Politics Played Dirty

by Tallorder64

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: Congressman Ron Blaine has it made. He belongs to the major party in the state and gets re-elected every time. The voters don't know of his disdain for them. The Governor's daughter gets slipped a "roofie' and Ron decides to use the incident for political gain. If he plays his cards right he might even have a shot at the White House.

"People always get the type of government they deserve."

Chapter 1

Congressman Blaine sat staring at the television in his hotel suite waiting for the results of the election. He was well ahead of the environmentalist asshole that was running against him because of his vote on the Alaskan oil drilling. Ron Blaine hated these re-election campaigns every two years. He knew that most of the so-called citizens had no idea what he voted on and could have cared less. As long as they had some money in their pockets, a beer in their hand and an occasion piece of ass, they voted for whichever candidate represented their party and Blaine happened to belong to the predominate party in the state. Ron knew that less than a thousand people in the state knew what he really stood for and most of them belonged to the "over the top" radical organizations and were dismissed by the voters as loonies. The voters really didn't care. As long as the party that they were registered in was in power everything was right with the world.

Ron Blaine's two terms as Congressman had been good for him. Valuable contacts had been made in case he ever decided to get out of politics, the perks of a Congressman were great, and the gifts from lobbyists and the stock tips were nothing to be sneezed at. If he could hang on as Congressman he would have a great pension and would retire a rich man.

Blaine looked away from the TV and glanced around the room. His campaign chairman was there in the suite along with the leading members of his re-election staff drinking the free booze that one of the lobbyists had provided. He was glad that they were leaving him alone. The rank and file workers were in the ballroom downstairs trying to drink as much free beer as they could before the bar was cut off. All in all there were about eight people in the suite. The room number of the suite was kept secret so that the rank and file party members didn't spill over into the suite. In about a half an hour he would go down and thank the workers and tell them that he couldn't have done it without them. Yeh, sure! The men in the suite knew that once you were elected to Congress it was almost a sure thing that you would be re-elected for as long as you wanted unless you fucked up and the papers got a juicy picture of you.

Ron Blaine turned back to the TV. The count so far was 73% for Blaine, 24% for Simonson and 3% for someone he didn't even know was running. The TV camera panned his headquarters and showed the workers jubilantly screaming over the latest election results; as if there was any doubt about the outcome. People were jumping up and down like it were a close race and they had pulled Blaine's fat out of the fire. He shook his head and grinned at the assholes whooping it up. He knew that he'd have to go down and give his acceptance speech before they got too drunk and said something wrong to the TV camera. The press was always looking for something to juice up the evening news and this campaign had been one of the most boring campaigns in years. The environmentalist was a jerk who had no political experience and was banking on the electorate caring about the environment enough to get him elected. Fat Chance! The voters weren't about to vote themselves out of a job. Everyone figured that someone else had to clean up his or her act first.

Blaine leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He wished he had never gotten into politics. His law practice, although he made a show of being disaffiliated with it, was going great and growing larger every day. His wife, also a lawyer, was running it now and had landed several large corporate accounts; in large part to Congressman Blaine's influence in Washington. Blaine professed to have a "hands off" policy but everyone knew that he was still the driving force in the firm. His wife was only a junior partner when he was elected to Congress the first time. A little slight of hand with some paperwork and Blaine's wife ran the law firm and Ron Blaine had no idea what the firm was doing. Hah! Damn it was easy getting the electorate to believe what you wanted them to believe.

Blaine heard a movement beside his chair and looked up to see his campaign manager standing next to him with his arm around the waist of a pretty girl with a drink in her hand. The girl was about 21 or 22 and was obviously well on her way to being drunk. She had a business suit on. The skirt was way too short for a business suit and he knew that she would never get away with wearing it in an office. It took a few seconds for him to remember where he had seen her before. Roland Leach, his campaign manager, smiled at the Congressman and gently moved the girl closer to Ron's chair.

"Congressman Blaine, this is Becky Sampson, the Governor's daughter," Roland said with a big grin.

The pretty girl stretched out her hand, "Congratulations on your win Congressman. That will sure piss my father off. He was figuring on you losing and he would run one of his cronies next time."

Ron stood up, turned toward the girl and smiled. He took her out-stretched hand. There was a roar from the television and he turned in time to see the latest voting results on the screen.

Blaine smiled politely. She was drunker than he had first thought. That son of a bitching father of hers couldn't even read politics in his own state. There was never a chance that Blaine would be defeated. There was no way that he would ever be able to unseat Blaine.

