Politics Played Dirty

by Tallorder64

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: Congressman Ron Blaine has it made. He belongs to the major party in the state and gets re-elected every time. The voters don't know of his disdain for them. The Governor's daughter gets slipped a "roofie' and Ron decides to use the incident for political gain. If he plays his cards right he might even have a shot at the White House.

"People always get the type of government they deserve."

Chapter 1

Congressman Blaine sat staring at the television in his hotel suite waiting for the results of the election. He was well ahead of the environmentalist asshole that was running against him because of his vote on the Alaskan oil drilling. Ron Blaine hated these re-election campaigns every two years. He knew that most of the so-called citizens had no idea what he voted on and could have cared less. As long as they had some money in their pockets, a beer in their hand and an occasion piece of ass, they voted for whichever candidate represented their party and Blaine happened to belong to the predominate party in the state. Ron knew that less than a thousand people in the state knew what he really stood for and most of them belonged to the "over the top" radical organizations and were dismissed by the voters as loonies. The voters really didn't care. As long as the party that they were registered in was in power everything was right with the world.

Ron Blaine's two terms as Congressman had been good for him. Valuable contacts had been made in case he ever decided to get out of politics, the perks of a Congressman were great, and the gifts from lobbyists and the stock tips were nothing to be sneezed at. If he could hang on as Congressman he would have a great pension and would retire a rich man.

Blaine looked away from the TV and glanced around the room. His campaign chairman was there in the suite along with the leading members of his re-election staff drinking the free booze that one of the lobbyists had provided. He was glad that they were leaving him alone. The rank and file workers were in the ballroom downstairs trying to drink as much free beer as they could before the bar was cut off. All in all there were about eight people in the suite. The room number of the suite was kept secret so that the rank and file party members didn't spill over into the suite. In about a half an hour he would go down and thank the workers and tell them that he couldn't have done it without them. Yeh, sure! The men in the suite knew that once you were elected to Congress it was almost a sure thing that you would be re-elected for as long as you wanted unless you fucked up and the papers got a juicy picture of you.

Ron Blaine turned back to the TV. The count so far was 73% for Blaine, 24% for Simonson and 3% for someone he didn't even know was running. The TV camera panned his headquarters and showed the workers jubilantly screaming over the latest election results; as if there was any doubt about the outcome. People were jumping up and down like it were a close race and they had pulled Blaine's fat out of the fire. He shook his head and grinned at the assholes whooping it up. He knew that he'd have to go down and give his acceptance speech before they got too drunk and said something wrong to the TV camera. The press was always looking for something to juice up the evening news and this campaign had been one of the most boring campaigns in years. The environmentalist was a jerk who had no political experience and was banking on the electorate caring about the environment enough to get him elected. Fat Chance! The voters weren't about to vote themselves out of a job. Everyone figured that someone else had to clean up his or her act first.

Blaine leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He wished he had never gotten into politics. His law practice, although he made a show of being disaffiliated with it, was going great and growing larger every day. His wife, also a lawyer, was running it now and had landed several large corporate accounts; in large part to Congressman Blaine's influence in Washington. Blaine professed to have a "hands off" policy but everyone knew that he was still the driving force in the firm. His wife was only a junior partner when he was elected to Congress the first time. A little slight of hand with some paperwork and Blaine's wife ran the law firm and Ron Blaine had no idea what the firm was doing. Hah! Damn it was easy getting the electorate to believe what you wanted them to believe.

Blaine heard a movement beside his chair and looked up to see his campaign manager standing next to him with his arm around the waist of a pretty girl with a drink in her hand. The girl was about 21 or 22 and was obviously well on her way to being drunk. She had a business suit on. The skirt was way too short for a business suit and he knew that she would never get away with wearing it in an office. It took a few seconds for him to remember where he had seen her before. Roland Leach, his campaign manager, smiled at the Congressman and gently moved the girl closer to Ron's chair.

