I won't let you!" she yelled.

At that moment the dog's cock slipped inside her cunt.

She screamed and tried to buck the animal off her back, which just put her pussy perfectly in line for Buster's full-power thrust. Wham, and eight inches of dog-cock plowed up into her quivering belly. The air was literally driven from her body as her arms gave out and Buster began to fuck her.

In and out he thrust, with the power of a jackhammer and damn near the speed of one as well. Wham, wham, wham, one after another.

Then Jan felt something else. A thicker part of the cock. Buster seemed to be trying to get that into her as well.

Jan's mouth was open with the shock of the dog's brutal rape of her poor defenseless pussy. Then her mouth opened again as did her eyes when at last a particularly powerful thrust pushed the knot inside of her body.

As soon as it was seated the dog's knot began inflating until it was the size of a baseball. Jan's eyes kept getting bigger and bigger as she felt the knot inflate inside her. She really didn't know much about dog physiology. She had no idea that the knot was there to essentially lock two dogs together and keep all the male dog's sperm inside the bitch to ensure that the bitch would conceive puppies. It was so large that it was painful. She felt soooo full.

Then the dog gave a howl and came inside the panting woman. Jan once again gave out a scream, and came as well. "Oh Lord it feels so hot!"

"Well at least he's done, but why isn't he pulling out," she wondered. And why did she continue to feel hot sperm pumping into her belly? There was so much of it she actually felt her belly distend a little.

Buster was now laying on her back licking his drool off her neck and back. He was done.

He got off Jan slipping one leg over his still-embedded cock and stood butt to butt with his new bitch. He began to walk over to his favorite place near the vent to lay down and clean himself, inadvertently pulling the helpless female along with him. The pain of being dragged made her scuttle backwards.

Finally, twenty minutes later, his massive knot had deflated enough for his equally massive cock to pull free of the girl's stretched cunt. Its withdrawal was immediately followed by a flood of sperm spilling out of her well plowed pussy.

Jan collapsed and just lay there gathering up her strength and thinking back over the events which had just occurred.

"I've been raped," she thought. "Raped by a dog!!!"

Her mind almost refused to believe what had just occurred. She just lay there in a pool of dog cum, some still leaking from her cunt. Buster lay in his corner grooming himself.

Jan couldn't know the special training that Buster had received at the hands of his previous owner. Sister Myriam had all the cravings of a bitch in heat but felt so guilty about them that she had trained her pet Buster to take what he wanted when he wanted. She would give the command and Buster would instantly begin treating her as if she were a bitch dog in heat. He would rule her life until she gave the counter-command, at which time Buster again became the friendly playmate.

This seemingly contradictory set of circumstances and actions actually absolved Sister Myriam of any guilt for wanting to be fucked so badly. She merely gave Buster control. What he did with it, well, that was on him.

Of course Jan couldn't know that. All she knew was her playmate had turned vicious and had ripped her clothes off her body and then proceeded to viciously rape her. How was she to know that her accidental use of the begin phrase had by her own command given Buster control of her, her house, and in effect her very life; that to Buster, he was now the master. This was now his house, his domain and that she was now his, his bitch.

He would of course only rule as long as the countering command was not given, but Jan did not know anything about that. Oh my Jan doesn't know all this and she doesn't know the counter command either as a matter of fact she doesn't know anything about this. Hmmmm what is she going to do.

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