"Thanks Becky. It was a bit of a tough fight, but the voters came out and voted. I guess enough of them feel that I deserve another term. I guess your father will have to put up with me for another 2 years."

Becky handed her glass to Ronald Leach and sneered, "Get me another."

Roland Leach flashed her a look that showed his displeasure at her talking to him like he was a servant but she had turned back to Congressman Blaine and didn't see the look. Leach turned and walked to the bar. A couple of the men at the bar started talking to him and would occasionally turn and look back at the Governor's daughter and laugh. All of the men lined up at the bar with their backs to the room.

"Why don't you have a seat and watch the returns for a while," Blaine said.

Leach came back with the drink for Becky. He gave a quick wink to Blaine and handed the glass to her. Becky sat down in a chair next to Blaine and started yapping about how her father was an asshole and how all he thought about was politics.

"The only thing in his life is politics," she slurred, "He thinks most of the voters are assholes. If they knew how he really thinks about the people in the state there'd be a public lynching. Everybody in the state is expected to kiss his ass. God, he's so boring. We never get to see him anymore. He's always running to some function or other. I think my mother has a boyfriend, she's never home at nights anymore."

Leach leaned over to the Congressman, "Sir, I think that it's time for your acceptance speech. Both of your opponents have conceded. It's time to shut down the bar downstairs anyway."

Ron Blaine stood up and turned to the Governor's daughter, "Becky, it's been nice meeting you. It's time to thank my workers for all of the hard work getting me re-elected. Tell your father that I'd like to meet with him soon and discuss what he's like me to try and accomplish in Washington."

Becky was looking around the room and Ron doubted that she even heard what he said. The Congressman turned and started toward the elevator. Roland Leach walked beside him telling him in a staccato voice who he had to acknowledge when he got to the podium. They were in luck and got an elevator within a minute. There was no one else on the elevator and they reached the main floor without any stops on the way down, Roland Leach going over again who he had to thank and what to promise for the next two years and what not to say.

As the elevator door opened Leach leaned over and whispered in Blaine's ear, "I hope the Governor's daughter enjoys herself."

Before he had a chance to ask what Leach meant the Congressman was mobbed by a crowd of slightly drunk well-wishers. Leach lagged behind a few feet so that it looked like the Congressman was on his own. Leach was ready to jump to the Congressman's aid in a second if things got out of hand. Ron Blaine slowly made his way through the crowd, shaking hands with anyone that stuck his hand out. It took at least ten minutes to make his way to the podium. After he was on the stage the roar from the crowd continued for several minutes. Finally Blaine raised his arms for the crowd to calm down so that he could talk.

"Friends... Friends... I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Without the hard work and dedication of all of you this victory wouldn't be possible. I will continue to work hard to keep this great state the best state in the union. This state has become known as the place to start a business. We have been successful in attracting industry and providing jobs for all who want to work. Now, a greater battle lies ahead. We must concentrate on the values that made this country great. We must make health care a top priority, we must keep the social security fund solvent, we must keep our nation's military strong and make sure our veterans are taken care of. I promise to work for these things and to make sure that our state continues to reap the benefits of sound government policy."

The crowd roared, lead by strategically placed people around the room. The roar continued for several minutes and Blaine saw the television cameras moving in for close-ups. He held up his arms for the crowd to quiet.

"This is your government, not the special interest's government. I serve the citizens of this state not the corporate fat cats."

Another roar.

"My office is ready to serve the citizens of this state and will always be open to the people."

Another roar.

Blaine started thanking all of the campaign workers and began to single out the people that Leach had reminded him to thank specifically. The people he mentioned by name smiled as those around them applauded and slapped them on the back.

"Now, it's on to Washington to do the people's business."

The crowd roared again and Blaine started to make his way off of the stage. The crowd pressed forward and several policemen tried in vain to keep the crowd at a distance. Congressman Blaine slowly made his way to the door so that he could get back to the suite. He had had enough of the politics tonight. He needed a nice whiskey and water and some time alone. They finally made it out to the hallway and started to head for the elevator. Most of the crowd stayed in the hall to be close to the bar. The policemen easily controlled the few that tried to follow Blaine.

As Leach pushed the button for the elevator he turned and smiled, "That was good. Short and just what they wanted to hear. Nothing that could come back to haunt you though. We have to watch out for that social security fund though. A lot of people realize that social security comes out of the general fund."