"Congressman Blaine, this is Becky Sampson, the Governor's daughter," Roland said with a big grin.

The pretty girl stretched out her hand, "Congratulations on your win Congressman. That will sure piss my father off. He was figuring on you losing and he would run one of his cronies next time."

Ron stood up, turned toward the girl and smiled. He took her out-stretched hand. There was a roar from the television and he turned in time to see the latest voting results on the screen.

Blaine smiled politely. She was drunker than he had first thought. That son of a bitching father of hers couldn't even read politics in his own state. There was never a chance that Blaine would be defeated. There was no way that he would ever be able to unseat Blaine.

"Thanks Becky. It was a bit of a tough fight, but the voters came out and voted. I guess enough of them feel that I deserve another term. I guess your father will have to put up with me for another 2 years."

Becky handed her glass to Ronald Leach and sneered, "Get me another."

Roland Leach flashed her a look that showed his displeasure at her talking to him like he was a servant but she had turned back to Congressman Blaine and didn't see the look. Leach turned and walked to the bar. A couple of the men at the bar started talking to him and would occasionally turn and look back at the Governor's daughter and laugh. All of the men lined up at the bar with their backs to the room.

"Why don't you have a seat and watch the returns for a while," Blaine said.

Leach came back with the drink for Becky. He gave a quick wink to Blaine and handed the glass to her. Becky sat down in a chair next to Blaine and started yapping about how her father was an asshole and how all he thought about was politics.

"The only thing in his life is politics," she slurred, "He thinks most of the voters are assholes. If they knew how he really thinks about the people in the state there'd be a public lynching. Everybody in the state is expected to kiss his ass. God, he's so boring. We never get to see him anymore. He's always running to some function or other. I think my mother has a boyfriend, she's never home at nights anymore."

Leach leaned over to the Congressman, "Sir, I think that it's time for your acceptance speech. Both of your opponents have conceded. It's time to shut down the bar downstairs anyway."

Ron Blaine stood up and turned to the Governor's daughter, "Becky, it's been nice meeting you. It's time to thank my workers for all of the hard work getting me re-elected. Tell your father that I'd like to meet with him soon and discuss what he's like me to try and accomplish in Washington."

Becky was looking around the room and Ron doubted that she even heard what he said. The Congressman turned and started toward the elevator. Roland Leach walked beside him telling him in a staccato voice who he had to acknowledge when he got to the podium. They were in luck and got an elevator within a minute. There was no one else on the elevator and they reached the main floor without any stops on the way down, Roland Leach going over again who he had to thank and what to promise for the next two years and what not to say.

As the elevator door opened Leach leaned over and whispered in Blaine's ear, "I hope the Governor's daughter enjoys herself."

Before he had a chance to ask what Leach meant the Congressman was mobbed by a crowd of slightly drunk well-wishers. Leach lagged behind a few feet so that it looked like the Congressman was on his own. Leach was ready to jump to the Congressman's aid in a second if things got out of hand. Ron Blaine slowly made his way through the crowd, shaking hands with anyone that stuck his hand out. It took at least ten minutes to make his way to the podium. After he was on the stage the roar from the crowd continued for several minutes. Finally Blaine raised his arms for the crowd to calm down so that he could talk.

"Friends... Friends... I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Without the hard work and dedication of all of you this victory wouldn't be possible. I will continue to work hard to keep this great state the best state in the union. This state has become known as the place to start a business. We have been successful in attracting industry and providing jobs for all who want to work. Now, a greater battle lies ahead. We must concentrate on the values that made this country great. We must make health care a top priority, we must keep the social security fund solvent, we must keep our nation's military strong and make sure our veterans are taken care of. I promise to work for these things and to make sure that our state continues to reap the benefits of sound government policy."

The crowd roared, lead by strategically placed people around the room. The roar continued for several minutes and Blaine saw the television cameras moving in for close-ups. He held up his arms for the crowd to quiet.

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