Blaine knew that Leach was right. A lot of people knew what was going on with social security but they were confident that the government would always take care of them when they retired. The people just didn't realize what power Washington held over every aspect of their lives.

The elevator doors opened and both men got on and started the ascent to the suite. Neither of them spoke during the short ride to the eighth floor. When the doors opened Leach lead the way out of the elevator and started down the hall. Just before Leach put the key in the door he turned and grinned at Blaine. The Congressman looked at his campaign manager with a quizzical look on his face. Leach opened the door and stepped back to allow the Congressman to enter first. Blaine walked into the suite.

Chapter 2

The suite was empty. Leach walked past Blaine and took his coat off and threw it over a chair. Blaine heard talking coming from the bedroom off of the suite's living room. He looked at Leach.

"The Governor's daughter." he said with a wicked grin.

Blaine looked at his friend for a minute before he spoke, "What's going on?"

"One of the guys gave her a roofie," he smiled, "I guess they're keeping her entertained."

Rage seethed inside of Blaine, "You fool! What the hell is wrong with you? What if the Governor gets wind of this? What if the papers get wind of this? Get her the hell out of there."

Leach started to walk sheepishly toward the bedroom when Blaine stopped him, "What a minute. Stay here and let me see if what's going on. God, Roland! That was dumb."

The Congressman pushed open the door to the bedroom slowly. There were five men in the room and all were naked. Becky Sampson was naked on the bed with a man on top of her fucking her hard. She had another man pushing his cock into her mouth. She seemed to be a passive participant in the events. One man had a Polaroid camera taking pictures and another man had a camcorder recording the action.

Blaine stood in the doorway seething. He knew that he was a dead duck if anyone found out about this. This could be the end of his career as a Congressman even though he didn't participate in the rape.

He looked at the faces of the men in the room. Each of the men involved was one of Blaine's campaign captains and was loyal to the Congressman. Each of the men had been well taken care of since Blaine had been elected to Congress. He started to stop what was going on when a thought came to him. This just might be able to be turned to his advantage. There was no way that he could undo what had already taken place. The only thing to do would be to turn it around to his advantage.

"Ok you guys. Knock it off right now," he bellowed as he walked into the bedroom.

"Damn Congressman. I'm about ready to get another piece of that," one of the men whined.

Blaine gave the man a glare, "Give me all of the Polaroids and give me the cassette out of the camcorder and get the hell out of here. If anyone breathes a word of this I'll have him charged with rape. If this leaves this room you're going to all spend the rest of your lives in jail and I'll make sure that it will be a very unpleasant life, believe me."

Becky looked around with a confused look on her face. She apparently had no idea what was really being done to her or why the men had stopped. She laid her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes. The men started to get dressed. One by one the men left the room. Blaine warned each one individually to never discuss this with anyone, not even each other.

After the men had left the suite he checked on Becky. She had fallen asleep. She had cum all over her face and there was cum running out of her and down onto the bed. Blaine pulled a blanket over her and shook his head. He gathered up the Polariods and stuck the camcorder's cassette in his jacket and walked back into the suite's living room where Roland Leach was standing sheepishly with a drink in his hand.

"I'm sorry Ron," Leach said quietly, "The bitch was so snotty that I guess I felt that she had it coming to her."

"That was about the dumbest thing that you could have done," Blaine snapped, "Maybe we can work this to our advantage though. The main thing is that no one can ever speak about this even to one another. You call every man that was in that room tomorrow morning first thing, and put the fear of God into him. If any of them talk we'll all go to jail for a long time. Now get out of here and let me think. Take a couple of days off and then give me a call. I'll let you know what I intend to do."

Leach started to say something but Blaine pointed his finger at the door and the campaign manager picked up his coat and left the room.

Blaine fixed himself a drink and walked to the window and looked out at the lights of the city. Here was a chance to get total control of the state's politics. The Governor had been a thorn in Blaine's side ever since Blaine had been elected to Congress. Blaine just had to play his cards right. He knew that Becky would do anything to keep her father from finding out about this. This was the hammer that he needed to really control this state. If he played his cards right this could make Blaine one of the most powerful men in the country. Blaine owned the Governor's ass now. This would make him the de facto Governor without even running for the office. Life was good!

Ron Blaine walked over to a chair and sat down with is drink. He had to think. This had to be played out just right. One slip and the shit would hit the fan. He closed his eyes. Becky didn't seem like the brightest person that ever lived so he was sure that he could control her. The problem was how to use her to get the Governor under his thumb. He picked up the Polaroids from the coffee table where he had thrown them. As he went through them he saw that each of the men had taken at least one turn with Becky. One photo in particular caught his attention. It was of Aaron Clem, his black campaign liaison. Aaron was between Becky's legs pounding her good with her legs on his shoulders. The angle of the camera shot was perfect. It showed Aaron's black cock all of the way inside of her cunt. A white guy had his cock in her mouth. Becky's face was clearly shown in the photo. Blaine put the photo on the side. About half of the photos could have been anybody. The guy taking the photos was not that interested in getting Becky's face in the shots.

Blaine put all of the Polaroids in his jacket pocket except the one that showed her getting pounded by Aaron Clem. A plan slowly began to take shape in his mind. He knew that this was the best thing that could have happened to him. He was unstoppable now.

Ron got up and walked into the bedroom with the Polaroid picture in his hand. Becky seemed to be halfway between sleep and consciousness. He pulled the covers back to get a good look at her body. She had an almost perfect body. Her tits were perfect for her size. When he reached out and squeezed one of her tits he found that it was firm. She had pantyhose on but the crotch of them was torn open so that the men would have access to her cunt. He covered her back up. He dropped the Polaroid picture on the end table and left the room, closing the door behind him.

Blaine plopped down in his chair and closed his eyes. He knew that Becky would be out for hours. Although he had never used Rohypnol he knew from reports that he had read as a Congressman how it worked. She would be out for several hours and it might take as long as thirty-six hours for it to completely wear off since she had been drinking. He also knew that the men had complete control of her after the drug took effect. She had probably been a bit confused but she would have gone along with whatever they wanted to do to her and she would have no recollection of what happened in the bedroom tomorrow. Rohypnol was readily available on the street and some states had made possession a felony.

Ron opened his eyes and picked up the house phone and called the front desk. He needed a couple of days to make his plan work and he needed to be left alone with Becky for a while.

When clerk answered the phone he said, "This is Congressman Blaine. I'd like to extend my stay in the suite for another day. I don't want anyone to know that I'm here and I don't want housekeeping to bother with the room. I need to get some rest and get some work done. Remember, I don't want anyone to know that I'm here."

"Yes sir Congressman Blaine," the clerk answered, "I'll make sure that you're not disturbed. The name on your suite is listed as Mr. John Cook and I'll continue it for another day under the same name. I've made a note that housekeeping is to ignore the suite. Should I put any calls through?"

"No. Under no circumstances do you put any calls through to this suite. As far as anyone knows, I'm not here and have never been here."

"Yes Sir, Mr. Cook. Your wishes will be honored. We thank you for selecting our hotel."

Blaine hung up the phone. He went into the bedroom to make sure that everything that wasn't supposed to be there was removed. He wanted to make sure that nothing was in the room that would identify any of the men that had gang banged Becky. He noticed her clothes in the corner and an idea came to him. He pulled the covers back and grabbed the waistband of her pantyhose and pulled them off of her and threw them on the pile of clothes. Blaine looked at the young girl for a moment before covering her up again. He picked up the pile of clothes, went back into the living room and shoved them under the sofa in the living room.

The Congressman chuckled to himself as the final plan began to take shape in his mind. This couldn't have worked out any better. Blaine owned the Governor now. It was a crying shame that he had to use the girl but she should have known better. Her father had been in politics long enough for her to know which end was up.

Blaine picked up the phone and dialed his home. His wife answered after two rings. He was surprised that she was home. Too often lately she had to stay at the office "to work late on an important case." He was sure that she was banging that new lawyer from Harvard that the firm just hired. Blaine didn't really care. The spark had gone out of their marriage long ago. He needed a wife for political reasons and she couldn't leave him because he had tied her up with a pre-nup before they got married. She was in love then and had gone alone with whatever he wanted. Anyway, she was happy. She had her nookie on the side with no obligations and she was making an excellent salary running the law firm. She liked the power of running one of the biggest law firms in the state.

"Hi Babe, it's just me," he said, knowing that she hated him calling her Babe, "I just got everyone out of the hotel suite. I'm going to stay at the hotel tonight and fly back to Washington tomorrow."

"Please stop calling me Babe," she snapped, "My name is Bernadette."

He smiled to himself as she continued, "Congratulations on your win. I saw you on TV. That was a short acceptance speech. When will you be getting back home?"

"Well, the session starts up in two days, he said, " so I'll be in Washington until the end of the session. You can fly down whenever you want."

He knew that she'd never fly to Washington. She hated the phoniness of politics. He knew that the main reason she wanted to know when he was going to be back in town was so that she would know when it was safe to stay with her lover. He made a mental note to have her followed soon so that he would have the goods on her if he ever needed it.

"Look Babe. I'm going to sleep. I'll give you a call when I get into Washington."

He heard the phone hit the cradle hard as she hung up. He knew that she was mad because he called her Babe again. He leaned back in his chair. The TV was still on although the sound had been muted all night. He found the remote and turned the TV off.

Ron Blaine had bought a small townhouse in the Washington suburbs of Virginia after he was elected to Congress. It had been a good investment. HUD had foreclosed on the house and it had been sitting vacant for a couple of weeks. One of his aides contacted HUD and asked if there were any houses available for the Congressman and the Government hack at HUD had steered him to the townhouse. Blaine had the aide handle the transaction and he got the house for a price far below market value. The political hack at HUD knew that Congress controlled HUD's money and one hand washes another, as they say in Washington. In the six years that Blaine was a Congressman the home prices had almost doubled in that area and he was sure to be able to sell the house with a tidy profit.

Shortly after he had gone to Washington he purchased the townhouse next door to the one that he was living in, getting a similar deal from HUD. He installed his chief aide, who was also his lover, in the house. Tina Stevens was an ex swimsuit model that had applied for the position in his office two days after he was sworn in. He had hired her without much of an interview and they became lovers within a month. Tina was the type of woman that turned heads whenever she walked into a room. She was intelligent and knew how to be discrete and how to avoid calling attention to the Congressman when they were together. When the situation required it, she had a male friend that was gay who would escort her to any functions that she was required to go to. Outside of the office, no one knew that the two of them were an item and no one in the office would ever say anything. Everyone in the office was hand picked by Ron Blaine and knew how to keep their mouths shut. Everyone knew that if Ron Blaine fell they all fell so they protected him fiercely.

Ron laid his head on the armrest of the sofa and closed his eyes. This was going to work out just fine. Congressman Blaine would be the man to see if you wanted to run for any office in the state and if you needed a favor... well what are you going to do for me. He was exhausted and soon fell asleep.

Chapter 3

Someone crying out in a loud voice awakened Ron. It took a minute for him to get fully awake so that he could make out what they were saying. When he lifted his head he recognized the voice as that of Becky Sampson. She was sobbing and saying "oh no" over and over. Ron put his head back down and pretended to be asleep.

Soon he heard Becky walking out of the bedroom. She stopped at the side of the sofa and looked at him for a minute hoping that he would awaken on his own. Finally she reached out and shook him.

"Congressman Blaine... Congressman Blaine... please wake up, please."

Ron lifted his head and saw that she was standing next to him with a sheet wrapped around her. Her mascara had streaked her face and she looked like a clown with runny makeup.

"Congressman Blaine, what happened? What am I doing here?'" She wailed, "Where are my clothes."

"Whoa Becky," Blaine said, "Don't you remember last night? You were pretty wild. You don't remember what you did?"

Becky shook her head slowly and started to sob again. She sat down hard on the sofa. and started crying harder. Blaine reached over and pulled the sheet down to her waist and put his hand over her bare breast and gently squeezed it.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

He smiled at her, "Just making sure that you're not hurt."

"Oh," she said, "I'd better cover up now in case someone else walks in."

Ron almost broke out in a loud laugh. Perfect! The roofie was still having some effect on her. He knew that when someone was drinking and had been given a roofie the effects sometimes lasted a while. She seemed to be able to function Ok; she just didn't have all of her inhibitions back yet.

Ron made her sit by the window and he ordered a pot of coffee from room service. Becky sat staring out of the window. At times she would look around the room, her eyes darting everywhere like she was trying to figure out where she was. When the coffee arrived Ron stepped into the hallway and signed for it so that no one could see into the suite.

Ron forced Becky to drink two cups of coffee. After a while the coffee seemed to be having some effect on her and she was beginning to seem like herself. Ron wanted to see how much effect the drug was still having so he told her to stand up and drop the sheet so that he could check to see if she was bruised or cut anywhere on her body. She stood up and dropped the sheet and slowly turned her back to him.

She pulled the sheet back around her and they sat for a while drinking coffee and talking. Often, Becky seemed oblivious about what had happened to her. After about an hour and a half she was beginning to come to her senses and to worry about what had happened and how she was going to get out of the hotel.

She turned to Blaine with a forlorn look on her face, "What happened last night? Where are my clothes?"

"Don't you remember?" he asked solemnly, "When I came back from downstairs you were roaming the halls naked and inviting everyone back to the suite. We tried to stop you but you ran down the hall banging on every door. You finally ran down the stairwell and we lost you. We looked for you for over two hours. When we came back to the room you were in the bed taking on all comers. It took a while, but we finally made you stop and we got everybody out of the room and made them promise not to say anything about this to anyone."

"What do you mean that it took awhile," she cried.

"Well, you were fighting us and yelling that you wanted everyone to stay and... well do things. You pulled a knife on one of my people and cut his arm, not too badly though."

She put her face in her hands and wailed, "Some body must have drugged me."

He patted her shoulder, "I don't know much about that stuff. I don't have much experience with drugs."

"Where are my clothes?" she asked, her voice breaking, "I couldn't find them when I woke up."

Ron gave his best "worried" look, "They should be in the bedroom. Are you sure you looked everywhere? Come on and let's find your clothes so that we can get you back home."

Ron got up and held out his hand. For a few seconds Becky's face had a blank look on it and he knew that a bit of the Rohypnol was still in her system and might be for a while yet. Becky snapped out of it and saw that Ron had his hand out to help her up. She took his hand and walked with him into the bedroom. Blaine made out that he was really attempting to find Becky's clothes for a while. Becky finally noticed the Polaroid picture on the table next to the bed. She picked it up and looked at it for a few seconds with her hand over her mouth.

"Oh no... Oh no," she screamed.

Ron walked around the bed, "What's wrong?"

"Someone took pictures of me. Oh my God there's a black man on top of me and another man putting his... thing in my mouth. Oh my God if my father finds out about me having sex with a black man he'll kill me and whoever that guy is."

"The fact that the man is black shouldn't bother your father," Blaine said, trying to keep from grinning, "Your father has always run on a strong civil rights platform. He always tries to make sure that minorities are represented in his government."

Tears were streaming down Becky's face, "He hates blacks. He only caters to them to get their votes. You should hear how he talks about them at home. Oh my God, he's going to kill me."

A shocked look came over her face as she suddenly realized that if there was one picture there was probably more somewhere. She sat down hard on the bed and stared straight ahead.

"What's wrong Becky?" Blaine asked.

It took a minute for her to answer, "I wonder if there are any other pictures?"

Blaine sat down on the bed and put his arm around her shoulders, "Becky, there was a guy with a Polaroid camera and a guy with a camcorder. I've already got a couple of my people chasing down the pair and they're going to make sure that they get the pictures and that no copies have been made. Now don't worry, we'll get them and we'll make sure that everybody keeps their mouth shut. I'm going to make sure that your father never hears about this and that no one else does either. You father and I are fighting for the same things and I sure wouldn't want him to be ruined politically."

Becky put her hands in her face and started sobbing. Ron Blaine let her cry until she cried herself out. He sat on the bed next to her until the sobs became low moans.

Finally Ron put his hand on her leg, "Why don't you got get a shower and get cleaned up. I'll have the hotel get a pair sweat pants and a sweatshirt so that you can get out of here. Do you have a car?"

She nodded her head.

"OK, now get in there and get that shower and stop worrying. I'm going to make sure that no one ever finds out about this. Your father will never know that this ever happened. I'm going to make this go away. You just have to work with me and do what I tell you."

She nodded her head again and got up and started for the bathroom. She turned and looked at the Congressman just before she went into the bathroom, "Do you really think that you can make sure that none of the men say anything?"

"I know that I can," he said, "None of those men want to spend the rest of their lives in jail. Besides, they're all loyal to me and will do what I tell them. Now get your shower so we can get out of here."

Becky turned and walked into the bathroom. Blaine heard the water start running in the shower. He heard the shower curtain being closed and he began to take off him clothes. He waited for about five minutes and then walked into the bathroom.

Blaine heard Becky murmuring to herself but he couldn't make out what she was saying. He pulled the shower curtain aside and stepped into the shower with Becky.

"What are you doing," she asked softly.

"Just helping you get cleaned up," he said, taking the washcloth from her.

He started to scrub her back. After her back was washed he started to wash her breasts and stomach. He pulled her to him and took both of her breasts in his hands. Becky passively let him fondle her. Blaine wasn't sure if the roofie was still having some effect on her or if she was just resigned to the fact that she needed him to get her out of this mess.

"Damn you've got a great body," he said.

Becky didn't answer and he kept washing her. He turned and put the washcloth on the showerhead. Blaine put his hands on her shoulders and began to gently push her down on her knees. At first she didn't know what he wanted but as she realized what he was doing she allowed herself to be pushed down on her knees. He shoved his erection toward her face and touched his cock to her lips. She opened her mouth and he slipped his cock into her mouth.

"Come on baby, suck it," he said.

Becky held the head of his cock in her mouth but didn't suck him. Blaine began to thrust into her mouth and soon was fucking her face. She held him in her mouth passively until he finished. He wasn't sure if she was just going along with what he was doing or if the drug was still having some effect on her.

"Ah, that was great baby. Now hurry up and finish so that we can get out of here," he said as he stepped out of the shower.

Ron grabbed a towel and began to dry off as he walked into the bedroom. Slowly a plan began to take shape in his head. He still had two more days before he had to be in Washington. He picked up the phone and called three of the corporate executives that he worked with. After he had arraigned everything he called the front desk and asked them to send someone out and pick up a jogging suit for him.

Becky walked out of the bathroom with the towel around her, "What about my clothes or something so that I can get out of here."

"I've got the hotel getting a jogging suit for you. When it comes we'll get out of here. I'm going to go to my cabin in the mountains. You'd better come with me until I can get the photos and the film out of that camcorder. Just leave a note for your family that you're going to be gone for two days. Meet me at the airport at three o'clock."

"I don't know," she hesitated.

"Look," he said sternly, "I have to have time to get to each of those men and put the fear of God into them. If any of them happen to see you... well it could get dicey. I need time for my people to work. Look I'm doing everything that I can. You have to work with me. I want to make sure that this incident dies now. I can't afford to have this hanging around."

"OK," she said, "I'll be at the airport at three. Where should I meet you there."

"Go to the business aircraft section. I'll have a plane ready to take us to an airport upstate. Wear a scarf and big sunglasses so that no one will recognize you."

Becky didn't answer and walked into the living room of the suite. Rom walked in behind her and turned on the TV and sat down and started to watch the news. They sat without talking until there was a knock on the door.

Ron answered the door. The hotel had found a jogging suit and he signed for it, being careful to stand so that the bellman couldn't see into the suite.

Ron handed the suit to Becky and she took it without a word and walked into the bedroom to put it on. Ron called his office to let them know that he would be unavailable for a couple of days. He left strict orders for the office to not ever try to page him.

Ron began to think about Becky driving home. He knew that if she was stopped and didn't have any ID it could cause problems. He got up and pulled her pocketbook out from behind the sofa and put it on the coffee table. He waited for Becky to come out of the bathroom.

"I found your pocketbook," he said as she walked out of the bedroom, "It was in one of the drawers in the desk."

"You didn't find my clothes?"

"No. We'll sneak down the back stairs to the garage and you can get your car and get home. Remember; meet me at three at the airport. You have to give me a couple of days to straighten this out. If you don't do as I say this can ruin your father and me too."

Becky turned without a word and headed for the door. Blaine looked around the room for anything that he might have missed and followed her out of the hotel suite. He wondered what whoever found Becky's clothes would think when they found them. They made it to the garage without being seen and Becky made her way to her car. At her car she turned as if to say something and then turned and put the key in the lock and opened the car door.

"Don't worry Becky, I'll straighten this mess out. This will never get any further. I promise you that."

Becky started the car without answering and pulled away from the Congressman and began down the ramp to the garage exit. Blaine smiled at himself. If he played his cards right this would make sure that he would be Senator next time... maybe even a run for President.

Chapter 4

Blaine looked at the plane behind him one more time and muttered, "Damn fools. They should have sent a plane without Sun Environmental Services, Inc. in huge letters on the side. What if someone from the papers sees me getting on that airplane?"

The Congressman looked at his watch again and saw that it was ten minutes after three. He began to get worried that Becky wasn't coming. If she didn't come he would lose control of the situation and then he might have big problems. He decided that he would wait no more than thirty minutes longer. He couldn't take a chance on the papers seeing him standing next to Sun's plane.

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